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Eren: *watching Levi*


Eren: Jean what the fuck?!

Connie: Bet you love him don`t you Eren~

Jean: Yeah, whatcha staring for?

Eren: He was doing a maneuver, I had to!

Jean: You were watching awful hard Jaeger!

Eren: S-so?

Connie: So, it means you love the captain!

Eren: No it doesn`t!

Jean: Yeah-huh

Connie: Kissy kissy~

Levi: What`s going on here?

Jean and Connie: Nothing sir.

Eren: *sighs in relief*

Connie: Eren just wants to marry you.

Don't Fuck With It

Pairing: The Squad x Reader
Prompt: The squad decides the best way to spend a Friday evening is with a Ouija board, and some ghosts.
Featuring: Charles
Word Count: 1153 Words
Warning: swearing, ghosts(??), fluff, Kurt saving us all!!
A/N: Lmao idk what this is, I’m just pumped for Halloween!! Also a Planchette is the pointer on an Ouija board, just in case you didn’t know.

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((gifs not mine, credit to owners)) Side note: I don’t fuck with Ouija boards that shit is scary af

                You were all sitting around an Ouija board that Peter had somehow acquired. You didn’t ask how he got it, just helped him set it up. Along with some candles to set the mood, as Peter said (which made you and Jubilee laugh for five minutes) in the living room. It was pretty late, late enough for the professor not to know what you were doing, and as Peter put it: ‘ghosty time.’ Kurt had opted not to help conjure ghost, as well as Ororo, both (mostly Ororo) claiming they don’t fuck with that shit. Jean also wasn’t in the mood, she said it was stupid, and she would probably be right, but nonetheless you found yourself sitting between Scott and Jubilee. Warren and Peter across from you as you asked the board question.

                You did everything, setting up, asking the right questions, but twenty minutes in, nothing. First the questions were good, made sense, things like, “How old are you?” “How did you die?” “Are there others with you?” But then Warren asked who was the hottest, Jubilee asked who had the biggest dick, you asked if there was alcohol in the afterlife. Peter was obviously annoyed that his plan to talk to ghost wasn’t going well. “Guys c’mon ask serious questions.” He whined.

“Oh I have a serious question!” Scott declared, clearing his throat before asking, “Boobs or butt?”

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What even was the Attack on Titan Movie.

I found out that the damn thing is available online now. I should have waited so I didn’t have to waste my money on this monstrosity. In any case, I am going to rant about this. I feel like I am owed this at the very least after I gave three hundred pesos to this bullcrap.


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Eren has been banned from guy`s night because he broke bro code one time. It had been a valid choice, but his friends had never forgiven him.

“Man, I`ve been waiting so long for this!” Connie cheered, Armin nodded along excitedly.

“Too true, haha it`s nice to get away from all the girls and higher-ups.” Jean chuckled, the group had been planning an all guys, all cadet meeting down in the cellar for weeks. They gathered booze, actually edible food and even found an old record player for music. Eren was so ready for this, it was going to be the best!

“Alright, so what do we-” Eren started, but the boy`s barrack doors slammed open, everyone froze at the short figure that was captain Levi. But, he didn`t look particularly angry, maybe he`d just came to say hello?

“Eren.” He said, nope not for a hello.

“Y-yes sir!”

Levi`s hard look softened slightly as his eyes landed on the titan shifter.

“I was wondering if you wanted to… come keep me company.” Eren stiffened, of course he would! And if the captain`s cute little pout was anything to go by, he was going to enjoy this “company” immensely. Just as he was about to agree,

“Ahem! Sorry, Eren`s with us tonight.” Connie spoke loudly, purposely breaking Eren away from his thoughts. He shot a glare at Connie that said “Don`t ruin this for me.” but to no avail.

The way Levi looked was a cross between murderous and amused, murderous because they were claiming Eren, whom was obviously his. And amused because they honestly thought he`d pick them over him.

“I think that`s Eren`s choice.” The captain`s voice took a more flirtatious tone as he turned to Eren once more, “Right Eren?” He purred.

Eren wanted to cry and cheer all at once. This wasn`t fair, yeah he`d wanted to party with his friends but, Levi was calling him right now and how was he to resist the way his hips were practically waving at him? Ah, his friends wouldn`t be happy, but then they always bounced back…

“Yeah Eren, who`s it gonna be?” Jean growled. Armin had already figured their fate but he didn`t interfere.

Eren`s nervous laughter was the only sound as he made his choice. The moment he backed slightly into Levi`s direction the room set off.

“The fuck dude?”

“Eren don`t you fucking dare!”


“Bruh are you serious right now?”

Eren was cringing at the accusing tones but he eventually wound up behind a very smug Levi. He felt so guilty even when Levi`s hooded eyes were on him again and he was being led away from his appalled friends. He mouthed `I`m sorry` but he doubted it appeased them.

“Don`t worry, we`ll have way more fun. Together.” Levi whispered, and suddenly, Eren wasn`t guilty in the slightest. He never did get invited to another guy`s night though.

Jacksepticeye & The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Cold

   I heard you got sick. Hopefully you feel better soon! (x)

So… I was completely overwhelmed by the response to my last Jacksepticeye picture. I wanted to do this sooner to thank everyone who followed me, liked, and reblogged my work, but I’ve actually been really sick. To make myself feel better and hopefully make @therealjacksepticeye feel better, I drew this! Thank you so much everyone! (If you see this Jack, you absolutely made my year when you reblogged my work. I was not expecting it, thank you so much.)