very first follow anyday

this is ma first “follow anyday” and it was definitely a quick one so i apologize for my really lame edit k? anyways, instead of making this the longest shizz to read i’ll keep it simple. just for the lazy readers: like me. 

these blogs are the ones that keeps me satisfy with my blog and of course, some our the senpais and some are the peasants. though, i believe i’m the peasant here cause they are way too quality for me. huhu. i try at life but i fail all the time. /sighs. but yeh… 

special thanks to each and everyone here. c: 
i.e some of them i don’t follow but i stalk their blog secretly.

also, i deeply apologize for ljoe’s gayness. 
it can’t be help at times y'know? he was born that way.

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more koala tea blogs (。⌒∇⌒)。♡