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Hey, so have you seen that gif that shows the orbits of Earth and Venus and it makes like... A flower? Just curious if it was true, cause I thought the orbits weren't perfectly centered circles and stuff? Idk, sorry if this sounds odd. (thank you, you're awesome)

Thanks for asking! Good question. I’m assuming you’re referring to this gif, which show the orbits of Earth and Venus at the same time:

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This pattern is created because Earth makes approximately 8 orbits during the time it takes Venus to make approximately 13 orbits (it’s 13.004 Venus orbits, to be exact). Because of this, it creates a cool design.

Also, the orbits of Earth and Venus, while technically elliptical, have very low eccentricities. This means that their orbits are very close to circular; the distance between Earth and the sun varies by about 1-2% during the course of a year. While you are most definitely correct that the orbits of the planets are not perfectly centered circles, they are fairly close to circles, which is why they look so circular on this image. If you want more information, check THIS detailed explanation out, it’s pretty cool.


Grable424, one of my favorite editors! Here is a link to her youtube page. 10/10!

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