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TAG, YOU'RE IT. The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. Then go to ten favorite blogs and tell them they are it! 💜💛💚

hi bby!! thank you and mmm lets see what else r there to know of me; im just gonna list out the stuff that came into my mind :3

  • i used to collect clothing tags/receipts and use them as bookmarks
  • i like socks, i think. but i mean, i only wear them to sleep. never out.
  • im one of those people that has a very difficult time making decisions but also the kind that, whenever she sees something she likes; doesn’t think twice n gets it. if that would ever make sense but i guess it depends on what it is?
  • i’m not sure how to say this but i like nature?? i mean i wouldn’t mind living in the mountains and enjoy a slow-phase life and just chill n enjoy life and be surrounded by nature but honey, you won’t be seeing me moving about climbing stuff or doing outdoorsie stuffs?? does that make sense? LOL.
  • i really like my cat’s balls, i think they’re really cute. i like looking at them cos its so cute lmao ok im done.

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Appreciate you trying to warn me about the GIANT BUGS that grabbed me (us) during that whole mess. I'm so sick of pincers and mandibles and whatever else insects are trying to touch me with--you working on any anti-giant-bug-mutant-alien spray named after turtles yet? Cuz I need me summa dat.

I am completely with you on that, Karai.

It’s oddly very difficult to get a hold of bug spray to work with. You’d think with all the illegal dumping always going on that it would be easy to find some leftover Round Up, but it isn’t. 

Can you believe the guy on the left was actually me I was so fat!!!! LIKE FUCK I DIDN’T EVEN HAVE A FUCKEN NECK !!! I HAD A Triple chin 😫😫😫. I’m blown away by how much weight I lost . I’m so proud of myself .. I came a very long way it’s wasn’t easy but I dedicated myself to doing it… giving up on Certain food’s was very difficult because food is so fucking delicious… I’M VERY PROUD TO SAY THIS IS MY #transformation

I decided to reread the latest chapters of Kuro and… I found Undertaker there. As I understood he brought real!Ciel to the Phantomhive’s mansion. Does that mean that in the next chapters we will see a battle between our!Ciel and real!Ciel and a battle between Sebastian and Undertaker? In Campania arc Undertaker was extremely strong and I’m afraid that even with the help of the reapers it would be very difficult to win the battle. Oh… and we saw Grell there, when Agni was killed. I’m very afraid that Grell will fight on the Sebastian’s side and Undertaker could injure that reaper or… even kill. I hope there would be no deaths except of Agni’s. It would be very painful if more than one lovely character would be killed… I just hope for the best in that manga. T_T

yall being in full time ministry this summer is
1) very exciting and rewarding
2) very tiring and difficult

i feel well prepared though thanks to the very good education i’ve received in my bachelors program. it also makes me more excited to start my master of divinity program this january

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Do you think exes can be friends?

I think they can but in rare situations.  It’s very difficult to go from lovers to friends, especially right away and I think it can hurt your future relationships.  But enough time passes and you’ve both moved on completely, I think there’s a potential for friendship.

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You mentioned previously you like 40s French music- do you speak French? If so what's your favorite Édith Piaf lyric? (I assume you're familiar with her work) Much thanks 🌸

Edith Piaf is absolutely amazing and her songs are the most beautiful pieces of music to me, especially when you translate them.
Picking a favorite is very difficult.
Non, Je ne regrette rein
La foule
And her the absolute wonder La Vie En Rose
And those are only the beginning.
No I don’t speak French.

On that note, in light of the recent discourse, y’all realize how extremely difficult it is for a portion of the Source/God to be contained in a tiny flesh vessel? It’s pure, unadulterated energy and that is very difficult to contain in a 3rd dimensional body. Even a small portion (although we are all interconnected to the Source and each other, but that’s on a much smaller scale).

Because of this, the effects of the energy on a human body would be vastly different than a human soul or an angel incarnating into a human body. It’s already difficult enough for a human body to contain the powerful energy of an Archangel (making any case of incarnation by them having a very important reason behind their incarnation), so imagine the issues of The Source getting into a body. It would probably destroy the body from the inside out after a period of time.

It’s also quite an ego complex to claim to be God, if we’re really being honest here. The angels and The Source take humility especially seriously and even if those who claim to be God or the Messiah don’t actively mean to cause harm, that’s still a huge complex they’re supporting there, which ultimately will cause harm to the person themselves and those around them. 

“ STILL MISSING as of 6/25/17….please keep sharing! Thank you so much!

