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so it’s carnival time here in venice and I went clubbing all dressed up yesterday and I was kinda supposed to stick with my friends cause we all were dressed up as soldiers it was a group thing, but they lame dancers so I went off to find someone who would keep up with me and I found my dance soulmate in a gay korean kid that was really hot and his boyfriend was norwegian but also fluid in english, chinese and of course korean and these guys were having their last week in venice they were such good and wild dancers I’m sad I won’t see them again I’m heartbroken

So.  My eyes are pretty damaged.

Basically, I was born with a birth defect that had to be corrected by a series of surgeries, six of them to be precise, before I was three years old.  And as a side effect, my left eye was irreversibly damaged.

So my right eye is slightly nearsighted, but my left one is pretty useless.  For those who wear glasses, my right eye is -2.25, my left is -7.50.  This is…  A pretty big difference, and it means that without corrective lenses, I can’t see more than about a foot away with my left eye. It’s basically useless. Which means that my two eyes don’t work together the way most people’s do.  I can’t catch anything to save my life, and I miss steps a lot.  I have trouble judging distance and perspective.  Anything involved with depth perception is straight out.

But, it’s how my eyes have always been, so, it doesn’t bother me much. After all, I’ve never known anything else.

As a child, I did not wear glasses.  My brain just dealt with it.  When I was reading or doing any sort of close work, I used my left eye.  When I was looking any further away, I used my right eye.  My brain just ‘switched off’ the other eye, eliminating the ‘junk’ data from the reject eye.  I could do this at will, but mostly my brain did it without me even being aware of it.

Entering high school, I finally got glasses, but it was an imperfect fix at best, because of the different lenses.  After college, the mismatched weight of my glasses got to be too much, and I switched to contacts.  For the first time in my life, I could see properly with my left eye. 

This took some getting used to.  But my brain’s dealt with worse.

So today, something was wrong with my left contact.  Every blink hurt, and even though I didn’t have a replacement, I decided that going without the contact was a better choice than dealing with the annoyance/pain.  I junked it and let my right eye do the heavy lifting for the rest of the day.


Every so often, ALL DAY LONG, my brain would have the following dialog with itself:

Brain: How’s it going, Right Eye?

Right Eye: Everything’s a-okay!  Let’s look at all the things!

Brain: Cool, cool.  (thirty seconds later) I’m bored, let’s see what’s happening with Left Eye.  SWITCH!!

Left Eye: Okay!


Right Eye: Doing alllllll the looking, things are great, let’s just keep-

Brain: Bored, hey LEFT EYE.

The constant mini panic attacks really made it an exciting day, let me tell you.

I totally think that Lana Deserves a HUGE Shout out!

@sssvitlans has done an amazing job at keeping up with our wonderful creators who are giving us so much content for the little nooboo’s! There is so much of it and I have no idea how she has kept up with the literal avalanche of toddler CC that has came out, as well as non-toddler related CC! What a champ! Thank you Lana for being so quick to update everything and keep all the amazing cc this community has to offer in one very convenient and organized spot!

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“Better luck next time.”

Bank Robber AU for @ambiguous-eyepatch for the Valentines @aftgexchange!

I had a lot of fun drawing these and I hope you like it! 😃

I realized too late that this wasn’t exactly what you meant by your prompt, sorry about that, but I hope it’s still okay!

The rest of my mini-fic/headcanons/ramblings about this AU are below the cut:

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The Witches Ladder

Witches ladders (also known as witch’s ladders) are a type of knot magic that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. They are commonly made by braiding or knotting cords together while incorporating other materials that represent the intention of the creator. Witches ladders can be easily customized for every practitioner and used for nearly any purpose, making them a very versatile and convenient talisman to create. Witches ladders can be used for purposes like attracting or manifesting things, creating a more positive environment, warding off negative entities or energies, protecting yourself or others, or banishing certain behaviors or individuals, just to name a few.

