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Who says I love you first - tree bros

• so it’s totally Evan but like in a not on purpose way

• that sounds weird, hold on

• okay so

• Evan and Connor have been dating for like three months. They both are totally crazy about the other but think that the other might leave them soon

• both boys are insecure about themselves and don’t want to say they love the other without the other saying it first

• one night its movie night and Evan always falls asleep on movie night

• his head will just plop on to Connor’s shoulder at some point

• Connor always just grins and moves Evans head to his lap as it’s w a y more comfy for both of them

• Evan usually also talks in his sleep so when Evan does fall asleep Connor turns down the volume on the movie so he can hear Evan talk

• Evan talks without a stutter and very smoothly when he’s asleep

• Connor fucking loves it

• one particular movie night Evans been asleep for about 15 minutes

• Connors fingers are gently rubbing circles on Evans back as it calms him down and lets him sleep better

• Evan starts mumbling things

• “Connor, pretty, hair”

• “eyes, yes, blue with brown patch”

• “Tall and lean. Mm”

• Connor silently laughs as he sees a smile form on Evans lips

• “love Connor. I love Connor. Very much. Yes. Love Connor.”

• Connor’s eyes grow wide as he continues to rub Evans back.

• Connor eventually shakes himself from the shock and just grins like a mad man.

• when the movie is over, Connor shakes Evan awake like always

• they order pizza

• while they’re eating the pizza and complaining about school and life and shit Connor leans over to Evan and pecks his cheek

• “what w-was that f-or?”

• “can’t I just kiss my beautiful boyfriend whom I love very much?”

• Evan chokes on his pizza

• “you, you l-love me?”

• “yes, and I know you love me too. You said so in your sleep.”

• Evan blushes and nods. “Yes, I-I love y-ou very mu-much.”

•the rest of the night is spent joking and cuddling

• obviously with many kisses

• Connor doesn’t go home and just sleeps over instead

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Alfred F. Jones Incorrect Quotes

“Hahaha…I don’t get it.”

“Dude, you can’t bail on me! I’m boooorrreed!”

“Is watching horror films nightly and never sleeping a psychological disorder? I feel like it is.”

“I can’t adult today.”

“You think you have it bad? I have to drive to Canada for a beer.”

“I’ll just play some Skyrim before bed…Is that the sun?”

“Haha, I love it when my politics constantly counter each other and don’t make sense! Makes me question weather or not I’m in the Matrix!”

“But, like, do you know how cool dinosaurs are?”

“Wow, that sucks. I’m just gonna pop in a Disney movie and forget about that and the rest of my problems!”

“Psst…England’s a bitch, pass it on.” 

“No, you don’t understand, I’m the nice twin! Mattie’s a snarky asshole!”

“The memory of my alien abduction is very hazy, but I do remember them forcing me to watch The Fox and the Hound II as a form of torture.”

“The look on people’s faces when I use blunt honesty give’s me life.”

“Sure, I’d love to grab lunch with you, I need a reason to procrastinate anyway.”

“I want an AU where everything’s the same, but instead of cars, we ride dragons!” 

“Sometimes, you have to ask yourself, WWCAD: What Would Captain America Do?”

“Where’d Mattie go? Isn’t he supposed to be attached at my hip?”

“I’d say that life being a musical would be nice, but I get the feeling that over half of the songs would be China calling me an idiot.”

“No! I don’t miss being a colony! Running around outside in the front yard while England took care of the adult stuff?…No…I don’t miss that…at all…Nope…”

“What? Russia and I aren’t having sex in the closet! That’s insane! We do it in the bedroom like civilized people!”

“Why can’t my common sense be as good as my Math sense?”

“Dammit! I’ve been speaking English since before the 16th century, and I still don’t know how to fucking speak it!”

“Watch these mad skills!…OW! FUCK!”

The Last Airbender was the worst cinematic crime…I mean, the Pearl Harbor movie… Is The Last Airbender automatically better because it’s not a disgrace to a historical tragedy or?” 

“I just wanna go home and eat cookies!”


Alex was recently interviewed by the Gold Derby (May 21, 2017) about his career, growing up in a family of actors and playing Perry in Big Little Lies.

Watch his interview below or on YouTube (x):

Excerpts from Alex’s interview:

On what drew him to play Perry:

Alex:  "What I was drawn to was the fact that he felt like a very conflicted character  and it felt like that friction was very interesting to me. It didn’t feel like the stereotypical abusive husband. You know? The wife beater. It felt very layered and I was very intrigued by the relationship between Perry and Celeste and the kind of volatility of that and the intensity of it. It was just something that I thought David E. Kelley, who wrote the script, had the way it was mapped out was very interesting. I love the idea that you first meet this family in this, you know, affluent neighborhood, with these cute kids and everything is perfect and it’s almost like you watch it and you think like that’s the dream life. They’ve been together for ten years and they’re still super passionate. I thought it was just fascinating the way it was structured and that fact that it doesn’t get super violent early on. It’s just like he grabs her at the end of the first episode and hopefully you’ll get this reaction from the audience like, ‘Whoa, I thought this was the dream couple. Something’s wrong.’

The fact that it escalates is quite interesting because in the beginning you don’t really know what goes on…what is that? Is that some weird game or is something sexual going on? The fact that it takes a while to realize that it’s really, really dark and very bad between the two.”

On doing True Blood:

Alex: “It was such a profound experience. It was seven years of my life and it kind of changed my career and changed my life. I miss it because it became like a family. When you freelance as an actor you form these bonds and these intense relationships but it’s usually for a few months and then you move on.

That was the only time that I had like a family I would return to. We would shoot seven months of the year and then we’d go off and do a movie or two and take some time off and see our families and then you come back and it’s kind of like that back-to-school feeling of being reunited. Not only the cast but we had the same crew for seven years.

That’s something that I miss as an actor. You don’t have colleagues that you grow up with in that sense. It’s usually for just a few months. So, it meant so much to me on many levels - obviously career-wise but personally as well.”

On his Big Little Lies character, Perry, being killed off:

Alex:  "I thought it was great. It’s so physical. It’s so intense, so primal the way it goes down. I love that. I love that all the ladies gang up on him and together like smaller predators taking on a larger predator, their combined strength will take him down. I love that it’s so physical and so intense. I thought it was a great way to end the show.“

On working with Nicole Kidman:

Alex:  "I think she’s okay. (laughter)

She’s extraordinary. She was already attached when I was sent the script.
I’ve been a fan for twenty years. My father worked with her on a Lars von Trier film, Dogville, about ten, twelve years ago and he had an amazing time and loved her. I worked with Lars on a movie and he spoke very highly of Nicole as well so I was very excited.

I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. It was a very, very tough shoot - it’s obviously very  emotionally and physically tough to portray these characters and go through this story but Nicole is such a sweet and generous human being and obviously an extraordinary actress. I think it was very important that we got along because it’s very difficult to shoot those scenes and I’m incredibly happy that I had her [as a scene partner] at the end of the day. To shoot those fight scenes for ten, twelve hours was emotionally draining and it’s very, very tough. Those were some of the toughest days on set that I’ve ever experienced.”

On whether he cares about playing likable or redeemable characters:

Alex:  "I don’t really care if he’s likable or redeemable, no. (laughter)
I want him to at least be conflicted. No matter how dark he is, you want to feel that there is some sort of inner struggle going on because that’s what makes it three-dimensional to me and what makes it feel real and interesting. If you’re going to play just like the traditional bad guy, it’s rarely interesting to me.“

On what he’s learned from coming from a family of artists and actors:

Alex:  "Well, my father…he’s always been very kinds of hands off when it comes to all the kids. He obviously loves being an actor but he never tried to kind of push us into it or convince us, you know, ‘You should really do this. This is a great job.’

I was a child actor and then I quit when I was thirteen because I didn’t think this was for me. And he was just…it was a three second conversation…Dad was like, 'If that doesn’t make you happy then do something else.’

That’s kind of been the core…He just wants all his kids to be happy…if that’s being a barista in Stockholm or working as an actor in Hollywood, he’s equally happy and it’s always been great to feel that…to feel like there’s zero pressure coming from Dad or Mom. They don’t care if we’re financially successful as long as we’re happy and that we’re doing things that we’re excited about…they’re happy.

I think that was important to me. When I left acting, I didn’t act for eight years because that gave me an opportunity to do other things and then find my own way back into it. It wasn’t like Dad steered me in that direction. It was my own choice and that was very important for me to feel.”

*Random facts from the interview:

~Alex read the Big Little Lies script first and then read the book a month before they started principle photography.

~He loves the format of doing a limited TV series (Big Little Lies, Generation Kill) over a long period of a time (“it’s a dream” for an actor…and “an opportunity to go a lot deeper and get to know [the character] a bit better”).

~His scene in the car with Nicole at the end of Big Little Lies was also shot toward the end of filming.

~He said he wasn’t invited to Comic-Con during the first year True Blood aired.

Interview Sources:  Video: GoldDerby YouTube (x) via KnowYourLeaker Twitter (x), Images: Our caps, Text: Our transcription.

Seth Rollins - Mouths Shut.

Part 1 Part 2

Summary - Part 3; Seth and Reader have been together for just over a year and it seemed they knew all about each other to every little detail. Seth had proven over time that he is true to his character portrayed on screen, ‘The Man’ however when he finds out some life-altering news, will he allow his old cowardly ways to take over.

Warnings - None (this is a big building block for the next part)

Word Count - 2,050 words.

“Thanks again for letting me stay here for a while Brie, I really just didn’t want to go back to the apartment right now,” I mumbled lightly against the soft cotton couch I previously sprawled my body across; watching eagerly as my brunette friend traipsed into the room, her arms wrapped tightly around her newborn’s body.

“It’s honestly fine, Bryan doesn’t mind so stay as long as you want, or as long as you can put up with little Birdie keeping you up at night.” She giggled, slumping her body into the cushions beside me. “So being your best friend I do think I’m entitled to know what actually happened between you and Seth, like what did you actually argue about?”

And already the questions begin… My mind couldn’t process the constant confusion that was pulsing through it and therefore it was inevitable the words that would come out of my mouth would be nothing short of a complete lie. I couldn’t tell her the real reason; not yet… Of course, I trusted her but it just wasn’t that simple anymore, the whole situation was so blown out of proportion that I couldn’t even just think about the baby without it leading to the single man that tore my world apart a mere two days ago. The seconds spared for excuse thinking time was soon transformed into a matter of minutes which was clearly evident as a firm slap was placed on my thigh ultimately dragging me from my thoughts.

