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In the middle of 1950s Tove was very, very lonely. Her letters of that time are melancholy, as she desperately yearned for true love. By this time she was very interested in dating women (as to her, Atos Wirtanen was in a way the last man she wanted to love). But circles were small in a small town, where homosexual acts were both a disease and illegal.

It was 1955, when Tove met Tuulikki Pietilä. They knew each other vaguely by looks. They had attended Ateneum’s art school at the same time but Tuulikki was few years younger and usually students spent time with their own language group (Tove spoke Swedish, Tuulikki Finnish).

The love story which lasted until their deaths, almost half a century began at Pikkujoulu party (”Little Christmas” in Finnish, a party traditionally held in anticipation on Christmas, usually among coworkers or friends) arranged by Finnish art society. Tove asked Tuulikki to dance, but she declined - probably out of propriety. But later Tuulikki sent Tove a card picturing a striped cat and asked her to visit her atelier.

Next summer Tuulikki visited Tove at an island. Love was born. Tove wrote; “I have finally come home to that one person whom I want to be with”. The picture of a striped cat was always and still is on the wall of Tove’s atelier. The couple spent their summers together on an island and winters working in their ateliers, which were right next door from each other.

It can be said that Tuulikki saved Moominvalley. By the time they began their relationship, Tove was absolutely tired of Moomins. Tuulikki’s support restored Tove’s belief in Moomins and they became an important hobby to them both.

Moomin book Moominland Midwinter (1957) is a book about loving and falling in love with Tuulikki. And it really shows. In the book, Moomintroll (who is an avatar of Tove Jansson) wakes up in the middle of unfamiliar and eerie winter, facing loneliness and death for the first time. In the middle of all cold and silence Moomintroll finds Too-Ticky, who’s calmly watching a snow lantern. Too-Ticky is robust and strong with blonde hair and a knife at her hip; everything Tuulikki was.

Too-Ticky becomes Moomintroll’s calm and supportive mentor. She never gives ready answers and instead gently guides Moomintroll as he grows and learns. It is Too-Ticky who says the phrase which Tove repeated often in her interviews and which was seemingly one of her most important philophies: “Everything is insecure and that makes me calm”.

After Tuulikki’s first visit Tove wrote; “I love you both enchanted and very calm at the same time, and I don’t fear anything that might await us”. After finding Tuulikki, Tove described how much calmer and safer she felt. Whole living felt easier.

How to Enchant an Object

1. Always start with intent. What is the goal of the enchantment? Beauty? Fear? Love? Once decided, gather your ingredients. Remember that they can be physical, such as dried herbs or crystals, or it can be your own energy.

2. Select an object to enchant. I find that jewelry works very well with enchantments, but almost any object will do. Personally, I believe that the material of the object you are enchanting will affect how long the spell lasts (I’ve found that metal holds it the longest).

3. Pick a time to do the spell. Depending on your beliefs, the time of day, lunar cycle, or day of week may strengthen or weaken the effects of your enchantment.

4. Place the object amid your spell components. So, if using physical components, place it in a glass bowl (or the floor, a hole in the ground, etc.) with your ingredients. If using energy, place it in your hands, or alternatively, hold your hands over the object (note: or another body part. It doesn’t have to be hands. I have done enchantments that are completed with a kiss, or require stomping. Again, it all depends on the intent).

5. Regardless of the type of ingredients you are using, imagine that your selected object is filling with new powers. The energy from your body - or from your ingredients - is being sucked out and absorbed. What color is this energy? Does it move quickly or slowly? Does it make a sound, or give off a smell? How do you feel imaging it? If it were to talk, what would it say? Know the energy. When you feel as though the object you are enchanting is teeming with new powers, gently bring your mind back to the present. Your enchantment is complete.

Psst Sherlock...

Someone very wise once said:

The greatest thing

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You’ll ever learn

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Is just to love

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And be loved

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In return.

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The Importance of Iron in Witchcraft

So, I got a lot of really positive feedback about my post about salt in witchcraft, so here’s another one just for you about iron!

Iron, like salt, has been used for many thousands of years as a potent tool in the practices of witchcraft. Iron is one of the most abundant metals in our planet, and is also a really great metal for making into tools. It’s tough, hard, ductile and with a high melting point that makes it ideal for situations in which you might need a tool to work under extremely hot conditions. It’s also one of only three ferromagnetic metals (along with nickel and cobalt), making it an essential part of most magnets and compasses.

In astrophysics, iron is extremely important in the life cycle of stars. Iron is one of the most atomically stable substances in the universe, and it’s also unique because it’s the first element in the periodic table to require more energy to MAKE it than it gives out from atomic fusion. This is important, because when a star gets older and fuses hydrogen to make helium, helium to make beryllium and all the rest, once it starts fusing atoms to make iron, the star begins to die. So, iron is an element that signals the death of stars, and any element that weighs MORE than iron (atomically speaking) can only be made in supernovas - that is, the explosion that takes place when a really BIG star dies.

