Really love this tidbit in the FMA manga because these girls are all over Roy. Roy initially says, “I’m here to cheer myself up.” Because hell, the dude just lost all of his subordinates and direct power in Central.

He is only there because he needs Madame Christmas’ help. The girls who are asking him on dates and whatnot bring up an obstacle to gain Roy’s affection.

Then the name “Elizabeth” returns.

Roy caustically presses that “Elizabeth was taken by another man.”

“Elizabeth” being Riza Hawkeye (her military decoy name). “Elizabeth” being the woman that these ladies know all about and they think now that “Elizabeth” is out of the picture, they finally have a chance with him.

Royai was so damn lit. Arakawa never spoon fed her audience whatsoever and it’s such a strong relationship that is beautifully platonic and romantic all at once. I mean, look at the manga scene with Grumman. Grumman proposes that Roy should marry his granddaughter in a chess game.

Riza Hawkeye is Grumman’s granddaughter.

Ohhh Hiromu Arakawa your tiny easter eggs were so brilliant and I love you.