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mother! Review — Written 9/15/17

           Going into mother!, I was curious as to how accessible it would be. After Black Swan raised Darren Aronofsky’s clout to its peak, his work finally penetrated the zeitgeist. It was with Noah in 2014 that he went into mainstream filmmaking, to which his success he achieved and gratitude he received was admittedly underwhelming. Three and a half years later, his latest presents audiences not with a response to his earlier work but with a catharsis of everything that he has worked for, warts and all.

           It’s a movie where the less you know going in, the better, but know that it’s a singular look at the selfishness of artists—how their relationships with others prove to be their fuel. In mother!, the ordinary deftly morphs into an exhausting, breathless fever dream wherein everyday life is a panic attack with no end in sight in what is Arofonsky’s most audacious work in over a decade.

           The movie concerns an unnamed married couple (Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem) who are in the process of renovating his old house in which he lost virtually everything in a fire. He’s a writer and she’s relegated to acting as a housewife, and he’s a struggling to get more ideas while she rebuilds the house wall-to-wall. An unknown man (Ed Harris) shows up, and while the husband is proud to invite him into their shared life, the wife is apprehensive. Soon after, a woman (Michelle Pfieffer) comes, who turns out to be the man’s wife. That’s all that needs to be known story-wise; anything else would risk revealing the narrative.

           It unravels like a giant spoil of barbed wire, running over any and all audience expectations and slashing them up in the process. While the movie is largely a two-act narrative, it feels remarkably cohesive given the depths that it goes, some of which will prove to be too much for audience members. Aronofsky’s fascination with the darkness and destruction that is implicit within humanity remains as sharp as ever, like a silenced gun hidden under the vest of a finely quaffed sharp-shooter.

           Shot on 16 millimeter by Matthew Libatique, who has shot all of Aronofsky’s features to date, the film maintains a disarming warmness throughout, one in which the shadows are oddly soft and the light creates a form of security that is just waiting to be perverted. Lawrence and Bardem do great work, demonstrating enough energy to match Aronofsky’s direction, which asks quite a lot of them. Harris and Pfieffer, as well as some other supporting players that appear as the movie progresses, understand the humor that lurks in such uncomfortable content, and Pfieffer specifically walks a very fine line of chewing the scenery and being blankly intimidating.

           mother! is a movie that, despite all of its psychological chaos, is why movies are seen to be a form of therapy for many, myself included. When one’s surroundings feel unappreciative and fast-moving, it’s easy to fall into an abyss in which life moves exponentially faster. Aronofsky gleefully drags his audience through a bevy of carnage but (mostly) maintains just the pace to gaslight viewers into understanding the film’s Lynchian brand of logic, and when I walked out of the theater with my mouth dry, I wanted to go outside and scream into the sky.

           9.2/10, amazing, far above average, A, etc.


by mrs momona © 2017

From the time he was a little kid growing up in the Philippines, Josė had two dreams: to come to America and to make it big.

Josė was the only child. His parents struggled and sacrificed on their low-income jobs to send Josė to a private school in which all the classes were taught in English. His parents dreamed of coming to America, too, and they wanted their son to have an advantage when they arrived in the USA. They encouraged Josė to practice his English as much as possible so he’d have an advantage when they got here.

Finally, right after Josė turned 18 and graduated from his high school, the first part of the dream came true. Josė ’s father received a call from the US consulate in Manila. The family’s number on the immigration quota had come up. Josė ’s mother’s sister, his Auntie Imelda, who had lived in the USA for many years, had agreed to be the family’s sponsor. He and his parents agreed that when they reached America, all would work hard and save so that they could put Josė through university in America.

Airline tickets were purchased with money sent by Auntie Imelda and the family arranged for physical examinations to complete the paperwork to become immigrants to the United States. The family physician, Dr. Tesoro, who had known Josė all his life, examined him. Tests for TB and other diseases were completed, and Josė passed all of them.

Later, Josė remembered his final conversation with Dr. Tesoro. The doctor was busy completing the form which Josė needed to turn in at the US Consulate. “Name”. “Date of Birth”. “Height”– Josė stood on the balance scale as the doctor measured 5'3". “Weight”—the scale balanced out at 116 lbs. “Blood pressure”. etc. etc. etc.

Dr. Tesoro grew sentimental as he filled out the form while Josė sat quietly next to his desk. He had delivered Josė when he was born, and here he was now, ready for a new life in America. “Well”, thought the doctor, “this young man is in fine shape to handle whatever comes. A little underweight, perhaps, but he has the muscle to handle hard physical work if it comes to that.” Josė was typical of most young men of his class in the Philippines. Life was hard, there was no money for luxuries, and most teenage boys like Josė had been doing manual work part-time for years to supplement the family income.

Dr. Tesoro completed the forms, turned to Josė, and spoke to him in English. “ Josė, my boy, let me give you some advice. America is not like what you see in the movies. I know because I went to medical school there. Be prepared to work hard, very hard. You will succeed if you work hard. The Americans are fine people and they respect hard work.” The conversation continued this way for a while. Finally, they stood and parted, Dr. Tesoro gave Josė his blessing, and Josė promised to write to him.

Life in America turned out to be just as Dr. Tesoro said. Josė and his parents lived with his Auntie Imelda  and her family while they saved every spare penny they earned. All three quickly found jobs. Josė ’s father and mother became domestics in the home of a rich Anglo family. Auntie Imelda arranged for Josė to interview for a job as a busboy at a nearby IHOP which was owned by friends of hers, a Filipino family who had been in the USA even longer than her.

Josė went to the IHOP for an interview and impressed the owner. Josė was hired and told to report to work the next day.

The following morning, Josė stood in front of the bathroom mirror after showering. As he dried himself off, he examined his reflection in the mirror. He grinned, showing a row of perfect white teeth, as he looked at his thin angular face. Back home people always told him he was handsome and he admitted to himself, they were right. He flexed his lean tight biceps and pecs and admired his trim waistline and the way his round bellybutton sat on his six-pack abs. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on him. He smiled to himself as he got dressed. Josė was glad his mom had washed and pressed the jeans and T-shirt IHOP wanted him to wear to work. He had borrowed a pair of his cousin’s  size 28 jeans. They were loose on him but were almost new. Josė pulled the belt tight so the jeans wouldn’t slide down over his slim hips. He wanted to make a good first impression on his first day at work in the USA.

At the end of that first day, Josė remembered what Dr. Tesoro had told him. Boy, had he been correct about the hard work! Josė ’s job was to carry heavy trays of dirty dishes and to do all the heavy lifting in the kitchen and storage room. When there was extra time, he washed dishes. After the first 8-hour shift, Josė felt like he had been working sixteen hours. But, Josė was happy. He was on his way to achieving the second part of his dream–to make it big in America.

A week later, Auntie Imelda asked Josė  if he wanted another job–she had heard there was an opening for a job at the airport parking lot where another friend of hers was the manager.  Josė applied for the job and was hired the next day. His job was to man a booth at the exit to the parking lot on the “graveyard” shift–9 p.m. to 5 a.m. That was fine with Josė—his other job at IHOP started at 6 a.m. and ended at 2 p.m. The thought of working 80 hours a week didn’t matter to  Josė—it would be easier to save money for college with two jobs, and his parents’ jobs at the home of their boss meant that he didn’t get to see much of them anyway.

Josė’s life quickly took on a routine. Wake up at 7:30 p.m.–shower and eat a big meal at Auntie’s house. Stop at a food mart to buy something for his midnight “lunch” break at the airport and some snacks to carry him through the boring long hours sitting in the toll booth. Clock out at 5 a.m., catch the bus to the IHOP, wash in the employees’ locker room, change clothes, and get ready for work there. The head cook quickly took pity on her hard-working busboy and always had a big breakfast waiting for him, which he scarfed down before his shift started. Lunch was the same–the cooks always fed  Josė a big nourishing lunch during his half-hour break. He’d clock out at 2p.m. and catch the bus home for 5 hours or so of sleep before the cycle repeated itself.

Josė loved the IHOP job–his co-workers were all friendly to him, the customers were nice, and as busboy he even got a share of the tips. He looked forward to the day when he could try for a promotion to waiter and he could let someone else do the backbreaking work of busboy. Even so, the IHOP job was great, certainly much more interesting than sitting on his butt all night waiting for an occasional car to leave the airport parking lot. At the airport, he couldn’t even take a break to go to the restroom unless someone took his place. It was so boring.

On his days off,  Josė spent most of the time catching up on his sleep. He woke up only to eat the large nourishing meals either his mom or his auntie prepared for him. After all, he had to keep up his strength for his long hours at work. His cousins, Auntie Imelda’s sons, invited him to go clubbing with them but Josė always declined. He was intent on doing all he could to work hard and save money so he could go to college.

Being an observant young man, Josė soon noticed certain things at the IHOP. Americans wasted so much! He said nothing, of course, but he was always amazed at how much food the customers left on their plates. As Josė scraped the plates and all the leftover food went into the garbage can, he thought back to when he was a kid in the Philippines. There was never any extra food to waste, and many times, especially after Josė became a teenager, he left the dinner table hungry because there wasn’t enough money to buy enough food for a growing adolescent. Every Christmas Josė received a small Hershey bar as a special treat. One year, he decided to save part of it to enjoy the next day. His mother saw what he was doing and scolded him–“eat it now–don’t wait for tomorrow. You never know what will happen to it if you don’t eat it now. Don’t waste food.”

Another thing which amazed Josė was how much food the restaurant itself wasted–food that was a couple of days old and unsold  and then just thrown in the dumpster, or the hot entrees which had been prepared for lunch but didn’t sell and were just tossed out. His friends the cooks told him this was just part of doing business in a restaurant. When he had been hired, the owner had told Josė he could eat as much as he wanted when on his breaks–a perk offered to all employees, the plan being they would soon tire of the food and not eat any of it. Josė was different, however. His  constant hard work built up his appetite, and the memories of his childhood made him automatically eat food if it was there. His mother’s admonition when he was a kid–eat it now, don’t let food go to waste—was always in the back of his mind.

Finally, Josė was amazed at how good American food tasted. Like all Filipinos, Josė knew about McDonald’s, but he had never eaten at one. That was a luxury beyond the means of his family. Josė loved Filipino food, of course, and his Auntie Imelda and Mom were great cooks, but he came to really love American food, especially the American food which IHOP specialized in. Just the thought of going to work and being able to eat a stack of pancakes oozing with butter and syrup, with side orders of omelets, crispy bacon, pastries, and buttered biscuits, all washed down with glasses of cold milk, made Josė’s mouth water even before he clocked out of his airport job.

But it wasn’t only IHOP food which made Josė’s mouth water. The food mart he stopped at before heading to the airport specialized in fresh hoagies, and Josė enjoyed sampling every variety they made. All the varieties of chips and sweet treats which he purchased to snack on during his long boring hours at the tollbooth tasted great to Josė. He couldn’t understand why Americans called such things “junk food”–they weren’t “junk”, they were delicious!

