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small descriptions: sun, moon, & ascendant


sun - independent and courageous, enjoy leading others and bringing excitement into the lives of others, enthusiastic, very goal-oriented.

moon - incredibly persevering, brilliant sense of humor, modest about achievements (unless they also have aries sun), need to express yourself

rising - individualistic and impatient, quick-tempered, blush easily, outspoken with opinions, likes to get things done quickly


sun - fight for what they want, easy going but stubborn, good work ethic, very loyal, strong love for home, practical, choosy about who they befriend

moon - inner wisdom, dislike unpredictability, value honesty, prefer familiarity, gentle and warm, serene quality that calms those around them, set in their ways

rising - great self-reliance, inclined to frequent stubbornness and jealousness, strongly persistent nature


sun - very talkative, known for their sociability, go with the flow attitude, ability to think clearly, charming, wide range of interests, driven by curiosity

moon - clear and sharp mind, remarkable communication skills, confident speakers, tendency to over think

rising - quick witted, constantly alert, curious mind, strong desire to acquire knowledge, great need to communicate with others


sun - enjoy security while also seeking adventure, unpredictable nature, love to nurture others, value a sense of security, homebodies, kind and warm

moon - need to see the difference they make in other people’s lives, not likely to show their emotional nature to others, very intuitive, supportive friend

rising - sympathetic, very talkative, fond of home, extremely sensitive to criticism, may like to collect things


sun - high self esteem, very devoted, kind and generous, hot tempered yet forgiving, most comfortable when in charge, independent, idealistic

moon - undeniable energy, charming and intelligent, like to take risks, optimistic outlook on life, amazing wit

rising - strong character, normally good natured and generous, demonstrative, energetic, need to be the center of attention, regal disposition, good humored


sun - mind oriented, constantly analyzing and thinking, enjoy bettering themselves, down to earth and practical, selective with friendships

moon - often anxious, intuitive, very critical, high expectations of themselves, detail oriented and a dedicated planner

rising - worriers, tactful and somewhat high strung, strong desire for money, inclined to “tell it like it is”, modest due to self-criticism


sun - diplomatic nature, very expensive taste, get along well with everyone, quite ambitious, strive to maintain peace in their daily lives

moon - find beauty in simplicity, always seeking balance, they love a challenge and enjoy debates, like to have their way, unpredictable mood

rising - love parties, believe in justice for all, courteous and agreeable, tendency to meddle too much in other’s affairs


sun - very intense, like to question everything, treat others with kindness and loyalty, self reliant and in control, tendency to be a bit obsessive

moon - intense emotions, protective of themselves, loving heart, strong presence, need for control, very passionate, can be intimidating

rising - mysterious, intimidating, may come off as aloof or brooding, powerful, strong presence


sun - optimistic, adventurous, sees life as a journey, loves to travel, needs variety in life, independent and honest, fast-thinkers, strong willed

moon - happy-go-lucky attitude, competitive, adaptable, likes to leave an impression on others, impulsive and enthusiastic

rising - loves to be active, very opinionated, bores easily with routine, cheerful presence, curious, appears confident, needs independence


sun - practical and persistent, self-confident, profound thinkers, their seriousness may make them seem unhappy, can concentrate very well

moon - needs to feel useful and productive, does not like dealing with emotions, very hard on themselves, hides sensitivity with sarcasm

rising - takes everything seriously, very conscious of the image they project, chooses to be around others who make them look good, calm demeanor 


sun - free-spirited and eccentric, charming, keeps to themselves and doesn’t express their problems, detached view of life, social, independent and original

moon - very observant, have always felt “different”, emotionally detached, kind and compassionate, strong ego, outgoing introverts, friendly and optimistic

rising - unique, loves to express their individuality, quiet and irreverent sense of humor, curious, likable and friendly, appears aloof while also coming off as kind


sun - emotional and instinctual, easily discouraged, generous with friends, homebodies, accepts people for who they are, may feel unappreciated

moon - silly sense of humor, sweet and soft hearted, genuinely cares about others, creative, easily amused, tries to avoid the dull parts of life

rising - charming and intriguing, very impressionable, dislikes confrontation, is seen as genuine and gentle, dislikes attention

I’m binging humans are weird posts right now and I am probably going to get way too into this later tonight, but just the entire “hold my beer” culture interacting with Very Serious Alien Diplomats makes me want to scream.