In biology, iron is one of the most important elements in mammalian, reptilian and avian blood, because it’s the element that we use in the chemical haemoglobin. This is the chemical in our blood cells that binds to oxygen and keeps us alive. Crustaceans like lobsters don’t use iron - they use copper, and instead make haemocyanin, which makes their blood blue! However, just like in stars, iron can mean death for humans as well. If we overdose on iron, we suffer from iron heavy metal poisoning; when we get crushed by a heavy object we can suffer a disease called traumatic rhabdomyolysis or Crush Syndrome, caused by vast amounts of myoglobin (another iron-based compound, found in muscles, which gives them extra oxygen to use) entering our kidneys and killing them, and as a result killing us.

Iron in science is an element of life, death, and of many points in between. But what about its uses in witchcraft?

Witchy Facts about Iron!

  1. Iron is stable. Iron’s stability, both atomically and magickally, makes it a fantastic magickal conductor, and also means that magick doesn’t seem to affect iron very much. Enchantments on iron are never as strong as on other metals, and even the best witches will have difficulty making an enchantment or other spell anchor properly. However, this has the advantage that iron doesn’t pick up negative magick from background sources, and it’s extremely unlikely that there will be issues with ritual or altar tools made from iron. Keeping your magickal supplies inside an iron or steel box, or a box that’s been nailed together with iron nails, will prevent them from leaking out and attracting spirits that might cause harm.

  2. Iron is protective. Along with silver and a few other little bits and bobs, negative spirits and fae folk cannot touch iron lest it burn them and cause them pain. Additionally, negative magicks targetted at someone wearing an iron pendant will be attracted into the pendant and then dispelled. This makes it an ideal protective charm for everyday carry or everyday wear.

    This is why horseshoes are considered lucky
    - back in Medieval times, when protection against negative spirits and magick was much more widely practiced, poor families would often be unable to afford much iron. However, a horseshoe is made of iron, and comes with holes already cast into it, which allow you to nail one over your door easily, which keeps out harmful spirits, magick, and fae, who might seek to hurt you or your family.

  3. Iron is inconspicuous. Anyone can carry an iron nail after all, and a little piece of iron wrought and twisted into a small pendant is far from a traditional witch’s item. Those secret witches who perhaps do not live with accepting families or within an accepting community or country can find great solace in the use of iron as a protective charm.

  4. Iron is cheap. Iron nails, iron rods and iron knifes are pretty easy to get hold of and relatively quite cheap. They’re versatile and not especially likely to draw attention to you - after all, nobody’s likely to question why someone has a couple of iron nails twisted into a pendant, and if they do question it, why it’s just an artistic display! And of course, easy to replace with $5 worth of string, iron and a hammer.

  5. Iron is ancient. Iron is one of the oldest protective charms out there, right up with salt and sage. It’s been used for literally thousands of years to protect people against everything from wolves to armies to poltergeists. That’s a pretty impressive history!

  6. Iron is practical! The best cookware I’ve ever used has always been my cast iron cookware set, which makes better food than I’ve ever tasted, and it’s very easy to clean. It’s also extremely hardwearing - I wholly expect to one day be able to pass on my cast iron frying pan and wok to my grandchildren, and it was already been owned by my mother and father before me. Iron knifes are sharper and cut cleaner than almost anything except obsidian, and high-carbon steel (an alloy of iron and carbon) is the best cutting edge known in bushcrafting circles, where all the best knives are made from it

I hope this helps all you lovely witches and magick users out there!

– Juniper


There was a boy
A very strange enchanted boy
They say he wandered very far, very far
Over land and sea
A little shy and sad of eye
But very wise was he

- “NATURE BOY” by Nat King Cole

First painting done from scratch in Procreate! I am feeling the learning curve but it is also a very enjoyable process.

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I hope you like it 💖🌷✨

Forelsket. *Shawn Mendes*

Teacher!Shawn Mendes

Forelsket: (Norwegian)

-That overwhelming euphoric feeling you experience when you’re falling in love with someone.

WARNING: there’s smut in this imagine!

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anonymous asked:

can i ask how would seventeen react to a girlfriend who was not used to skinship and felt shy about it?

What a cute request!!! Thanks, Anon :)


  • he would find it VERY cute and whenever he reached out to touch you and you ducked your head he would give you a really big smile with his eyes fixed on you like he couldn’t look away
  • would be respectful of your limits but unable to resist taking your hand or placing his hand on the small of your back 
  • would tell all the boys in Seventeen not to overwhelm you with hugs etc to make sure you felt comfortable around them too


  • it might take him a while to notice but he would be very interested as he began to discover your shyness and would test things a little by touching you and watching for your reactions
  • would definitely talk to you about it because he would be worried what it meant and it would stress himself out, but once you explained you were just shy and not used to it he would think it was very cute
  • at the start he would always hesitate slightly before kissing you and look into your eyes to make sure you were ready first


  • joshua seems to be a casual toucher even if he’s not a prolonged toucher e.g. he gives many hi-fives and handshakes. so he would probably automatically reach out to touch you a lot
  • but he would get just as flustered as you as soon as he knew you were shy about touching. and he would end up, like, brushing his fingers against you at random times and quickly withdrawing
  • you might even have to reassure this cutie and get used to it together