To make a basic witches ladder, you will need:

- Several cords of equal length in colors of your choice

- Whatever materials you choose to weave into the cords (such as feathers, bones, herbs, hair, flowers, seashells, ribbons, beads, hag stones, sticks, crystals, keys, charms, etc.)

Optional but helpful:

- Tape

- A ruler

Some other ideas: You can incorporate pieces of paper with sigils drawn on them, drawstring bags filled with herbs or crystals, or personal symbolic items that have been made from clay or another material. If you are making a witches ladder for an individual, you may wish to include a taglock (a personal item that is strongly associated with the target) to further bond the person to the talisman. Taglocks may include hair, jewelry, etc. Depending on your practice, you may wish to incorporate numerology into your witches ladder by using a specific number of knots, number of cords, or number of items used.

For my witches ladder, I used thick dark green yarn, twine, seashells, goose feathers, ribbon, a pine cone, and a sand dollar. I chose to arrange my goose feathers with the smallest ones at the top and the largest ones at the bottom. I also decided to make a double witches ladder purely for aesthetic reasons, but you can stick to one or make as many as you want.

Creating the witches ladder

1. Start by gathering your materials and getting your cords ready to knot or braid. It may help to tie the cords together on one end and tape the knotted end to a table or another surface. I found that doing so helps to prevent the cords from getting tangled in the process and it helps maintain a nice tension while braiding.

2. As you braid or knot your cords, begin adding your chosen materials. You may wish to recite something or chant as you are doing this, but it is not necessary. Depending on how many items you are using, you may wish to space them out evenly. For this, a ruler may come in handy. In my own experience, I have found that certain materials such as feathers, herbs, flowers, and certain bones can be difficult to braid around. It may be helpful to braid the cords first and then insert your objects into the braid later on.

3. Continue braiding or knotting until you have made your witches ladder as long as you would like it. To finish your witches ladder, you may choose to simply tie off the cords, or you may choose to add something extra to the end. I chose to add a pine cone and ribbon to one of my witches ladders, and a sand dollar to the other. Finish off your witches ladder however you see fit.

4. Hang your witches ladder. You may wish to hang it near a doorway in your home, near your bed, or even outside. The best location for your talisman will depend on both it’s intended purpose and your personal preference. If you have cats or other mischievous pets, it may be a good idea to hang your witches ladder up high or out of their reach.


Please do not remove source

the whole “it’s evil to screenshot or quote someone’s blog if they’ve blocked you” thing is clever because it manipulates many tumblr users’ generally admirable desire to respect and defend other people’s boundaries

but if a person making that claim uses the block function liberally then they’ve created a very convenient situation in which they can totally shut down any criticism of the ideas they’re putting out into the world — just block people and then they can’t criticize what you say without being labeled abusive

you have the right to block people to stop them contacting you, but you don’t have the right to stop them from talking about the things you publish publicly, and someone who tries to do this is probably not someone you should trust to tell you true things about the world


I haven’t seen any Parsley fanart
That’s unacceptable

THIS WAS VERY… Experimental? There’s a few things I’m not happy with but overall I’m trying to improve my poses and effects…. Y’know. So that they’re not always stuck at the same ¾ angle. So please excuse any mistakes, I’m just…. learning, I guess!

I’ve included a version WITH the Lucidia on it, and without- Cause I couldn’t decide which I liked more.

hands are hard

[Parsley belongs to @loverofpiggies!]



My literature professor was actually on time! What’s more, he showed us audios of poets reading their poems, which was a very good experience. I love poetry so much, really, nothing like experiencing a well-written poem. He gave us our midterm + quizzes to take home, so I guess that’s good? Not very challenging, but convenient since we are so behind.

I work all day tomorrow + probably won’t manage to post anything.

Too early for christmas?

Newt x reader having some fluffy christmas cuddles 

I take suggestions as usual!


