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REQUEST: Jealous Harry smut


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Home - Bruce Banner X Daughter!Reader - Part 1




Request: Can I request one where Bruce Banner has a daughter he kept hidden but then has to bring her to the tower cause her mom and step dad kicked her out? Tony knew about her and she looked to him like an uncle. She feels unwanted and unloved but it all changes with her new family with the team. I’m needing some fluff

I changed it so that not even Tony knew about her and I hope that’s okay!

Warnings: None.

Words: 2 974

A/N: Oooooh my god I absolutely loved writing this! It’s 100% fluff with a bit of feels if you’re a sucker for broken families :))))))) Read at your own, fucking risk cause as I’m from a broken home myself this is amazing to read. (I don’t care that I’m self promoting my own work just read it damn it).

She sat waiting on the steps leading up the the front porch of her house, her overpacked duffel bag by her side and her phone clutched in her hands. It was mid dusk and the sun was setting in the distance, the sky turning darker for every minute passing.

She had been kicked out by her own mother and her new husband. She didn’t know how to feel about it. Her mom treated her like crap. Ever since Y/N had began resembling her father more and more as the years went by, her mom had progressively began to dislike her.

Y/N wasn’t the usual kind of girl, however cliché that sounded it was true nonetheless. She went freely to a biochemical science class long after school was over simply because she loved the subject. Her room was covered with a dozen of projects made from scrap material she had scoured the city for. She filled entire notebooks up with difficult equations simply for the joy being able to solve them so effortlessly.

Y/N was so much like her father that her mother could barely stand being around her own daughter at times. It hurt, more than her mother would ever understand, to be treated like a misfit in her own home.

His small car rolled up to he street before her house and she rose to her feet, bringing the duffel bag up with her.

They hadn’t seen each other in almost half a year. He was busy with his work, his new associates and dealing with personal struggling Y/N could only begin to understand the difficulty of.

She made her way up to the car and watched as the door opened up and Bruce got out, smiling nervously. “Hi kid.” He huffed, shoving his hands down into the pockets of his jacket.

“Hey.” She smiled back, her stomach feeling hollow from the happiness she was feeling simply from seeing her dad. “I’ve missed you.”

His heart ached by her simple confession. “I’ve missed you too, and… I’m so sorry about your mother.”

Y/N had been kicked out. Her mom had found a new guy who owned a private island in the Bahamas. The second the two of them met, her mom was gone. Y/N didn’t have any choice but to call up her dad and beg for help.

Bruce hadn’t hesitated. All he had ever wanted was to be around his daughter but her mother had prevented him from doing it, and he had always been submissive. When her mother had yelled at him that the other guy could lash out at any time and kill his daughter, he hadn’t argued with her for a second. He agreed if anything, but he loved his daughter too much to deny her to live with him when her mother practically gave her no other choice.

“Don’t be.” She smiled reassuringly, doing her best to forget about her mom for the time being. “Should we get going?”

She didn’t want to stick around her house anymore. It stood eerily empty from her mom packing her things and just waking out the door. Y/N didn’t know what would happen to it, but nor did she care. Few memories from that home were truly happy once and the ones that were involved Bruce in one way or another. She would rather watch it disappear in the rear view mirror of her dad’s car than anything.

“Of course, let me take that.” He reached out and grabbed her bag, furrowing his brows as he heard a clinking noise before a smile began to creep up his face. “Is that what I think it is?”

“The self-running generator I built in freshmen year, yeah.” She smiled proudly. “I use it to power up my computer, or used to…”

He huffed, putting her bag carefully in the trunk of the car. “Believe me, sweetie, you can have as many computers as you want when you come home.”

Her heart skipped a beat at that simple word. Home she had never considered to be the small house in northern Queens. If anything, home had been in school. That was the only place she had felt like she could be herself and where others accepted her for just that. At home, she felt out of place and abnormal and was judged for her hobbies and interests as well as her pure skills both in the scientific and technical field. Coming to a place where people shared her interests and where she would hopefully be accepted sounded like heaven.

They got into the car and Bruce started the engine, slowly driving out on the street and starting their drive back to the Tower. She looked up at the rear view mirror, seeing her childhood house become smaller and smaller before disappearing behind the nearby homes. As it did, she felt a weight fall off of her shoulders, a burden she hadn’t realized she had been carrying. It was the burden of her mother, the constant suppression of who she was. It was all lifted off her back and stayed behind with the Murray Hill house

“I have to confess something…” Bruce broke the silence and Y/N glanced over to him worryingly. She was preparing for the worst as he found herself doing more often than not. “I might have asked Tony to give you a workshop, and he might have done it…”

She gasped before letting out a short groan of disapproval. “What? No, why? I don’t need one!”

“But you sure would like one. I know you, Y/N. You have barely been able to put down a glass of water in your bedroom because you’ve had so many of your projects laying around… I think it’s time you separate where you sleep from where you tinker.” He looked at her briefly from the corner of his eyes, knowing she was indescribably happy even if she objected. He just wanted her to have what she deserved, which was the entire world if he had a say in it. “It’s the least I can do…”

She didn’t like that tone he had to the last sentence. He was feeling guilty and responsible for the way her childhood had turned out. She didn’t blame him for as much as a second however. If anyone had done anything wrong, it was her mother.