Alien: By my calculations, the leap from the landing bay to the ship is too great for your physiology, Human Steve. I will call for assistance–

Human Steve: nah, nah, nah, C’Rahn, nah I know parkour.

Alien C’Rahn: Who is Parkou—aaaaAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Human Steve:

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Human Steve, rolling: LOL sick!

Alien C’Rahn, rushing to the edge and seeing Human Steve alive: HOW?!

Human Steve: *shrugs* Parkour.

Got7 as types of princes

Mark: the hidden away prince. Had a curse placed on him when he was born. Sneaks out of the palace and uses a fake name to adventure around. Sounds really good when announcing royal proclamations.

JB: the cool prince. Appears to be scary and there’s rumors that he slayed a dragon when he was three. Is actually a sweetheart that bows to palace staff.

Jackson: the travelling prince. Speaks more languages than all their diplomats combined. Very involved in politics and often goes out to visit his citizens. Everyone has a crush on him.

Jinyoung: the scholarly prince. Has read everything in the royal library twice. Funny at royal balls and has the best manners. Doesn’t return babies he’s handed to kiss.

Youngjae: the soft prince. Really awkward about royal duties. Prefers to be in the gardens or music hall. Attracts woodland creatures.

BamBam: the pretty prince. Designers would kill to dress him. Has at least four closets. Throws great parties. If he pierces his ears, so does everyone else.

Yugyeom: the nice prince. Choreographed the latest ballroom dance. Sipped champagne once and got found in the dungeons. Cares a lot for his citizens and is honest in nation reports.

The 10th House - Our Public Image

The 10th House sits at the very top of our chart and symbolizes our own public image. It is quite common for people to not relate to the sign on the 10th House cusp or the planets that live there. This is because we must grow into the 10th house, it does not come natural to us and it is not unusual for us to detest the qualities of the sign or planets in the 10th House in our younger years. This house shows us how we are perceived in the eye of the public but not so much in our private lives. 

Signs in the 10th House ~

Aries in the 10th House: These people tend to appear to be very passionate about everything that they do. They can sometimes seems a little hyper or overexcited but this comes across in a childlike charm. Other people might see them to be quick to anger even if this isn’t the case. 

Taurus in the 10th House: They tend to appear very calm and level headed. People see them as patient and caring but are also aware that they aren’t pushovers. They appear strong and durable but can also be seen to be quite stubborn and unyielding. 

Gemini in the 10th House: These people may seem to others that they are always “go, go, go” and rarely every slow down! They might seem shallow and “quippy” and unfortunately often have the reputation of a gossip. They seem to be very cunning and mischievous which just adds to their sprite-like charm.

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It’s sometimes frustrating being with my baby boomer parents. I’ve been in the awkward situation where my mom is getting more and more frustrated with a person behind the counter, until my mom says, “May I speak to your manager?“ At this point, I had to stop her.

"Mom, I’m pretty sure you’re talking to the manager.”

“How do you know?”

“Well, she’s wearing a different color uniform and just told this other guy how to handle a situation.”

The manager smiled at me and very diplomatically said to my mom something like, “It is true. I am the manager here.” My mom was very frustrated at me but she couldn’t really fault me for it, and it was painful to watch. But in general, I feel like baby boomers are less respectful to service industry employees, at least compared to millennials, and I’m not exactly sure how to react when I’m with my parents and they’re rude to a waitor or a cashier. 

Omg I am exhausted - this con stuff is really intense. Can’t really do detailed updates while I’m here, there’s so much to take in and enormous amounts of worrying about where you need to be next to take up your time.

But a couple of things for those who missed it:

1. Bryan said “Hugh is my rock” and mentioned how they worked out the final TWOTL scene together. He can’t imagine Hannibal without Hugh/Will. The issue about rights/studios is still pertinent but something to be worked out.