You picked your wand up, directing it towards the tinsel on the ground. With a very convenient spell you levitated the tinsel off of the floor and wrapped it neatly around the Christmas tree. The same went for the baubles and Christmas lights. Humming a gentle tune and dressed in underwear and Newt’s coat that the idiot had forgot to put on before leaving the house to buy something, probably food for the many beast that he cared for.

You had convinced him to get a real house that wasn’t just his little cabin where he lived with his beasts. He had been opposed to it at first until you promised to move in with him if you got a little house together and that settled it. The two of you moved into two story, Tudor styled house in a small community called Tinworth. There was a large backyard that came with the house that Newt absolutely loved. You had helped him but up a few charms so the two of you could keep some of his beasts up here in case they got sick and needed extra attention. Now the yard was filled with white, frosty snow that crunched lightly under your feet and glimmered from the moon light.

The inside was very rustic and simple. A lot of warm colours, wooden furniture and fur. Newt had protested wildly against the fur until you told him that all the fur was fake and done from polyester or something like that. Newt had no idea what polyester was but accepted your word on that polyester was in fact not an animal.

The two of you had been too busy to put up Christmas decoration until now, late December. Both of you were stressing over the holiday and working. You were working double-shifts as a healer at St. Mungo’s. How the hell did people get so tangled up in their Christmas decorations that they had to be hospitalised? (literally)

Anyways, back to it. Since you have worked so much overtime you had gotten a day off. Newt was running errands so you took the time to wrap some Christmas gifts and decorate the house. You had gotten pretty far, decorating the entire hallway, kitchen and living room. The only places left were your bedroom and the library/study. You skipped up the stairs, giddy with holiday feelings and made the quick left into the bedroom that you shared.

With flick of your wand you changed the sheets to be a soft brown colour with a red throw over. Red and gold pillows to match and some tinsel at the footboard to finish it off. You put out some red and green candles around the room and then moved onto the study. You started off by putting down a tray with cookies and milk on the desk, putting a spell on the milk so it’d stay cool. Then you went to hand tinsel around the bookcases. With a nod you grinned and walked back downstairs. Just in time for you to hear the front door shut.

“Y/N?” You heard him call as you came down the stairs.

“Yes, love?” you asked and saw him peek up the stairway. He was grinning from ear to ear as you came down the stairs. When he saw that you were wearing next to nothing under your coat he flushed pink but tried to ignore it.

“Did you decorate?” he questioned and wrapped his arms around your waist, hugging you close.

“Yeah, do you like it?” you asked softly, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“I love it, it looks brilliant!” he said and kissed your lips. “What are you doing in my coat?”

“Well you forgot it, so I’m borrowing it,” you replied and stole another kiss from him. “Want me to take it off?”

You gave him a smirk and watched him turn that lovely shade of red again. Oh how you loved doing that.

“I, uh,” he let out and slipped a hand up to cup the back of your head. He leaned down to kiss you again but you instantly escaped his embrace, bouncing out of the way.

“You’re freezing, Newt!” you scolded, shivering from the cold skin to skin touch. He smiled softly and started saying something, reaching for you again. “No! Your hands are like ice cubes. Go sit on the sofa!”

Newt pouted slightly and took his shoes off at the door. He sulked his way over to the living room to do as you asked him to. You smirked and walked into the kitchen, quickly whipping up some hot chocolate for the two of you. You added some cream and topped it all with cinnamon. Newt really, really loved cinnamon so you made sure to add it to everything.

When your drinks were finished you walked into the living room. Newt was leaning over the arm of the couch, fiddling with your radio. He never really got it to work and he was a hundred percent sure that a poltergeist lived inside it to haunt him because all he could ever do was make it go to static.

You sat down next to him and put the mugs of hot chocolate on the table. He looked over at you and gave you a little smile before continuing to fiddle with the radio.

“Here, let me warm you up,” you mumbled and grabbed his elbow. You dragged him closer to you, grabbing his hands and rubbing them.