“Don’t guilt trip me here. You know I’m an easy crier.” She laughed in hopes to lighten the mood. “Let’s just focus on the present and the future, like how I got the annual scholarship from Columbia University.”

Bruce almost slammed the breaks of the car. Instead, he paid an alarming amount of time looking at her with blown wide eyes instead of focusing on the road. “No…”

“Yes.” She smiled, even prouder this time as Columbia University had been a dream of hers since she first came to Midtown high school and was told that she had a natural gift. She had competed with four others in a three hour long exam-like test and had been judged by a Colombia University represent. When she was sent the letter stating she got the scholarship, her mom had barely blinked. Y/N hadn’t cared however. She knew her dad would have been proud, and he had proven her so.

“That’s- That’s incredible!” He exclaimed, a big smile on his face that he couldn’t get rid of. “You deserve it. You’ve worked so hard for it.”

“I’ve had some help.” She said suggestively, leaning her elbow against the small ledge by the door window.

He glanced over at her in confusion before slowly puzzling it together. “What? The boxsets of build-you-own things I have you for your birthdays when you were, what, ten?”

“Hey, building rocket ship models and creating baking soda volcanos really helped!” She chuckled as recalled building and making half a dozen of those kinds of things all on the same night she had gotten them.

Bruce sighed in content, his heart warm like never before. “I’m so happy for you, kid. You turned out better than I could ever have hoped for.”

“Thanks, dad.” She said and let her head lean against the back of her seat. Bruce let out a short breath, barely remembering the last time he had been called dad in person. He liked the sound of it more than he would ever care to admit.

“Can I confess another thing?” He asked as they made their way into the elevator at the garage floor at the bottom of the Stark Tower.

“You haven’t gotten me something else, have you?” She questioned worryingly as she didn’t want him to spent his time and money on her.

“No…” His voice wasn’t as joyful as it had been and that truly made her worry. Was he getting cold feet? Did he not want her to live with him anymore? “I actually haven’t told anyone that I have a daughter.”

She raised her eyebrows in surprise. “But how- you said Tony fixed a workshop for me?”

“He did.” Bruce assured, looking down at his feet, ashamed, which was far from necessary. She didn’t mind but she was a bit taken back however.

“Wait… Does that mean they don’t even know that I’m coming?” She tried to look at him but he avoided her eyes which resembled his own. “Dad?”

He looked at her upon hearing that word again, slowly beginning to nod his head yes. “I didn’t know if I was ever going to see you again, so I saved myself the struggle of having explain our whole situation to the team.”

That was a very fair point. He could have told her it was because he simply didn’t want to and she would have been equally as fine with the answer. “Then you have some explaining to do when we get up, I assume.” She said as she looked up at the glowing level numbers above the elevator door which surpassed seventy.

“A whole lot.” Bruce sighed, hoping the team would understand. He didn’t doubt it however. If anyone would understand and accept the situation with Bruce and Y/N, it would be the team. They were far more supportive than they usually let show and he knew he could count on them even if he still worried about it.

The elevator came to a stop at the ninety sixth floor and the metal doors moved aside with a ding. The floor appeared empty at first but chatter was heard from further inside, echoing through the spacious lounge area.

Y/N examined the room with amazement. The architecture was unique with walkways and split levels along with highly modern interior. It was such a drastic change from her mother’s house that she could barely wrap her head around it.

As they came around a corner, an area with multiple sofas and armchairs surrounding a low table appeared, the Avengers themselves seated. As Y/N and Bruce appeared the table fell quiet and turned towards them. She felt like a deer in the headlights of a car but felt a surge of confidence as she had Bruce by her side.

“Banner!” Tony exclaimed, rising from his seat as he had sat with his back towards Bruce at first. “We didn’t think you’d make it… And who’s this? That assistant you talked about?”

Bruce took a deep breath. He hadn’t kept Y/N a secret because of her. He wished he would have been able to talk about his daughter and brag about her smarts, how beautiful she was and how well she was doing. He just hadn’t found it in himself to share his largest pride. The words that Y/N'a mother had told him, about the Other Guy being so dangerous in a world with Y/N, had rattled him into silence. It was time to break that silence however. Y/N was with him now.

“Everyone, this is Y/N… My daughter.”

Scott got a peanut stuck in his throat and coughed violently. The rest of the team were equally as shocked but showed it more discreetly. Everyone shared one thing however, and that was their loss of words. None of them could come up with a single thing to say but simply stared at Bruce and at Y/N which stood slightly behind her father.

“Hello.” She said quietly to the team, glancing up at Bruce that was looking back her way but not meeting her eyes once again.

