very conveniently

Why are women’s bodies up for public debate?

Why is my appearance suitable for public scrutiny?

It is very fucking convenient that women have been programmed to be obsessed with their external appearance. For as long as women are distracted by society’s dictations on “beauty” they will never pose a threat to the system.

So long as a woman’s attention is focused outwards, she will forever be divorced from her innate magic and power.

- Alana Louise May


eros mode initiated


“Better luck next time.”

Bank Robber AU for @ambiguous-eyepatch for the Valentines @aftgexchange!

I had a lot of fun drawing these and I hope you like it! 😃

I realized too late that this wasn’t exactly what you meant by your prompt, sorry about that, but I hope it’s still okay!

The rest of my mini-fic/headcanons/ramblings about this AU are below the cut:

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hi hannah!! could you do some cute facts about the venus signs? thank you~

aries venus are always so giddy and giggly around their crush, they are so excited to be with them!

taurus venus are extremely good at comforting, and have a very soothing voice that can calm anyone down instantly

gemini venus loves to listen to their crush, and in general. they ask questions all the time and love hearing about your day

cancer venus is super caring and loves to give advice or help out crushes or loved ones. their heart is huge

leo venus loves to make their crush laugh. they love to entertain them and tell them stories and make them smile

virgo venus is very subtle, but their actions speak loudly. they are the type to bring you coffee at work or do something small, but very convenient for you to make your life easier

libra venus loves to charm and impress their crush. they are very gentle and loving, and let out their sensitive side just for them

scorpio venus loves to stare. a ton. they will stare at you and gauge your reactions and movements, fascinated with you

sagittarius venus are very open and honest. they will blurt out their feelings and thoughts, but their honesty is always appreciated

capricorn venus is very secretly sensitive. they do good deeds behind people’s backs and are very humble about them

aquarius venus can always turn an awkward situation into something fun. their energy is casual and light, and they are great with people

pisces venus have so many ideas and thoughts, and if you get to hear them, you are very lucky. their eyes light up when they talk about them

you’ve met one another, right?

words: 4337.

or the one where everything is still the same: even and isak still do happen. but it’s observed under sana’s watchful inspection. on even.

(or the one where ten times, sana sees even, as even and isak happen.)

canon compliant, but, with a little bit more. this wasn’t meant to turn into a full blown fic but, oh well, no can do.

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Draco wants what Draco wants. And if he has to snuggle up to Harry to get it, well, surely, Draco can handle that. Problem is, not sure Harry can.

Harry agreed to have sex with Draco once a month in order to keep him alive, what he didn’t agree to was Draco popping up all over the place and disrupting his life in more ways than one.

In which Harry thinks he’s a playboy, everyone else knows better, and Hermione will kill Seamus if Ron tries to collect on that bet.

Draco’s cock hardens as he looks at the invitation to the charity auction; his golden ticket to one wild night of desperate sex with Potter to get rid of this inexplicable obsession. His heart whispers that one night will never be enough, but Draco is beyond caring. All he knows is that he will pay any price to have Potter over and over again.

Harry is back at Hogwarts minding his own business when he finds himself magically drawn to Draco Malfoy. Over and over again.

It’s Harry and Draco’s eighth year, the Houses have been all but demolished in favor of unity, and they’re being forced to room together. How ever will they cope?

The arrangement was very simple really, and very convenient. Draco just hadn’t expected it to result in this mess.

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The Stupid Bag (Draco Malfoy x Reader)


Draco pinched the bridge of his nose in irritation and turned just in time to see most of your books cascade to the floor. It was the fifth time in three days that this had happened and he honestly didn’t understand why you wouldn’t just buy a new bag. Instead, you insisted on repeatedly casting Reparo multiple times a day. Talk about a waste of time and magic. He watched in disdain as a group of sixth and seventh year boys began to crowd around you eagerly trying to offer you their assistance. His eyes narrowed at a particularly bold one who actually dared to put a hand on your arm.