2. Some of the nuance of Hugh’s comments about platonic love may have been overlooked - he’s a fairly subtle communicator. He described their relationship as one of obsession and in terms of finding the one person who can make sense of life for Will, and went on to say their relationship is a stand in for all kinds of love. He also later clarified that Will would never have thought of Hannibal’s interest in him as ‘love’, until Bedelia affirms that’s the case, because he does not associate love with Hannibal or think Hannibal is capable of it [totes your fault, Hanners] because - I paraphrase - Hannibal’s a giant bag of dicks. Like most people, he has placed the idea of love on pedestal - he’s not considered it could be ‘dirty and awful’. And I also took his comments to mean that Will and Hannibal’s interest in each other is not primarily sexual, nor is that on Will’s radar at all. But that does not mean it must exclude sexual elements in the future - he was not, in that sense, denying Hannigram. Finally, after seeing him speak on his own today, it’s clear he doesn’t want to start doing Bryan’s job for him in such a public arena, and start giving us what he thinks might happen - he’s very diplomatic and professional. When Bryan was able to join him on stage, that was a different thing.
‘Supernatural’ Cast David Haydn-Jones Discusses Latest Spoilers For Arthur Ketch [Exclusive]
Supernatural is one of the most popular shows on television, and the mysterious character of Mr. Arthur Ketch is a fan favorite due to his good looks, gracious

Some of the interesting parts: 

On action justification:

“I DON’T think he justifies his actions at all. He was a child, most likely with a borderline personality disorder that was exploited, conditioned and trained to be the sociopath killer, as we see him today. He clearly has very primal, hunter urges and that is what partially helps create his sadistic pleasure. Also, he has been indoctrinated by a very dogmatic organization that orders him with military precision without question.”

On The British Invasion (12x17):

“Oh boy! When I got the script I was as shocked as the viewers seemed to be. I was like, ‘Holy Moly. They are going to HATE me.’ As to the ‘romance’ part, which is putting it very diplomatically, if you go back to previous episodes you’ll see little subtextual hints that I tried to lay in as part of Ketch’s seduction. I was so happy to see in this script that it finally happened, and my ground game, so to speak, paid off. Ketch is a very sexual guy, but I don’t think he has the most mainstream appetites. I’ll leave the rest to Tumblr, haha. BUT, I will say I am happy to hear the audience picked up on just a wee crack of emotional vulnerability I tried to build in there. Excited to see how that plays out in future episodes.”

About what’s next:

“I can definitely, 100 percent, unequivocally NOT give you any hints as to what’s next! I will say, however, if you thought you were mad at Ketch before, oh boy, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

David’s tweet about interview

Beauty and the Beast Parenting Headcanons

Inspired by this post here I’ve come up with some headcanons for how everyone in the castle handles the new arrival(s)…

- When Belle first finds out she is pregnant, she is really nervous about telling Adam. She’s just not sure how he will react. Sure, he’s great with kids but he’s never shown much of an interest in babies. If anything they seem to make him uncomfortable. Given his relationship with his own father, she is worried he might panic at the mere mention of fatherhood. When she finally does sit him down and tells him, he is so overjoyed that they both end up crying. Is he terrified? Sure. But somehow in that moment it doesn’t matter. They’re going to be a family.

- Adam is instantly overprotective of Belle once he knows she is expecting, insisting that she shouldn’t be doing even the simplest tasks in “her condition.” She insists she is fine and continues to try and do what she always would. Adam will not have it. He carries her books that he deems “too heavy.” Sometimes–even in the first few weeks–he carries her when he thinks she has been on her feet too much. He even tries to convince her to take a break from teaching at one point during her pregnancy (he quickly gave up on that one. Arguing with Belle when she wasn’t pregnant was hard enough.) If he doted on her before, it was nothing compared to how much he wanted to take care of her while she’s pregnant. 

- Adam starts talking to Belle’s belly way before she starts showing. He wants his child to know his voice. To know him. Sometimes when Belle is asleep he’ll talk to her belly and tell the baby just how lucky they are that they’re going to have Belle as a mother and how wonderful she is. He also promises to read them better stories than Romeo and Juliet (he usually saves these comments for when he knows Belle is awake.) 

- He thinks feeling the baby kick is one of the coolest and strangest things and can’t get enough of it. He does lovingly tell the baby to be gentle when Belle feels an especially hard kick.

- While Belle is pregnant, Adam spends a lot of time reading up on medical books and infant care. Some of the medical information is review (when he was younger he had spent a few months solid studying medical books as a way to cope with his grief/ survivors guilt when his mother died. He always wondered if there was something that could have been done to save her.) The baby information is all new to him. He wants any insight he can get. Mrs. Potts insists that most of it is nonsense and that he will just have to learn as he goes along like everyone else.

