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the-dizziest-izzy  asked:

Hi, I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16, and because I have not been heavily effected by weight gain and was busy with School I never made any dietary changes. However, I am now off to Uni in September and want a fresh start, and was wondering if you know of any student-friendly (aka very cheap) recipes I could try? Sorry if you've been asked this kind of thing before!

Hello! This is a question I haven’t received yet, so I hope these links below help you find some student-friendly recipes that are within budget. If anyone would like to reblog or comment with their tips/advice for cheap college meals, or resources for more recipes, please feel welcomed to do so. I am attending college while living home, so I hope these links will be resourceful for you. I will say that when it comes to produce, farmer’s markets, local farmers, and produce houses are go-to’s for supporting your local economy and buying produce that is affordable! Local HarvestEat Well, and Eat Wild are great resources to find what is available in your area.

anothersavedsoul  asked:

For the kids wanting cheap, quick meals, there's a blog for college students here on tumblr. The blog is called no-more-ramen and there's very cheap recipes. (sorry to do this on your blog, I just don't want you getting any more hate.)

Haha, no other blog will save me from hate :D

I just promoted no-more-ramen, thank you :)