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my love for gerard has exceeded acceptable levels & i am not sure if i want to be friends with him (even though that probs will never happen) or be him. idk what is it, but currently i've felt very badly about everything. when i think of how much fun gee used to have onstage and how happy he looks now with lindsey and bandit writing comics, i just wish i could be that way, haha. sometimes i wanna be like, "hey gerard, what's you're secret?" sorry for my random story-thing lol.

no its okay i appreciate random story-things so thank you for sharing :)) and i feel basically the same about him most of the time!! altho, im getting there, and finding my own way just being inspired by him and so will you dont worry!

@thatsthat24 So I’ve been meaning to make this drawing for a while and I’ve also been meaning to test out a new art program for a while and I’m happy with both of them!

Reasons my new physics prof is adorable

- on the first day of class he brought his favorite toy truck from when he was a child
- is from Argentina and has a cute accent and sometimes speaks in Spanish on accident
- teaches us Spanish phrases for fun
- very tall and awkward and has super curly hair that falls into his face constantly
- giggles at his own jokes
- on the second day of class he showed us pictures of his cat eating a salami
- the cat’s name is Pants


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Kenma analyzes Karasuno’s players
“Shouyou, you’re amazing.”

Please do not repost gifs

How to Say “Middle of Nowhere” in Quebec

There are many expressions used in French when talking about the middle of nowhere, aside from the common trou perdu. Each country has its own expressions, but the funniest ones (in my opinion) are the ones from Quebec. As with a lot of Quebecois place names, the use of Saint is ubiquitous (this is because Quebec used to used to be, until fairly recently, very religious). So here are a few ways of expressing that you’re in the middle of nowhere, and the literal translations of these expressions.

NOTE: The expressions marked with ** don’t have literal translations

  • Saint-Glin-glin-des-Meumeu**, Saint Clin-Clin-des-Meumeu** (this is the most common one, and is even found in ads such as this one)
  • Saint-Creux-des-Bas-Fonds - Saint-Hollow-of-the-Low-Bottoms
  • Saint-Profond-des-Creux - Saint-Deep-of-the-Hollows
  • Saint-Loinloin de Pas-Proche - Saint-Farfar from Not-Close
  • Saint-Ben-Loin-dans-l'champ-de-Maïs -  Saint-Very-Far-in-the-Corn-Fields
  • Saint-Perdu-du-Creux-de-la-Pente - Saint-Lost-in-the-Hollow-of-the-Slope

Another common expression, this time based on a real location, is Tombouctou (Timbuktu in English, it’s a city in Mali).

How do you say “middle of nowhere” in your language? :)


here comes M-O 

yeah he has a design sheet

he doesnt get paid enough for the things he has to deal with. and by not enough I mean not at all. somebody bring him to somewhere he can slack off a bit

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If nO hOnEyMuStArD hOw AbOuT cHeRrYbErRy b0i

Y’all honestly, please stop asking about ships please


This is 5 years of making, building, bonding, learning between 4 girls! Sometimes we forget where we come from but this edit is very peronal to me, it shows friendship, fierceness, fun, tears and most: us, mixers! #ProudToBeAMixer

Betcha all thought I wasn’t gonna make anything for Mermay. ;)))

I meant to do this sooner! But I lost track of the dates and forgot about this a lot do to distractions and life stuff. Here’s an OC in the form of a mermaid just for you guys!

some facts about echolalia

Echolalia IS:
• cute
• very helpful
• important
• a form of communication
• necessary for a lot of autistic people
• fun!
• very helpful!!!
• a way to engage

Echolalia is USED FOR:
• communication
• to figure out what was just said or asked
• stimming
• social scripting
• clarification
• buying time to figure things out
• c o m m u n i c a t i o n

Echolalia IS NOT:
• annoying
• wrong or bad to use
• a sign of not paying attention
• making fun of you by copying you
• shallow
• a sign of a lack of intelligence


every mitch outfit: ptxperience edition (part one) // (part two) (three) (four)

I commissioned the wonderful @masthya to draw my trans girl Gon and afab genderfluid Killua and the result has me ABSOLUTELY GIDDY!!! They came out so beautiful and I literally cannot stop smiling. Everyone please look at my happy happy children <333

Thank you so much for working with me, Mas. Your work is always stunning and I could not be happier with this!! <33

If any of you have the money to spend, consider commissioning Mas too!