Long hours of hard work and heavy lifting at the IHOP led to development of Josė’s muscles. After showering and shaving each workday, he enjoyed standing in front of the bathroom mirror flexing his biceps and popping his pecs as he admired his toned, wiry physique.  

Six months passed. His cousins began to tease Josė about some other growth on his physique–a small mound of soft flab which covered his abs and into which his bellybutton started to sink, and a  ring of brown flesh which puffed up around his once-lean midriff. Josė just smiled  and shrugged off the teasing. When he looked in the mirror his muscles had lost definition but looked bugger because of the smooth layer of soft flesh which covered them. More important to him, his savings account was growing, maybe in a couple of years he would have enough saved to attend the university.

A couple of months later, Josė was getting ready to head to the airport after a weekend off. He was putting on his pants as usual when he noticed that the zipper wouldn’t close. It had started to stick recently, but today it wouldn’t go up at all. Josė stood in front of the bathroom mirror and sucked in his gut, noting with a little apprehension in the mirror how it was covered with a wobbly layer of flab. Josė cursed softly, then sighed with relief as the zipper finally closed. He flexed his biceps and popped his pecs in the mirror, and scowled for a second at the plump “man tits” which his newly-puffy nipples  sat on now. He noticed recently that his clothes didn’t fit the way they used to–they were snug across the chest and belly, and all his jeans were getting real tight across his butt. “Oh well”, he thought shrugging, “just part of what Americans call the ‘good life’.” His thoughts returned to his jobs and his growing savings account.

Soon, it was the first anniversary of Josė’s arrival in the USA. As Jose stood in front of the mirror before he put on his shirt to head for work, the thought suddenly came to him, “No doubt about it,” thought Josė as he looked in the mirror, “I’m blowin’ up like a fuckin’ balloon.” He struggled to fasten the button on the waistband of his pants. After a few minutes of huffing and puffing he succeeded. He tried to suck in the bloat which bulged a couple of inches over his waistband, but that just accentuated the soft slack folds of flab that jiggled around his waist when he moved. He had just bought new these new size 33 pants a month ago, but already they were cutting into his newly developed pot belly. Josė turned to the side and noticed the big soft wobbly ass which ballooned outwards on his backside. “Wow”, he scowled, “I better go on a diet before I turn into a fat slob. Still”, he thought, his scowl turning into a grin, “back home in the Philippines I couldn’t hardly get enough to eat. Here…” and he thought of the hotcakes, pastries, hoagies, and other goodies which he just loved, “..a few extra pounds on me doesn’t matter. I can take the weight off whenever I have the time.”

But Josė never had the time. He two jobs took up  at least 80 hours a week. Whenever he was offered the chance to work overtime, Josė jumped at it—more money for his college savings account! The only time he had to relax was his meal and snack breaks. Josė welcomed the chance to sit down, relax for a few minutes, and dig into the American food he had come to love.

Josė noticed that he was hungry all the time now. No problem with that—he was busting his ass and needed the energy. At every meal or snack break, he shoveled in the food—savoring the delicious rich tastes of his favorites. But no matter how much he ate, it was never enough. That skinny, hungry kid inside him gorged on everything in sight, and now Josė’s  mom and auntie took note of his huge appetite when they cooked for him, preparing triple the portions of food that they had made when he first arrived in the USA.

More months went by. Josė and his parents were all still working hard. Josė had been recently promoted to waiter at IHOP, with better pay and tips. He had received a pay raise at his airport job, too. With his promotion to waiter, Jose had to buy new work clothes. He needed bigger sizes, but the increase in size didn’t register with him—he had a limited amount of time to spare and he needed to grab some food before he headed to his airport job.

Soon it was the second anniversary of Josė’s arrival in the USA. As he stood in front of the mirror, he considered how things had changed.  He proudly thought of how successful he was as a waiter. His pleasant personality, efficient work habits, and —“let’s face it,” he thought, “I’m a good looking dude and that helps bring in the tips too!” The mirror reflected back to Josė his full smiling face with new dimples on his round cheeks. He was a happy young man. Recently he had been able to buy a used car, so no more having to walk to catch the bus to his two jobs. His good relationships with his co-workers grew even better. His hard work and pleasant personality as a waiter led to large tips which went into the pot to be shared by all employees.

Josė was totally oblivious to the biggest change about himself—his ever-growing appetite. Now, at his stops at the mini-mart on his way to the airport, he automatically bought a couple of 12" hoagies and a box of a dozen of whatever “Little Debbie” snack cakes caught his attention that night. Josė also bought the largest size Hershey bar every night–it was a treat, which reminded him of his hardscrabble days as a kid when he only had  a chocolate bar once a year. At the IHOP, the free meals Josė ate before work, after work, and during his lunchbreak increased in quantity. The cooks always gave him leftovers which would be tossed out anyway. Josė’s eyes lit up with pleasure and a smile appeared on his round face whenever he was handed a plate piled high with the IHOP goodies he loved.  Soon it became the pattern for the cooks to hand him another heaping plate as soon as he wolfed down the first portion.

During his 10-minute rest breaks, Josė was always good to scarf down a couple of thickly buttered biscuits. He also developed the art of nibbling during his shift–grabbing pastries or donuts from the “discard” pile and quickly chewing and swallowing while doing his regular chores. The cooks enjoyed seeing their handsome, growing young waiter devour whatever food was in sight. They were all older women, immigrants themselves, and they all had the attitude that it was a good thing for a healthy hard-working young man to out on some weight..

More time went by. Jose’s routine continued. His savings account continued to grow. The only thing which frustrated him was his need to frequently buy new clothes. All his work clothes seemed to shrink as soon as he bought them—must be the hot dryer at home.

Josė and his family had been in the USA for three years when the owner of the IHOP, his Auntie Imelda’s friend, left a message for him to see her on his day off.  José showed up for the meeting neatly dressed in a dress shirt and dress pants. The owner was startled for a minute when Jose entered her office. He had changed so much since she had hired him three years before! If it weren’t for his dazzling white smile, she would have sworn it was a different young man standing in front of her. His face had lost all its angularity and his cheeks were round as apples. A double chin softened his neckline.  The buttons of his dress shirt were stressed by a round plump pot belly which protruded over his low-slung waistband. She smiled to herself: life in America had been good to José!

She told Josė she heard that he was doing very well as a waiter and offered him the position of manager trainee. The pay was much higher, but Josė would have to be available 60 or more hours a week. Josė was flattered and thanked the owner for her faith in him. He told her he would take the job, and added that he would need to give two weeks’ notice at his airport job. The owner, impressed with Josė’s conscientiousness, agreed.

The next morning, as Josė stood bare chested shaving in front of the mirror, he noticed how his flabby waistline had developed into a big round belly centered with a deep bellybutton and wide love handles. He blushed as he noticed that his hard pecs had transformed into big round sagging breasts which sat atop his belly. Stretch marks covered his sides, breasts, and even his upper arms. He turned to the side and noticed how his ass cheeks jiggled and quivered like two big basketballs of fat, sticking out just as far in back as his pot belly protruded out in front. He scowled for a few seconds but then smiled as he recalled his promotion and the hefty raise in pay which accompanied his new job. “Nope”, Jose thought, “this blubber sure isn’t hurting my career any. I’m beginning to look like a real American now”.

Josė gave his notice to his boss at the airport. On his last day, he was introduced to his replacement. It was about 2 a.m. and Josė was perched on the same stool which had been his seat for eight hours a night, five nights a week. Josė was finishing off the last of the box of a dozen Little Debbie Swiss Creme Rolls when his boss brought his replacement to the booth. Josė got up from his perch, shoved the box out of sight, and met the new guy. The three talked for about ten minutes–only once being interrupted by a car exiting the airport. After the boss and the new guy left, Josė resumed his perch on the stool, which groaned as he settled his bulk on it. Josė checked the clock–three hours more to go, then reached into the drawer and took out his second hoagie of the evening. His eyes lit up and his mouth started to water even before he bit into it.

Josė’s replacement couldn’t help but be amazed as he and the boss walked back from Josė’s booth to the office. The replacement, an older Filipino man recently arrived in the U.S., was amazed at the sight of Josė. He had never seen a young man as fat as Josė. Back home in the Philippines, he had seen chubby young people, but they were the children of the rich and would never be working at a job like parking-lot booth attendant. The sight of Josė’s ballooning belly and chest, wide hips and enormous rear end amazed the man.

Josė’s new job responsibilities at IHOP were a challenge, but he loved it. The owner came by frequently at first to check on things, usually accompanied by her daughter. The daughter, who appeared to Josė to be about 25, was introduced to  him as a recent college graduate who was going to be helping her mother manage the family businesses. Her name was Corazon. She gave Josė a big smile, which he returned, and told him to call her “Cory”–everyone did. Josė was struck by Cory’s good looks, beautiful smile, and friendly personality. Cory excused herself to go to the restroom, giving her mother the opportunity to tell Josė that Cory had been born in America and was an “All-American Girl” who couldn’t even speak Tagalog.

Cory quickly became the member of the owner’s family who took responsibility for Josė’s IHOP. Cory came by frequently to check on things and always appeared satisfied with how things were going at the restaurant. On her visits, she would check all parts of the restaurant, but Josė came to have the feeling that she was checking him out the most. There were times when Josė would notice her staring at him. What he didn’t know was that Cory had secretly always loved fat guys. To her, Josė was everything she had never yet found in a man–handsome, a nice guy, friendly, Filipino, and fat!  Cory noticed that José seemed to be oblivious about his ever-growing size. His protruding belly and rear end and wide hips frequently bumped into things accidentally, as if he weren’t aware of how big he had become.

On her visits, though, Cory just stuck to the pleasantries with Josė. During their management meetings, Cory and Josė would drink coffee while talking. As was his habit, Jose accompanied each cup of coffee by some pastries from the “discard pile”. It had become something he automatically did and Cory made no comment even though she eagerly watched him slather butter on every donut and cruller.

Jos sneaked plenty of looks at Cory, too. She reminded him of all the movie stars he had read about in the Philippines, beautiful and charming. Every romantic thought he had about her reached a roadblock–the fact she was his boss’s daughter. Back home, and Josė assumed in America too, Cory as the boss’s daughter was unattainable. That still didn’t stop Jos from dreaming about her a every night.

More months went by and life continued its pattern for Jose. Being a manager was more stressful than being a busboy or waiter, and there were days when he worked sixteen hours straight, sometimes subbing for one of the waiters or busboys who didn’t come to work that day. He continued to stop at the food mart even though he no longer needed to buy food to help fill the boring hours at the airport. He just loved the food there—much as he loved the IHOP food it liked the variety of hoagies and sides which always made his mouth water. The employees were so nice to him, too!  He was their best customer, stopping by for meals even on his days off..