“You have a daughter?” Tony questioned. “You’re not acting like you’ve just found out this fact like the rest of us…”

“I’ve known about her since the day she was born, and about nine months before that as well if I’m going to be honest.” He admitted and looked from Tony to Steve, to Bucky and Natasha. The others were still staring as well. Scott, Thor, Wanda, Vision, Clint, Sam and Rhodes. The only one who didn’t have the same look of pure surprise was Peter.

Y/N…” Peter said breathlessly and she looked over at the teen who she hadn’t seen until then, her eyes widening upon seeing his face.

“Peter?” She questioned, almost feeling dizzy by how strange of a direction things had suddenly taken.

“You know him?” Steve stood up as well, wanting to try and get a hold of the situation and properly get his head around things.

“Our biochemical science teacher, Professor Lloyd, has these optional, enclosed, seminars after hours for any students that have a passion… We’re both in it.”

“We have English and electrical engineering together as well, but why is he-” Y/N cut herself off, rephrasing her own words as she realized Peter was very much present. “Why are you here?”

Everyone looked over to Peter like they were waiting for him to reply. As he hesitated, Y/N’s mind raced as usual. She knew everyone on the team as their superhero personas and most of them had gotten their true identity connected with their alternative one, if they had ever had two to begin with. Tony being Iron Man was probably the easiest one, but she could put a name to the face with everyone else, but one superhero was left on her mind and Peter was the only one left in the room.

“You’re Spider-Man.” She accused and Peter began to stutter in panic, confirming her theory without using a single word.

“Bruce?” Tony dragged out the name and looked at Banner with hesitation. “Does your kid have, you know… Gifts?”

Bruce barely understood what he had been asked at first but then immediately began shaking his head. “No! No, no… Well, nothing that isn’t natural at least, if that’s what we’re referring to.”

“Oh thank god…” Scott suddenly let out along with a long sigh of relief. “I don’t know if I can handle any more super-teens in this group.”

“There’s one?” Rhodes questioned, not understanding Lang’s logic.

“Look.” Bruce called out to gain the attention of everyone again, looking back to Y/N for permission as they both knew that Bruce needed to explain. She nodded, and he understood. “Her- Her mom ditched her… She doesn’t have anywhere else to go and no one else to turn to…”

“You don’t have to explain.” Steve said to Bruce, a faint smile meant for Y/N as reassurance. “Of course you’re welcome here, Y/N.”

Steve walked through the gatherings of furniture where he had been sat and went up to Y/N, reaching his hand out and shaking hers. She smiled back, feeling like she might finally be in the right place.

“We already know each other, so I think we’re good.” Peter said, joining Steve and her with a smile of his own.

“Any family of Bruce is family of mine.” Natasha stood up and also made her way to Y/N. As Y/N though she would shake Natasha’s hand, the spy wrapped her arms around the startled teen for a brief hug. “I hope you like it here…”

One after another, the team rose to their feet, an act of approval that Y/N had a clear place in the Tower and with them. Had she been able to feel that amount of joy and acceptance on when alone, she would have been crying rivers, but she managed to hold them in.

Everyone began to make their way towards her at that point and left the couches and armchairs. Peter held his clutched hand up and requested a fist bump which Y/N happily gave him.

“You’ll fit in just great, and I’m always available if you wanna talk.” Wanda promised Y/N and also gave her a hug.

She had never felt at home, like she was truly meant to be somewhere. Perhaps it was part of her relatively shy and withheld personality, or it was simply because of where and how she had been raised. Her mom had never been supportive. She barely said hi after Y/N came home after school. She might have been Y/N’s mom, but Y/N had gotten ten times the love from a group of strangers in five minutes than she had ever gotten from her own mother through out her entire life.

Bruce looked down at his daughter that for far too long had lived a life so far away from what she deserved that it was almost humorous. He tried think of the advice she had given him, to focus on the present and the future, which to his joy seemed to consist of a lot more father and daughter time. Y/N wouldn’t mind having more of that time. Neither would she mind calling wherever the Avengers were as her new home.

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I would be afraid to ever try truffles because if I did like them I would probably never be able to afford them again

that is a very fair point…

Water & Ice: Steve Rogers & Natasha Romanoff x Reader (Part 1)

A/N: So this is Part 1 of probably two to three total parts to this little mini series thing, I just got typing and it ended up being VERY long. If this part goes well I will post more of it :) This is kind of like an intro.

Request: hello so could you write a fic where you’re still in high school and shield finds you because of your powers over ice and water and when you move in with the team nat and steve start acting like over protective moms because you’re so young

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Can I ask for headcanons about Dracula, Trevor and Adrian found out their fem human s/o is insecure about her plain looks, small breasts, small waist and small hips and how they comfort her?

Yeah, I’m on it!


