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I always want to see more acrobatic stuff with Raz. :)

It took awhile but here! Seriously, I love that there’s a plausible reason for Raz being so good at the platformer puzzles in Psychonauts. I wonder if he visits his family at the circus sometimes to perform super fancy stunts with some psychic abilities added in for extra showy-ness :’D My sister is also struggling through the Meat Circus level currently, and I couldn’t help drawing something for it Ovo;;; wish her luck

Also, kind of unrelated, I bet the Aquatos have circus animals. Like elephants. Or a tiger Raz has become really close with because one day he found out he could talk to her :’)


Guys, it’s been a day.

Less than a day even.

Are we really doing this? Sega lets you design your own character that obviously WOULDN’T be a recolor because, duh, they wouldn’t put that option in the game, and some people are really complaining about it?

I get it, I really do. I’ve been in the fandom for years and have been with Sonic since the Genesis days. I understand that people don’t like change. Some people still don’t like boost. Even if it’s not wisps exactly, some people hate that it’s still there. Some want a return to the Adventure style. Some people are upset that the third character isn’t one of the many characters Sega created over the years.

Modern and Classic Sonic are iconic. Generations is also really well-loved, so it was an obvious choice to have both of them in the game. Yet, maybe they didn’t want to make it exactly like Generations, and thus chose to add another character.

But they considered; what if they picked someone that people didn’t like? I mean, even some of the Adventure lovers didn’t like playing as some of the characters, or just the characters themselves. It was a risk.

So, they sat around in the office one day and decided that they wanted you to be in the game. They wanted you to be part of the adventure.

They wanted you, because no matter what anyone says, they wouldn’t be here without their fans, and they know that.

Character customization is not easy. I’ll bet they spent so much time slaving over this because they didn’t want just anyone to fight alongside Modern and Classic; they wanted you.

Some people are joking, and I understand that. Some are poking fun and that’s completely okay. Yes yes, I’ve heard it all; Sega letting people make custom characters is what caused everything in the game to go to hell, blah blah blah.

But this? Being negative like this? That’s not okay.

I’m not saying that people can’t have their opinion, and if anyone legitimately doesn’t want to play as a customizable character, that’s perfectly fine, but saying that this game is suddenly going to be bad or that Sega’s made a huge mistake and actually meaning it? Before the game’s even come out?

This franchise has gone through many changes over the years; from Classic to Modern and everything in-between. It’s natural that things change as Sega tries new things.

But isn’t that part of the magic? There are so many different attempts at making a Sonic game, and none are exactly alike. Sometimes it’s just Sonic, sometimes someone else comes along for the ride, and sometimes it’s a whole slew of characters you get to choose from!

And this time, it’s you. Even if no one ends up liking the gameplay style, Sega made a conscious decision that YOU were more important than every other character they’ve made aside from Sonic himself.

I think that’s pretty special.

Sonic is not dead. Even if Sega stops making games, as long as people continue to cherish the franchise and the character, Sonic will never be dead.

Negative opinions, no matter how severe, will not change that fact.

hi yes i’d like to propose an au where lance and allura are a famous intergalactic pop singing and dancing duo. that is all thank you for your time

stuff about the signs (pt. 2)


  • generally, they are very attractive people, physical and spiritually
  • they look cute, but actually they’re a mess
  • social butterflies, you know they’re nice from the moment you meet them
  • popular people
  • they’re the most indecisive, that’s why sometimes they can’t be good leaders (ofc there are exceptions)
  • agressive when defending things that matter to them, their dreams. one of the most important is equality and you can see a lot of libras fighting for social equality
  • it’s hard to change their minds
  • perfect teammates
  • they always look for someone to defend, like it’s a need
  • if a libra hasn’t flirted with you before, you aren’t human
  • they feel rejected, but that’s on them because people like them very much
  • they are vey noble and sometimes they don’t realize people are taking advantage of them. sad but true
  • enthusiastic and polite people
  • quick learning (above average)
  • they’re actually very sexual
  • they want the people they love to be fine and in peace, they’re not selfish


  • complex people, big thinkers with a great imagination
  • practical, they do and undo things incredibly quick
  • passionate people, sometimes possessive
  • psychic and analytical traits since they were born
  • they can be insensitive to others
  • but actually they feel too hard
  • despite most scorpios are introverts, they’re natural leaders
  • they’re self-destructive… too destructive, you don’t want a scorpio to be your enemy, trust me
  • likes adventures
  • stubborn and hard-headed, they’re very hard to deal with
  • they’re very jealous, but they know how to control it. usually they are because they’re afraid of being too clingy, even when they’re not (told you, complex people)
  • they’re very competitive, they believe the end justifies the means; they don’t cooperate a lot, if they’re good or bad, that’s important because they damage or help in their strange way


  • the free spirits; these buddies will be okay as long as they have freedom, in every way
  • don’t tell them they can’t do something, because they won’t stop until they show you they can
  • for them, “no” means “yes”. “maybe” means “yes”.  everything is a damn yes
  • reverse psychology works well with them
  • loyal and trustworthy. they may not always be there when you need them, but when you get their attention you get ALL their attention
  • this people gives much without expecting things in return, they like to see everyone happy
  • they have an incredible luck, that’s why things always go their way
  • charming and good when talking in public, they usually have hidden talents (but they won’t show them that easily)
  • independent and progressive
  • good philosophers, with good and new ideas
  • excelent humor sense
  • the most incorrect people on earth
  • they get carried away because of pleasure
  • strong personality