  • jun would be very touchy because it’s jun, let’s be honest. so he would be surprised to hear you aren’t used to much skinship but would find it very sweet 
  • it might even make him a little bit sad that you aren’t used to that affection because to him you deserve the world!!!
  • he would make it his mission to adjust you. he would gently ask if there’s anything you weren’t okay with and when he knew it was mostly shyness he would gradually start with those casual heart fluttering touches 


  • when hoshi first noticed your shyness he would absolutely start of by teasing you completely about it, making silly kissy faces and things, but once he saw you were genuinely very embarrassed he would quiet down
  • he might even worry it was a sign you were embarrassed to be around him and you would have to explain to him that you weren’t used to it but still like him a lot
  • he would be very surprised and tell you earnestly that he couldn’t imagine why anyone would pass up the chance to hug you anytime they could, and then he would be attached to your side for the rest of the day


  • would also be more reserved about skinship and so it might take him time to notice, but he would really like holding hands and so your shyness would soon become noticeable to him
  • would be very serious about asking if you were okay and would listen very intently to your explanation while quietly holding both your hands even if it did make you stutter a little
  • would tell you seriously that he loves you, skinship or not, and he’s willing to take things at your pace 


  • no one would ever say that woozi is a huge lover of skinship, so he would be the first to understand your shyness, and might even make a cute comment about you two being the perfect match
  • he would suggest getting used to more skinship in private, and he would be blushing, but he would kiss you more and hold your hand more while you were alone 
  • he would think it was very sweet too! and it might even make him feel needed, which he would like, because he knows he isn’t holding you back with his own shyness, but instead you are adjusting together


  • dk would be very surprised because it might not have occurred to him that it might be a problem for someone 
  • he would definitely think it was the cutest thing ever and every single time he touched you he’d give you a hesitant little smile that would become a full big smile when he saw your cute response
  • would probably say out loud how cute you were so often it would annoy everyone and be worse PDA than if you were touching all the time


  • mingyu would be totally oblivious for a while to how you freeze up when he kept kissing your cheek or taking your hand, but when he noticed he would say sorry a million times
  • you would have to calm him down before explaining and he would listen very carefully and then ask your permission to kiss you
  • he would slow down a bit with skinship but sometimes get excited and forget and he’d make sure he checked your reactions each time he remembered and be very happy to see you smile through your shyness


  • he would probably not be one for tons of skinship himself, but he would really like just laying a casual hand on you, whether your shoulder or back or hand, so it would make him flustered when he found out you were shy
  • but when you explained you weren’t used to it he would very logically tell you that he would be willing to help you adjust and then his casual hand would almost never go away
  • every time you ducked your head or were shy, you would make him give you a cute small smile and maybe kiss the top of your head


  • seungkwan is very big with skinship, especially with people who are close to him, so when he first noticed your shyness he would be upset or think you were rejecting him and you would have to explain the reasons
  • once he knew, he would blush a lot around you whenever he touched you and would try to cover it by making jokes that actually would help to relax you
  • he would love linking your fingers together or pulling you into his side and feeling you slowly adjust and then he would kiss your cheek or something


  • vernon also isn’t a huge toucher, but he is a attentive listener, and as soon as he noticed your shyness he would want to hear all your reasons and fully understand you
  • in fact that conversation would make him feel closer to you then touching you at lot would
  • every time he started skinship after that he would watch you very closely after and smile softly 


  • dino would probably be hesitant about PDA anyway because the boys would tease him non-stop, so he would totally understand your shyness and in fact think it was the cutest thing ever
  • when he knew you were also shy in private, he would think it was very enchanting, and smile his big toothy smile that means he’s very charmed
  • dino would be excited about romantic ideas like holding hands though, so after checking with you, he would very carefully get you used to it by holding hands a lot and doing many cheek kisses

Ask box is still open. Feel free to request more! Especially cute ideas like this ;)

The Signs as Songs by Aurora

Aries: Running With The Wolves
“But we’re running out of time
Oh, all the echoes in my mind cry

There’s blood on your lies
The sky’s open wide
There is nowhere for you to hide
The hunter’s moon is shining

I’m running with the wolves tonight
I’m running with the wolves
I’m running with the wolves tonight
I’m running with the wolves”

Taurus: Warrior
“Let love conquer your mind
Warrior, warrior
Just reach out for the light
Warrior, warrior
I am a-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah
Warrior, warrior
I am a-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah
Warrior, warrior of love.

I stand behind the wall of people and thoughts, mind controlling
And I hold a sword to guide me
I’m fighting my way.”

Gemini: Through The Eyes Of A Child
“Darker times will come and go
Time you need to see her smile
And mothers hearts are warm and mild
I would rather feel this world through the skin of a child
Through the skin of a child…

When a human strokes your skin
That is when you let them in
Let them in before you go
I would rather feel alive with a childlike soul
With a childlike soul…”

Cancer: Under The Water
“Under the water we can’t breathe, we can’t breathe
Under the water we die
Under the water there is no one watching
Under the water we are alone

Then why do we jump in?
Why do we jump in?
Under the water we die

So many souls, that lost control
Where did they fall?
Into the deep, what do they seek?
Where did they fall?
Where did they fall?

