very few things make me more uncomfortable

I guess my main issue with the the whole David Bowie debacle is that, I understand that people loved him and his music and want a proper moment to mourn him, and I understand that he innovated the industry. But if we as a society continue to deify and idolize dead or old male celebrities without ever pointing out the fucked up things they did in regards to women (David had sex with a 13 year old, look up the Baby Groupies scene), how are we ever going to change the people’s perceptions of the harassment women receive and will continue to receive for the rest of their lives?

I wish there was a way to acknowledge and talk about these types of things without being called a SJW or a hater by someone who wants to continue to be a guilt-free fan. It’s nice that someone meant something to other people, but if we continue to shut up, we’ll have more Woody Allens and Roman Polanskis on our hands in a few years. And that makes me very uncomfortable.