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Bear, Samoyed (2 y/o), Franklin & Church St., New York, NY • “He’s basically a person – he’s very emotive with his eyebrows and smile, and he’s a rascal. We’re expecting a daughter any day now, and he’ll go and take one of her toys and walk right in front of us just so we’ll see him. He tries to get in trouble – he wants the attention.”

make up game strong x hogwarts girls

Gryffindor: bold lips, nails perfectly matching.

Ravenclaw: eyeshadow & eyeliner on fleek

Hufflepuff: warm contouring, pale blush and a pop of highlighter

Slytherin: messy, dark eyebrows & very thick, black lashes

mitch marner for @mouthlikeawolf bc we’re both way too invested in this nerd’s well-being

referenced from those gifs


She had straggly, waist-length, dirty blonde hair, very pale eyebrows and protuberant eyes that gave her a permanently surprised look. The girl gave off an aura of distinct dottiness. Perhaps it was the fact that she stuck her wand behind her left ear for safekeeping, or that she had chosen to wear a necklace of Butterbeer corks, or that she was reading a magazine upsidedown. 

little things to love about seokmin
  • smiley sunshine!!!
  • cutest lil sunflower!!!
  • the dorkiest boy 
  • powerful vocals 
  • part of the great gag trio
  • seokhorse!
  • always coming up with play-on-words and puns 
  • moves around a lot 
  • a very wiggly person LOL 
  • “twoteen!” 
  • always screaming for some reason. same tho 
  • radiant charisma
  • naruto fan
  • always doing naruto runs or pretends to summon justus
  • has very pretty hands!
  • same birthday as vernon
  • grandpa!seokmin along with grandma!hoshi
  • loves karaoke 
  • super lively, but is also sensitive
  • makes a lot of funny faces 
  • can go from “bright sunny dk” to “mr. steal yo girl dk” in .5 seconds i cant believe
  • “My name is Lee Seokmin, my favorite food is Wenchang chicken” 
  • quite good at cooking! 
  • one of his specialties is losing stuff
  • also singing loudly is another one 
  • remember when he packed a humidifier for ‘one fine day’
  • “I want to bite myself” hAHA OMG
  • yo he has very nice eyebrows like when will i ever
  • predebut seokmin omfg
  • he stil thinks he needs to improve on his singing, he works hard to become better 
  • such a humble human ;; 
  • i hope our lil ray of sunshine has a great day 
emoji review: eyes

hella pixar but definitely curious and maybe a little bit salty? - 4/5

very minimalist, kinda looks like two tiny donald trumps with really long fringes - 3/5

fucking turn down the stroke thickness jesus christ (otherwise okay) - 3/5

no salt here, just curiosity. they’re thoroughly intrigued. shoutout to the eyebrows, very unique - 4/5

way too much shading but i guess its okay? - 3/5

fuck off staring at me like that holy shit - 0/5

a simple approach, it alright - 3/5

woah there!!! didn’t know i had 3D glasses on!!! it’s like they’re really there!!! - 3/5

poor effort, also eyes aren’t grey - 2/5

FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 0/5

woah he seen some shit - 3/5

why - 1/5

“Do you even like dating him?” Cora asks. It sounds a little curious, but mostly like an accusation. Feels a little bit like being in the third grade again, somebody demanding if he likes boy bands.

Derek looks over at her. Her arms are crossed. There’s a crease between her eyebrows, a very Meg Ryan look on her face. He thinks about answering. Then he says, “Do you like dating Zach?”

“Zach is polite to me,” Cora says immediately, and sure. That’s a good point. Stiles does, in fact, treat Derek like his irritatingly bookish lab partner from time to time. On a bad day, Derek will end up trying to whack him with a ladle.

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