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the thomas sander fandom is the purest wtf liKE EVERYONE IS KIND AND PURE AND SOFT AND HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN IT MAKES MY HEART MELT EVERY TIME(and the impromptu screaming is bc of your tags? like? you are Actually patton and ily)

Well first, I’d like to say thank you!! Youre very kind!

Secondly, I’m very, very curious as to see what tags you’re talking about

Have a wonderful day!


The results are in! With 478 respondents who were given the ability to vote for up to 5 characters per person (1,644 votes total), you guys have decided who are the most liked characters from Attack on Titan within the Tumblr community! 

Of course, it is important to remember that this is only a sample size of the fandom, that all of these characters are loved, and that this was in no way intended to be contest. We were just curious! While certain results were expected, some of these actually surprised us a bit, and in a very good way! We’ll be curious to see people’s feelings again after Season 3 airs and how perceptions and feelings have shifted. 

Tumblr’s Top 10 AOT characters are:

1. Levi
2. Armin Arlert
3. Hanji Zoe
4. Eren Jaeger
5. Erwin Smith
6. Mikasa Ackerman
7. Jean Kirstein
8. Ymir
9. Annie Leonhart
10. Reiner Braun

For the rest of the results, please click here

Thank you to everyone who participated! We look forward to doing more polls moving forward! 


so one day I was just minding my own business when tHIS JERK named freddie fox (his last name is “fox” guys I mean COME ON) decided to come out of the woodwork and get my attention. he looks just like how I pictured my guy andrew minyard looking and I need to know if other people might even feel kind of the same so


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Yuri on Ice interview translation - Animage 2017/01 (p20-23)

I was going to post this last week but gave priority to the BD stuff. This will be the final interview from the booklet that came with January Animage! There’s still an interview with Kenji Miyamoto left untranslated, but it will be taken care of by @whiteboxgems​ whenever she has time! I’ll reblog it when it’s around.

This is actually 2 interviews, I’m posting them together because they were one after the other and (main reason) because the second one is very short.
A few notes below to better understand the interviews.

The first one is with Yuuichirou Hayashi, the one who created the ending (ED = ending by the way) footage. I have the feeling someone previously posted translations of the captions under the ED screenshots, but I don’t remember where and I’m pretty sure it was just the captions and not the interview parts, so here you have it complete. This one is pretty interesting because he explains in detail how they created the ED, and has some extra information on cut scenes etc. Definitely a must read in my opinion!

The second one is a short interview with Kayoko Ishikawa, the one who did the costume designs. Here you might think: didn’t Chacott design the costumes? I’ll explain. It’s more or less like with Mitsurou Kubo and Tadashi Hiramatsu: Kubo created the original designs for the characters, from scratch, and Hiramatsu transformed them into designs specifically created for animation, therefore with simpler lines, detailed expression sheets and so on. Likewise, Chacott did the original designs for the costumes, from scratch, based on the indications by Yamamoto and Kubo, and then the anime’s costume designer simplified and modified them so that they would be suitable to be animated. (Before actually animating them there’s a further step: the anime’s color designer is going to decide the exact colors, shadows and highlights included, that will be used inside the anime. I translated an interview with the color designer Izumi Hirose some time ago)

I usually don’t add pictures but this time I felt that it would be better to add them as an immediate reference. However, they are just for reference and are not meant to be visually stunning, so please bear with the quality because I just took photos of the magazine with my phone and quickly edited them.

Translation under the cut! (kind of image-heavy)

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***

***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

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Character Aesthetics

“You know, I have actually thought about this moment. A lot. What would Jess say to me if I ever saw him again? I mean, he just took off, no note, no call, nothing. How could he explain that? And then a year goes by. No word, nothing, so he couldn’t possibly have a good excuse for that, right? I have imagined hundreds of different scenarios with a hundred different great last parting lines, and I have to tell you that I am actually very curious to see which way this is going to go.”

I love you.

Rory Gilmore x Jess Mariano | Gilmore Girls


Three new Hibike! Euphonium films announced!

KyoAni have announced not one, but THREE new Hibike! Euphonium films, to be released throughout 2017/2018! The first of which, Todoketai Melody, will simply consist of the second series condensed into a single film, as was done with the first series.

However more interestingly, the two titles to be released subsequently will tell new stories- meaning that the series, having now covered the contents of the original light novel in its entirety, will be venturing into new territory!

The first of these two original stories will focus primarily on Nozomi and Mizore, although it’s not entirely clear yet as to when this story is going to take place.

The second original story, scheduled to be released later in 2018, will focus on Kumiko’s second year at Kitauji.

Given that these are both entirely original stories, at least one of which will take place after the end of season 2 (and the end of the original light novel), this leaves Kyoani with a LOT of freedom. I’m very curious to see where they take this. There’s still hope for Kumirei yet! 

