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I just really really really like Blake. I could draw a ten page comic of him just getting ready in the morning. Five of those pages would be him trying to figure out which hideous tie he is going to wear that day.

Creepypasta #1048: I Am A Truck Driver, And There Is A Reason I Don't Stay In Motels Anymore

Length: Medium

I have been a truck driver for some time now, and I have experienced many things on the road. Some have stayed with me for years, whilst some will probably stay with me forever. One of these experiences will for sure stay with me until the day I die.

I had been placed on a very long journey, taking a load 10 hours cross-country. There was nothing but dreadful music on the radio and I was beginning to get tired. It had gotten dark some time ago and was now extremely late. I decided to call in for the night at the next motel I came across. I didn’t even care if it was a bad one.

I now really wish I had.

I pulled up and looked around. The place looked awful. The paint was peeling off the walls, the windows were dirty, and there were multiple letters missing from the sign. The strangest part was that there were no cars in the parking lot. On any other occasion I would have taken that was a strong warning to stay away, but I’d been driving all day and did not have the energy to get back in the truck and drive somewhere else.

I went over to the reception and there was no one there. I rang the bell and still no one came. I waited a few more minutes, repeatedly ringing the bell. Annoyed, I turned round and began to walk away, but then I heard a voice. I looked round to see an elderly man with very few teeth grinning at me wildly. He welcomed me to the motel and asked me if he could be of assistance. 

I told him that I needed a room for the night and that I’d like a room with a view of my truck. I always ask this at quiet motels, it makes me feel more secure for some reason. 

He fumbled around for a bit and then threw me a key with a room number on it. I paid him upfront because I’d be setting off early in the morning. As I was walking up the stairs, I heard him say in a muffled tone “You have a great night sleep”. He then chuckled to himself quietly. This should have crept me out, but I was far too exhausted to care.

The first thing I noticed when I entered my room was that it was not facing my truck, like I’d asked. Instead it was facing the dumpsters on the other side of the building. The bed was comfy and the room was big, but I couldn’t help but feel that something wasn’t right. There were stains on the carpet - dark stains. The walls were covered in marks, and there was something in a plastic bin bag in the bath. I couldn’t tell what it was but it was big, I lifted the top to see in and I was almost sick. Inside was the head of a pig, not nicely severed like a butcher would do, but a deep, rough cut. This was absolutely disgusting, but as the walls were crawling with cockroaches anyway, I decided it best not to use the shower or the bath and drew the curtain across. I tried to forget about what I had seen.

I awoke not to the sound of my alarm clock, but the sound of voices outside my room. It was two in the morning - who would be out of bed at that time? I assumed it to be another guest and tried to get back to sleep. But before I could, I heard the unmistakable sound of a key in the lock. 

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First Birthday

Request: HEY! i was wondering if you could do a hayes imagine where you guys are married and its your childs 1st birthday or something like that?? thanks so much x

a/n; as always they will be older in this since they’re married and have a child, also I added a little something at the end to leave it open for a part two if you guys want it

Word Count: 790

Pairing: Hayes Grier X Reader

Part Two

Y/N’s P.O.V

I stood at the foot of the bed, with an anxious one year old in my arms. I looked at the sweet little girl in my arms, “should I let you wake your daddy?” I asked her in a whisper, she looked at me as I spoke, probably trying to understand what I’m asking. I laughed as she started making grabby hands towards Hayes. I put her down in my spot of the bed, allowing her to try and walk towards Hayes, she fell onto her stomach, the bed being to unstable for her right now. 

She didn’t cry, instead she crawled up to Hayes’ face and started poking and mushing it. “Jennifer Brooke Grier, I don’t care if it’s your birthday you better not be waking me up.” He mumbled, half of his face still shoved into his pillow. Jenny laughed, her nose scrunching up as she watched him. He lifted his head slowly, before moving quickly and kissing her head. She gave him her very-few-teeth smile, he rolled onto his back and placed her on his chest, so she was standing up as he held her hands. 

