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Meet Talon Ramsey [Son of Mariana and Bartender at Oasis Hotel]

               Talon is a young adult and is coming of age to start his own life. The problem is that he does not want to. His mother spoiled him as a young child because of his father leaving before he was even born. He never met his father and has spoken to him once his entire life. Even though he was raised with no father, he is very grateful for his mother and everything she had done for him. He wasn’t very interested in moving towns, considering he had grown up with the same friends for 20 years, but he has enjoyed helping his mother renovate the hotel. His mother has also given him a job as a bar tender/busboy to make his keep.

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There’s this unbelievably ableist campaign called #DiagnoseTrump where people are trying to label him with a mental illness to “prove he is unfit for office.” Right now the top two illnesses people claim he has are NPD and BPD and that terrifies me–countless laypeople and “professionals” claim he has a personality disorder. The stigma against personality disorders (especially Cluster B) has risen exponentially.

It appalls me that fellow Trump opposers have done the very thing they criticize him for: demonizing a minority population to engender hate. They claim that for someone to be as abhorrent and hateful as he is, he *must* have a personality disorder because no neurotypical is capable of such horrendous actions and attitudes.

They can’t diagnose him. Only a professional who assesses him over several therapy sessions can. And by the way, you don’t have to have a personality disorder to be a bad person. Bad people exist. Bad mentally healthy people exist. I’d wager the vast majority of bad people out there don’t have a personality disorder at all; if they did, personality disorders would be far more common.

Take care of yourselves, especially if your illness has been targeted by this campaign. I know it’s really gotten to me lately but remember that we are far stronger than they will ever know.


The Doctor Donna

—and Alfred is my grandpa, while Babs is like a sister and mentor to me. Going out from there is when things can get tricky. Former Commissioner Gordon is somewhat like a grandpa, though he’s more like a cool uncle I get to hang out with sometimes, and while Ivy and Harley are technically rivals like the Joker they treat me and padre like family, so they’re sort of like my aunts, and—

Sincerely, Me

Evan: In an email I received from you two weeks ago I noticed a comma in the middle of a phrase

Evan: It changed the meaning. Did you intend this? One key and you’ve consumed my waking days.

Evan: It says “Dear Evan Hansen,”

Evan: With a comma after dear

Evan: You’ve written “Dear, Evan Hansen”


WARNING: see below


Warning: Please don’t listen to the audio if you are in any way uncomfortable with sexual things. This Audio was included as part of proof in a call out post I should’ve made a while ago.

I’m sure everyone knows the story of how I met Ultima. It’s quite a funny story actually, I insulted his teeth on a livestream and that led to us getting an interview arranged. Shortly after he interviewed me and Vade, we starting talking a decent amount. It was clear he wanted to date me, and I told him that that summer I just wanted to focus on my studies, but he insisted that we give each other a chance. So I agreed, and we started going out early August. There were a few things that made me uncomfortable in the relationship, but nothing that I thought was damning. He was very insistent that we sext, even when I repeatedly told him no. However I figured it was just a thing that happened in online relationships, since I had previously never had one, and went with it. Nevertheless, we dated for about a month until I fully realized that this wasn’t attractive to me, and that he as a person wasn’t attractive to me, and I tried to break up with him.

I’ll say now that I was definitely not sinless in this relationship, and didn’t stand up for myself in times that I should’ve. I let things happen that I shouldn’t have let happen, and for that I do apologize. I’m obviously not very experienced, and he took advantage of that. When I tried to break up with him, he said a lot of things that set off the Psychologist alarm bells in my head. He told me only he would ever treat me well, and that I would never find someone who would give even half the same kind of love of respect. I’ll find the exact quote: “The worst part of all of this is that YOU are the one who will be losing the most in this situation. I will move on and you will be the one who has a higher chance of regretting the decision to just let me go.”

He then said he would forgive me for this “mistake” if I just agreed to drop it and get back together with him. I insisted that this was my decision that I wanted to make and that was that. A few days later, he contacted me saying that he wanted to get back together. I declined. A few weeks later, he again insisted that we get back together, and that even if we didn’t he asked if he could fly up to my apartment in December and have sex. I again declined. By this point I was dating hawker, and specifically told him we were together. He again asked if we wanted to get back together. I told him quite forcefully that I was dating hawker, and insisted he stop asking.

He still asked occasionally, but it wasn’t until December that I really realized what was going on. Ultima sent me an audio. Remember, this is about 2 months after me and hawker started dating, and he was fully aware of this fact. He sent me an audio fantasizing about having sex with me, completely out of the blue. (AUDIO IS INCLUDED ABOVE). REMEMBER THIS WAS AFTER I HAD REJECTED HIM AND HE KNOWS IM GOING OUT WITH SOMEONE ELSE. It was around that same time I got some more information.

Jenn came to me and asked a question about Ultima. She told me what had happened (see her blog), and I immediately told him that both the audio and the fact that he did this to Jenn really made me uncomfortable, and I didn’t want to be in contact with him further.

A bit of time passed, and more inconsistencies started to pop up. Upon asking around, both Camila and others he had interviewed had a similar experience. Then, when I confronted him about him pestering other people to date him as well, he blatantly lied to me, saying that they were the ones who had pursued him. Then things began to unfurl, and I realized he had been manipulating and pestering almost every woman he had interviewed.

I didn’t want to make this post to be a vindictive bitch, or to throw him under the bus or anything. I just really wanted to warn people about what type of person he actually is. By all means, if you like his content, watch his content, but don’t think for a second that he is the person he says he is.

I honestly was fooled by his nice guy approach. When Vade and a few more friends told me that he was doing some really questionable things, I defended him. Even now, I’m still feeling a little bad for doing this. But I also got into this mess by not saying what I needed to say when I needed to say it, so I’m going to do that now.

If you are a woman that he’s interviewed and he asks you out, think very carefully about if you want to say yes. Don’t let him pester you, and don’t let him get his way. If he sends you explicit pictures, block him and report him. 

This is also hopefully to show him not to do this in the future. I’m sincerely not trying to ruin his life, and I’m pretty torn up about doing this, but it needs to be done. 

“… well, I admit that it didn’t exactly go as planned…”

His eye twitched. “Didn’t go as planned? Your ‘pet’ killed a girl!”

“I was not aware that…a certain student would go wandering into this part of the school at that time…”

“It’s a girl’s toilet, Tom. Who do you think was more out of place there?”


- Tomarry [ Time Travel AU]


Answering the oc asks as a warm up! Thank you all so much for liking this nerd enough to ask stuff about him??? We both appreciate it a lot 💕


“You might want money. Maybe you want women. Or, you might want to protect the world. These are all common things people want. Things that their hearts desire. Greed may not be good, but it’s not so bad, either. You humans think greed is just for money and power! But everyone wants something they don’t have.”

@ 4 AM in bed
  • Alec: Hey
  • Alec: Hey Magnus
  • Alec: Hey
  • Magnus: What, Alexander?
  • Alec: Are lobsters mermaids to scorpions?

wow im so glad dorian is gay and is loved by all his boyfriends 


I had two choices over the period of the last ten months: I could have retired, and my father has done very well- I could have lived off him. Frankly, I don’t need the title. I could be called “General,” I understand, for the rest of my life. I don’t need the money, and I don’t need the office space. Frank as it is, and maybe it’s difficult to understand in the state of New York, I’d like to just be a good United States Senator. I’d like to serve. Bobby Kennedy, 1964