- Happy and excited as he is, Adam is still a bit of a nervous wreck at times (Will he be a good father? What do you do when they cry? What do babies need? How do you even go about changing a diaper?) Lumière often teases him for this. That is until a few months later when he finds out Plumette is also pregnant. With twins. He doesn’t tease Adam much after that. (More on  Lumière and Plumette as parents here)

- Plumette and Belle end up acting as a support for each other, both during their pregnancies and after their children are born. It is nice to know that they can rely on one another when there are multiple toddlers running around the castle. 

- Belle gives birth to a baby girl on the first day of spring. Adam ends up holding their daughter for hours while Belle rests, marveling at how beautiful, how tiny, how perfect she is. He counts all of her fingers and toes, subconsciously checking just to make sure there weren’t any lasting effects from the curse he could have passed on. She looks so much like Belle. But she has his eyes. (I definitely feel like a “Dear Theodosia”-esque reprise of Evermore would be fitting here…(UPDATE: I am a sap and I wrote one. You can read it here if you like)

- Adam and Maurice end up becoming much closer after Adam becomes a dad. They got along well enough before, but they end up bonding over the trials of fatherhood. Adam is reluctant to accept direct help from any of the servants, insisting on doing the dirty work himself. But he values any and all of Maurice’s advice and encouragement. He did raise Belle, after all. 

- Maurice is impressed by Adam’s dedication to being a hands on parent, doing just as much work as Belle. He never imagined he would see his put together, perfectly quaffed prince of a son-in-law looking sleep deprived, covered in spit up, changing diapers like a veteran midwife. He did his best to encourage Adam when he noticed he was looking especially worn out or unsure, or when those first noxious diaper changes came. They have a good laugh over the antics of his granddaughter and stories of Belle’s childhood.

- Agathe ends up appointing herself as fairy godmother to the little princess. She bestows a gift for language on the child, allowing her the ability to understand and communicate in any language she encounters. It takes a little while for her to understand that others don’t pick up on foreign language as quickly as she does. Adam finds her reading one of the Greek volumes in the library at the age of 4. This gift ends up being very helpful for diplomatic relations as she ends up translating for foreign dignitaries who visit the castle, and subsequently charms the pants off them by being an overall adorable child.

- Adam often takes their daughter with him on several of his royal meetings when Belle is busy (or just needs a break.) It is not uncommon for him to show up to a meeting with his baby girl on his hip. He believes in giving her plenty of learning opportunities early on on how to be a good leader. 

- Adam and Belle often take their daughter to the village. They believe it is important for her to know her people and understand different walks of life than her own. The villagers love their princess and she adores them.

-  Lumière and Plumette end up having a boy and a girl.  Lumière is an incredibly proud papa and dotes on his children. The sounds of their imaginative adventures can be heard all throughout the castle. They end up inheriting some of Lumière’s showmanship, putting on little plays for the castle with Belle and Adam’s daughter.

- These three end up being the best of friends and grow up together in the castle. Belle makes sure that they are all given a proper education, feeling that  Lumière and Plumette’s children deserve the same opportunities as her own.

-  Lumière’s twins adore Cogsworth. He often puts on a gruff act when they “bother” him while he is working, but he (not so) secretly loves it.

- Chip becomes like a protective older brother to the twins and the little princess. They follow him around the castle like little ducklings.

- Lefou becomes a favorite with the younger generation of the castle. He makes up funny songs to make them laugh or cheer them up when they’ve had a bad day.

- When the princess comes of age, various suitors start to call on the castle much to Adam’s displeasure. Not only is he protective of his baby girl, he isn’t the type of monarch who is going to force his daughter into anything she doesn’t want to do. He allows them entrance to the castle begrudgingly until she comes to Adam and Belle with a box of love notes from Lumière’s son. Belle thinks it is sweet. Adam is just glad he has a reason to stop allowing strangers into his castle. Being a polite and gracious host while simultaneously watching any newcomers like a hawk was exhausting. 

Feel free to add on! I love batb fluff 

anonymous asked:

Inquisition Companions (and advisors) reacting to someone purposely misgendering a trans inquisitor?

