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Hey everyone! I was thinking that it would be very cool idea to make a coloring book for the BTS fandom, just like the @voltroncoloringbook and the @pjocoloringbookproject!! It’d be a great way to add some positivity in the fandom as well as honor the seven incredible members!

Just like the previous two fanzines, the book will be entirely fan-made and the available for free downloading once it’s completed!

Let us know which artists you want to be featured in the book so that we can contact them! The book will consist of line art of each artist, and will not have any inappropriate fan art for younger fans (nsfw, gore, etc …). More detailed instruction will be posted soon.

What do you guys think? 

**NOTE: If there is anyone who is fluent in Korean (can read/write) who would be interested helping out in translating posts and such, please contact us!

Oh!!! Since Sympathy for the Devil is on Taliesin’s Percy playlist I can tell you something cool about it :D

Sympathy for the Devil is partly based on a Russian novel called The Master and Margarita. It’s this multi-part satire about the devil coming to Moscow with his cronies and screwing with the communist elites, and also kind of about Jesus, AND about the titular Master and Margarita.

I read it in high school, so here’s what I remember cobbled together with the wikipedia summary: the Master is a writer, who is trying to complete a book (about Jesus) that he burns, (I think because he believes it’s too dangerous and edgy) and after that he kind of exiles himself from society and hates everybody and is sad. And his lover, Margarita, becomes a witch, learns to fly, and survives a fancy ball surrounded by evil historical figures from hell, and then makes a deal with the devil for the Master’s freedom. And they both sort of die but not really? They go to a sort of Limbo-thing, anyway, out of reach of Heaven and Hell, and having regained their faith in humanity.

And I thought that was really cool because it reminds me a lot of the Briarwoods, but…it also kind of reminds me of Percy and Vex :) with Vex trying to restore Percy’s faith and free him from the burdens of his work, and Percy’s denial and refusal of the Gods’ control. And also with the flying. Also, Margarita and Vex both get naked a lot.


Okay Howard Stern, are you finished?


Everybody needs at least one forced marriage in their lives, okay? Especially when the two participians are prince Derek Hale, an alpha of the famous werewolf pack and prince “Stiles” Stilinski just a human.

Thanks Japan! Because Sliced Chocolate Is Now A Real Thing

Have you ever been making a sandwich and thought to yourself, “Boy, this sure could use a slice of chocolate. If only someone made sliced chocolate, much like a Kraft single!” Well your prayers have been answered, thanks to a Japanese company that clearly understands America a little too well.

Yes, Oh My God indeed. The chocolate slices were developed by Bourbon, a well known Japanese brand that specializes in chocolate and confections. Each pack contains five slices that are made of “nama chocolate,” which is thick chocolate that’s made with an intense combination of of high-quality cocoa and cream. These delightful little treats can be purchased from the company’s online store at $27 for a 12 packs of 5 slices.

Uncle and Aunt (Sam Drake x Reader)

Note: Just a quick little snippet that I thought of as I was just beginning to fall asleep. You, Sam and Sully were staying with Nate and Elena for a few weeks. It’s been a couple of years since Avery’s treasure was sunk into the sea along with his ship, and the couple are still living in New Orleans - although they’ve mentioned moving once or twice. You lay in bed with Sam, tangled up in each other. Sam gently plays with your hair, as he always does, whilst you lay your head on his chest. You’re just drifting off to sleep when a muffled cry comes from the room next to you. “I’ll go check on her.” You say, lifting your head from Sam’s chest and getting out of bed. “Hey, hey, hey.” You whisper. “What’s wrong?” “I had a bad dream.” Cassie sniffles, sitting upright in her pink, fluffy pyjamas. “Oh, sweet pea. I have those, too.” You sit next to her on the bed. “You know what you gotta do?” She shakes her head. “You gotta hug teddy really tight and he’ll protect you from everything.” “But what about when I’m asleep?” She asks. “Well, teddies don’t sleep - they watch over you all night and keep you safe.” She looks down at the soft brown bear that she holds in her arms. You wipe the tears away from the cheeks and give her a smile. “You wanna come sleep with me and Uncle Sam?” You ask. She nods her head and lifts her arms up, ready for you to lift her out of the bed. You place Cassie into the bed next to Sam and tuck her in. “Hey, cutie.” Sam smiles, smoothing down her hair as she snuggles up to him. “She had a nightmare.” You inform him, laying down next to her. It only takes a few minutes for Cassie to fall asleep again. “She’s out like a light.” Sam says. “She sleeps like her Uncle.” You smile. “Thankfully she doesn’t snore like you, though.” “I do not snore.” “Oh, please. You know that’s a lie.” “I have a cold.” “Permanently?” “Yeah!” You chuckle, looking down at Cassie and stroking her hand as it clutches her teddy. “If you’d have told me, back in Madagascar, that Nate’d have a little girl, I’d’ve laughed in your face.” “Ha. Yeah, me too.” “It’s incredible how anyone could go from that life to this one; to go from fighting your way through various jungles and ancient ruins to taking your little girl to school and ballet classes; I don’t know how he did it.” “You don’t think you could?” “I don’t think so, no.” “Me neither.” He says. You can feel him gazing at you. You look up from Cassie to find him staring at you, lovingly. “Besides, I prefer us just the way we are.” You smile. “Me too.” He replies, tucking your hair behind your ear. You lean your head on his should and he plants a kiss of the top of you head. “Night, Y/N.” “G'night, Tiger.”