This begins a very difficult post for me. My daughter Lexi and I had an aguement last night where she got very angry and upset. In her angry moment she begin to run away from my sisters house in Pleasanton. After about an hour of searching and no return I called local police department. They searched along with me for the next 4 hours. At about 11pm she was placed on the missing person list. I continued to search until I had exhausted all areas. I am terrified for my baby girl. She is definitely a thick skinned girl and tries to appear tough but she’s definitely putting herself in danger. After zero sleep I got a tip that she was last seen at Eastridge Mall in San Jose ca at 1030pm on 6/23/2017. She somehow got from Pleasanton to San Jose. I’ve been working tirelessly with my family posting signs and checking every familiar area in desperate hopes to find her safe and unharmed. PLEASE if you have any information at all I would hope that you would contact me or local law enforcement so we can bring her home. PLEASE SHARE! We love her so much and would be absolutely crushed if anything ever happened to our sweet Lexi Jade.”

(Written by her mom above)

Please help spread this! Even if you aren’t around San Jose/Pleasanton/the bay area please reblog to help bring Lexi back home. Her mom’s name is Adrianne Flores on Facebook, and you could contact her on that. I’m just an acquiantance of Lexi. She was reported to be seen at Eastridge mall in San Jose @ 10:30pm on 6/23/17. She was reportedly wearing no shoes, a white tshirt, and ripped jeans.

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How important is sex in a sugar baby relationship? Is it possible to not have sexual contact?

The majority of the time it is necessary. You can decide to look for a platonic SD, but finding one will be very difficult, and take a long time. If sex is absolutely a deal breaker for you, you can
always try. I just don’t want you to start sugaring with any misconceptions about platonic sugaring. Finding a regular sugar daddy will be easier, but you’ll probably have to have sex. Finding a platonic sugar daddy will be much harder, but it’ll be the non sexual relationship you want. You really just have to weigh out your options, and decide what is most important to you.

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‪hnnn i'm not sure how to phrase this but im really glad i came across your "about" bc your gender/identity is kinda like mine but i didn't know how to put it into words for the longest time. like, im dfab too and never came around to they/them pronouns bc im so used to she/her but i dont feel like im on the girl or boy end of the gender spectrum and i really enjoy being called things like "prince" and "handsome" and etc. so i hope this doesn't sound weird but thanks???‬

oh hey im glad you liked my bio! yeah idk my gender feels very complicated and difficult to explain because i dont feel like im a boy or a girl like im genderless but then theres also some masculine things and some feminine things that are like part of my gender identity and also i love girls and im gay and thats like the one thing that ties me to any type of gender identity thing of being a girl. but then i also like being called handsome etc etc. gender is just weird u kno and hard to put into words 

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do you have days where your hunger just isn't there and you have to chose to eat instead of simply not?

Hi! Yes, I do have days like this, and they can be very difficult..! I think it’s especially hard in recovery, as we can sometimes slip back and think that we have to be really, really hungry in order to be “allowed” to eat something - which isn’t the case at all!!

I try to remind myself that it’s okay to eat, that food is good, and that even if my body isn’t sending me the “I need food” message, I still need to fuel it - which means I need to eat. No matter what.

Usually on days like this I just try to at least make sure I eat normally - three main meals, and 2-3 snacks, and have regular portions of each. Because it’s really important to keep up our intake, as I think cutting back on food or anything in recovery could be the start of a slippery slope - that we definitely can’t afford to go down again..!

Also, sometimes I find that I think I’m not hungry when actually I am..! I’ll think I’m okay, but then I’ll start eating something and realise that I need more because I suddenly feel starving! And that’s okay - it just means I need to make sure I eat something else, too.

I hope this helps, and that you’re having a wonderful day! Always here if you ever need someone to talk to :) xx

P.S. Thanks for helping me to focus and think rationally again - I was struggling for a bit there, but your question really brought me back..!


happy wednesday my dudes <3

(mila says something like “i want to take you to bed but don’t worry you wont’s sleep”, and georgi says “anya” :’) )

“My English is not good.  Spoken English is very difficult.  But I want to study at Columbia so I am trying to improve.  I decided to come to America because of Forrest Gump.  I’ve watched the movie five times.  I like Forrest very much.  Forrest is very simple.  He picks one thing, and he keeps going.  When I was young, I thought Forrest was stupid.  But now I have a different view.  I think people are too complicated.  They complain about everything.  Forrest never complains.  Forrest chooses one thing and he keeps going.  I watched the movie last month to encourage me.  My life is hard because people don’t ever know what I’m saying.  But I just think of Forrest.  Forrest figured everything out because he just kept going.”