Cassandra: In truth it takes Cassandra a moment to register the insult. Once the Inquisitor had told her what their gender was she had cemented it in her mind and given it no more thought, and so she is not at first sure to whom the stranger is referring to. But when the words strike home she is furious, and woe betide them if they are not already apologzing before she gets a hold of them or draws steel.

“The Inquisitor fights for us all, to save your pathetic life. Apologize now, or I will spare them the burden of your future.”

Solas: There’s anger, and then there is the icy disdain that floods from the elf. There were elves in Arlathan who were either born the wrong gender or were simpy more comfortable living as the opposite sex and he has seen memories of others in the fade. But the hatred was new- not that humans disdaining what was different was something he’d not seen- and he does not tolerate it.

“Are you blind as well as stupid? Address your Herald correctly, or I will make it so address no one again.”

Sera: Big mistake. Big. Mistake. If they won’t let the Red Jenny put an arrow through their eye than Sera begins the loudest, most vulgar verbal beatdown she can summon. Halfway through the person probably begins to run, and is followed by hurled insults (and possibly rocks). She pranks them mercilessly if they stay in Skyhold, and nowhere is safe once they leave.

“Nob headed shitebrained pissbucket nugeater! Get your friggin eyes checked before you talk to the Inquizzy like that, or I’ll make you say what!”

Varric: Well, there goes that person’s financial success. And possibly their ability to sit comfortably, if Bianca is in the mood to doll out justice. But his biggest joy comes in watching them sweat.

“I’d start running if I were you. Sister Nightengale probably already knows where you live, and the Seeker here…well, you don’t want to see what she can do with a knife.”

Vivienne: Like the Marquis before them Madame de Fer has no issue with freezing the hapless fool solid before delivering her icy response.

“Really, darling, I’m disappointed. Of all the insults you might have chosen for our Herald you went with the most crass and least effective to benefit your cause. Such barbs are poisonous only to the wielder, my dear– though I imagine you already know that.”

If the Herald is too upset she will shatter them, but if not she lets them go and then plots some further political reprimand.

Blackwall: He draws steel, size and armor and title all factors designed to intimidate as he crowds the speaker.

“The Herald of Andraste has sacrificed much to keep us safe, and you have the balls to insult them for it? Ungrateful bastard, clear out before I ‘mistake’ you for darkspawn.”

After they leave he claps the Inquisitor on the shoulder, gruffly comforting. “Don’t let those dogs shake you. You are who you are, and that’s all that matters.”

Dorian: The South is barbaric in it’s own ways, but that the Herald is almost universally accepted is incredibly progressive in it’s own way. The mage is still not sure what to do with that, but when it comes to trading insult for insult there is no one better than an altus from Tevinter to have as a champion.

“Charming, truly, your choice of insult. Rather stupid to go blurting it around here though, where so many sharp pointy things are just lying about. But don’t worry if anything does happen. I happen to be remarkably good at reanimation, one of the many hobbies I picked up in the Imperial Circles.” 

He lets his magic glow around his hand, and his smile is far from friendly. “Where there are no Templars to teach us right from wrong. Shall I give you a head start?”

The Iron Bull: If the person is very lucky they go down with only a lightly fractured face when the Qunari decks them. If they don’t he has them by the throat, and they get to learn how intimidating a one eyed stare can be.

“You better step real careful now, friend. You’ve got about ten seconds to apologize or run before I tell my Lieutenant exactly where to find you and what makes you cry– and he will take even more pleasure from dismembering you than I will.”

Cole: “Cruel and arrogant, saying the wrong name for the wrong body, shake them up so that you get out on top, make the Herald fear you. That’s not how it works. You have to pull the not until it tangles and the nightmare comes out. Stuck in the dark, crying out but no one listens, all alone with the strange boy, always talking talking talking.”

No one is exactly sure where the stranger or Cole goes after that, but he isn’t seen in Skyhold again.

Cullen: It would be a mistake to forget that Commander Cullen fights more than just paperwork. He bodily drags the offender through Skyhold, his hands fisted in their collar or belt as a small contigent of soldiers with weapons drawn follows.

“You made a mistake coming here, and mistakes can kill. I’m going to give you five minutes to leave this fortress, or these men here will help you do so.” Dragging their face to his he makes his voice very low and very quiet when he adds “No one checks the snowdrifts on the south side of this castle, and spring is a long way away. Make the right choice.”