“Keep that expression on your face and you’ll get permanent wrinkles, you know.” Pansy said from next to him. He leveled a glare at her before smoothing out his aristocratic features. “Malfoy’s don’t get wrinkles.” He sniffed while Pansy merely rolled her eyes in boredom. “Come on, class starts in five.”  She said pulling on his arm. “And stop pining after her for Salazar’s sake, it’s unbecoming of you.” She smirked. Draco’s protests were lost in the crowd as their professor arrived just in time to usher them into Transfigurations. Pining? Since when has he ever pined? He doesn’t pine. Pansy can shove it.

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Imagine being Deadpool’s new neighbor

Requested by @outside-the-government with the prompt “Hi there! It seems like I’m your new neighbor.” 


Fucking a million flights of stairs and suddenly leaving your two timing ex was looking like a bad idea. Okay, not really, but you were regretting picking the apartment four flights up. And the damn elevator was broken, how very convenient and pretty much the story of your life. Luckily the movers were able to get the large furniture up the day before and now it was the small shit you had to lug up the damn stairs. You made good timing by leaving the boxes in front of your door, piled up together instead of dragging each one into the apartment. That way you didn’t have the seduction of the comfy couch becking to you.

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My dear lgbt+ kids, 

The internet is a wonderful way to share resources, including personal stories that could be helpful for others to read - but please keep in mind that it’s also very easy to make up a completely fake “personal story” that is meant to hurt or influence someone. 

You’ll quite often found those on certain kinds of blogs and websites that abuse religion to justify their hateful views. They’re usually exactly the same story with a few details changed: 

They or a friend of them identified as (any lgbt+ idenity but most commonly gay or lesbian), they were sooo unhappy and sooo miserable, then they had A Life-Changing Experience™ (ranging from reading bible verses to meeting The (hetero) One™), now they are married! hetero! happy! (bonus points if they have kids and those kids would not have been alive if they continued on their “sinful path”!), the conclusion is of course that nobody could ever be happy as a gay person and we are all hetero. 

Additional bonus points if they use terms or phrases the most people in lgbt+ community actually do not use to describe themselves (the gay lifestyle, lesbianism..) And if they share this story as a reply to someone calling them out for being homophobic.

Are those stories real? Well, we have no way to know. And that’s very convenient for them, isn’t it?

If they simply said something bad about lgbt+ people, we could argue against it but we can’t argue against a personal story or else we are the bad, mean, awful, hurtful ones. We can’t accuse them of being homophobic, they just shared their story! And if we doubt that story is true, it’s easy to call us out for just wanting to silence anyone who has a different opinion. 

How convenient, when you think about it. It’s almost like the perfect way to spread homophobia without running the risk of getting called out for being homophobic! 

Suspiciously convenient, i dare say. 

Before you let any “personal stories” confuse or worry you, i advise you to not blindly believe all of them or their (apparent) conclusions: 

Even if all of them were entirely true (which is in no way proven), they’d still not affect you or the majority of lgbt+ people. They’d simply be individual cases in which individual people decided to enter a woman/man marriage. Okay! Their choice! Doesn’t mean that’s the best for everyone else. 

And keep in mind: It’s so easy to make up a fake personal story - and so convenient to homophobes. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

 PS: If this is not how you use the trademark thingy and I look like a grandmother trying to use cool slang and failing hilariously, forgive me.  

thor · god of thunder 

Thor was one of the most important and famous gods in Norse mythology. He was the son of Odin and Fyorgyn, the earth goddess. Thor was considered the storm-weather god of sky and thunder and also a fertility god. His wife was Sif, a goddess also linked to fertility. He had a red beard and eyes, he was huge in size, he had an insatiable appetite and not much wit. Thor was the strongest of all gods and men according to The Prose Edda. Thor was very talented at slaying giants; many of his stories revolve around violent episodes between him and his enemies. In order to perform his duties, Thor had a hammer, Mjollnir, a deadly weapon also associated with lightning and thunder, which was built by the dwarves. He also had iron gloves and a belt named Megingjard that doubled Thor’s strength once buckled on. There were also some other less destructive aspects of Thor. As a weather god he was associated with the fertility of the earth. He was also regarded as a guide for those travelling over the sea because of his power over storms and wind.Thor had a chariot to travel across the sky, which was drawn by two giant goats: Tanngniost and Tanngrisnir. These powerful animals had a very convenient magical property: they could be killed and eaten at any time, and as long as their bones were undamaged and returned into their skins, they would regenerate overnight and the following day would be alive, just like new.

