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When your country’s at war, but you gotta find your sweetheart.

First things first. (*´▽`*)

“Keith…”  Lance reaches across the couch they’re sitting on and holds his friend’s bare hand.  “Buddy, no.  You’ve got control.  You just showed me that.  What you don’t have is confidence in that control..”  He pauses and gets an idea.

     Lance smiles and pulls his hands back, cupping them similarly to how Keith had held his hands before.  He focuses and builds up an intricate sculpture of ice in the shape of a heart.  Once it’s made, Lance meets Keith’s confused look with a grin.  “Take your glove off.  Yes, don’t give me that look.  I know what I said.  Look.  This is really, really delicate and thin ice.  I made it that way on purpose.  I want you to hold it without melting it.”

     “Lance, I can’t do that,” Keith says, his gloves held in one hand.  He’d been following Lance’s instructions but now he looks like he’s going to argue.

     Lance doesn’t give him the chance.  He puts the sculpture in Keith’s open palms and watches as it sits there.

-Excerpt from Pyro- and Cryokinesis

More Skyhigh AU !! (by @ming-chan )

This time it’s fanart for a scene in this lovely fanfic by @klance-and-a-half 

It’s very very cute, only one chapter long, so go and read it!

Do not repost without permission

this panel (memory) of Mirio leaping through walls and casually holding a conversation with Tamaki is honestly so Mirio can you imagine the number of times Mirio and Tamaki were talking to each other and Mirio just walks through a pillar, still holding the conversation and Tamaki just looks at him and is like c’mon man 



Because of course Sakura is worried

She’s put all her points into Empathy and she Knows when something is up.

So she looks back twice when leaving with Fai, and it’s not until Fai assures her that Syaoran is safe that she finally allows herself to be drawn away.

And again, Fai is actually very good with words when he wants to be, because he doesn’t lie here. A lie wouldn’t work. If he said everything was alright when it so obviously wasn’t Sakura might kick him out the window. (Which, ok, might be unlikely, but I would still love to see it)

Instead he points out that Syaoran is safe, and that’s the part that she connects with. Because, in all their travels, Syaoran is so rarely safe, and even less so when he hides his wounds and never tells her when he’s hurt. So here he is, both talking about his problems with someone AND safe to boot, so Sakura is, for once, satisfied.

And it probably helps that Mokona still has that hat.


emelliex  asked:

haii! can i request got7 2jae fanfic recommendation? thank you in advance ! <33

hi! of course :D here are some 2jae ff i really enjoy (all completed)

Blue - it doesn’t make sense at first few chapters and the grammar is not the best but slowly you’ll get what the story is. REALLY ANGSTY BY THE END i cried (chaptered)

Flowers - short fluff with florist!youngjae and tattoo parlour owner!jb so cute >< (oneshot)

Not the right kink - youngjae crossdressing for some smexy time jaebum but unthinkable situation happen! no sex scene if you’re wondering xD (oneshot)

Crash Course - HANDS DOWN MY MOST FAVOURITE 2JAE FF EVER. youngjae is a college student and has a crush on his own fucking hot biology professor - Professor Im. there’s some smut here and there! (chaptered)

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Orphan Black meme: [4/9] outfits

Divergent Agent - Chapter 20

(A/N): Awww, and here we are, finally a different chapter - a very cute chapter I would say. It’s happening (almost - sorry). I don’t want to say much about it. Enjoy! 

Annotation: (Y/N)’s life used to be horrible. Her childhood wasn’t beautiful and she only had the worst memories of her parents, family. When she finally reached 21, they told her about a special program. SHIELD is looking for new agents and as always they open a one-year training program for applicants. Only the best of the best can become agents. Everything changes after she is accepted into the program and discovers her instructor is the one and only James “Bucky” Barnes.

Tense: Present

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x f!reader

Warning: none, pretty fluffy I think

Words: 1000+


Chapter 20

               We enter a big luxurious room that is probably Bucky’s. When he turns the lights on, I see a big bed with dark sheets, a table with a laptop, TV, a door (that probably leads to the bathroom) and a massive wardrobe. There are no pictures or decorations. The room is full and empty at the same time. I wrap my arms around myself and shiver from the cold. My hair is still wet just like my clothes. The man is not at my side anymore but raiding in his wardrobe, looking for something.