Josephine: She is furious and insists that the stranger leave immediately. Her outrage is very calm and very diplomatic, and she focuses her immediate energy on making sure the Herald is alright. If the strangers finances and social standing and marriage falls about after that she certainly could not attest to any knowledge of that fact.

None at all.


Lelianna: All anyone ever knows is that it involves four ravens, three soldiers, a terrifying number of shoes and temporary use of the ramparts. Needless to say the stranger is never seen or heard from again.

–Mod Fereldone

Braids & War Paint (Part 2)

Notes on:

Part 1:

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Part 4:

Rowan Whitethorn had been many places, he’s traveled to every direction, climbed a plethora of mountains, has lived in cities that are nothing more than dirt now and nothing he’s seen will compare to the wildness of Terrasen and it’s people. Wild in the fact the citizens of Terrasen have such a connection to their home, the air is cleaner when everyone cares for it. It reminded him of Mistward. 

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the positives and negatives of working with the signs

Aries are go-getters, and have unmatchable determination. They go all in, and don’t stop until it is done. They don’t back down in a challenge, but rather come alive. BUT, Aries are hard to compromise with. They know what they want, and it seems to overpower and overshadow anything else going on.

Taurus are intensely loyal, and will always be on your side. They will always help you no matter what, and will stick with what you are doing. They love to help you out and fix things for you. BUT, Taurus are very stubborn and hard to argue or negotiate with. Once their mind is set on something, it’s hard to coerce them out of it.

Geminis have a lot of connections. They are very friendly, so they have a lot of good connections and bridges with people. If you ever need something, ask a Gemini. They can get it for you. BUT, Geminis can be a bit moody, and sometimes their mood can affect their work. They usually snap out of it, but for a bit, their emotions can take over.

Cancers are really compassionate and can feel out a situation really well. They can see from the other person’s perspective and understand where they are coming from and assess and deal with the situation accordingly. BUT, Cancers don’t like change, and won’t adapt easily to big changes. They will get used to it, but at first it will shake them a little bit.

Leos are great at showing off the good side of things. They know how to appeal to people and charm them. They are very good at convincing people. BUT, Leos can be a bit standoffish if they don’t like what they are doing or the people they are trying to work with. They can be a bit distant and more difficult to work with if they don’t particularly like who or what they are working with.

Virgos are very organized and hard working. They know what to do to make things perfect, and everything they do is perfect and worked out as much as possible. They really think of every detail. BUT, Virgos can be perfectionistic, and they like to work on things until it is to their standard. If it doesn’t reach their standard, they can kinda freak out and get a bit frustrated.

Libras are very diplomatic and know how to work both sides. They understand and listen to both sides, but still get their point across. They know how to work with people. BUT, Libras can be very logical and can be a bit insensitive to emotions or problems other people have.

Scorpios know how to get into the minds of people and knows how they work and what they want. They know how to work with people individually, and knows how to keep the attention of a group. They get things done, and they know how to get people to get things done as well. BUT, Scorpios can be quite intense and do whatever is necessary to get their work done or for people to get their work done as well. People will either love or hate them.

Sagittarius are very creative and will always have new ideas and fun things to do. People are drawn to them and people almost always like them. BUT, Sagittarius are known to not have a lot of work ethic, and like to take breaks and chill more than they like to work overtime or work too much. They like relaxation.

Capricorns thrive in the workplace, and are known to be hard workers and always impresses their bosses and coworkers. They are dependable and responsible. BUT, Capricorns are known to also do whatever it takes to get a job promotion or impress their boss or co workers, so sometimes they leave people in the dust. They can be a bit selfish when it comes to promotions or extra things.

Aquarius are very innovative and will reinvent the workplace. They will bring originality and fun wherever they go. They will make things work but they will also make it fun. BUT, Aquarius can be very opinionated and won’t let an issue or argument drop. They will want to talk or argue about things until they prove they are right.

Pisces are gentle and sensitive, which makes them great coworkers and great at working with people. They are very intuitive and know what people are thinking and feeling, and can use it to their advantage. BUT, Pisces tend to daydream and get lost in what they are doing, and can sometimes miss cues or miss something.  

I Lost It

Today I sent a very long, detailed email to my chiefs and program director about my co-resident. I couldn’t take it anymore. Not only did she have a completely incorrect history and physical on both patients, she didn’t write her progress notes, didn’t do a medication reconciliation, didn’t replete electrolytes, didn’t do ANYTHING.