  • will: *thinks about how beautiful killing with hannibal is, thinks about how if the two of them continue to live, the rest of the world is bound to be destroyed, thinks about humanity, morality, forces of good and evil, about choices and needed feelings and decisions and the very convenient cliff, it's a win-win scenario, if the two of them die at least they're together in death, if the two of them live then it's probably a huge fucking sign from fate, first time hugging hannibal, can't live with him, can't live without him, they just need to be together no matter what happens--*
  • hannibal: *will will will will will will will called it beautiful will is touching me will will will will asdfghjkl*
Roses Original Purpose

Hey guys! Im here again to discuss another theory, What was Roses original purpose. Or, To be more specific, what was the purpose of a rose quartz gem back on Homeworld

First lets start with Roses powers
Her powers included

  • Super strength and speed (common for a quartz)

  • Healing Powers (A power that on a Rose Quartz has been shown to have)

  • The power to control plants

Originally, it was a common theory that a Rose Quartz original function was to be a sort a tank/medic. This did make a lot of sense, and still does. But with the newest Stevenbomb, new evidence has come p that suggest that a Rose Quartz may have had a different purpose.
Theory: Pink Diamond made the Rose Quartz gem spiffily for The Human Zoo
Here is some of the evidence

Powers make sense

Originally posted by starfarer50

As we’ve seen in Stevenbomb 5, the human zoo does require quartz guards. And as we’ve seen in the show, The Rose Quartz is a type of Quartz Guard owned by Pink Diamond.( We can assume by the mainly pink color scheme)  Another piece of evidence is Roses healing powers. As we’ve seen in the show, most gems (especially Homeworld gems) don’t have the best understanding of humans. Given this knowledge, it can also be assumed they wouldn’t have the best understanding for fixing them either. So, it would be very convenient to have a gem that can fix practically any injury. As we’ve seen, Roses/Stevens healing powers can fix anything for impaired vision to a broken leg. This would also help explain the story that the Zoomens know, about the gem that came to help a human that was hurt. I will explain more on his later in the theory.  On to Photo. In the Human Zoo, we can see many different types of plant life. We can assume that this all had to have been grown somehow. I’m assuming this was grow by a Rose Quartz using photo. This could of also been used to help grow the humans food and help it change color every day.

Pink Diamond and the Bubbled Rose Quartz

Now that we’ve discussed why Rose Quartz were made for The Zoo, its time to discuss the second part of the theory. Were Rose Quartz made not only for, but BY Pink Diamond? As we’ve seen in the show, the Human Zoo seems to be the only one in existence, and it was made by Pink Diamond. It would make sense that if this is a one-of-a-kind thing made by Pink Diamond, that she would make a one of a kind gem to take care of it. A Rose Quartz has abilities that no other gem has been shown to have , most specifically healing, which are all useful to the Human Zoo in some way.

Roses connection to humans

Originally posted by giffing-su

As I went over in the first part of the theory, there was once, long ago, that a gem came in to the Zoo to help a human who was hurt. My theory is that that gem was our Rose. Reason being, it would make the most sense. I doubt they would bring up this story just to have the gem be a random Rose Quartz. This could also explain how our Rose became attached to humans. I’m guessing, as with most things on Homeworld, that most Rose Quartz had been misinformed i=on the true nature of humans. And most would get the chance, as explained by Holly Blue, gems only enter the main part of The Zoo on rare occasions. This would also explain why Rose was Earth in the first place. What better gem to send to get more humans than a gem made to take care of them?

I hope ya’ll enjoyed the theory! If you have any questions or comments, leave them down below!

Why Episode 38 was Act 7

1. Super did not go the way we thought it would

2. Implementation of a very convenient yet also really cool Deus Ex Machina

3. Said Deus Ex Machina seems to ambiguously trap the Big Bad in the game everyone had been playing, through existential time/space shenanigans

4. Black hole which sucks everything in, both heroes and the villain, while reality breaks around them.

5. Unclear whether the protagonists made it out or not. Nick and Griffin are tweeting from the real world (play along folks), but also may be eternally trapped in their attempt to stop the Big Bad.

