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Since there are like 10 hours of 2016 remaining, I figured I’d suck it up and post my top 6 selfies of 2016 as tagged by the always excellent @fuckmybiaslist @yoonmyeon and @taegiboo and @sunbaejin. This year has been a general shitstain but hey, we made it! And y’all have been amazing.

I’ll tag just a few of the many lovely fuckin people who make my tumblr a brighter place: @cowjimin @taethereal @jimint @silence-of-the-jams, @yoongichii​, @johannbuddenbrooks, @eternalsquee @chundeul and @raphohoho. I hope 2016 has been kinder to y’all than it has been to most. Wishing you a beautiful 2017!


Also throwing in a comparison between today and 2014 because I never noticed that the weight I’ve lost since starting college was noticeable until now


I can now properly count myself into the group of people who @thechrizzler infected with Skam, so here’s my selfies of 2016!

The last photo of me and the buns was the very first selfie I took in 2016, precisely one year ago! Heading home to see my bunbuns again now ❤



Hey! I’ve never posted proper photos of myself on here before, but now I’m like, #yolo, even if just for today, so here we #golo

ADHD is…

Not being diagnosed in childhood, because you did “too well” in school

Spending your teens feeling stupid as all hell, because you struggle to meet deadlines and can’t quite understand concepts in subjects that don’t 100% capture your interest (math, u lil bitch, i am lookin @ u)

Having your executive dysfunction chalked up to “laziness” because if you’re smart, you “can’t” have ADHD, so you’re obviously just unmotivated and lazy. Except if you were unmotivated and lazy, you wouldn’t have high achievement, so like, check mate, bud?

Being told that ADHD isn’t a reason for your behavior, it’s an “excuse”, and that you should just “do better” despite your brain literally not being able to

Not being told you have it until you’re 18 and struggling to function like an adult

Having trouble driving because you can’t focus, having trouble sleeping because you can’t stay still, having trouble with chores because you never remember anything

Hyperfocusing on something so hard that suddenly it’s 6 AM and you’ve ruined your sleep schedule all over again

Suffering from loads of mental health issues, overcoming literally all of them, and having your executive dysfunction still blamed on them because people just??? really love????? to use mental illness and their ableism as a scapegoat?????? instead of trying to help, and recognizing that adhd is a permanent part of you?????????? like “are you sure you’re not just depressed” yes. thank you for your opinion even though i never asked for it, but I am actually very sure, good day to you too sweetie :) :)) :)))

Not being able to make yourself shut up when you’re speaking about something you’re passionate about. Having that problem in college lectures, and hearing a few people snicker each time you talk because you’re /that girl/ who /talks too much/ and has /too many opinions/ like gawd sorry for taking up space ffs


Finally having an explanation for some of your less-loved quirks, and knowing that you’re not just lazy or stupid

Finding a whole bunch of people who get it

Being able to do amazing things when you hyper focus, getting more done than most people because you actually can’t get distracted for once

Finding outlets for your energy very early on in life, and finding them to be your favorite things in the whole world (acting, dance, music)

Being able to multitask like a pro (and also having to multitask, because when you have the tv/radio/whatever on in the background, it’s a distraction you can control, which helps a lot)

Knowing a whole ton of totally random trivia about so many different things, and a bunch of information on a few select topics, to the point that people think you’re a student in those things (example - I’ve been very physically sick this year, I like to read medical journals, and when I went in to get a CT scan a few months ago, the tech asked me if I was a medical student because of how much I know about it all)

Having a huge amount of energy when you’re doing things you like, and feeling it exponentially grow, feeling like you can take on the world

Understanding that nothing’s wrong with you. You work differently than most people, and it makes life hard, but that’s because of the world, not because of you. It’s just how we are.

anonymous asked:

okkk weird q but what do u use to do ur eyebrows ?? they look super good (as does the rest of ur face)

ohhhhh wow thank you!!! not a weird question at all, im always curious as to what people use esp on their brows lmao.
i just use the anastasia brow powder and the brush they sell with the little spoolie at the end. im lucky enough to have pretty naturally full brows, so it’s nothing major (i also like. never pluck them bc in middle school i was so tweezer happy it was a dark time that i never want to repeat). i think i use the dark brown shade??? i really should have the granite shade bc dark brown is too warm for my natural hair color but i bought it when my hair was dyed lighter. shit’s expensive so im not buying a new one lmao.
that’s it tho none of that pencil/pomade/concealer nonsense who even has time for that

After 25 years of togetherness, SRK, Aamir click their very first selfie

After knowing each other for 25 years, Bollywood King Khan and Mr. Perfectionist have finally managed to get themselves clicked together. It is for the first time that the two Khans- SRK and Aamir- have come together for a selfie. Shah Rukh Khan, who recently headed to Dubai to attend the birthday bash of entrepreneur Ajay Bijli, took to Twitter to post a picture with the ‘Dangal actor’ and captioned it as, “Known each other for 25 years and this is the first picture we have taken together of ourselves. Was a fun night.” Decked in white, the Khans make for a perfect picture, isn’t it? The two superstars have not worked together in any movie except for a special scene in the 1993 movie 'Pehla Nasha’.

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you have gone through so much character development

Honestly i have like i cant find the very first selfie i posted to tumblr (i think i deleted it when i was organizing my blog last year) but like i remember it was a photo of me looking like a hot mess sitting in my mom’s car and like,,,,,damn,,,,,

ALSO i used to be such a shit and like didnt ever check myself and would like post art photos w/o sourcing them and all sorts of bullshittery and now look at me….a bonafide internet user who sources ppl and keeps myself in line.,.,,,

“I loved you from the very first day”





I have an idea taylorswift how about we make those “selfies” real selfies this tour? So I can thank you for being such a huge part of my life! See you in Melbourne in december!!!!!(all 3 nights)