I was livid. I texted her post call and told her she had to do her job and at least write her damn notes. Furthermore, she came nearly half an hour late for signout, so the resident on the other team and I both signed out late. She blamed her flu. That straw broke this camel’s back.

My new attending is really good and we’re actually friends. He could clearly tell I was stressed and asked what was wrong. I am usually very diplomatic. But today I had just completely lost it.

It was this co-resident. All these patients who treated us like their drug dealers for opioids or their butlers. Yesterday with the other garbage attending who made me stabilize two sick patients alone as he hid in the callroom and clinic.The stupid consults.

Want to hear the consults I got today from surgical services?

“Do I give vitamin D or calcium for a fracture?”

“What do I do if the daptomycin is giving her rhabdomyolysis?”

“His BP is usually in the 110s why is it in the 100s?”

So yeah, I completely lost it. I told him, “you know how, in V for Vendetta, there’s that part where Natalie Portman’s head is shaved, she’s half starved, tortured and brutalized and they open the door and tell her they’ll shoot her and she doesn’t even care anymore? I’m Natalie Portman right now.” He was startled. I told him it wasn’t him, at all. I didn’t want to rant about a colleague in a public place but if we had time this week I would be happy to tell him once my formal report to the Chiefs and program director was filed. And I wanted to be honest with him. I hated this hospital. I don’t care anymore. Nothing anyone can do to me can hurt me anymore. Until then, I keep counting down the days.

Nine more days left.

Everyone on here debating over Lotor being Keith’s evil counterpart or Lance’s counterpart and I’m like did you not hear that speech he’s clearly Allura’s counterpart you fools stop robbing her character and shoving it into Lance especially. 

Seriously you have the princess of Altea, daughter of Alfor, and the prince of the Galra, son of Zarkon. Both diplomats, very charismatic, make speeches that touch their audiences, underestimated and doubted until they prove themselves, powerhouses, etc etc

For god’s sake, I get arguing for Keith’s foil since they’re both thrown into leader’s role and described as hotheads, but stop making everything about Lance when he’s probably gonna get his own foil soon. Stop taking everything from Allura and giving it to him I’m sick of it! You can’t let her even have the simplistic of story narratives. 


“What?” you immediately responded, guilt coloring your cheeks. Shame not allowing you to meet his eye.

“I just wanted you to know that,” Ward said, and his soft tone made you feel even worse.

“I… I know.”

You realized Ward hadn’t pushed any of the buttons on the elevator pad, the keys remaining dark.

“You looked like you needed to hear it,” he spoke gently, shifting into your sight-line so you had to look up at him or be forced to converse with his dotted maroon tie. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s… nothing,” you stammered, pinned to the spot and utterly exposed before those dark eyes.

“It’s my new assistant, isn’t it?” Ward asked, the hard lines of his face softening in that way they did when he almost smiled. You couldn’t deny him anything when he looked at you like that.

“She’s very… friendly,” you responded diplomatically, trying not to wince around the understated words.

“You mean she’s a pain in the ass,” Ward said with a quick roll of his eyes, and you snorted with unexpected laughter.

“She’s stricken,” you said more easily, the tension loosening from your muscles. “I can’t exactly blame her.”

“Well, I do,” Ward murmured as he reached around your shoulders, pulling you closer with an expression that was less than appropriate for the office. “It’s pretty damn obvious to anyone with two brain cells to rub together that I already belong to someone.”

Before you could finish forming your blushing smile, Ward moved his hands upward, to either side of your jawline, and leaned forward. The kiss caught you by surprise, even though you saw it coming, and you immediately melted against his warm lips.

The elevator dinged.

Ward slowly pulled away from you, looking over his shoulder at the two board members who stood frozen, shock plain on their faces at the sight that met them once the elevator doors opened.

“Catch the next lift,” Ward said with perfect composure. “This one’s occupied.”

And then Ward reached across to the elevator pad and closed the doors.