Hearts will dream again
Lungs will breathe in
Wash away the sin”

Leo: Conqueror
“Just like in fiction, in every addiction
Oh fantasy’s taking over, awake me

I’ve been looking for the conqueror
But you don’t seem to come my way
I’ve been looking for the only one
But you don’t seem to come my way

Broken me and broken them
You are broken too
Open ears, their eyes are open
Makes me call for you”

Virgo: Lucky
“Before I make the offering
Remember all the faces that I’ve seen
Now all the marks have settled on my skin
From all the different places that I’ve been
That I’ve been

And I feel the light for the very first time
Not anybody knows that I am lucky to be alive
And I feel the light for the very first time
Not anybody knows that I am lucky to be alive”

Libra: Wisdom Cries
“We gotta go back to the start
Back ‘til we are back home
We gotta go back to the start
Back 'til we are back home

Tick-tock, tick-tock
Tick-tock tick
Where is the light
Are we meant to go down again?
We go down

Lightening strikes
Wisdom cries
It’s an emergency, emergency
Conscious all night
No one’s surprised
As long as we…emergency”

Scorpio: Nature Boy
“There was a boy
A very strange enchanted boy
They say he wandered very far, very far
Over land and sea
A little shy and sad of eye
But very wise was he

And then one day
A lucky day he passed my way
Then we spoke of many things:
Fools and kings
Then he said to me
“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn
Is to love and be loved in return”

Sagittarius: Runaway
“And I was running far away
Would I run off the world someday?
Nobody knows, nobody knows
And I was dancing in the rain
I felt alive and I can’t complain
But now take me home
Take me home where I belong
I can’t take it anymore

I was painting a picture
The picture was a painting of you
And for a moment I thought you were here
But then again, it wasn’t true
And all this time I have been lying
Oh, lying in secret to myself
I’ve been putting sorrow on the farest place on my shelf”

Capricorn: Murder Song (5,4,3,2,1)
“5, 4, 3, 2, 1

He holds the gun against my head
I close my eyes and bang I am dead
I know he knows that he’s killing me for mercy

And here I go
Oh oh oh oh
And here I go
Oh oh oh oh

He holds my body in his arms
He didn’t mean to do no harm
And he holds me tight

Oh, he did it all to spare me from the awful things in life that come
And he cries and cries
I know he knows that he’s killing me for mercy”

Aquarius: Little Boy In The Grass
“I will tell you the story about the little boy I found in the grass
Tired, solace, he told me he could hear the children wanting to pass
Sounds of laughters in the air
Still today we hear them

Finally we are over it, oh
Finally we are over it

(Let them run)
Let them run from the violence
The world is way too cold and bright for their eyes”

Pisces: Half The World Away
“I would like to leave this city
This old town don’t smell too pretty
And I can feel the warning signs running around my mind

And when I leave this island
I book myself into a soul asylum
I can feel the warning signs running around my mind

So here I go
I’m still scratching around in the same old hole
My body feels young but my mind is very old
So what do you say?
You can’t give me the dreams that are mine anyway
You’re half the world away”

sigh-icantfindausername  asked:

Hi, love your blog. I was wondering if you have any fic suggestions, where either Harry or Dracco is blind, dumb (unable to speak), or deaf? Thank you!

Hi @sigh-icantfindausername , thanks so much for your kind words ❤ I can think of quite a few fics that handle the concept of disabilities very well - they’re all truly lovely to read. 

  • Blind Faith - by SunseticMonster (21k)
    Don’t think of it as losing your sight. Think of it as gaining an Animagus who never quite learned the meaning of the word ‘boundaries’.
    (This story can never get enough hearts <333 Draco has been temporarily blinded from an attack in Diagon Alley. It’s now up to a friendly dog *cough*Harry*cough* to help guide him and investigate into the attack. Ft. Temporarily blind Draco)

  • All Apologies - by 1ightning (3k)
    Much to his chagrin, Draco decides that it is simply not worth the bother of starting to hate Harry again.
    (Draco’s snark in this story had me smiling, and the story itself was just so utterly beautiful! Draco defects from the Death Eaters and loses his sight during the war. Harry invites him to stay at Grimmauld Place with him as long as he wants. Ft. Blind Draco.