The staff at the food mart looked forward to waiting on Josė.  Every day, he’d order a couple of assorted hoagies with extra fillings, extra mayo and extra butter. A quart of potato or mac salad, a big bag of chips, and a box of Ho-ho’s or whatever else made Jose’s mouth water completed his order. He’d arrive home, plop himself on the sofa with remote in hand, put his feet up, unbutton and unzip his pants, and then eat his meal fresh from the food-mart with ESPN in the background while he replayed the day at work in his mind. No matter how stressful the day had been–and there was always some amount of stress for him as manager–by the time he wiped the last crumbs off his overstuffed bulging belly, the stress had gone and Jose was able to fall asleep, always to dream about Cory.

One day a few months later, Josė was sitting in the kitchen during his break, making short work of a snack of a six fried eggs sandwiched one-on-one between half a dozen pancakes covered with butter and syrup, when he suddenly realized he had been in America for five years. Josė contently rubbed his belly while he thought back to how things had changed for him since he came to the U.S. He smiled as he sipped his second glass of cold milk as he considered how well things were going for him. His savings account continued to grow and he was seriously thinking of majoring in business management when he did start college.

That afternoon, Josė left work early to accompany his mother to the doctor’s office. She was recovering from the flu and Josė volunteered to take her since his father had to work. At the doctor’s office, the medical diplomas and certificates on the wall impressed Josė. One day in the future, his office would have similar diplomas in business management!

Dr. Ramos– a slender “fitness fanatic”— was equally impressed by Josė, but for other reasons. His patient, Josė’s mom, frequently spoke about her hard-working son. Here he was, and the sight of Josė sitting in the waiting room as he escorted Josė’s mom out of the examining room amazed the doctor. Mom introduced the two, and the doctor quickly asked Josė if he could come back to the examining area for a few minutes. Josė agreed, thinking the doctor wanted to talk with him about his mother.

In the examining room, the doctor asked Josė to have a seat. Josė nervously asked if his mother was OK. The doctor laughed and said yes. He further explained that he thought that since Jose was at the office, it would be a good time for him to have a check-up. Josė smiled with relief and agreed, He hadn’t seen a doctor since he left Manila five years before, and even though he felt great, he figured it couldn’t hurt to be checked out. He stripped down to his skin-tight jockey shorts and sat there for blood pressure, stethoscope tests and the rest of it. Everything turned out to be normal.

Dr. Ramos then asked Josė how much he weighed when he left Manila. Josė thought a minute and replied, “About 116, I think”. His mind went back to when he sat in Dr. Tesoro’s office five years before. He was brought back to the present when Dr. Ramos, pinching a thick roll of flab on Josė’s plump upper arm, said, “And how much do you think you weigh now, young man?” Josė thought for a moment and stammered, “about 185?” “….I know I’ve put on some weight,” he added softly. The doctor snickered, and then told Josė to walk over to the scale. The doctor noted how every part of Josė’s overfed body shifted, jiggled, and wobbled as he waddled to the scale. Josė stepped on the scale, which let out a “thunk” as his bulk impacted on it. The bar balanced out at 347 lbs. Jose seemed stunned at the numbers and showed no reaction.

The doctor then took a tape measure and measured Josė’s chest, waist and hips.

The doctor asked him to sit for a minute. “Young man”, he said, “you are grossly obese. You must go on a diet immediately, even though your blood pressure and all other tests are normal. Just take a look at yourself!” He paused for a moment and did some calculations with pencil and paper, while Josė looked down past the two ballooning mounds of his tits, each tipped with a swollen brown nipple, to the magnificent round belly hanging between his wide stretched plump thighs and extending halfway to his knees in a graceful wide bulge.

The doctor then added, “Your body mass index is 61!” “What does that mean?“ Jose stammered. “When you weighed 116, your BMI was 20. Obese is 30 or above–you figure it out, young man!” Dr. Ramos snapped.  “You are 63 inches tall, your waist is 59 inches around and your hips are 66 inches. You’re wider than you are tall! You’re a round ball of blubber! Aren’t you ashamed to be so fat?”

Josė hung his head in silent embarrassment, dressed, left the doctor’s office, and drove his mother home in silence. He got home and went straight to bed. For the first time since he arrived in the USA, he went to bed without the happy feeling of having a full stuffed tummy..

Josė got up the next morning, determined to lose weight. He had thought again through the night about the changes he had gone through since he had come to the US, but this time in the light of Dr. Ramos’ comments: how often he had to buy new pants, and every time they were a size bigger than the old ones. How buttons had popped and seems had split with increasing regularity. How people he hadn’t seen in a while seemed surprised when they saw him, and then whispered among themselves. How his cousins at some point had switched from calling him “Josė” to addressing him as “Big Guy”. He thought back to how he wanted to come to America to “make it big”. He was “big”, all right, as big as a baby elephant!

Josė showered and got dressed. He noticed that his new pants were already tight. He struggled to pull them up over his bulging hips and rear end, and after an effort managed to button them under his round protruding paunch, leaving a good three inches of  belly flab and love handle fa overhanging the waistband. Knowing that today was inventory day, he pulled on an old T-shirt. It was so tight that he had to struggle to pull it down over his ballooning man breasts, bulging belly and thick love handles, but a big roll of tan flab bulged between the bottom of the shirt and his tight waistband. He left for the IHOP without eating breakfast at home, determined to start his diet that very day.

By the time he got to work, though, Josė was starving. He was so hungry he couldn’t stand it. He hadn’t been hungry like this since he was a kid in the Philippines–his almost constant eating and snacking on his jobs had kept his growing belly always full and satisfied.

Josė arrived in the kitchen, greeted the cooks already hard at work as if nothing were wrong, and sat down with a cup of black coffee. As if on cue, one of the cooks came over to his table carrying two plates, one a stack of eight waffles covered with butter and syrup, and the other, six fried eggs, a mound of crispy bacon, and huge pile hash browns. He was about to wave them away when the aroma of the food got to him–as well as the realization that, since he had become manager, this was the way he always started the morning. Despite feeling guilty, he dug in and quickly finished his meal of “discards”. He was just so hungry he couldn’t help himself.

Feeling worse than ever, Josė got up and went back to the storeroom. For the first time he was conscious of how his big belly wobbled from side to side and bounced up and down and his big tits jiggled as he slowly made his way down the corridor. His could feel his big ass cheeks bounce and jiggle and his fat thighs rub against each other. My God! What had he let himself become?

At the storeroom door, Josė figured he might as well start the inventory even though Cory wasn’t there yet. He opened the door quietly, and was startled to see Cory already there, in the far corner. She was intent on the inventory and didn’t realize Josė was there. Jose stopped for a minute to admire Cory from afar–her beautiful round ass, slim waist, and full round breasts that were big for a Filipina. Josė felt himself getting hard, and thought back to all the times he had thought about Cory and how he could possibly win her to be his. In the past, he had always thought that his obstacle would be their difference in class. She was the owner’s daughter, after all. She was rich and would certainly never be attracted to an average guy like him. Today, Josė dejectedly put that thought aside–instead he considered that a beautiful girl like Cory would never want to be seen with a big fat slob like him. How could he have let himself get so fat? For the first time, he longed for the lean, hard body he had when he arrived in the US, before he started eating like a fucking pig.

Josė decided he might as well stop thinking and get to work. He slammed the door closed so that Cory thought he had just entered the room.

Cory’s eyes lit up when she saw Josė. “Hello! I was hoping that you hadn’t forgotten today was inventory day.” Josė blushed as he noticed Cory checking him out again, as she did every time she saw him. “She’s probably laughing to herself about what a fat slob I am”, thought Josė dejectedly.

“Josė, let’s work for a while and then we can stop to have a snack,” smiled Cory. “Why is she mocking me, talking about eating?” thought Josė. He said nothing but nodded glumly, but picked up the inventory sheets and went to a far corner of the room, as far from Cory as he could get.

The two worked in silence for about fifteen minutes. Josė had his back to Cory, intent on counting containers of lard, when he suddenly was aware that she was right behind him. He felt her hands rest his love handles. Startled, he froze, while her hands then lifted up his tight t-shirt over his chest. Cory softly whispered, “turn around to me”. Josė, still in shock, complied, and stood while Cory massaged, caressed, and pinched each of his big bulging flabby tits. “I can’t help it, Josė,” Cory whispered, "I’ve admired you ever since I first met you. You’re so handsome. Every time I see you, you’re bigger and bigger”.

Cory told Josė to take off his shirt and he complied, still speechless. One of her hands caressed and measured the bulk of his fat wide shoulders and upper arms while the other hand found its way to his deep bellybutton and started delicately fingering it while her mouth started on his big tits.

Jose’s soft ballooning tits bounced and quivered at the touch of Cory’s tongue as she moved from one big  tit to the other. He shuddered with pleasure as Cory licked the flesh around his big puffy nipples and worked her hands down his overfed, jiggly torso. Cory moaned and kissed her appreciation of Josė’s ample midriff, delicately tracing his stretch marks and luxuriating in the rolls and bulges he had packed on over the past five years. Cory gently kneaded Josė’s belly and love handles as she took more hungry mouthfuls of his soft, bouncy tits.

Josė was speechless. He never dreamed anything like this would ever happen. Cory continued her exploring of Josė’s plumped up body. He was aware that her hands had gone to the lower curve of his ballooning belly, and after massaging it for a while, Cory’s hands found their way to the waist button of his pants. She fumbled to unbutton the pants. As she struggled–the pants were so tight she was having a hard time–she said softly, “I know this must surprise you, but I can’t help it. I love you and want you. I know I’m supposed to let the man take the lead, but I can’t help it. Just the sight of you walking around the restaurant drives me crazy–you’re so handsome and sexy.”

At this point, Cory had finally undone the waist button and she tugged Jose’s trousers down. His throbbing erection was visible through his tight jockey shorts, but Cory turned Jose around so that his back was to her. He still was silent, stunned at what was happening.

Cory grabbed the overstretched waistband of his skintight jockeys and tugged downward. Jose felt the coolness as his massive round buttocks were exposed to the air. He heard Cory let out a loud gasp, then a moan. “This is what I’ve wanted for years”. He felt her hands prodding, massaging, caressing, and pinching each of his huge  butt cheeks. Each of her hands moved under one of the cheeks and hefted it up as if she was weighing a large watermelon in the supermarket, then let the butt cheek drop as she ogled how it jiggled and quivered.