Dancefell needs more love.

Had a wonderful chat about this AU last night with @themanicmagician  and she came up with some VERY cool ideas about it. Trying to write a short fic for this and needed some visual references.  

Thank you Manic for the boost of motivation! I know I said the pose was “sexy”, but…ehh, an attempt was made. I’ll reserve the rest for the fic. ^^;

《D̶͍̩̟̲̯̝͋ͣï̴̤̦̤̹͚̼̱͌͛̈́̂̊̋ͭͅd̴̻͗̒̐ͦ́͜ ̵̟̣̝̰̇ͤ̉́y̡̦̙̝̟͑̀̒ͧ͜͝o͚͖̲ͥ̿̏ǘ̠͉̟̝̦͙ͤ̆̾ͫͯ̕͞ ͙̥̪̝̳͇̰̭̗͛̂m̹̝̼̪ͬͭ͡i͖͇ͦ̈͋ͦ͂ͫ̄̕s̴̜̥̳̻͇ͩ̓͑̓̈́̈́̈̀ş̧̀͋ͬ͗҉̻̳͍̭̜̳̫͍ͅ ̯ͣ̆̏̀͝ͅm̜̫̯̣̟̩̜͕͗ͣ͆̈͑͢e̸̢̥̝̽́ͨͩͪ̄͊?̩̯̦̤̐ͦ̅͌́ͣ͝͞》

I just saw a recording of the start of Jack’s panel at PAX and… wow. I didn’t expect Anti to show up.
I was so blown away of Robin’s editing, he does such a great job and I absolutely loved the Anti clip. That was a very cool idea.

Hey you! We all know the 7D’s last episode is in November but just because it’s ending doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch it! 

Why should you watch the 7D? 

ITS ADORABLE! So many lovably characters to choose from! 

This show has a great cast and crew and is filled with adorable dwarfs, laughs, cute designs, catchy songs, and beautiful backgrounds! It even has some intense moments. The season 1 final was incredible! 


Recognize this? It’s based off a deleted scene from the original Disney film Snow White and the seven dwarfs! The 7D make Queen Delightful a bed just like how the Seven Dwarfs made Snow White a bed in the deleted scene 

Now THIS one was a very cool idea! This is suppose to be based off of Fantasia. During the making of Fantasia Dopey was going to play the role as The Sorcerer’s Apprentice before Mickey Mouse was chosen. It was really cool how they added this in. I thought this was really awesome! 

There are so many other shows out there but this show has brought so much happiness to me. It would ALWAYS cheer me up when I was having a bad day. 

I’m pretty sure that goes for a lot of other fans too!

So why not give it a go?

The 7D fandom chanting “ONE OF US, ONE OF US!”

all right, kids. time to rain on the parade.

your [insert place here] gothic posts are missing the point of the genre. 

gothic lit isn’t simply spookying the setting up or making it some surreal, night vale-esque setting. it’s finding the culture within the place, finding the dangerous and dark aspects of the culture and not only putting a spotlight on them, but commenting on them. for instance, southern gothic uses the ghost story-like format to comment upon gross traditionalism, catholicism (especially flannery o’connor’s work), racism, poverty, and other issues of the south. 

you can’t just switch “swamp” for “cacti” and call it “___ gothic”. yes, that is the setting and yes it’s a very cool idea, but it’s an idea that lacks the substance and weight of the gothic genre if you don’t also include commentary on the flaws of the culture in that setting.

for more info on how to move settings in the gothic genre and still stay on task, try taking a look at tasmanian gothic or suburban gothic. (even the wikipedia articles give a pretty good general explanation)