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A list of ways Junkrat has tried to steal one of my orbs:

  • While meditating by the cliffs this morning, he crept up behind me and took an orb from its orbit. I let him get nearly back to the base before I recalled it.
    • Unfortunately, he did not manage to let go of the orb in time, so I ended up accidentally dislocating his shoulder. He became Dr. Ziegler and I’s first patient for the day. In addition to the dislocated shoulder, we found:
      • 1 small cut on his chin
      • 3 large abrasions on his hip, shoulder, and knee (from being dragged five feet across the ground before he finally clued in and let go of the orb)
      • 1 mysterious bruise
      • 8 miscellaneous burns
  • He tried to snatch an orb on his way out, but this time, I stared him down until he released it.
  • While I was preparing Dr. Ziegler’s lunch, Junkrat tried to pick-pocket an orb while walking past. I waited until I was leaving the kitchen before I recalled it, the orb rocketting out of his pocket and toppling him over in his chair.
  • After he picked himself up, he tried a dash and grab, but tripped over his own bootlaces before he made it three steps.
  • Let it never be said that Junkrat is not clever: just around 3pm, he realized that if he draped himself across my back and distracted me with cute animal pictures, I would be completely vulnerable.
    • He very nearly got away with it, but Dr. Ziegler pointed out that how odd it was for Junkrat to behave that way towards me. I had to chase him all the way to the engineering workshop, and tackled him through the doorway, but I was able to successfully retrieve my orb.
      • Junkrat had to return to the infirmary because he cracked his head rather hard and I worried about a concussion. His head was fine, but we found more scrapes, bruises, and minor burns.
  • Dinner arrives. Junkrat tries to replace an orb with an apple, but Hana sees him. Soon, everyone is sticking random objects into my orbit. This lasts past dinner and continues until Torbjorn storms in demanding to know where his scrap metal is. It is in my orbit, along with:
    • several spoons
    • a coffee mug
    • the apple
    • a bag of D.Ritos
    • Snowball
    • Genji’s faceplate and several shurikens
    • an entire case (unopened) case of Mt. Dew
    • five grenades
    • twelve rainbow colored gel pens
    • a cellular phone
    • Hanzo’s hair ribbon
    • Hanzo’s arrows and the quiver (separate)
    • four Pachimari keychains
    • and one very confused and unhappy Ganymede
      • Reinhardt grabbed Torbjorn and tried to add him to the cloud, but I told him that it was either one angry dwarf, or many small objects, but not both.
      • They chose one angry dwarf.
      • I am so sorry, Torbjorn. I should not have laughed, but I did.
  • Junkrat tried to take an orb while Torbjorn was floating in angry circles around me, but Lena caught him and made him give it back.

There is still time tonight that he might yet try again, but it is getting later, and there are now several people in the room with me, so hopefully he will give it a rest. He looks very absorbed in a Rubik’s cube at the moment.

So many “cute” animal pictures/videos are very much not cute when you know just a speck of animal behavior. So many of those animals obviously are dying, infected with rabies, dehydrated, over stimulated, etc.

Next time a drowsy eyed wild animal is doing something quirky and very out of the norm, just remember: that animal is almost definitely unwell and/or dying.

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Super protective/carrying boyfriend HCs for Iwa-chan and Kuroo please? :3

Iwaizumi Hajime

- He won’t really say much to people he’s wary of, just a bit of physical contact. Just a little hand holding and he’d use his thumb to smooth over their hand.

- A bit pouty if he doesn’t like something his partner is doing because he deems it dangerous. When in private he’d probably talk to them about it, but he’d mostly reminds them to be careful.

- If he thinks something is wrong, he’d usually treat them to something, like sweets or food. If he thinks it’s really bad he’d build a badly made pillow fort and he would coax them to cuddle inside.

- He’s not really sure if his words help them, so he tries to reassure and comfort them with actions. Just small things sometimes. He’d put their jumper on the radiator for them to wear when it’s warm, he’d have some icecream with sprinkles set out, he’d stick their favourite film on etc.

- If he feels like his partner is in danger, he would be by their side in an instant. Whether they’re at home and they don’t feel comfortable, he’d probably be at their house with some sort of treat and a shaky smile.

Kuroo Tetsurou

- If someone is making his partner uncomfortable, expect words laced with foul intent. He’d be a cheeky fuck and more than likely spark a few arguments.

- Definitely into more PDA when people who make his partner uneasy, he’d wrap his arm around their shoulders or waist, more than likely sneering down at them.

- If his partner is feeling down, he’s up for talking things out or sending them pictures of animals he found on the internet. “I’m feeling very shitty today” would result in plenty of pictures of cute animal videos or pictures and every so often he’d pop in a selfie of himself, just to spice things up.

- If feeling upset and he was with them, he’d pull them into a hug and get them to sit between his legs as he wraps his arms around them, nuzzling into them and saying soft words of encouragement.

- This loser will leave stupid cute notes with chat up lines or cute messages, trying to cheer them up. He’d leave it in their bag or room, or even plan it all ahead and have it hidden in their room. When they’re feeling down and he’s not with them, he’d tell them to look for it and leave stupid riddles for them to find it.