“That’s really sweet of you,” he said and then saw the chocolate. “Y/N you really didn’t need to…”

“Come on, I’ve been alone all day,” you complained, lifting his hands to your face and kissing the tips of his fingers. “Let me spoil you when you’re finally home.”

“Do I work too much?” Newt questioned and frowned a little. “I’m sorry that I have been so busy often. Are you lonely often?”

“Don’t worry, love.” You smiled at his worried expression and leaned in to kiss his chilly cheek. “I work too and I’m so proud of you. Writing a book and doing amazing work with your creatures. They make you happy and I can’t keep you away from them.”

“You make me happy.” Newt looked at you with that heart-eyed look that made you melt. All the shyness and strange innocence that he had kept into adulthood. You smiled and leaned into kiss him, pushing him back against the arm of the sofa.

“And you make me happy,” you mumbled against his lips, putting one hand on his cheek and one on his shoulder. His arms wrapped around your waist.

Your eyes fell closed as you melted into his strong embrace. Your lips gently moving against each other in unison. The slightly earthy and cinnamon smell and taste from Newt filled your senses and made you relax. The two of you didn’t usually have much time to do stuff like this but now that it was happening it felt like you were teens again, the same love and spark that you thought you had lost was coming back, tingling your stomach and making you want him so much more.

“Merry Christmas.” You broke the kiss to look at him, take in all his freckles and those stunning green eyes.

“It’s not Christmas yet,” Newt stated and raised an eyebrow. “Why are you saying merry Christmas?”

“Because it’s cliché,” you chuckled at him being cute yet again. “But you kind of ruined it a little.”

“Oh sorry.”


Making dried orange peel!
These can be used for baths, hot teas or ciders, potpourri, or witchcraft! The process is extremely simple, and makes the entire house smell nice and fresh (which is also a good way to cleanse and banish negative energies in the home, as I’ve noticed). You can also do this with lemons, it’s the same process and the same usage!

The process:
-Get a large amount of healthy oranges with unblemished skin. Be sure to wash the oranges and scrub them lightly, because they are often coated with lots of germs and pesticides, which you REALLY don’t want on your dried product!

-Peel them however you wish, I find it easier to peel the entire orange in a giant coil shape, and then cut that coil to whatever sized pieces that I want my end result to be. Keep in mind that bigger pieces will be easier to strain out of whatever you use these in, so shaving them extremely tiny isn’t very convenient.

-Set your oven to it’s lowest setting, preferably around 200°. Place an aluminum foil sheet over a cookie tray, and generously arrange your peels on the foil. You don’t have to wait until the oven is completely heated, just stick them in there.

-The key is to expose them to low heat for a long period of time, which I’ve estimated to be about an hour and a half. Turning up the heat higher in an attempt to make the process faster will result in a few scorched pieces instead of lightly browned and crisped. You’ll know they’re ready when you can pinch one in the middle and it won’t give at all. Don’t be afraid to stir them around a bit so they all can get even amounts of heat exposure.

-While you’re waiting for them to finish, you can cut open the peeled oranges, and either juice them or slice them for eating!

Voila, now you know what to do with those orange rinds that people often throw away! 😊

Sinners ~Sloth

Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Stiles x Reader

Rating: NSFW 18+

Word Count: 3464

Part One Envy | Part Two Pride | Part Three Wrath | Part Four Gluttony | Part Five Greed |

Hello my darlings! Sinners is back! Yes, I know this is fluffier than usual but I promise that you’ll appreciate it later!! If you’re new to the series all the previous parts by @completedylantrash are at the links above!

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“Stiles,” She says, her voice nothing more than a soft whisper but I can hear the desperation in it- the want, the need. I try to suppress my shudder at the feelings that are flooding through me, feelings I’m not even sure I can describe anymore.