6. Incredible animation

7. I feel both fulfilled and empty inside and it’s tough to handle.

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Hi!! Saw you were a new blog and came here to give you a greeting and a request!! I was wondering how would the RFA react to a s t r o n k mc? Like they could probably lift one of the members up and over their head if they wanted to? Thank you ahead of time, and good luck on this blog!!!

thank you~ writing this was quite fun, I hope you enjoy it!
- Admin Ace in Space


  • he’s definitely surprised
  • and feels a lil weird about it at first because how is he supposed to be a manly man when you are so much stronger than him?
  • he lowkey loves it when you pick him up tho
  • feels really safe and protected in your arms
  • “MC! You’re as strong as my character in LOLOL”
  • except for the magical powers of course but who cares


  • is also a little bit unsure at first
  • he wants to pick you up too???
  • you guys fight over who gets to pick up whom
  • gets used to it pretty quickly tho
  • makes you his workout buddy
  • brags with you ALL THE TIME
  • has you lift him up for selfies because aesthetic and stuff


  • she LOVES IT
  • loves loves loves it
  • pick her up, carry heavy stuff, yesssss
  • and when you pick her up she can’t do work, so you use it to your advantage when she’s working too hard again
  • one time you carried her out of her office whilst Jumin just stared
  • she had a great time


  • lowkey loves the challenge of dominating you when you do the do
  • no but he has no problem with it
  • it’s not like your strength changes your personality or anything
  • he doesn’t like being picked up tho
  • it’s unprofessional and he doesn’t know what to do
  • awkwardly tries to wiggle out of your grasp
  • does like the big, tight hugs


  • yES
  • yes yes yes
  • always demands that you carry him
  • no matter the situation
  • going to buy stuff? carry him
  • showering? carry him
  • if you do pushups with him on your back he gets so turned on
  • “Soldier 606, carry me to the fridge”


  • he really doesn’t care much
  • like Jumin, he’s chill about it
  • but he does like that you can pick him up when he has to take photographs from a certain angle
  • would never demand it though, doesn’t want you to get hurt in any way
  • help me this boy is so sweet
  • if he’s still blind, it’s very convenient that you can just carry him around stuff he might trip over or bump into

 A lot of artists draw Peter Nureyev with glasses, and I think they go great with his character. But I’ve been thinking: this is a future where high-tech false eyes are available, if expensive. They must have some sort of vision-correction procedure for people who need glasses, and Peter is a master thief so it would probably be pretty easy for him have the money to get it. Even if this isn’t a thing, there are probably very nice, convenient contact lenses available. I imagine it might be easier to do all his thieving and stabbing people without any glasses. He must have some reason for wearing them, despite all this, and I think that reason is that he knows exactly how good they make him look. Which is completely extra and the most Peter Nureyev thing ever and I love him for it. 

To second chances

What if Killian had found out the truth before finding David in that cell…Based on a scene I wrote once in another fandom and suddenly seemed super appropriate to captain charming.   

(Because darn it I wanted this drama wrapped up in one episode) 

The click of the cuff around his wrist was far more insulting than anything else and Killian watched in annoyance until David’s truck vanished from sight.  But there were only so many places to go in this town.  Lifting the chain from around his neck with his hook he found a small silver key, hidden amongst the charms,  very convenient thing to have around, living in close proximity to Charmings.  Taking the key in his teeth he made quick work of the handcuffs and sprinted to Granny’s pushing open the door and calling inside.  

“Drinks on me for a week for the first person to give me a ride-” he gestured in the general direction David’s truck had taken.  

“Sure, why not,” August spoke up from behind him. Killian turned around to see the puppet had pulled up on his infernal contraption.    “But you’ll have to wear the pink helmet.”

“I’m not wearing the bloody pink helmet.”  

“My ‘ship’ my rules,”  August drawled,  then seeming to remember something he dug into a satchel.  “When you catch up with David, would you give these to him?  Honestly there’s nothing else in there but I thought he’d like to have them anyway.”   

Killian glanced down briefly and suddenly his blood turned to ice.  That face-  He must have hesitated for a moment because August looked back at him.

“Thought you were in a hurry, Cap?”  

Killian snapped the pink helmet onto his head and hopped on the demon bike without a second thought.  “We need to find Dave’s truck, now.”

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