Josė went wild as Cory tongued his deep bellybutton and couldn’t wait for Cory to get to his raging hard on. It happened soon enough, and Josė moaned with pleasure as she took it into her mouth and soon satisfied him.

After Cory finished with Josė, he started in on her. He quickly got hard again as he explored her bountiful breasts and every part of her beautiful body with his hands and tongue while Cory moaned and sighed and continued to caress and worship his flab. Within a few minutes, they were on the floor. Cory was in ecstasy as Josė entered her while his bulging belly and big soft tits rested on her. Her hands grabbed his big soft love handles and ass and encouraged each of his thrusts.

Finally, they lay side by side, embracing and exhausted. Cory and Josė smiled at each other and finally Josė said, “I never dreamed you loved me, even my fat. You’re all I’ve ever dreamed of, Cory. I only wish I could marry you and show you for the rest of our lives how much I love you.” Cory responded, “We’ll be married, Josė, and soon, too. I don’t want to risk ever losing you. My mother will agree to anything I want, and I want you. Now!”

Three months later, Dr. Tesoro in Manila opened up a large brown envelope which had been mailed from the USA. When he opened it, he noticed that it contained an American style wedding invitation, a hand written letter, and some loose snapshots. Dr. Tesoro checked the snapshots first. In all of them, a massively obese young Filipino man was front and center. As the doctor examined the snapshots, he was amazed. The fat young man with standing at the beach, wearing an enormous pair of surf shorts which stretched wide to cover his broad hips and massive thighs. An attractive young big-breasted Filipina snuggled next to him, with her hand resting on the upper curve of his enormous ballooning belly. The young man’s belly poured over the waistband of his shorts, hanging below his crotch. His navel had disappeared into a long slit in the bellyfat. Two huge fat man breasts, each the size of a football and each tipped with a brown nipple stretched the size of a half dollar, rested atop the massive paunch. His massive  fat-creased arms extended wide, pushed outward by the thick rolls of lard on his sides. The young man smiled broadly, showing a perfect set of white teeth, causing dimples to form in his bulging round cheeks. Thick jowls and a wide double chin buried his neck.  

With a start, Dr. Tesoro realized the young man was Josė! How he had changed!

The doctor then read the letter, which explained that Josė was doing well as a restaurant manager, would be starting night school college classes the next term, and would be married shortly. The letter ended, “So you see, doctor, I took your advice. I’ve worked hard and been successful. I’m the luckiest man in the world with a good job and beautiful fiancée. I’m very proud of what I’ve made of myself. I have indeed made it BIG in America. With best wishes, Jose”

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hey I just wanted to ask; what inclined you to make this blog? it's so silly but i love it!

It just seemed like such a shame to have these adorable little skeletons around and not share their exploits with the world. 

In addition, I have always been a fan of stories with tiny creatures in big worlds. Such as The Borrowers, or the Japanese animated movie Arietty, The Rescuers, Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, the Kabu no Isaki manga, Thumbelina, Arthur and the Invisibles, the Gnomes artbook, Toy Story, 9, A Bug’s Life… and so on.
I was also a big fan of the photo comic My Milk Toof while it was still running, which is similar to this project in many ways.

All of these came together and formed my inspiration to document my life with tiny skeletons in the big human world.

I am very happy you like it.

The Losers Club//xReader (Chapter 2)

As I said in the last chapter, I know that Bill is supposed to have a stutter but I am very lazy. I’m also considering creating her house on the Sims4 and uploading it because I have no life, soooo maybe.

Prologue - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 (You’re here!) - Chapter 3

YN’s P.O.V

               My eyes fluttered open, my ceiling slowly forming in front of my eyes in the dead of the night. My binder and book bag lay sprawled in front of me, the contents spilling almost over the edge of the bed. I looked over at the clock on my nightstand, squinting at the clock face. 3am? What could have woken my up at 3am? I sat up, rubbing my eyes on the sides of balled fists, looking down at my lap, trying to wake up a bit more before slinging my feet over the side of my bed, standing so that I could go to the restroom. As my feet touched the softness of the rug next to my bed, I heard a soft tapping on my window. Goosebumps formed on my arms as I looked over at the window slowly. The curtains were still down, but the tapping was faint, yet prominent in the dead silence of my house, the only thing I could hear was the soft static from the television downstairs. I walked to the window slowly, opening the curtains even slower and looked out, no longer seeing the figure that had been there, or the red balloon. I looked down into my yard, my eyes locking on Stanley Uris. My eyebrow raised, and I unlocked my window, lifting it up.

“What are you doing here, Stanley? You know curfew is 7pm, you shouldn’t be out right now!” I said in a hushed voice, looking around the street, my heart racing at the thought that maybe the figure was still somewhere out there. I could hear him chuckle and looked at him again, a small smile on his face as he shoved his hands into the pockets of his shorts.

“I was spending the night at Bill’s house but I guess his mom didn’t know so she kicked me out. My house is locked and I can’t get in. I needed to talk to you anyways, it’s important.” Stan called to me, and I held a finger to my lips, shushing him violently.

“You’re going to wake up my parents. Give me a minute and I’ll let you in. Go to the back.” I said, pointing to the side gate of my house that led to my backyard. He nodded, his curls bouncing on his head, making me smile slightly. I slipped on a pair of slippers, opening my door slowly, peering out into the hall. My parents’ door was closed, so I walked to the stairs, taking them down quickly, stopping halfway to look into the living room. My dad was asleep in his chair, the static on the television lighting up his sleeping face. When he was asleep, he wasn’t half bad, it was just when he was awake he was the biggest douchebag to walk the planet. I ran down the rest of the stairs, sneaking past the living room to go to the back door of the house. I could see Stan standing in front of the back window that was connected to the door, and I held my finger to my lips again as I slowly opened the door.

“My dad is asleep in the living room, so you’re going to have to be super quiet, okay?” I whispered to him, causing him to nod, his curls bouncing again. I took his hand gently in mine, leading him to the stairs again, waiting a moment for him to close the door, before pulling him up the stairs to my bedroom, stopping again halfway to look at my dad who was still sleeping, snoring quietly. I heard Stan chuckle behind me and I gave him a warning look before tugging him up the rest of the way and into my bedroom, closing the door softly behind me. I flicked on a standing lamp that was next to my bedroom door, looking as the pale light shined over Stan’s face.

“What did you need to talk about?” I asked him quietly, watching as he is pulling my stuff that was splayed over my bed, putting it back into my backpack for me neatly. “Thank you…” I added quickly, earning a small smile from him and a shrug of his shoulders. He sat on the edge of the bed, looking down at his shoes before parting his lips slightly, as if he was going to say something to me. I raised an eyebrow slowly, waiting for him to say something. Stan took in a deep breath and finally looked up at me, biting his lower lip gently.

“Bill misses you. Like a lot.” Stan said to me, sighing slightly. I sat on the rug in front him, tilting my head as I looked up at him. His eyes met mine, and something about it let me know that he wasn’t lying to me about it.

“Did he say that to you?” I asked him, and he nodded slowly, biting on the nail of his thumb, sitting up and shrugging his shoulders.

“When I was over. He told me that he missed being able to talk to you.” Stan explained to me. I rubbed the palms of my hands against my eyes again, sighing and looked up at Stan, my eyes searching his face for the hint of a smile, but there was nothing there. Just seriousness. I rested my forehead against his knee, shaking my head slightly.

“Then why doesn’t he talk to me? Why doesn’t he acknowledge my existence?” I murmured, feeling Stan’s hand gently touch the back of my head, his fingers playing with my hair. I relaxed against his touch, scooting a bit closer to him, feeling safe against him.

“He’s just upset right now. He feels like you betrayed him.” Stan explained, running his fingers through my hair gently. I looked up at him, my eyes searching his face and a small pout on my lips. His eyes met with mine, a small blush splayed over his cheeks as he watched me attentively.

“But…we were just working on a project together for class…” I mumbled out, looking back down again. “And isn’t he going to be mad at you for being here, talking to me?” I added, my voice filled with sadness when I thought about Bill getting angry with Stan just for talking to me. Stan’s finger went beneath my chin, lifting my face up to meet with his eyes and he raised an eyebrow at me quizzically.

“Do you think that Bill runs my life or something? You’re my friend too, and just because he’s mad at you right now doesn’t mean that I have to be too.” He assured me, causing a smile to spread over my face. The smile grew larger and I jumped up, hugging Stan tightly, the two of us falling backwards onto my bed. He chuckled, his arms wrapped around me tightly as I buried my face into his chest.

“Thank you…for still being my friend…” I said in a quiet voice. I felt his lips press gently to my head, but I didn’t say anything, a blush spreading quickly over my cheeks. I looked up slowly, my eyes meeting with his as he continued to hold me close. I bit my lower lip, scooting a bit so that my face was closer to his, feeling suddenly bold but not know what to do with this. He watched me, his eyes scanning over my face, waiting for me to make a move that I wasn’t even sure how to make. Slowly, I pressed my lips to his cheek, feeling my face grow hot and I sat up quickly, rubbing the back of my neck.

on 'you've never seen ______???'

yesterday, a male coworker discovered another blockbuster hit of yore that i haven’t seen. it happens from time to time, but i realized that i honestly don’t think a woman has ever exclaimed with such shock that i haven’t seen such & such movie. it’s always men. AND they usually enlist men nearby in their dismay– ‘can you believe juli hasn’t seen blahblahblah?! how could you have not seen whosiwhatsis!!?’

i admittedly don’t watch a ton of movies in general, so it’s partly just pure chance that the one they say is in the no category. i kind of always feel guilty spending a ton of time in a dark room watching something if it’s a nice day, i’d rather be outside. & i work nights in the restaurant industry so, who has the energy to hunker down for a 2 hour film after a +10 hour shift on their feet? & i’m kind of picky about which movies i want to take a chance on to see at all.

but, it hit me yesterday that i think it also speaks to the male gaze, male representation. these men are flabbergasted that i haven’t seen a movie, every time one that very much fails the bechdel test, that is so pivotal to their sense of self, to their formative years, what it means to be a hero or a villain or a heartthrob or the funniest man in film that summer, that it makes them yell out in a public place in utter disbelief that i could shun such an important work, almost that i should be ashamed to have missed it, my life must be emptier, i am an uncultured hermit. this experience is also common in other art forms, obviously, but movies being maybe a more accessible, mainstream form that it’s more often a topic of small-talk.

they think of the mainly white, male-driven stories as the default. they can’t understand that i wouldn’t relate as much or at all to that narrative, wouldn’t overlook all the failings of telling the same problematic stories with shitty to no representation, spitting out the same stereotypes & dangerous rhetoric, not laugh at all the jokes at the expense of those oppressed & struggling to be heard.