  • Unwed Wizard: Capture the Dragon - by fantasyfiend09 (18k)
    Reality television has come to the wizarding world, and magic has a way of improving things.
    (This story reminds me a lot of the Bachelor - where Pansy has a show called Unwed Wizard, Pansy asks Harry to be one of the contestants, and Draco is the bachelor. A very enchanting read! Ft. Mute Harry)

  • Forgive Those Who Trespass - by Lomonaaeren (136k)
    Harry Potter was convinced he had an ordinary, if inconvenient, life. Then Ron and Hermione vanished in the Department of Mysteries. And the only person who may know where they are is a mute Draco Malfoy.
    (Not gonna lie, this is a very dark fic, but nonetheless, I loved it anyway. It’s a highly exciting read with many twists and turns along the way. Ft. Mute Draco)

  • To See, to Speak by Lomonaaeren (2k)
    All Draco wants is things back to the way they used to be, when Harry could hear his name being called, or his friends knocking on the door, or the spells he cast.
    (You can almost feel the grief Draco and Harry experience because of Harry’s deafness. I teared up a little while reading this, but Draco’s love for Harry is so powerful and tangible, it’s lovely. Ft. Deaf Harry)

  • Draco In Darkness - by plumeria (41k)
    Following an accident in his seventh year, Draco loses his eyesight. After Harry elbows his way into Draco’s dark world, both boys find themselves in a strange new friendship, and they each learn new ways to see each other … and themselves.
    (Everything about this story was enthralling! Draco’s reaction and feelings towards being blind are so realistic and gut-wrenching. His confusion, hurt and anger were almost palpable, all you want to do is just wrap him in a big hug. Ft. Blind Draco)

  • The Quiet of a Rented House - by Vaysh (4k)
    Every day, Draco takes a walk in Ham Hill Park.
    (There was so much content packed into just 4k words! The writing was fantastic, and the twist at the end was delightful. Ft. Deaf Draco)

  • Interpreting Draconis - by Dacro (11k)
    Draco, the Deaf son of a wealthy businessman, has always had the best of everything, including a habit for rapid signing and a reputation for having a short fuse. When his father disappears, the interpreters who have been on the receiving end of Draco’s attitude and temper refuse to work for him. Enter Harry, our ‘new on the block’ interpreter with a heart of gold, exemplary skills, and a few secrets in his pocket.
    (Wonderfully written and well thought out! The author was able to capture both the personality of Draco and difficulties deaf people encounter to a T. Ft. Deaf Draco)

  • Obliviation - by Cheryl Dyson (27k)
    When Harry decides to quit Auror Training in order to care for young Teddy over the summer, he has quite enough to worry about without Pansy Parkinson dumping a mute Draco Malfoy on his doorstep.
    (A stunning read from beginning to end! The sexual tension between Draco and Harry is, as always, perfect. It had a perfect combination of fluff and angst, and I really wished it could’ve gone on for longer! Ft. Mute Draco)

  • The Silent Auror by Vaysh (1k)
    Sometimes it felt as if all through Hogwarts, Harry had been watched like this.
    (I loved how Harry’s magic and other senses were heightened to make up for the loss of his eyesight. A great short read! Ft. Blind Harry)

  • Imagine A Man - by angryspaceravenclaw (5k)
    Harry has to trust people more than he’d like to, so when a man lies to him about having matching soul marks to get Harry into bed, he’s determined to never let that happen again. When he meets a stranger lawyer at the local not long after, Harry decides to enlist his family’s help to tell whether or not Draco Malfoy really does have a matching mark or not. If only his family wasn’t so, utterly hopeless.
    (An AU that’s non-magic, but it does have soulmates! Fun and entertaining is the best way to describe this story :) Ahh I absolutely loved reading this because all the Marauders (minus Peter, you never hear of him) are still alive, and Sirius and James are complete goofballs. Ft. Blind Harry)

  • Greyscale - by kingdra (9k)
    Draco keeps to himself and doesn’t talk. This hasn’t been a problem for him in school so far, until for some reason he catches the attention of Harry Potter. Then life takes a (pleasant) turn.
    (Draco chooses to be mute in this story (you’ll see why later on) and communicates through legilimency. Harry tries to learn legilimency so he can communicate with Draco, but like occlumency, he’s absolute pants at it. There’s so much pining from Harry’s side, it’s adorable :) Ft. Mute Draco)

  • A Thousand Beautiful Things by geoviki (108k)
    Draco Malfoy struggles with changed fortunes, shifted alliances, an ugly war, and an unusual spell, with the help of a concerned professor, an insightful house-elf, and an unexpected Gryffindor friend.
    (This story is so compelling and rich with detail! Lucius places a dark curse on Harry that causes him to verbally insult those he loves. Draco takes a vow of silence for 7 months in hopes of destroying the curse. A truly fabulous fic! Ft. Temporarily mute Draco)


  • Abraxan Wings - by khalulu (14k)
    AU following the confrontation in the bathroom, which in this fic takes place around the middle of year 6. When the Sectumsempra curse severs a nerve at the base of Draco’s spine, he loses some abilities he may never recover. It isn’t the end of the road, though – just the beginning of a major change of course.
    (Not blind, death or mute - but Draco is paralysed. It’s an absolutely gorgeous story that takes the disability trope to a whole new level!)

A drabble inspired by the pic above. AU certainly, as the Mirror of Erised isn’t really found in a book and the other details ignore canon completely. I’m trying to get the muse back so sorry if it’s a bit crappy. 😂 On to the story!