“Good morning.” I said, moving to lay next to them, Hayes turned his head and kissed me. “Good morning.” He mumbled, moving his head away slowly. I watched Jenny with a smile as she stood there walking on him. “I can’t believe she’s this big already.” He sighed, as she sat down forcefully. I nodded in agreement, “it’s crazy.” I said, taking her from him. Kissing all around her face repeatedly, her nose scrunched up when I finished making me laugh. 


“Aw, baby.” I cooed picking Jenny up after she had fallen while walking around, I sighed feeling her diaper was full as I attempted to soothe her and make sure I don’t burn any food. We’re getting ready for everyone to come over soon, which means a few more babies and a whole lot of “aunts and uncles”. “Hayes!” I called out, knowing he was in the living room, “yeah?” He asked coming up next to me and frowning at Jenny as she cried. “Can you change her, and make sure you don’t get her dress dirty this time.” I scolded him with a small smile, trying not to stress out over everything like normal. 

He laughed and took Jenny from me, before going off to her room. 

I set down the hot pan of little oven cooked snacks, deciding that this birthday party was going to be casual and hopefully easy. I heard the doorbell ring as I turned the oven off. I set down my oven mitt and went over there to open the door. 

“Hi!” I greeted everyone cheerfully, Nate and his girlfriend, Sammy, his wife and son, and Nash and his wife we’re all standing outside. “Come in.” I laughed, stepping aside so they could all pile inside. I looked behind me as I heard Hayes and Jenny coming downstairs. I laughed at how Jenny goes down the stairs, feet first on her stomach. She pushed herself up when she reached the floor, and she toddled her way over to everyone. Instantly going to Nash, out of everyone aside from me and Hayes that’s her favorite person. 

I was about to shut the door when Gilinsky and his daughter got out of their car, his wife is out of town on business. I noticed Johnson and his girlfriend get out of their car. I stood by the door waiting for them to get up here, the first to arrive was Natalie, Gilinsky’s daughter. I smiled as she hugged my legs, she’s the oldest out of everyone’s kids. “Hi, sweetheart.” I chuckled squatting to be eye level with her for a minute. 

“Hi.” She mumbled, looking outside for her Dad. I stood back up as Hayes walked over and took over. I went further into the house, trying to see who has Jenny. She was sitting on Layla’s lap, I smiled as she buried herself more into Nash’s wife. 


I sat down over dramatically next to Hayes on the couch as Jenny played with her new toys, being spoiled by everyone. “We’re doing good with her.” Hayes said with a laugh as Jenny went from one toy to another. “I’m glad you think so, because we’re gonna have another one in nine months.” I told him with such ease. His head snapped in my direction, “are you serious!?” He asked in shock. 

I nodded, instinctively placing my hand on my stomach. I laughed as Hayes smashed his lips onto mine, “I’m so happy.” He mumbled, barely moving his lips off of mine. He finally moved back as we felt Jenny climbing in between us. We’re gonna be one big happy family. 


“She will check out every corner of a large room and is happy to meet all the other little dogs there. She has very few teeth left and an unstable lower jaw, but nothing stops her from partaking of all the fun things at the shelter. She would love a life in a home with many interesting things to do and be ever so grateful.”

your daughter


- “c’mon Luke” you groan impatiently, shrugging your coat closer to you.  “I’m almost done” he mumbles buttoning the last button on Ellie’s coat.  he smiles at the bubbly child and puts a blue beanie on her head to match yours. 

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why did you grow teeth just so you could get people to remind you to go to the dentist. kids without any teeth are tsarving to death and here you are, running a fundraiser,

i grew teeth because i was indoctrinated by the united states public education system to do so. you see children sometimes, with very few teeth in their mouths, or maybe just a few small ones. these children, they are still pure. they are being told every day by their teachers to grow these teeth, so that they can use them to eat the chemicals which are in their food, and to listen what the media tells them. its sad, really

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Beanz, who's your favorite aunt?

Well, Aunt Hannah is closer to my size. But Aunt Joselyn sometimes babysits so I can play with my cousins. But Aunt Grace is the mother of my bestie…

But then Aunt Jemima tastes great on pancakes…and pancakes are easy to eat with very few teeth. I’m going with Aunt Jemima.