I discovered this wonderful series at a very important time in my life, and during my formative teenage years. I’d never come across anything like it! The thrills and puzzles and plot twists were enough to grip me right from the start. But I think what I love most about the series is it’s characters. The characters of Zero Escape gave me a whole new appreciation for the good, evil and especially the morally ambiguous characters! The depth and heart put into every character changed the way I looked at just about every video game, movie, book or tv show, trying to find the same connection I’d had with Junpei all those years ago when I’d unwittingly stumbled upon Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors.
Zero Escape has, and always will, inspire me to create better stories!

There aren’t any words to express how happy I am that we’re finally going to be able to experience the last chapter of the Zero Escape series. I can’t wait to reunite with some of my favorite friends, for better or worse!

Wholeheartedly, I’d like to thank Uchikoshi, and everyone involved in making the series for creating something that inspires me, and most of all makes me happy! 

Thank you!

Art and message by @heypilot

For the Thank you Zero Escape project

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Vampire movie rec list?


  • Near Dark: Dusty blue collar midwestern outlaw vampire family of my heart. I actively try and seek out vampire media that turns away from the typical aristocratic european vampires and this kind of feels like the “American” answer to that–it’s so very American, in the best sense of use of setting and culture to shape the vampires. Also there’s a lot of unique mythology at play that I found pretty refreshing.
  • The Forsaken: More Americana vampires, but this is a more southwestern roadtrip adventure with a lot of heavy-homoeroticism between the two leads.
  • A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night: This is… the vampire movie of my heart. I don’t know how to describe it, but I thought going in it was about a female vampire protecting women from awful men and there’s elements of that, but I think it’s ultimate thesis is more about connection and the way we all connect, and it feels very John Hughes-y in some respects, but also does something fantastic with the human/vampire romance in the end I don’t want to spoil. Just go watch.
  • Only Lovers Left Alive: I struggle with parts of this movie (mostly the Christopher Marlowe/anti-Stratfordian stuff), but I love the take on how two vampires can mantain a relationship when they live forever and the different ways of dealing with immortality and how human nature doesn’t just get eroded away, but gets more intense–its depiction of depression is really heartrending.
  • Thirst: I heard some Vengeance Trilogy fans hate this movie and THEY ARE WRONG. This is honestly one of the best vampire movies I have ever seen. The main relationship is so fascinating and complex, and just. Vampire priest, ok? Vampire priest.  
  • Interview With The Vampire: Most formative movie of my life. I think most people who are fans of vampire have seen this movie so I won’t say much about it, but I think it gets at the crux of why I love vampires.
  • Byzantium: Spiritual successor to Interview, but from the perspective of working class women. I love its complex look at the relationship between a mother and daughter that’s harsh and overprotective, but ultimately very much about love. There’s a lot of subtle interesting worldbuilding I would like to know more about, and a sweet fucked up vampire girl/fragile human boy romance, and Clara Webb is just a stunning character.
  • Let The Right One In: I don’t have words for this film, it’s so beautiful that it ends up haunting you for a very long time afterwards. Precious baby romances with tiny vicious vampires.
  • Fright Night (1985): I prefer this film to the remake if we’re talking about the depiction of vampires because here I actually hated the human protag and wanted the vampire to win, which was actually the opposite in the remake, so this is why the original makes the list. There’s a lot of interesting dynamics at play in this movie, especially when it pertains to sexuality and the homoeroticism, especially for the 80’s (like the mom makes a reference that Jerry and his human Reinfield, Billy, are probably boyfriends, while the movie removed Billy altogether and made Jerry HYPER-hetero, so).  
  • The Lost Boys: Important to me. 80’s glam vampire gang trying to recruit new pretty teenage boys to join their pretty boy gang. Another quintessential movie everyone has seen, but still needs to be here.
  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula: I just like how OTT and flashy and lush everything about this film is. It’s so overindulgent and gratuitous in a lot of ways, but I don’t think it would work any other way. Also I actually like Keanu in this, which seems to be like an unpopular opinion, idk.
  • Shadow of the Vampire: Strange metatextual what-if Nosferatu was actually a documentary of an actual vampire. You kind of just have to go with it. It’s unique, to say the least.
  • What We Do In The Shadows: JUST GO WATCH IT. Loving beautiful satire of vampires that had me laughing non-stop I cried.  
  • Dracula: Untold: I DON’T CARE I LOVE THIS MOVIE. Dracula is a cute married with Mirena and he’s a DAD. DAD!DRACULA. It’s cute, unironically adore it.
  • The Hamiltons/The Thompsons: Creepy, incestuous vampire families with interesting vampire lore trying to fit in with suburbia. These films are kind of low-budget, but for the lack of budget, there’s a lot of interesting ideas, great narratives, and good character work.
  • The Blade Series: Just go watch it. Vampire hunter who is part vampire himself trying to save the world from evil vampires, the reason the MCU even exists. Just go.
  • The Little Vampire: This is the cutest movie that ever was. Like a little boy befriends a little boy vampire and tries to help his vampire family so they can be human again. It’s great.

So I made yet another gemsona based on an oc, This time it’s Quinn who’s actually a peridot.

some things about them:

+ Uses They/Them and/or any other gender neutral pronouns pls do not gender them thank u

+ They actually go by Olivine. It’s a personal preference thing but they also feel like it seperates them from other peridots. This is def a superiority thing as well as an indiviuality thing.

+ Very defiant

+ Very good at what they do, and because of this they believe they should be above the rank of a Peridot

+ Disatisfied with their life as a peridot. They believe they were made for something much greater, but they aren’t quite sure what.

+ Believes they would actually make a better leader than their diamond

+ And Because of this, they actually organized a little rebellion of their own in an effort to overthrow their diamond and claim their place as superior

+ This failed, however, and Olivine was to be shattered

+ They sure as hell weren’t letting that happen, so they hijacked a ship and escaped to earth

+ While on earth, they vowed that they would bring their diamond the shards of the crystal gems so they could prove that they are no average peridot

+ “I’ll do the one thing she failed to do, and that’s exterminate those crystal gems once and for all.”

+ This fails too and Olivine probably ends up getting a good ol’ Peridemption™ complete with discovering the gay (*cough @ a certain rhodonite…*cough* ) and forgetting all about their plans

+ Regardless, They still have a giant ego and won’t give up believing that they 1) trancsend ranks when it comes to their abilities 2) would be a much better leader than their diamond

+ They also don’t refer to their diamond as ‘my diamond’, but as just ‘Yellow Diamond’ because as stated, they see themselves above her, or at least on the same level.

+ Intentionally styed their looks after their diamond.

+ They are a filthy shitposter.

+ Weirdly drawn to the Bee Movie

+ “What a brilliant documentary on earth’s life forms!”

+ They know the entire script by heart.

+ They probably send it to their diamond

+ Ya know, actually. I am absolutely certain they’ve tried.

+ Also very drawn to glitches and broken tech

+ actually much more of an artist than a techniction. They’re good at what they do they would just preffer to be much more creative.

+ A little taller than most era-2 peridots. They were made in the lil gap in between tall era-1 Peridots and resources starting to dwindle. It’s really nothing, but boy do they like to brag.


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do you have any spidey recs apart from the spideytorch ones?

Sorry for the wait, anon! These were a little hard to pick out – I feel more confident in my F4 reccing abilities than my Spider-Man reccing abilities, because my Spidey recs are more, I don’t know, personal entertainment-based rather than actual quality-based? (See: my last recommendation on this list.) Also, because there’s so much more Spider-Man – there’s still huge chunks of Amazing and Spectacular I haven’t read. I tried to throw in a mix of different time periods, tones, and books, but I’m tagging @maryjanewatson and @titanstogetherr for their recs as well since mine are so all over the place. Without further ado, a quick handful of picks I especially love:

Kraven’s Last Hunt: An absolute must-read. From wiki:  “Kraven’s Last Hunt” (also known as “Fearful Symmetry”) is a comic book storyline by J.M. DeMatteis and Mike Zeck published in 1987, featuring the final battle between Marvel Comics characters Kraven the Hunter and Spider-Man. The story was originally published in Web of Spider-Man #31-32, The Amazing Spider-Man#293-294, and The Spectacular Spider-Man #131-132.” Stunning all around.

Spider-Man: Blue: Many years after her death, Peter recounts the story of how he fell in love with Gwen Stacy - and how he met Mary Jane Watson.

Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business: A mysterious woman claiming to be Peter’s sister crashes into his life, sending them both on a round-the-world mission. This is basically a really fun action movie in Spider-Man comic form, with absolutely stunning art. Also, Peter wrecks a casino barehanded while wearing a nice tux.

Spectacular Spider-Man 112: One of my favorite Christmas issues, ft a robber dressed like Santa, Peter’s neighbors Candi, Randi and Bambi, a very confusing Mary Jane in the bath pin-up page, Felicia Hardy: Christmas angel, Peter getting smooched by Joy Mercado, and gorgeous art.

Amazing Spider-Man 290-92: The engagement of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. This is really more of a Mary Jane story than a Peter one, since it’s about her facing her past before she can move forward with Peter, but I love it, so it’s on the list. It’s a great look at Peter in love, and what a great team Peter and MJ make together.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual 35: Mary Jane and Peter are reunited after her captivity and presumed death. I’m honestly just listing this one for this one scene I love SO MUCH.

Sensational Spider-Man v2 28: Peter’s unmasking during Civil War, told from the perspective of one of his students. Teacher is by far my favorite occupation Peter’s ever held, and this issue is a great example of why.

Amazing Spider-Man 583: The time Marvel put Obama on the cover and tricked all of America into buying a comic about how Peter Parker is Betty Brant’s BFF. I’m a huge sucker for this friendship, and the whole story is great.

Amazing Spider-Man 595-599 (American Son): Peter reacts, violently, to Norman Osborn’s attempts to bring Harry into his regime during Dark Reign. If you have ever for one second shipped Harry and Peter, this is a must read. (When I say “must read”, I mean, Norman flat out asks if Spider-Man is in love with Harry.)

Marvel Knights Spider-Man volume 2 (99 Problems): “From the haunted heights of a mysterious castle to the dizzying depths of the deep seas, the Amazing Spider-Man has to take on not one, not six, not twelve – but ninety-nine of the Marvel Universe’s deadliest villains to save the lives of countless innocents!” This one is honestly just visually amazing. It’s only five issues, and it’s beautiful to look at.

FF volume 1: Cheating a little, since it’s tangentially Spideytorch-related, but honestly I just think it’s a really good example of Peter on a team: after Johnny’s death, he wills Peter his spot on the Fantastic Four, who in the wake of the tragedy rebrand themselves as the Future Foundation.