Hermione stumbled on the steps while trying hard to keep up with Harry. He knocked frantically on the Head dorms a few minutes ago asking her to accompany him on an abandoned classroom on the fifth floor, leaving the portrait on the door sputtering in indignation. She asked what it was that he was excited about but he just grabbed her hand, dragged her to Merlin knows where, and told her to see for herself. It was a good thing that Draco Malfoy, the Head boy wasn’t around or they would have argued again just like little first years. Boys. She’ll never understand them. She was able to catch up just as he quietly opened the door to a classroom unknown to her when they heard the voices.

“Seriously, why the fuck did you take me here?” Malfoy’s clear baritone echoed through the room. It seems he got there first along with his Slytherin minions. They didn’t notice their presence and continued their conversation.

“Just face the mirror Draco.” It was Theo. Pushing him to face a rather familiar mirror she’d read about on Hogwarts: A History.

“What’s so special about this mirror? I mean if it shows me getting hotter which is impossi-”

“Oh just shut up and tell us what you see.” Blaise taunted.

“Fine! This better be worth leaving the warmth of my room.” He slowly turned and faced the enormous glass in front of him and let out a chocked laughter.

“Very funny guys. Who enchanted the mirror to make me see Granger and I with a child?” Draco muttered.

“That’s the Mirror of Erised and cannot be tampered with enchantments.” Blaise said nonchalantly.

There was snickering and a gasp. The latter came from her. The three heads quickly turned and glanced their way. Malfoy was the first to look away.

“The Mirror of..” as if realizing what that meant, the blond’s eyes widened, pink staining his pale cheeks. He fled the room in haste as if Dementors were hot on his heels.

“Well..that’s quite a discovery.” Blaise smirked. “Guess I’ll be seeing more of you after graduation, Granger.” Theo followed. A quiet conversation and laughter echoing through the corridors.

Hermione fidgeted, brows furrowed, and looked at Harry. “Uhm, you wanted to show me something?”

Blitzen appreciation post

- fashionable


-loves Hearth

-misses his dad

-calls people only 4 years younger than him “kid”

-overuses the word “buddy”

-color coordination

-enchants a very big bag


-really doesn’t enjoy being a demigod

-”born with a target on his back”

-loves ducks

-bad under pressure (”defaults to waterfowl”)

-thinks he’s awful at crafting but managed to build Hearth the sunbed to save his life

-learned a language solely to make friends with Hearthstone

-suggests the runes meant “toolshed” instead of “bloodshed”

-will fucking fight Junior

-is offended magnus thinks taylor swift is a human (definitely likes taylor swift)

-joined the service of an immortal severed head for reasons we still don’t really know

-tall enough to pass as a very, VERY short human & is proud of it

-doesn’t like his overbearing mother


-loves fashion & values being neat but lived on the streets for two years (still for reasons we don’t know enough about)

-runs his own shop

-constantly filled with self-deprecating thoughts

-talks to Hearth even when Hearth can’t see his lips (”move over, you tent hog” “stop stepping on my toes. have you put on weight? no, lead with your left foot, you silly elf. there you go”)

-gives hearth his jacket in the tent

-”my elf”

-tells hearth it’s ok to let him die instead of going back to his abusive family

-once charged into battle wielding a traffic sign that read “make way for ducklings.” expected to die, but tried anyway

-best boy who isn’t appreciated enough

Enchanted!Voltron ft. Bratty Sorcerer Lance and Prince Keith. Yes, Keith does break out into spontaneous song.

Part 2: Task: 12 Days of lesser known animated show/film recommendations

Hey, guys! I’ve been a bit down lately, so in order to give myself something to do, I decided to share with you all the lesser known, underrated or entirely hidden gems of the animated world (as far as I know), be it show or film.


-The animation must be traditional (no CGI unless it’s minor and in the background; i’ll do an all CGI list later).

-The recommended work must have soothing, inspiring or otherwise admirable leads with realistic emotional connections.

-The plot of the story must be intriguing if not wholly believable and the artwork must meet certain aesthetic standards.

-The characters must have emotionally realistic interactions with one another in ratio to the time allowed for them to interact.

-The animation in question may be from anywhere in the world.

Also, feel free to clue me in on any that I don’t list, because I would really appreciate a new animated find!  

As a matter of course, a great deal of the listed shows/films will be ‘anime’, simply because japanimation has the monopoly on the most unique and varied story lines, and Japan (and sometimes France) are the only ones making mostly traditionally drawn animated features still.

Alright, here we go … …

Day Two: Fairy Tale Films :)

The Day of the Crows

I absolutely adore this film. Not only is The Day of the Crows a superbly animated feast for the eyes, but the characters, lessons and honest interactions take it a level above most children’s films. Not only that, but the dialogue is wonderfully translated from the French to the English subtitles. As a matter of course, I prefer watching films in their original language unless the dub has some inventive dialogue or more adequate voice acting, but this little known gem isn’t likely to pick up a dub any time soon anyway, so all of you who only watch dubs should make an exception for this one. 