  • He’ll find you looking at yourself in the mirror, or focusing too much on your appearance
  • When he comes to you and sees you so troubled (yet again, he’s seen this for weeks), he’ll speak up “My love. What troubles you?”
  • “Vlad, do you think…I’m…” you trail off and stop yourself, “I’m sorry. Nevermind.”
  • He grabs your shoulder and makes you turn to face him, “Tell me.” he seems threatening but he’s gentle in his address.
  • “Do you think I’m…beautiful?”
  • “How preposterous- do you really think that after all these years of walking this awful earth that I would give my heart and trust to a person unworthy of it?” You pause, and linger on his words. He does have a very fair point there.
  • “You’re…you’re right, I’m sorry. I suppose I just feel I am unworthy of you…given that you’re…always so handsome and strong.” You feel embarrassed to mention something so petty- I mean who gets hung up on appearances nowadays right?
  • “What strength that I admire in you, what beauty that I see in you, is that of which you perform through your actions,” he finishes, coming to embrace you and comfort you properly, “what light you have shown me that your kind has such capability to be graceful, intelligent, and most certainly worthy of my own affections.” <3


  • A similar situation to his father, but with less inherent disdain for humans.
  • He can tell pretty easily that you’re always looking at clothing or eyeing beautiful women out on the town- in lavish gowns that emphasize their bodies and so on
  • And then the way you look at yourself, always dissatisfied and with a frown
  • “Do those other women bother you?” You try to deny it but it’s true. You mumble that to have such a handsome man as your s/o you can’t help but feel plain and worthless around him. It’s not like you can fight or anything, and he’s this beautiful ageless dhampir that will always be in his prime.
  • “I wish I could tell you how much I care for you, and how much your appearance has little to matter to me,” he begins, running his hand up your side and looming over you, making you tilt your head back just to keep eye contact with him, “but I am afraid you would not find me honest.”
  • He plants a gentle kiss on your forehead and adds, “I will still express that you’ve no need of an extravagant, wasteful appearance to have earned my trust and eternal love. That your kindness is still at the core of how I will be devoted to you.”
  • If you still believe him he may turn your head to make your neck tilt to one side, hissing lowly and kissing you there, “perhaps it will do better if I show you.” <3


  • “Love, are you really going to be staring at yourself in the mirror like that?” he’ll be blunt with it, “what?”
  • “Trevor, do you ever think that-” “Absolutely not. I love you because you’re the only godforsaken woman in this country that’s honourable and not an idiot.”
  • Gotta hand it to him for having tact huh?
  • It’s the truth though: Trevor really could care less about the appearances of women. (ffs he’s canonically involved with Sypha who’s purposely dressed like a man! In the original game it’s a twist that she’s a girl!) He needs to respect someone for who they are and what they believe in first, before he even considers someone worthy of his time and affection
  • He’ll spend the rest of the day out and about with you and the moment he sees you get discouraged on your opinions again he’ll just be like “How much does it take for me to tell you I love you for you? No woman could have possibly won me over like you could, Y/N. I mean that genuinely- what more would you have me say?”
  • He’s understandably frustrated that you never seem to value your own appearance and just drop it, because to him you’re so much more than just a bunch of body parts and features.

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Oh my God, it’s HERE. I-I need to fan myself. I’ve been waiting for literally YEARS for this episode. OwO;


Apple Bloom visits the market and meets a very nice, elderly stallion by the name of Grand Pear. He’s generous enough to let her have a jar of some of his famous preserves, and she happily goes back home to tell her siblings about it. But Applejack and Big Mac are horrified at the sight of the pear-related product and rush to hide it from Granny Smith, who always becomes highly upset at even the mention of the fruit. Apparently, there was a long-standing feud between the Apple family and the Pear family. Determined to find out why, the three Apple siblings venture around Ponyville hoping to get some answers. But they’re all in for the shock of their lives when they discover just how complicated the history really is!

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James x Reader: Marauder & the Bookworm

Warnings: None

Requested: No (I’m working on them- keep requesting!)

A/N: So I thought this was a cute idea. I have 3 Sirius requests so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t posting 4 in a row but they’re on their way. Keep requesting and much love to you all!

“Found him!” Shout whispered Sirius to James, who was trailing behind. You lifted your head from the detailed potion notes to look at the troublemaker. His messy, dark brown hair disappearing around the bookshelf and reappearing at the table opposite you, where Remus sat. 

“Moony, Prongs here needs some help.” 

“No- Pads, she’s right there!” James whispered angrily. You looked around wondering which girl he was talking about, probably Lily- he’d always liked to talk to her and was almost always there when you and Lily were together. You bent your head back over your notes, concentrating hard. James watched you scrunch up your nose as you read something you didn’t understand and push your Y/H/C hair behind your ear and scribble some notes. 

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i honestly believe that D&D rolled back the Jonsa scenes this season cause they KNOW that kit and sophie's chemistry would outshine his with em*l*a's. there is no other possible reason for the lack of a touching goodbye scene. we've seen what kit and sophie do with reunion scenes. imagine what they could've done with a farewell scene? more recappers and media outlets asking 'are jon and sansa gonna bang?' 1/

[ they can’t have kit and sophie shining too much this season FOR A REASON. it’s gonna be a very interesting couple of weeks to see if j*n*rys steps up to the plate when it comes to having spark to rival jonsa’s. that’s no easy feat. and i have my doubts that they will. 2/2]

Someone else said this to me as well!! 