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[raises hand] Have you made any Undertale AUs of your own? You seem to pretty very creative with AUs from what i've seen so I'd be curious to see your AUs!

aww yeah im still working on it,but im too shy to share it and there are reasons…///

As you can see it is an AU based on ancient Taoist/Buddhist story (mostly from China as where i grow up)

I may will call it as UnderKarma

The underground,will be the Hell of Buddhism which has art style based on B.C 202~A.D 220 China,and Frisk will be a kid from 1912,so it might be pretty hard for people who dont speak Chinese to understand :/ Because in this AU every lines and dialog will be written in Classical Chinese which only used before 1919 but not oral language :/
It was an AU i only shared between my Chinese friends before,but if you or anyone else here would like to see it,i will post it later after i have finished all the art design :D

Newt Dating a Photographer Would Include...

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  • For Newt’s birthday you give him an entire scrapbook of all his creatures and beasts you spent all year making
  • While exploring the city, you made Newt stop so you could get a photo of every angle of the Statue of Liberty
  • Pickett becoming very curious with your camera
  • You come home to open your camera library to see over 50 photos of Pickett’s face
  • For Christmas, Newt gets you a fancy polaroid camera
  • You only use it for special occasions because you don’t want to have to buy a lot of film
  • Newt coming home to find your bedroom wall has been covered in polaroid photos of the two of you surrounded by fairy lights
  • He loves it
  • Newt doesn’t fully understand how your muggle camera works
  • Once he was holding it and had the lens facing him so naturally you pressed the button and the flash nearly blinded him
  • Jacob puts you in charge of photographing his pastries for advertisement
  • You don’t do it for money, you just love to help out your friends
  • Queenie snatched your camera on New Years and managed to snap the absolute perfect picture of you and Newt kissing just as midnight hit
  • The Niffler attempting to steal your camera
  • He didn’t get very far with it, that camera is basically your child
  • Newt loves to cuddle with you on the couch and go through old photos, reminiscing wonderful memories
  • While visiting, your mother (also a photographer) got an adorable photo of you spooning Newt in your sleep (because he’s so little and cuddly)
  • Neither of you had any idea the photo was taken
  • That photo is the cover of your family’s Christmas cards
  • You flip out when you get it in the mail
  • Newt gets all flustered
  • You both end up laughing it off
  • As revenge, you make your Christmas cards a photo of your mom while she was drunk and passed out in a pool of booze
  • You knew it probably wasn’t good for your family’s reputation but it was definitely worth it
  • Newt was absolutely amazed at your spunk
  • Getting odd glances when walking down the street with your camera firm in hand taking photos of anything and everything
  • But pretty quickly you make some handy pocket money because people ask you to take their photos for special events
  • Using a majority of that money to buy supplies for the new creatures Newt keeps showing up with
  • There’s a large ‘family photo’ above the fireplace of you and Newt with every creature in his case

I hope you liked them!

Garrus Head Cannons

•Only really calibrates just to get his mind off of things, but ends up just staring at the screen thinking.

•Most of his search history is just weird questions about humans. Mainly about their anatomy and emotions.

•Is very concerned on how flexible humans are.

•Gets really competitive with thane and legion on who’s the best sniper. (Legion always wins).

•He tried so hard at first to fit in but after awhile of just having awkward conversations with people he stopped caring.

•Is so done with the calibration jokes.

•Tried to go to the engineering room a few times to talk to Tali, but ended up running into either Grunt, Jack or Javik. (They are all assholes to him).

•Try’s to make things up with his dad, but always ends up getting frustrated halfway through the call so he just stands there breathing trying to calm himself down.

•Most of the questions he asks him about is about his sister anyways.

•Very curious about earth pets and visits Shepards room all the time to see the space hamsters and fish.

•Shepard told Garrus to feed their fish once and now when Sheps not around he goes up and feeds them.

•Pretends not to care but is self conscious about his scars.


tagged by @kishou and @ukiinas to post 8 characters I relate to and a picture of me. thank you so much senka and HT bbies! :D *hugs*

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tessavirtue17 New #VirtueMoir website coming soon! Stay tuned to see this entire video … Director: @natalieraerobison Producer: @enwebb Production Company: @opcproduction>

Entanglement: Part 3

Entanglement: Part 3

Word count: 8.7k

Genre/Warnings: polyamory, angst, dirty talk, Dom! Jin, Sub! Namjoon

Pairing: Jin x Reader x Namjoon

Summary: You and Namjoon go on a business trip with Jin and you finally get to meet his family.

(sorry for mistakes, i’ve had kind of a shitty day. Enjoy :) )

Parts: onetwo

You were more than ready for tomorrow. Once you left work you were on a plane to Jin’s hometown. You are more than excited but also couldn’t be more nervous. You didn’t know which one balanced the other out. On one hand you got to see Jin’s family which you were very curious about but you were also very scared to meet them because you knew they would instantly judge you.

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