It is the story of a young boy who has been raised by an ogre in the woods, until one day he must leave the protection of the trees for the nearby village in order to save someone precious to him. While there, he meets a young girl and begins to learn the touching history of his family. It’s a delightfully nuanced film. Really, don’t miss it!

Note: The title is mildly misleading, as any crow characters are showcased near the end of the film and don’t get much screen time. But why should that bother anyone?


Fusé: Teppō Musume no Torimonochō 

Is there any anime lover who would pass up a film with adorable characters and animal transformations? Well, I actually would pass up the ‘animal transformations’ part, but that may just be me. Fusé is a touching fairy tale centring around a young huntress who befriends a dog-like humanoid named Shino. What puts this movie a pitch above the other films out there with a similar premise is it’s refusal to give the characters more slack than any real person would get. People die…there’s a surprising amount of gore which I feel is somehow toned up despite the soft animation. It’s the sort of film that makes you laugh less because it’s funny and more because you know your window to find things humorous is rapidly disappearing. You want the characters to be happy….you think they should be because the film is so cute…but it’s the bitter-sweet trick of the story. 

It’s based on the Hakkenden, an old Japanese novel series that details the exploits of the ‘Dog Warriors’, beings reincarnated from the slaughtered spawn of a princess and her dog lover. This is part of why I can forgive the dog-creature theme, because the characters within the story on a few separate occasions refer to the story as a ‘counterfeit’ or parody of the Hakkenden


Snow Maiden

An old Russian animation about a young woman who is the child of Spring and Winter, stepping into a village for the first time and learning that she does not have the capacity to love as other humans do. It’s very touching, very whimsical, and in the end bitter-sweet. I’d recommend it for the beautiful artwork alone, but the characters are given a surprising amount of life considering how old the film is. It’s clearly a labour of love.


The Dead Princess and the Seven Knights

An old Russian film based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The most fantastic thing about this film is that from start to finish the entirety of the script is one looong poem, complete with rhymes. I believe this film, Snow Maiden and The Twelve Months are all apart of the same collection, but these three are not dubbed into English, like some of the better known in the series, such as The Snow Queen. 


The Twelve Months

If you are familiar with this film, it may be because you’ve watched the anime incarnation. I’d advise you to watch this one instead. Not only are the characters a bit more vital, but the art is a step above the anime and the humour is a bit more fluid. It is a Cinderella-like tale about a girl who wanders into the woods after being forced to preform an impossible task, and receives guidance from the Twelve Months, who are portrayed as a band of merry males of various ages having a meeting around a camp fire in the dead of winter.


Kirikou and the Sorceress

Kirikou and the Sorceress is a fascinating film about a young boy who, from the moment he is born, is able to talk and think like an adult. But he is still only a baby, and is very small because of it, which causes troubles between him and the towns people, and eventually gets the attention of a wicked sorceress that finds him a nuisance as he starts to use his size for unusual heroic feats. 

Every character is fun, the dialogue is insightful and the resolution is terribly sweet.


Tales of the Night

A series of re-worked fairy tales told through ‘shadow puppet’ visuals. Beautiful stories, really. All of the interactions between the characters are unique and admirable, and every tale has a satisfying conclusion. You may think the shadow puppet look takes away from it, but, really, it only gives you a bit more emotion to savour since every character looks pretty much the same, allowing their intentions to nakedly drive the stories, rather than their looks.


The Last Unicorn

Based on the book of the same name, and with a screen play by the author, this film is one of the better known ‘hidden gems’. The story follows the ‘last unicorn’, as she searches for others of her kind, who are being held captive in a barren land that is very far away from her gentle forest. She gathers loyal and endearing companions along the way, and eventually looses a bit of herself in the throws of a pseudo-romance with a prince. 

It’s a classic. The animation is unique and whimsical, and the pacing, characters and eventual resolution are all wonderful. It was my favourite film as a child.


The Princess and the Pilot

The Princess and the Pilot is a touching tale about the blooming tenderness and self-awareness between a pilot and the princess he is tasked with transporting across the ocean. There is political intrigue, bold decisions and the rude awakenings of reality in a war torn country. Both the leads are relatable and worth the care you inevitably develop toward them. And though the ending is a little frustrating, it is handled in a realistic and tentative manner that shows the meaning of personal feelings, even if physical circumstances can’t reflect them.


Miss Hokusai

Miss Hokusai is the fictional and slightly sensationalised biography of an actual historical figure from the Japanese artistic past. The story is told in a series of self-contained artistic episodes that explore the philosophy needed to produce vital art, by teaching the characters emotional lessons through supernatural interactions. It’s very unique and telling, and every character has a degree of believably that is pleasantly attention grabbing. Some might complain that the formatting leaves a bit to be desired, but I’m pretty sure this is all intentional. 


Princess Arete

Princess Arete is one of those rare princess films that is all about a princess and her character building, and not at all about romance. 

Little Princess Arete is kept in a tower where she grows increasingly depressed, despite her night time slips into the town bellow her window. By a bitter sort of luck, she is kidnapped by a wizard, and from here able to experience the world, albeit under a curse. The film has a very charmed and truthful grasp on the meanings in minor interactions and it never betrays the passionate heart of it’s female lead.