I think it’s a very fair point. I don’t think D&D realised just how Kit and Sophie’s chemistry would take off last season. I maintain that everything was shot and acted on purpose, but I don’t think anyone anticipated just how charged those scenes were. If Jonsa is endgame, they were always going to be a very slow burn, but Kit and Sophie made that burn hotter than the fiery depths of Mordor. 

And if Jon3rys is a thing this season, they need people to believe in it quickly as there aren’t enough episodes left, which will rely heavily on Kit and Emilia’s chemistry together. 

Do we sound like we have our tinfoil hats on? Possibly, but it has merit. At least I think this reasoning has merit. Thanks, Anonny!

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hey y'all! I have a question/comment. first of all, thank you again, so much, for your (and Sir Marc's) kindness to me. That message means so much, and it's good to finally see media that's dedicated to handling disabled characters with sensitivity and humility. ❤️ With that said, can I ask that the show in future address ableism against the intellectually disabled, as well? Marc spent a good three minutes teasing his brother for being "simple", and Juno insults Mick's intelligence a lot. (1/2)

That’s also a devastating and very real form of ableism, and it’s worth discussing and pointing out, especially because Sir Marc is physically disabled and would (hopefully) have empathy for those struggles. I don’t mean to preach, criticize, or dictate what you write, so I’m so sorry if this comes across that way. I also don’t mean to sound ungrateful for all the great things you’ve already done. This is just something I’ve noticed, and I trust you guys out of anybody to handle it brilliantly. (2/2)

Hi, Alexandra! Thanks so much for reaching out again, and for your thoughtful critique. We’re honored by your message, as we think it shows a lot of trust in us that we hope we can live up to. I’d like to address two of your minor points before I get to the crux of the issue, so please bear with me:

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Do you see any Targaryen traits in Jon? In personality, mostly, since in appearance he's very much a Stark (though in my headcanon, he has Rhaegar's nose. And voice). IMO, I think it would be his willingness to break traditions traditions.

I like that you mentioned Jon’s voice, because that’s something I’ve thought about as well. Sansa’s little anecdote in AFFC about how they’d only ever had the one bard come to Winterfell and Ned didn’t want him sticking around made me wonder if the kids hadn’t learned his songs and started singing along? Not that Jon could sound a whole lot like Rhaegar to someone who wasn’t listening for it, because Rhaegar by all accounts worked long and hard on his music and would’ve had great technique on top of his natural ability, and in any event he’d have been too young to have the same voice as a grown man - but Ned would have been listening for it. I think Jon has a good ear and a strong set of pipes but he’s such a gloomy Gus that he doesn’t exercise it.

(If only he were the kind of person who absent-mindedly hummed while going about his day! Maester Aemon would’ve cracked this case wide open.)

Personality is a more nebulous one generally, especially due to the nature/nurture kind of questions with Jon. I think Jon takes after Lyanna more than he does either of his fathers, in both ways that are admirable (compare his protectiveness of Sam to the Knight of the Laughing Tree story) and unfortunate (disastrous impulsiveness and insistence on growing up too fast). But I think that’s a very fair point that his willingness to change things isn’t something he learned from Ned, or even from studying and trying to live up to Stark history*; it’s definitely a Targaryen hallmark, and a behavioral pattern he shares with Rhaegar.

*For the most part. That said, there are arguably parallels between Jon’s resettlement of the wildling refugees and the King in the North’s acceptance of the fugitive Manderlys, who as an Andal house also represent an ancient enmity with the northerners.

Living with an INTJ: for Feelers (Bonus: INTJ vs. INTP Brief Discussion)

 Feelers, this is you:

This is your INTJ:

We do not express our emotions the way you do.  In a matter of fact, excessive  schmaltz can both annoy us to no end and make us feel like vomiting. (The INTP maintains I keep my soul in horcruxes.)

Why are INTJs so bad at feelings?  In writing this, I realized I didn’t really know.  Sure, I could list a web of contributing factors, but if you’re into MBTI, you probably know that anyhow: our social awkwardness, serious disposition, desire to organize things into a logical structure, inability to understand others as we interact with them…  The contributing factors and effects practically blend into each other as the list grows.  When you combine all those sorts of things into an INTJ model, it would make sense that we’re not great at expressing our feelings.  Yet, that seems a little too superficial an explanation to me.

I took it up with The INTP, who pointed out INTJs’ struggle with empathy compared to INTPs:

[It’s] because you reside in the world of logic and reason.  I do the same thing, but unlike INTJs (or some of them), I always remind myself that emotion is one of the most common driving forces for one’s actions.  It also doesn’t help that I’m good at empathy (not sympathy).  INTJs just don’t have the empathy down without having to consciously think about it, or someone yelling at them.

I think that’s a very fair point.  INTJs may surprise you with our empathy, but it’s a very rational, conscious decision we must make to think that way, and we apply it more to a global scale for humanist reasons than for our personal relationships.

They also pointed out that Rationals tend to categorize emotions as “irrational”, that it’s simply not where our focus lies.