Scarlet Spider volume 2: Okay, this one isn’t technically a Spider-Man book, but if you can’t count clones who can you count. Peter’s clone Kaine, free for the first time in his life from the degeneration that plagued him, decides to head to Mexico – feet in the sand, drink in the hand, and no responsibility. He ends up in Houston with a surrogate family, a superhero identity, and all the responsibility. Great lead, great supporting cast, some of the funniest issues I’ve ever read and a finale that made me cry.

Superior Foes of Spider-Man: The best comic ever written. Am I overselling it? No, absolutely not. Read it. I almost don’t want to say anything about it because spoiling one single thing would be horrible. Starring the new Sinister Six, led by Boomerang. Just read it.

Ultimate Spider-Man/Ultimate Comics Spider-Man: Ultimate Spider-Man is a really good place to start if the sheer number of 616 Spider-Man stories seems overwhelming. (Also if you want to read about teen Peter, since that part of his history is actually really brief in 616 despite it being one of his most fandom-represented periods.) Starts as an updated origin and branches off into wholly its own thing, with a spectacular supporting cast and a truly amazing Aunt May and my absolute favorite Gwen Stacy ever. (Ultimate Spider-Man v3 stars Miles Morales, and is a must read all on its own.)

Spider-Men: A 5 issue miniseries that features 616 Peter falling into the Ultimate universe and meeting his counterpart’s successor, Miles Morales.

Spider-Man: The New Animated Series: This isn’t a comic, and it’s not really good, but I’m reccing it anyway because it was weirdly formative for baby Spider-Man fan Traincat. It’s a 13 episode show that ran on MTV in 2003. Neil Patrick Harris voices Peter! Peter, MJ and Harry are all in some weird emotional threesome! Peter spends the entire series in purple jeans! If you watch one episode (you should probably only watch one episode), it should be the one where Peter tries to break Harry up with his hot new girlfriend, who also happens to be a thrill junkie cat burglar. Here’s the truly terrible trailer.

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Why do you love Moana so much? Was it the message or characters? I love Moana too btw :)

Not only do I love the message Moana conveys and its characters but I also love the soundtrack, cinematography, colouring, and animation (HAVE Y’ALL SEEN MAUI AND MOANA’S HAIR?! AND THE OCEAN? SHOOKT!). I love that the creators put so much effort in researching Polynesian culture/mythology. I love that the characters (ie. Moana, Maui, Gramma Tala, etc.) have a very realistic body type. I love that Moana is a heroine and has no love interest in the movie. I love Pua and Hei Hei. I love Te Fiti. I love Gramma Tala and all her forms. I love Maui and his boyish charm and his love for his hook (yes that part by the end ahkdhjlafh adorable!). I love Mini Maui and how he’s very much team Moana the moment they met. I love Moana Waialiki, the love of my life whom I gave birth to <3

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what're mulder and scully up to tonight?

Mulder carves a pumpkin on the porch of the unremarkable house. It was something they’d always done together, Scully with her slicing skills and he with the imagination for spooky designs. They’d drink pumpkin ale, he’d scoop and she’d slice, lining the porch with flickering orange faces. 

When the ale reached their heads, they’d retreat inside and he’d roast pumpkin seeds while she cleaned up. By the time she returned, he’d have the seeds in a bowl on the coffee table and an old, black and white horror flick queued and ready to laugh away the monsters. Never ones to adhere to social norms, they celebrated Halloween on Halloween Eve. It made it special, theirs.

This Halloween Eve, he is alone. Not entirely sure what inspired him to continue the tradition, he halfheartedly carves the faces and lights the flames. Seven poor excuses for jack-o-lanterns surround him, mocking him with their crooked faces. The memory of her fills him with the most intense surge of sorrow and he flings a pumpkin from his lap into the yard.

“Careful where you toss those things, Mulder. You almost pumpkined me.”

For a moment, his mind spins like a car on a slicked track. He didn’t hear her pull in or walk up. Was he that lost in his memories or is he that rusty with his skills in alertness?


“Scully? What’re you doing here?” he blurts out after a few stretched seconds.

“It’s Halloween Eve and I hate the thought of you out here alone in the wilderness. I know how you fear the Mothmen,” Scully says and steps into the pumpkin light. His lets his eyes sweep over her and sees the overnight bag slung over her shoulder. 

“Everyone expects them on Halloween, Scully. The clever ones always show up early.“ Standing, he’s unsure whether or not to embrace her.

“I suppose they do.” He watches her inspect his handiwork, the slightest of curves forming on her lips. “This one is my favorite,” she says, pointing to an attempt at an alien face. “Very you.”

He shifts his weight and shoves his hands in his pockets to keep them from reaching for her. “Seriously, Scully. What are you doing here?”

She inspects her shoes and the silence is unbearable.

“I don’t know,” she says so quietly it’s almost a whisper. “ Just felt like the thing to do.”

He remembers those words, his words, from another life. 

Nodding, he steps closer. “C’mon, I’ll roast the seeds and you pick the movie.”

Without a thought, his hand finds her lower back and guides her into the house. Their house. There are a million things to ask, to say, but now isn’t the time. 

It’s Halloween Eve. And he isn’t alone.

Kindred chapter 5

I believe some people have been waiting for this one!

This chapter is a bit longer than the previous ones. It’s all becoming very real for Rae and Tom, they can’t ignore their feelings any longer, who will cave first?

There’s a little smutty build up but nothing major yet (delayed gratification and all)

Oh and Rae and her mother visit the Donmar for Coriolanus :)


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4


Kindred chapter 5

I closed the door of my flat behind me and welcomed the silence, I went back to the party after my mother talked to me but I hadn’t seen Tom again, apparently he left early which was the only reason I decided to stay until the end.

I sank down on the couch, replaying the night over and over again in my head, especially the part with Tom.
He felt the same way…or he felt something similar at least. I wasn’t sure if that made everything better or just worse? It didn’t change anything did it?

My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.

I let out a deep sigh, I did not feel like seeing anyone else tonight, especially not my sister and I didn’t feel like being questioned by Wyatt, I opened the door and had to catch my breath for a minute.

I was staring right into Tom’s blue eyes.
‘I…hi,’ I felt my voice shaking with nerves.
‘Hello Rae,’ he said softly,’ can I please come in?’

‘Clara’s not here,’ I said a little too quickly.
‘I know she’s not here,’ he said softly,’ I don’t want her, I want you.’

My breath was stuck in my throat for a second, I’m sure he hadn’t meant that the way it sounded.

‘That came out wrong, right?’ I asked.
‘No it didn’t actually,’ he pushed his way into the doorway, put his hands on my waist and pushed me up against the wall as he closed the door behind us with his foot.

I was caught between him and the wall and his eyes staring me down.
His body was pushing up against mine and I could have sworn the bulge in his pants was growing bigger by the second.

‘Tell me that I’m reading it all wrong, that there is nothing here,’ his voice was so deep and slow, almost hypnotising me with his words,’ tell me you don’t want this and I’ll go, right now.’

I couldn’t form any words, all I did was put my arms around him as I leaned in closer, before my lips reached his he moved forward and pulled me into a deep passionate kiss, his soft lips opened mine with ease, I had no choice but to let him in, his tongue seemed to be everywhere I needed it to be.
I hadn’t been kissed like this in a very long time, scratch that, I had never been kissed like that, kisses like that only happen in movies, not in real life and definitely not in my life.

To make things worse he was softly moaning in between kissing me and it turned me on beyond reason, I would never be able to resist this man or be able to stop here.

He pushed me up against the wall and there was no doubt that the bulge in his pants was a lot bigger now than it was a few minutes ago.

His hands were running up my bare back to my shoulders, where he slowly pulled the top of my dress down to my waist, exposing my bra and putting his arms around my back as his lips were caressing and licking my neck.

My breathing was so fast I couldn’t think straight and I didn’t want to anymore either, I was tired of ignoring it, I just wanted him, so badly.

‘Tom,’ I whispered as my fingers were pulling at his curls to hold him closer to me.
He pulled my legs up around his waist and I eagerly opened them up to him and allowed him to push his growing erection into my center as I kissed his mouth again.

Why did he have to feel so good? I hadn’t felt this hungry for a man for as long as I could remember.
I just wanted him to take all of me but at this point my brain was starting to scream at me, pulling my attention away from this gorgeous man and what I wanted to do to him and suddenly all I could see was my sister’s face.

‘Wait,’ I said in between heavy breathing,’ wait…stop!’

He backed away as soon as I said stop and I could see the disappointment in his eyes but there was also something else, he realised the same thing I just did.

We couldn’t do this.

We were still holding each other’s hands and trying to control our breathing, I tried to avoid his eyes.
I was strong but not that strong, if he really wanted to this man could make me forget all about the few principles I had left.

‘I can’t do this to her…I can’t,’ I sighed,’ I want to…God I want to…’

I bit my lip and pulled my hands from his while I stepped away from him.

‘But I’m not going to,’ I stated,’ you should leave.’

Please leave before I change my mind.

He nodded his head.
‘I’m sorry,’ he said softly, he didn’t look at me again but just walked through the door.

I leaned against the wall as I pulled my dress back up and tried to put out the fire he had put inside of me, fighting the urge to just run after him.

I let out a frustrated sigh, I couldn’t just stay here so I rushed over to Wyatt’s apartment.
Please be home, please be home…

The door opened and his face lit up as he saw me.
‘Wow, you look gorgeous,’ he looked at my dress but his smile was gone quickly as soon as his eyes rested on my face,’ Rae?’

I hid my face in my hand and started crying, I hardly ever cry and this was the second time in one night, how did I become such a sobbing mess?

There was no stopping the tears now that I had given into it.
‘It’s okay Rae, it’s going to be okay,’ Wyatt put his arms around me and guided me into his apartment.

I woke up on his couch the next morning, Wyatt walked up to me holding two cups of coffee.

‘Okay,’ Wyatt said as he sat down next to me,’ I think it’s time you told me what’s been going on.’
I nodded my head and took a sip of coffee.

‘I’m in love with him,’ I confessed.
I could see Wyatt roll his eyes.

‘Please don’t judge me,’ I begged him,’ I’ve tried to deny it but I can’t, and I know it’s crazy because I’ve only known him for like 2 weeks, but when you know…you just know.’

I shook my head laughing when I realised those were my sister’s exact words.

‘He came to my apartment last night and we kissed,’ I continued,’ it was more than just kissing actually.’
‘Tell me you did not sleep with him?’ Wyatt interrupted me.

‘I didn’t sleep with him,’ I sighed,’ I had a temporary moment of sanity and I stopped myself but…if it happens again I don’t know if I’ll be that strong again.’