It’s a bit slow, but if you watch movies for the enrichment they provide and not for the face paced thrills, this one may be for you.


Magic Boy

An old Japanese feature from the ‘60′s about a young boy who must do battle with a wicked witch to protect his home and family. The characters are enjoyable, the battles are pretty neat and the animation is a proto-perfect anime film suite. Honestly, if you’ve seen Kubo and the Two Strings and then you see this, you may feel, as I have, that it is like the spiritual grandfather to Kubo


The Life of Guskou Budori

If you’ve ever seen Night on the Galactic Railroad, these two may look familiar to you. As you watch Guskou, you may develop the suspicion that the characters are an alternate incarnation or perhaps even a canon reincarnation of Giovanni and Campanella. 

The Life of Guskou Budori is about said titular character as he navigates life after the death (otherworldly kidnapping?) of his younger sister during a great famine. The animation is simply gorgeous, and if you can forgive the incredibly vague narrative, you may just find yourself walking along a very enchanted dream.

Like Galactic Railroad, all of the characters are anthropomorphised cats. I’m unsure why that is, but it’s cute and inventive. It too, is based on a book. If you haven’t seen Night on the Galactic Railroad, I would also recommend that one, as it is very touching and poetic, but it is very slow. If you happen to like both of them, the anime Spring and Chaos, another anthropomorphic cat tale, may be for you, as it is about the guy who wrote the two aforementioned stories.


Tales from Earthsea

If you are a studio Ghibli fan, you may be in for a treat. This is a loose adaptation of Ursula K. LeGuin’s seminal work the Earthsea series. It wraps into one film the characters and issues of four books, and so it doesn’t do the books much justice as it has bit off a bit more than it can chew. But if you accept it as an entirely different story that happens to have similar magical rules and the same names as the Earthsea series character’s have, the film is quite good. 

Young Arren is a disturbed young man who runs away from his posh life and is picked up by the Arch-mage Ged. After making a special friend and fighting a deranged wizard, Arren learns how to own up to his fears and find peace despite his crimes. I recommend watching the original Japanese dub, as it is a bit more insightful about the Earthsea world.

It is directed by Miyazaki’s son Goro. If you like this film, you may like his other, more well rounded film From Up On Poppy Hill (my favourite Ghibli film), and Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle, which is an adaptation of Diana Wynne Jones’s book of the same name (and a far more skillfully crafted adaptation than Tales from Earthsea. The perks of being a seasoned animator, I guess).

If you like the films, or even if you don’t, I recommend reading the Earthsea series and the Howl’s Moving Castle series. I prefer the latter. 

A by itself, B-/C+ if compared to the books.

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice is one of those barbarian films from the early 80′s. It’s got action and romance and wild prehistoric beasts, an obvious bad guy that’s still pretty well rounded despite his minor screen time and a bit of sorcery that you can laugh at if your mind is dirty enough to catch the innuendos. In a nutshell, Fire and Ice is a great late night blast from the past that every child of the 90′s should see at least once.

With art overseen by the legendary Frank Frazetta, I think any serious artist could find this film pretty rad as well. 


The Cat Returns

The Cat Returns is a fascinating continuum of Shizuku’s story from Whisper of the Heart (another Ghibli film). It’s a fairy tale to the max, complete with a dapper cat ‘prince’ and woefully silly damsel-in-distress. It’s a lesser known Ghibli film, which is why it’s on the list, and if you do watch it, I recommend pairing it with Whisper of the Heart, a high school drama about a young girl’s blossoming romance and her attempt to write a novel, since it’s only right to see the little strings that connect the two tales. 

It’s funny, charming and the Baron has a British accent ;) Mmm-mm delish!



Whew! What a long list!

Next time: Best Comedy Supernatural animated shows/films.

you know what
talking about horrible book adaptations, people usually only mention percy jackson, eragon and the golden compass
which are all indeed terrible in their own right
but you know which utterly amazing book got an horridly shitty adaptation
ella enchanted
a wonderful, insightful, witty story, with a well built and complex world, a natural and likeable romance subplot, and most importantly one of my favorite female heroines of all time
got a movie so disastrous it honestly only had like 10% to do with the book at all, it rewrote half of it, got rid of all the charm and complex world and character building stuff, all the actual deep and painful subjects, and made it into this frankly stupid parade of cliches that is painfully shallow in comparison to the source material

ella enchanted deserves a better adaptation 2k16
ella enchanted honestly deserves any kind of recognition 2k16

Hogwarts Express

Fred and George thinking of pranks to pull this school year, while -of course- cheating on the game they’re playing. Ron being enchanted by a spell Hermoine casts, and whether he likes it or not, Ron is very easily enchanted by her. Ginny is all caught up in Harry, and if he’s being honest, harry is all caught up in Ginny too. 

Tumblr can’t really handle the quality of this, I’m sorry about that. Although clicking on it makes it a little bit better.