So is it that INTJs feel like we’ve lost control when we enter the realm of emotions?  Are we afraid of deviating from our precious logic?

That’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Let’s talk about that fear for a minute, shall we?  INTJs may run away from emotions, but we practically run towards commitment, the reassuring blanket of our beloved security.

Feelers, this may be useful to know (though, it’s more easily applicable to a romantic relationship than your garden variety platonic living arrangement).  Once your INTJ feels comfortable, they’re locked in.  If they’re dealing with anything emotionally, don’t push them.  They need some time to let it sink in, come to grips with it, grapple with the logic.  This is something they need to do largely on their own; if they’re having trouble and they think a discussion could help, they’ll let you know.  You could use your special NF powers if you have them, but take care to not hit the INTJ full-blast.

As I thought about INTJs internalizing things, inspiration struck.

I don’t simply not like communicating feelings.  It feels unnatural to me… insincere, superficial.  Bingo!

INTJs’ feelings reside within their mind palaces, the mental realm in which INTs reside.  (The terminology, of course, is stolen from BBC’s Sherlock.)

INTJs exhibit the Ni and Te cognitive functions: which is to say, because we internalize our iNtuition and strive to bring order and logic to our dealings with the outside world, expressing our feelings crosses what we feel are essentially unbreachable boundaries.

Don’t try to make us breach these boundaries, Feelers.  They’re sacred.

We consider our emotions to exist in a way we can’t relate to outsiders, which is why we don’t like being pressured to express them.

This makes complete sense.  This is why our INTP cousins are much better at expressing emotion (once they’ve decided what they’re feeling, that is, which can take ages).

The way I think of INTPs and INTJs is that they possess the same tool set, but are equipped to use them in binary, complementary ways.  INTPs’ iNtuition is oriented externally, and their Thinking, internally.

But wait, you say, there’s a hole in your argument: INFJs lead with Ni just as INTJs.  Sure, but what function supports that?  Right: it’s Fe.  INFJs project their preference for Feeling, which helps them where the INTJ is hindered by their preference for Thinking.  When it all works together, it’s easy to find the INTJ in a unique position from the rest of its one-letter-off cousins (the ISTJ does come close).

I therefore rest my case.

Back to the topic at hand, what does this mean for all you Feelers out there?

For one, you’re going to have to realize the INTJ will not offer you words of affirmation as often as you may like.  Pay special attention to this if your relationship is more on the intimate side, but it can still cause some friction in your interactions regardless.  Let the INTJ’s actions speak louder than their words, and understand them as they translate to respect and appreciation for you.

However, this doesn’t mean you should suffer.  Just as there are matters on which you need to compromise with your INTJ, there are matters on which your INTJ needs to compromise with you.  If you need more emotional support from your INTJ, let them know.  Do not expect them to figure it out themselves. because they’ll never guess, and you’ll be miserable in the meantime.

Since your INTJ is – for some reason – living with you, I’m assuming they have invested somehow in this relationship.  Your INTJ is willing to go out of their comfort zone to accomodate you, but you first need to step out of your comfort zone (I’m looking at you, Introverted Feelers) to ask.

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Hi! So, I ship Kili and Tauriel. I think it was very clear in the movies that they had feelings for each other, and so I enjoyed that. My question to you, given how much you obviously ship Tauriel with Legolas, is this; why do you ship her with Legolas? I'm confused because to me it doesn't seem like she's interested in him. I don't feel like you can have a ship were one person isn't interested in the other, if you see what I mean... please help me understand? Maybe I missed something :)

Oh, okay. This could take a while…

Under the cut, because this is really, really, really long.

(Tagged as anti-kiliel on the off-chance someone finds it offensive, although I don’t actively hate on them in here, so I think it’s safe to read!)

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There was a quote from some time ago in which a film critic describes Robert Downey Jr.’s face as not that of a classic matinee idol, and that it doesn’t belong in our time.

Which I thought was a very fair point – 

Bob has huge, sad eyes framed by thick eyelashes, upper and lower.  He has/had thick eyebrows that looked almost painted on and the full, pouty lips (these two features are most especially apparent when he was younger).  His face is almost perpetually in motion, his mannerisms fey/elfin-like.


I’m bringing this up because I say this post on my dash of a gif the other day – it’s from the 1927 silent film Wings.  

This one–

And I swear I did a double-take and scrolled back up because that dude looked like young RDJ.

LONG STORY SHORT: RDJ has the face of a silent screen movie star.


Dawn: “Sooo, how was your date?”

Tom: “Not the best. She was like a clone of my sister, all stiff upper lip and no personality.”

Dawn: “Sorry about that. And your sister has a personality, it’s just not always a very nice one.“

Tom: “Fair point. And it’s alright, it just taught me that there are people with whom I can pass a more pleasant evening.”

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I feel very conflicted about Civil War and choosing sides! I can't do that, because I do think superhumans should be registered and held accountable for things they should be held accountable. Then on the other hand I agree that one organization alone should not hold that kind of power over them. That kind of control and surveillance is not freedom. Ugh, but that's pretty great about it, to be honest. It's not black and white. No one is necessarily right or wrong.