Wyatt shook his head and looked at me with a very serious look on his face.
‘I don’t know what to tell you,’ he then said,’ except for: woman snap out of it!’
He raised his voice at me, which I had never heard him do before.

‘I don’t mean to yell at you,’ he raised his hands,’ but really, just stop! I’m going to take you out tonight and we’re going to find you a cute guy to spend the night with, you just need to get laid trust me.’

‘This is not about sex, Wyatt!’ I protested but he immediately rolled his eyes at me,’ okay, it’s not all about sex.’

I didn’t want sex with just any guy, I wanted sex with Tom and I hid my face in my hands again at that realisation and let out another frustrated sigh.

‘Okay, I will not rest before you get fucked tonight,’ Wyatt then stated, making me smile and shake my head.

‘I’m already fucked,’ I then sighed.


It was a good plan, and I am sure it would have worked on most girls, the problem is I was not like most girls.

Not one of the guys Wyatt introduced me too even peaked my interest or woke up the tiniest little butterfly, all I could think of was how his eyes were too dark, or he wasn’t tall enough, not funny enough, too old, too serious, bit of a know it all, his suit was too big, his hands were too small, he wouldn’t look at me while I talked,…

It didn’t matter if they were cute or intelligent, and some of them actually were, all that mattered was that none of them were Tom.

I only stayed because I didn’t want to be rude and I was thankful for Wyatt’s efforts but I was relieved when the night was over and I could just go home again.

Locking the door behind me I could finally let out a relieved sigh, until I saw her sitting on my couch.
Her legs were pulled up under a blanket and she was just staring out in front of her in the dark room.

‘Clara?’ I asked carefully.
When she turned her head to look at me I could see the tears in her eyes.
‘What’s wrong?’ I asked.

‘It’s Tom,’ she sobbed, sending shivers through my spine.

Oh no…

‘Did something happen?’ I asked hesitantly as I made my way to the couch and sat down next to her.
‘You tell me,’ she said through her tears,’ you were at the party tonight, did something happen? Did he seem distracted or upset?’

‘He seemed a bit upset that you weren’t there,’ I said as I avoided her eyes.

What? It wasn’t a complete lie.

She shook her head.
‘What happened?’ I asked again.

‘I have never seen him so cold and distant,’ she said,’ and he…’
Her tears were taking over again and I put my arm around her shoulder.

‘He said he wants to postpone the wedding,’ she cried,’ that it’s too soon and that he’s not sure anymore.’

I could feel my heart jump in my chest.

‘I mean what the hell, Rae?!’ she continued,’ he was the one that wanted to marry this quickly and now he’s backing out?! Fucking ass!’

‘It’s probably just cold feet,’ I tried to calm her down, and myself in the process,’ I mean…I’m no expert on men but I’ve heard they tend to freak out when the date comes closer.’

I managed to draw a little smile out of her as she wiped her tears away.

‘You think so?’ she asked.
‘I’m sure,’ I said,’ he’ll come around again, you’ll see.’

She was wiping away her tears as she gave me a sympathetic little smile.
‘Look at you, Clara,’ I continued,’ how could he not love you?!’

I know, I’m a bad person and I will probably go to hell for this…


I had managed to calm her down, but that of course didn’t really solve the problem and it made me feel like crap for lying to her.

Tom wanted to postpone the wedding?! For me? Or because his stupid little crush on me made him doubt his true feelings for Clara? Was it even a crush or just lust?
I was certain of my feelings, there was no doubt in my mind, I knew it was more than just a crush, I’ve had those before and they never felt this…crushing.

So what I did a few days later was probably the worst idea ever…

Clara had given mum and dad 2 front row tickets to go see Tom perform live on stage, when my dad backed out my mum wouldn’t take no for an answer. I tried to get out of it any way I could but she wouldn’t hear any of my silly excuses, I was left with no choice, she would have dragged me by my hair if I didn’t cooperate.

So that night I was sitting in the front row of the Donmar theatre in Covent Garden, trying not to strangle my mother for bringing me here.

She fully believed confrontation was always the best way to deal with something, I knew within seconds of sitting in the theatre that this would not work here.
Tom was only on stage for a few minutes and I was already crumbling, the emotion and the passion was bouncing off of him, not to mention that I was completely distracted by his tights pants.

The theatre was one of the smallest I had ever been to, being in the front row was almost the same as being literally on stage with him.
There was no way to run or hide, I never knew Shakespeare was this exciting, this raw and this intense…or this sexy.

I was shifting in my seat and this was all before the infamous shower scene where Tom takes a shower in the middle of the stage and shows off his perfect chest.
As he was shaking his head wildly I could feel the small drops of water on my face and I tried to avert my eyes.
When I looked at my mother I noticed she was doing the exact opposite, her eyes were glued to him and she let out a little excited giggle, making me shake my head in disbelief.

‘He is something, isn’t he?!’ she whispered in a smile.
‘Mum…’ I sighed but I couldn’t help but smile a little bit.

If this didn’t prove that Tom’s charm and acting skills were out of this world nothing would, he had just defrosted the ice queen. She was fucking giggling like a teenage girl!
All I could do was sit back and be amazed.

I was a little relieved when the end of the play neared, but the emotions on the stage were only growing in intensity and I was finding it hard to keep my eyes away from Tom.
He was crying, and I did not handle a crying man very well.

I kept it together right up to the scene where he said goodbye to his mother, the way he looked at her and the tears running down his face were too much for me to take and I could feel my own tears rolling down my cheeks.

My mother noticed and took my hand to squeeze it softly.
‘Oh sweety,’ she said and I could see the tears in her eyes too.

I was struggling to stay in my seat but she wouldn’t let go of my hand and held me in place.
‘It’s okay, Rae,’ she whispered,’ let it go, it will be alright.’

I squeezed her hand while my eyes did not let go of Tom, it felt like he was looking directly at me and we were crying together but I realized he probably couldn’t even see me through all these lights.

What happened after that was a blur, I remember Tom getting pulled up by his legs and I remember looking away and covering my eyes as his character died.
I don’t remember actually getting up from my seat and leaving the theatre only that for once I was grateful to have my mother with me.

That feeling only lasted until we were in the hallway though…
‘We have to go say hello to him,’ she said.

‘I’m sure he is busy and very tired,’ I tried to talk her out of it,’ and besides they are not just going to let everyone in there with him.’
‘But we are family,’ she insisted as she dragged me by my arm towards the dressing rooms.
‘Can we please just go home?’ I pleaded.

‘Rae,’ she sighed as she stopped and turned to me,’ you are going in there and you are going to talk through whatever it is you two need to talk through.’
I was too shocked by her bluntness to think of a response.

‘And you are not coming out until it is solved,’ she continued.
I opened my mouth to speak but she raised her hand to stop me.

‘Whatever you decide I will support you,’ she then spoke,’ but you can’t leave it like this honey, it is killing you.’

The softer tone in her voice brought tears to me eyes again.

‘Why are you being so supportive?’ I asked quietly,’ he is supposed to marry Clara.’
‘That doesn’t mean she is the one he is supposed to be with,’ she said as she took a deep sigh,’ I never told you how I met your father did I?’

I shook my head,‘ I thought you met through a mutual friend or something.’
‘Yes,’ she smiled,’ well that mutual friend was my fiancee at the time.’

My mouth literally fell open in shock.

‘He was the one I was supposed to marry, not your dad,’ she explained,’ and it took me months to realise that and give into it, if I hadn’t been such a coward it would all have been handled a lot quicker and been a lot less painful for everyone involved’

I shook my head,’ Mum…I never…’

‘Life is too short to waste time, Rae,’ she then spoke,’ if you want something don’t wait…because time is not going to wait for you, now is all you have. Now get in there and talk to him.’

Titan Comics Eighth Doctor miniseries announced (UPDATED)

Titan Comics held their own Doctor Who-themed panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday where it was revealed that the next Doctor to receive a special miniseries would be none other than Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor!

The new Eighth Doctor comic will launch this October, with seasoned Doctor Who writer George Mann at the helm and art by Emma Vieceli. Several covers for the first issue were revealed, including one by Alice X. Zhang and a variant photo cover.  

Further details about the Eighth Doctor’s new adventure are expected to be released soon.

UPDATE: Titan Comics has released further details on Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor #1 which can be seen below: 

Writers: George Mann
Artist: Emma Vieceli
Publisher: Titan Comics
Frequency: 1 (of 5)
Page Count:  32pp
Price: $3.99
On sale Date: October 28, 2015


Get ready for an all-new season of comics adventures featuring the Eighth Doctor, as played by Paul McGann in the Doctor Who movie, fan-favorite minisode Night of the Doctor… and over fourteen years (and counting!) of astounding Big Finish audio spectaculars!

Five amazing, interconnected new stories take the Doctor on a rollercoaster of threat and misadventure, as he investigates the mysteries surrounding his new companion Josie. Victorian magic shows, murderous trees, lost books, crystalline life-forms, barges in space crammed with the undead… and the grand journey all begins in a sleepy Welsh town… besieged by living paintings!

Buckle up for a wild ride that embraces all the Gothic Romance and interstellar terror of the Doctor’s eighth incarnation!

Issue #1 comes with four covers to collect:

Order code: AUG151711

Order code: AUG151712

Order code: AUG151713

Order code: AUG151714

Cover to Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor #1 by artist Alice X. Zhang (Credit: Titan Comics)

Photo Cover to Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor #1, coming this October (Credit: Titan Comics)

Incentive Variant Cover to Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor #1 (Cover C) by artist Warren Pleece (Credit: Titan Comics)

So today I found out that Jonathon Crombie, who played Gilbert Blythe in the Anne of Green Gables movie, passed away last week and I know I didn’t know him and it’s quite silly of me, but I feel really deeply saddened by this.

At fourteen years of age, Gilbert Blythe was the very first fictional love of my life. He taught me how a woman should be treated and loved by a man, how a relationship should be; a deeper form of friendship filled with laughter, fun, comfort, support and the ability to get through all the bad times in life because the love is so strong that nothing will change, lessen or break it, so I would never be able to settle for anything less than this gorgeous love story that played out between the pages of my favourite books.

I grew up with these characters both in the books and movies, so I always felt (and admittedly still do feel) like they were good friends to me that would be there for me to return to whenever I needed some comfort in life.
Jonathon Crombie was the absolute epitome of how Gilbert should be portrayed; funny, kind, selfless, eloquent, devilishly handsome with a wicked sense of humour and a roguish twinkle in his eye. He was everything I imagined the character in the book to be and more, and even on really crappy days, his portrayal never failed to make me smile.
He brought Gilbert Blythe to life and seemed to be such a genuinely lovely, kind and generous person outside of all the characters he played.

RIP Jonathon Crombie, thank you for all the smiles you brought to my life.