               “Here,” he says and hands me a big black shirt and dark boxers. “Go to the bathroom change into this. You need warm and dry clothes,” he gently grins. With a nod, I take the clothes and go to the bathroom where I start to take off the wet clothes.

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Chapter Two: CYGNUS

「Bad Coupling?」

Victuuri Fic Recs

so my friend @m-maryuu​ somehow just got into Yuri!!! on ICE fanfics so I put together this list of fics I personally recommend. 

This list does not include any smut fics.


A glide in your step by @glenflower

An adorable oneshot about Victuuri leading up to the Grand Prix Final. If you want to read an extremely fluffy and sweet fic, this is it.

 A Safe Place to Fall by @uchi-uchi

Taking place after episode 5, Victor finds out what Yuuri said during his press conference. This fic is light and heartwarming and funny, if you want to just smile go and read this fic.

Unwritten by @tadacchi

A multichapter Soulmate AU where the things you write on your body show up on your soulmate. Slightly angsty but ultimately adorable, there are some moments when you think ‘OH MY GOD YOUR SOULMATE IS RIGHT THERE!’

Hold Me Tight by smudgesofink

A two chapter fic which is alternatively titled Five Times Victor Hugs Yuuri, and the One Time He Doesn’t. Very very cute and lighthearted until chapter two where there’s more angst. 


Solo and pair  by @calciseptinefic

Another Soulmate AU where you have a mark like a birthmark that your soulmate has aswell. So far, it only has three chapters but it’s really good and sweet.

Like your french girls by ebenroot

Victor is an artist and finds his inspiration in a figure skater called Yuuri. This fic is killing me! It’s so cute and fluffy and I swear I died at the most recent chapter. 

Those are my recommendations! And if you have any recommendations or fics of your own please send them my way, my life now revolves around YOI fics.

Update: like your french girls is now complete!
Sinbad no Bouken 120 RAW + a Summary!

Here are the raws for Sinbad no Bouken 120! Sinbad finally reaches Parthevia! What will he see there I wonder. :O 

Just a reminder, to anyone who follows me and enjoys these raws/summaries, parts of or even all of these summaries could be completely wrong, so be advised as you read them as I am by no means a professional translator!

*** Disclaimer : Sinbad no Bouken is not my work. Please be sure to vote for Sinbad no Bouken every day on the MangaOne app if you have it!

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Olicity Fanfic Recommendations

It’s Monday, so here we go again!

You can find all my recs here. If you ever need them, the link is in the sidebar of my blog. 

I’ll share blankets with youby @dust2dust34 - Oliver and Felicity are best friends, but a shared blanket changes everything. Very cute!

Morning exercises by @aussieforgood - Oliver watches Felicity during her morning exercises. Funny and cute!

Greenby @babblingblondegenius - An extension of the last Olicity scene in 4x01. Felicity compares Oliver and the Green Arrow. Sweet!

Next to you by @lynslogic - Felicity’s dog Harley makes her start a friendship with the hot neighbor Oliver. A very cute multi-chapter fic!

An unnamed fic by @author123456 - Oliver and Felicity attend Laurel’s and Ray’s wedding, but a misunderstanding leads to a fight. A little sad, but sweet!

On the balcony by @holysmoakingqueens - Oliver and Felicity talk about the fact that Oliver got hit by a car. An sweet extension of the 4x02 balcony scene.

Hit and run by @jsevick - A missing moment of 4x02 about Oliver and Felicity talking about how he got hit by a car. Very funny!

The right thing by @yespleasehawkeye - Still in high school, Oliver and Felicity are expecting a baby. They have decided to give the baby up for adoption, but once he is born, things change. So great!

Quiverby @yespleasehawkeye - Felicity decides that she needs a codename and decides on Quiver. Very funny!

An unnamed fic by @callistawolf - After finding out who Felicity’s father is, she decides that he cannot marry her. Or can he? Something that I could definitely see happening on Arrow!

Third anniversaryby @freyjaschariot - Felicity enters the wrong hotel room after running to the ice chipper in her underwear. Sweet and funny!

Lostby @fangirl-logic - After Felicity got attacked at Palmer Tech, Oliver can’t find her until he goes home. If you want to get in the right mood for this week’s Arrow, this might be what you need!

Thanks to all the great writers for their work! If you want to be included, just tag me or send me links to your fics, and I’ll check them out.