  • nothing describes them better than the word “ambition”; they know what they want, how to get there and nothing will stop them
  • they have an inner self who leads them even when they can’t keep following it
  • they’re a disaster regards to love
  • they’re prone to depression, because they get too intense
  • this is one of the signs that lives more completely, because they turn themselves into what they want and they focus on that
  • they’re very sexual with the one
  • they can be mean, because they’re kinda vain and think they know everything
  • can get attached to a easy routine and they don’t even like it
  • they have too many secrets
  • talented and hilarious. they’re introvert people who can take the role of an extrovert so well
  • they’re very charismatic, usually role models but they have to put much effort to not be manipulative
  • they’re leaders on emergencies; they make possible the impossible


  • the quirkiest sign, they’re filled with very cool ideas and have unusual interests
  • they’re tense and tend to look for people who only uses/hurts them; they like to be alone and are prone to be an only child
  • veeeeeeryyyyy smart
  • curious and experimental
  • they’re not affectionate or emotional, but they crave to feel these emotions despite they don’t admit it. they need someone to trust and who they can be themselves with
  • even when most of them have a very strange side (which is good), they’re polite and have good manners
  • hot tempered, they’re afraid of intimacy but at the same time they desire it
  • manipulative
  • they’re very proud; when they’re talented at something they know it and feel very proud of it (that’s good)
  • good luck when you want an aquarius to apologize lol
  • they have a hard time discovering what is what they want for their lives, but once they discover it nothing will stop them in their way of reaching the goal
  • they’re friendly once they trust you, and they’re the most loyal friends you’ll ever have. once they care about you they’ll do whatever for you, like, pick you up at 3 am when you’re devastated and confused. an aquarius will always find a way


  • they don’t like conflict; they use to being confident yet they’re not assertive, they don’t show it that much
  • they like either to show off or to be unnoticed
  • they’re romantic and appreciate the art of simplicity
  • very hard to provoke
  • yes, they’re sensitive but they’re elastic too. if you throw trash at them they won’t fall apart easily
  • they enjoy being close to people. loneliness = NOT COOL
  • they’re artistic and enjoy music, films, paintings, literature, watching the clouds, the rain… they find beauty in everything
  • they’re eternally in love, always falling for someone
  • is that friend who thinks everyone is perfect
  • their mechanism of self-defense is lying to themselves
  • they’re altruistic and will do everything for those who they love
  • do you think they won’t hurt anyone? do you think they’re cute and innocent? you can’t be any more wrong, that’s the image they have earned… there are good ones, and there are truly bad ones
  •  they like to victimize themselves and then complain about how others call them weak
  • walking contradiction
  • they’re good listeners and love to analyze; when they’re your true friends they are the best, they’re understanding and give empathy

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About (약)

Hey everyone! I was thinking that it would be very cool idea to make a coloring book for the BTS fandom, just like the @voltroncoloringbook and the @pjocoloringbookproject!! It’d be a great way to add some positivity in the fandom as well as honor the seven incredible members!

Just like the previous two fanzines, the book will be entirely fan-made and the available for free downloading once it’s completed!

Let us know which artists you want to be featured in the book so that we can contact them! The book will consist of line art of each artist, and will not have any inappropriate fan art for younger fans (nsfw, gore, etc …). More detailed instruction will be posted soon.

What do you guys think? 

**NOTE: If there is anyone who is fluent in Korean (can read/write) who would be interested helping out in translating posts and such, please contact us!


Everybody needs at least one forced marriage in their lives, okay? Especially when the two participians are prince Derek Hale, an alpha of the famous werewolf pack and prince “Stiles” Stilinski just a human.

aurum88  asked:

That last post about LSPD being immortal got me thinking about another possibility. What if all of LS is immortal? Less in a purgatory way, more "something happened to this city". In a Lost Horizon/Wild Thornberrys type situation where if u ever leave or reveal it to anyone who's not already in the know, you'd lose it. As a result no one can get outside people to believe them but everyone in the city just lives like this. Like how in game you keep seeing the same citizens despite killing them.

Hmm that’s a super interesting take on it, i especially like the idea that immortality could be lost like that, impossible to prove to anyone outside the city. It kind of makes Los Santos feel like something of a shared delusion, all too real when you’re in it but the second you break free is slips away like it was never real at all. Those who remain forget you, erased from their minds like smoke dissipating on the breeze the second you break the city limits, never to return.

The purgatory version was pretty much in explanation of that same feature of citizens who come back and come back no matter how many times the FAHC or LSPD gun them down. Because everyone in Los Santos is immortal, everyone always has been, for as long as there has been an always, the FAHC were just the first to realise it. The first to remember dying, to understand that it means nothing, that they’ll always return no matter how bloodily they go out.  It’s impossible to know how many deaths they’ve forgotten already, impossible to know why they have started to remember, but if anyone’s going to take terrible advantage of the situation it’s the Fake’s.

The LSPD come next, one by one waking into understanding, coming at the FAHC harder and faster than ever before, no longer curtailed by the fear of death when death has lost all meaning. Which is when the Fake’s realise they are not alone. Realise they have never been alone, were the only ones aware of this parody of life they’re all living, but far from the only ones living it. It’s the whole city, the entire population of Los Santos, unknowingly going through the motions, going through their lives with no idea that they have died and died and died. New people arrive, maybe, maybe not, maybe they were always here and just never remembered, maybe they have always been arriving. No one ever leaves though. No one escapes Los Santos.

when cis people say stuff like “i can’t see characters as trans or interact with trans headcanons because i can’t connect with it”, it’s a huge red flag… that isn’t a good excuse & it only shows how much you see trans people as “other”