           “Shhh,” I whisper, my heart dropping into the pit of my stomach as I trail my eyes along her body, unable to tear my gaze from her. I reach my hand towards her, a grin stretching across my face when I realize she’s wearing one of the bras that clasps in the front. “These are very convenient,” I murmur, inching forward until my lips brush against the smooth skin of her breast.

           I run my tongue along her, teasing her nipple with small sucks, licks, and bites. She runs her fingers through my hair, pulling at the roots and I let out a low groan, desperate to have every inch of her body burning from my touch. I can feel her hips bucking against me, frantically trying to create the friction between us that she’s seeking.

           “Please,” Her voice a low, ragged whine and my cock hardens immediately at the sights of her splayed out underneath me, her lip pulled up between her teeth, begging for me. I want nothing more than to bury myself to the hilt inside of her as I whisper all the words I’ve been desperately searching for into her ear.

           “Okay,” I whisper, my voice breaking, and for a brief second I wonder if she can sense my vulnerability before I press my lips against hers in a hard kiss.

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Continuation of this, where after arresting Stiles once, Derek is cursed with running into him all the frickin’ time and also keeping an eye on him for the sheriff (no that’s not a very convenient excuse shut up Boyd). Which is good because in this part Derek found Stiles in a club and discovered that someone had slipped drugs in his drink. The culprit got caught by a very pissed off Derek and a very thankful Stiles started dropping by the station to bring his favorite deputy lunch.


I’m sure by now everyone has noticed that there’s not even a single mention of Amber in the lawsuit filed from TMG.How very interesting and also,how very convenient, considering that her financials were also laid bare and it was clearly stated that she spent 45k a month while only earning 10k.

Given that TMG brought up the Hunter S Thompson thing everyone knows about from a decade back you woud think that they would have mentioned

- the 35k a month spent by ms Heard

- or the 300k to get the dogs back in the US so that they won’t be killed

- or the mustang he restored for her

- or the horse he bought for her

- or the 2 engagement rings that costed over a million together

- or the fact that he let her friends living rent free in his property with him paying for everything

- or the fact that her friends and family were also flying via private jet

- or their trips all over the world together like the honeymoon in Thailand

- or the wedding on the island cost

(And let’s not start with how many gifts he had given her according to rumours)

All of the above occured withing less than 5 years time

I mean,if they think it’s crazy that he spends so much money for his kids’ security how is it they see nothing wrong with all the money he spent for/with Amber for unnecessary things?

Soooo many millions spent on these things(and probably on more that we aren’t aware of)yet no mention of her at all.Like,even though some of that money wasn’t spent directly for/from her, they avoid even mentioning anything that involves her, even indirectly.They literally mention everyone around him,even his underage kids but not the woman he was with for 5 years and who 100% was spending tons of his money?Yeah something stinks…

So the crew is in 2017 Central City trying to 1) figure out how to work the mystery compass and 2) figure out who the evil speedster is. Gosh, if only there were some place in Central City 2017 where maybe, I don’t know, scientists and speedsters could both routinely be found and both of those goals could be accomplished very quickly and conveniently. Perhaps a lab of some kind. If only the crew knew of such a place. Maybe the people in that place would have experience with speedsters and also know how to best stop them. If only the crew knew someone with super speed who would be able to tell them the identity of a blond speedster, appearing to be in his mid-40s, with a weak moral compass and a penchant for wearing yellow. Nah, it’s fine, we’ll just ask Stein’s daughter for help and no one else.


12 Inch Trixie Plush with Outfit

My new 12 inch pattern. This one has much better proportions, and the best thing is, I can use my hair and head patterns from my beanie ponies! These guys are just the cutest, and I’d imagine very convenient to carry at cons as well!

She’s not for sale, as she’s con stock for this season.
Her outfit is made from custom designed minky from Spoonflower. My first time ordering from there, and I’m very pleased!

She is not for sale, but there are plenty of plush in my shop!