SBUK3: Sunday - Sean and Bex Panel


  • Sean says there’s no trick to gcses, you just have to practice (x)
  • “study with your friends and work your arse off” (x)
  • Being well read and smart is it’s own reward (x)
  • “That’s why you’re so sexy, cos your clever” Bex to Sean (x)
  • If they could choose be in any musical: Bex would be in wicked Sean would be in Hamilton (x)
  • Sean gets really emotional over “dear theodosia” from Hamilton (x)
  • Sean fanboying about Hamilton and not being able to listen to Dear Theodosia without crying (x)
  • Bex’s mum fangirled over Sean and Bobby when bex joined the show (x)
  • “We are each others best audience.” (x)
  • If Sean would describe himself as the dwarf Grumpy (when he’s hungry) (x)
    • Oh he just changed it to Happy haha (x)
  • They just sang Beyoncé (x)
    • Sean: “to the left to the left”
    • Bex: “everything you own in a box to the left” (x)
  • Sean remembers all the fans names who’s he’s met (x)
  • Sean noticed the piegeon and said ‘there is no expense spared in this con, we even have live animals (x)
  • @sean_m_maguire “Bird!!!! We’re building an ark and shipping off to Toronto!” (x)
  • “I wanna go shopping with Rachel. I love the fact that Monica is really tidy.” about Friends @bexmader (x)
  • Sean was nearly Tag from friends (x)
  • Rebecca is Gryffindor. Zelena Slytherin (x)
  • Bex is Gryfindor, Zelena is Slytherin, Sean and Robin are Gryfindor (x)
  • Sean doesn’t know about the cinnamon challenge (x)
  • Bex’s fav YouTube video is the cinnamon challenge (x)
  • Bex educating Sean about YouTube and cinnamon challenge. Sean wants to do it and Bex promised to film it. (x)
  • Sean stole his scarf from OUAT. Tries to take something from each acting job as a momento (x)
  • Bex and Sean say they’d take baby Robyn to Central Park. To the petting zoo and the castle (x)
    • Sean: “I’d like the park because it’s forest-y”
    • Bex: “I’d be at home because it’s green” (x)

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random concept: the paladins + allura and coran are on some planet for some mission. one of the diplomats takes quite a liking to shiro and clearly flirting with him, although he doesn't really realize it. allura is lowkey jealous: she wants to butt into their conversations and talk to the diplomat and get them away from shiro. she has a bit of a crisis because she doesn't even know why she's jealous. (this is also one of my fav tropes btw)

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THIS IS ALSO ONE OF MY FAVOURITE TROPES & PLEASE CONSIDER: the paladins all know and lance & hunk gets them all involved with getting the two of them together. coran is oblivious but then realizes and goes to talk to a VERY oblivious shiro who is slightly upset bc what did he do to make allura mad at him?? he’s very concerned.

BONUS: the diplomat realizing and going up to allura when they’re all set to leave. “he’s all yours, princess. he wouldn’t stop talking about you” and she’s a flustered in-denial mess but YEAH JUST GOD BLESS YOU ANON THIS IS BEAUTIFUL

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I like that the way he tries to “help” is veeery jj, but i also like that he tries at all, it’s like if his own anxiety attac during competition, turned him down a notch on the ‘dick scale’… he’s still pretty high, but he wouldn’t even have bothered before that happened to him…

Oh, absolutely. I think JJ is going to lean so hard into what happened at the GPF, because he can’t operate any other day, but it’s all totally sincere. He tweets little daily affirmations. He Instagrams his blindingly bougie yoga retreats with Isabella (hashtag Namaste). He’s genuinely delighted and touched when fans tell him his comeback inspired them, because JJ Style isn’t just about skating, it’s about LIFE. He talks about all of this at least once a press conference.

(Meanwhile, at the other end of the table, Yuuri’s asked how he manages his pre-competition stress, and gives Victor the universally recognized look for ‘I need you to pull the fire alarm.’ Victor, who was denied so many teen movie cliches growing up, is so ready.)

But! After the GPF, Yuuri gets a leading question from a reporter about JJ being overscored, and Yuuri comes back with a very genuine and diplomatic answer about how admirable JJ’s perseverance is. And he’s really glad that JJ heard it and was encouraged, but. He’s not really sure how to tell JJ that he doesn’t need to keep giving him stress relief tips. Really. It’s fine.

“Oh, Yuuri!” JJ bellows across the hotel lobby the next time they see each other. “I have to send you this new article about reiki!”

Victor leans close to Yuuri and whispers, “I can still pull the fire alarm.”