Like you said, both sides start with really logical arguments in the comics: Tony believes that by registering superpowers, it will allow superheroes to react more quickly to any threat, since everyone will have proper knowledge and training. Civilian casualties will be reduced. He also believes the Act is inevitable, so he (presumably) jumps in early so superheroes will have some control over what’s being done. All of which are very fair points!

On the other hand, Steve says that Registering superheroes is wrong and an invasion of privacy. He believes superheroes can’t be heroes if they’re registered, because the law will limit what they can do to keep people safe. He also realizes how badly it could spin out of control, if superheroes are being registered, monitored, and controlled by a powerful agency. It could become oppressive and used for evil. Which is also a very reasonable argument. 

The debate is very much a Modern Technology vs Founding American Ideals dilemma! Both Tony and Steve have equal ground in the beginning – it’s hard to side with anyone because it’s such a gray area, even in our world. But as the war progresses, it’s not about whose point is more “right” when choosing a side – it’s their actions that are more important. If the MCU closely follows the plot of the Comic… I’m going to side with Steve, and see Tony as a morally ambiguous character. 100%. 

I haven’t read the comic in full, but I know that Tony becomes very authoritarian and starts trying to control the superhero population. There’s no system of checks and balances in place for Tony, so he uses his power to threaten and steamroll over people instead of negotiating with Steve. He starts labelling people who don’t Register as “rogue”, and places them in prison indefinitely. I believe many superheroes go underground to escape, or run away to Canada in fear of being caught. Supervillains are used to find people with powers and contain them. It’s a mess.

So while I think Tony starts out with good intentions (and a reasonable argument), I end up seeing him as very misguided and even immoral at times. It doesn’t mean he’s evil, but the power to control lives can do strange things to a person. He sides with Evil characters and he tries to control people ‘for the greater good’…so he could become the villain of this tale. It’s a fine line. Civil War is also, ultimately, a Captain America film. You’re supposed to side slightly more with Steve than with Tony. You’re not “villain-izing” Tony by doing so.

THAT BEING SAID, Marvel has stated that Tony Stark will not be the villain in Cap 3. If we follow the MCU storyline for Tony, he’s currently terrified of alien invasion and wants to defend Earth in any way necessary. Registering and training superheroes under his supervision puts together a team he can make a powerful force against outside threats. Plus, one of his rogue AI creations just levelled a city. So in Cap3, it’s possible that he’s just scared, and lashes out in extreme measures. But that doesn’t necessarily make him evil. It all depends on Tony’s choices – and in the end, if he realizes the consequences of his actions.

A Calzona advent calendar - December 21st

“I used to pray for our marriage to fix itself, you know.”

Callie picked up a sheep figurine from the living room carpet, where it had tumbled off the side table housing the small, understated nativity set in the corner beside the Christmas tree, and she turned it over for a moment in her hands before carefully placing it back outside the stable, beside the cow, and the donkey, and the Three Kings who were patiently waiting.

“Me too.”

Arizona replied simply, her eyes still trained on the book in her lap, and the brunette adjusted the figures of two of the Kings before glancing back to look at her.

“You don’t believe in God, though.”

“Just because I don’t know who or what I’m praying to, Calliope, doesn’t mean I can’t.”

Callie crossed the living room and settled onto the couch beside her wife, her hand coming up to run absentmindedly along the other woman’s thigh.

“I know.”

“And you know what I believe in.”

“You believe in us.”

Her hand stilled for a moment, and Callie couldn’t help the smile that crossed her face and the warmth that spread through her chest as she said the words. It was a conversation they’d had more than once throughout their long relationship, especially around the holidays and especially after they were parents, as they navigated how to meld two belief systems and learned to compromise on how their daughter would be raised.

“I do.”

Arizona smiled then too, glancing up as her wife’s hand resumed its gentle movement, and she set her book aside as she shifted slightly and leaned into the other woman’s body. The brunette brought her arm up to wrap around Arizona instead, and Arizona let her head rest on the soft, sturdy shoulder beneath her.

“I believe in whatever force out there kept pushing us back together, kept bringing us to each other. And something does want us together  – I don’t know if it’s fate, or a god, or some kind of spaghetti monster – although I kind of like to think it’s fate.”

Callie pressed a soft kiss to blonde hair, lingering for a moment as she breathed in the other woman’s scent.

“Even after everything, you still believe that? Even after us being apart for so long?”

Especially after us being apart for so long. Something in the universe clearly brought us back to each other yet again.”

“But not God?”

Callie knew exactly what the other woman believed in, and exactly how she felt about religion, but she’d always found it fascinating to talk about. She’d been raised in such a staunchly Catholic way, and she did believe in God if not believing in the church anymore – but she’d always been open to Arizona’s way of thinking as well, and she always liked how the other woman explained it.

“Not god.”

Arizona ran her finger along Callie’s free hand, turning it to face palm up so she could trace each fine line.

“I just…I don’t know what’s out there. And I think that’s kind of the beauty of it. But I firmly believe that you and I were always meant to be together, and I believe that I was meant to be Sofia’s mother.”

Her words brought a smile to Callie’s face again, and she simply listened quietly as her wife spoke, watching her slightly smaller hand as it played with her own. In the earlier years of their relationship, in their first marriage, Callie had sometimes thought about the circumstances of Sofia’s conception and wondered if things would be different had their child come into their life another way – if the way things had happened would forever be hanging over her and Arizona’s relationship. But again and again, Arizona had quietly and simply and confidently expressed – her eyes and her voice filled with love – that it could never have happened differently; that she would never wish it had. Because if it had, Sofia wouldn’t be Sofia. And Arizona had known from the very first minute she held her daughter in her hands, from the minute she watched her tiny heart start beating again, that this baby was meant for her.

“And I don’t need an explanation as to why, because I just know.”

Her fingertip traced the wedding band on Callie’s hand and she twined their fingers together, turning her head to press a kiss to the warm skin of the brunette’s collarbone. It was a simple belief system in her mind – and even in the worst of times, even at their – and her – lowest, she had never wavered. She hadn’t necessarily believed or known they would end up back together, but she’d always believed that their lives were intertwined in the way they were meant to be.

“I’ve always loved hearing you say that.”

Callie spoke after a moment, as they sat curled up together watching the lights on the tree, and Arizona felt a smile forming on her lips as she nodded.

“I know.”

“I used to worry that you’d hate me being Catholic, when we were first dating.”

“I mean…you were sleeping with a woman. Out of wedlock to boot. I kind of figured out that you weren’t some staunchly Bible-thumping, closed-minded religious fanatic.”

Callie couldn’t help but laugh at the very idea of that.

“Fair point.”

They sat in silence for another few minutes, comfortably enjoying each other’s company before Callie spoke again.

“I’m just grateful for whoever, or whatever brought us together again and gave us this chance.”

“We did.”

Arizona shifted her head, looking up to meet the deep, loving brown eyes above her.

“No matter what kind of guidance is out there, we did this, Calliope. Something brought us back together, but we built this life again, with each other. At the end of the day there was still a choice, and we chose each other – we chose to listen.”

The confidence in Arizona’s voice – the absolute certainty – made Callie’s heart swell with affection. She was right – whether they had help from a higher power or not, they did this for themselves.

“I’ll always choose you.”

Her words were soft now, almost whispered, and as blue eyes held her gaze Arizona just smiled in the most heart-stopping, beautiful way. Because she knew her wife’s words were true. And no matter what other forces in the universe might be at play, that was all that really mattered.

“I’ll always choose you too.”


Castle Fanfic: Best IWWOC Ever (What Happens in AC) (1/1)

Best IWWOC Ever

A What Happens in AC prequel



This one’s for everyone who asked to see more in the AC universe. I hope you enjoy it.

The bar is quieter than she expected it to be.

Sure, Atlantic City isn’t quite Vegas, but by casino standards, this place is downright tame. Where are the showgirls? Where is the raucous laughter? Where is the debauchery that signifies it’s going to be a good night for someone? Aside from the faraway clack of chips and the gleeful sounds of the penny slot machines, they could be anywhere, even The Old Haunt.

Suffice to say, it’s not quite the flash and flare she would’ve expected from Richard Castle showing off for the boys. Then again, he’s nothing if not a constant surprise.

The Elvis costume is proof of that.

(And she’ll never admit to him, but he did look good in it - broad shouldered, confident, sexy - even if some of it got lost in the glitter, sequins, and tassels.)

And speaking of tassels…

“Are you guys having a bachelor party while you’re working a case?” She tilts her head, lifting an eyebrow at the boys before turning a special look to Castle. Her partner squirms beside her, knocking their knees together in the process. She can’t help but bump back, press her quad against his a little bit tighter, just to watch his reaction.

He doesn’t rise to the bait, feigning insult at her comment instead.

“What? Who told you that? Beckett, that is an outrageou -”

“Castle,” she cuts him off, shaking her head. “I know the three of you, remember?”

His chin lifts even as his lip juts out, and for a moment, he’s all defiant little boy instead of a grown man.

“Uh huh, so?” he asks. “We worked first.”

Around the table, Ryan sighs. “I got stuck asking Jenny’s 16 year old cousin to be my best man. Which means… ”

Ah, the pieces fall into place. “PG-13 fun at the highest,” she supplies, lifting her beer to her lips.

The three of them nod as one.

“Right. So Castle here thought that since we were here anyway, we might as well take advantage of the sights and have ourselves a sort of pre-bachelor party bachelor party.”

“An IBPWOC,” Castle supplies, tapping her elbow with his on his way to grab the pitcher and refill his pint glass. “Impromptu Bachelor Party While on Case,” he adds for her benefit, clinking his glass against Esposito’s before he sits back.

“Of course.” Beckett rolls her eyes, smoothing a bead of condensation over her glass. “So what are your plans for your IB-whatever?”

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