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On Friday, Netflix presents the first season of its newest collaboration with the Marvel comics group. It’s called The Defenders, and it’s a small-screen teaming of superheroes that has been part of Netflix’s programming plans since 2015. Our TV critic, David Bianculli, says:

“The real standouts in The Defenders are the same actors and characters who excelled in their own series: Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones and Charlie Cox as Daredevil. When they finally meet, the results are electric. And then there’s Elektra, an important character in this new series — even though she died at the end of last season on Daredevil.

But figuring out who lives and dies is a tricky thing, in superhero stories and in the real-life battle for world TV domination. With The Defenders, Netflix is making another very bold, very smart move.”

I tend to talk to my dad about Taylor’s music a lot and he said and I quote “she’s changing it up and doing music like no one has done before. This a very bold move of her to do and it’s not going to go unnoticed. This girl is moving the entire music industry in a new direction and it’s a strong and brave choice of her to make. Her confidence is rising. You picked the right person to look up to.”

His Cinderella

Summary: On the run from a crazy ex, Y/N runs up and kisses this random yet handsome guy. Oblivious to the fact that she’s capturing her greatest hero, The Flash’s mind, she goes on with her life. Though what happens on their next meet? Will Prince charming finally find his Cinderella?

Category: Falling in love
030: “Can I kiss you?”

Pairing: Barry Allen x doctor!reader
Words: 3155
Warning: none that I’m aware of… I used the word hell?

A/N: So just found out I’m gonna do my English exam next Friday. For both practice and pleasing you lovelies, I thought I’d try to write even more this upcoming week – though I’m not sure how this brilliant win/win idea will work out IRL, so don’t hold your breaths…:/


Can I kiss you?!” A girl popped up in front of Barry. She was out of breath, her forehead shining from the sweat after a what-seemed-like-a long run. Just when Barry was about to answer, her lips met his. If it hadn’t been for the fact that she had taken him by surprise, he would have noticed so much more about her. Like the way her eyes sparkled when their gazes met, the way her hair seemed to perfectly frame her head, the way her chapped lips glowed in the daylight.

But she did take him by surprise, and all he could think of, were how those chapped, yet soft lips felt against his. It wasn’t an ordinary setting for Barry (to have random girls coming up kissing him). Though for some reason, it felt natural. So he closed his eyes and started kissing back – a very un-Barry and bold move, that he instantly regretted when the warm feeling disappeared not long after.

“Thanks! You’re a real hero!” It was just by pure luck, that Barry managed to get a slightly better look at her before she ran. The last thing he saw being a pair of red cheeks and Y/E/C eyes. It certainly was a way to brighten up his day – who wouldn’t have liked to get kissed by a girl? Though at the same time, Barry still felt something fishy about what had just happened, and he was dying to know why the sudden urge for the beautiful girl to kiss him: it wasn’t like that happened on a daily basis in Central City.

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Secrets- Sherlock Holmes (BBC)


Ok please can I make a Sherlock request where reader and Sherlock are being secretive about their relationship but John is starting to notice little things and one day he comes home early and he walks in whilst they’re making out and they have to awkwardly reveal their relationship xx thank you

*Italics are flashbacks*

 “Can I kiss you really quick?” Sherlock whispered, his eyes darting to the door in a subtle lookout for Johns return from shopping.  When he looked back at you and saw you nod, saw the smile on your face and heard the laughter bubbling up your gullet, he leaned his chin forward and pressed his lips to yours.

You had been dating him for around year now and john still hadn’t found out or he was just avoiding the obvious.


Sherlock had never been a bold or open man but you must bring out the worse in him. During dinner one night he made a very bold move and began to place his hand on your thigh under the table as you sat.

Your cheeks flushed bright red almost instantly as you prayed John was too focused on the papers and notes in front of him.

“Are you alright (y/n)?” He asked making you freeze a little. He was leaning over and peering into your face concernedly.

You nodded politely “Yes, sorry. It’s a spicier curry than I’d anticipated.” You lied as Sherlock’s hand continued to caress your thigh softly.


“Is that y/n’s coat?” John said walking into the room.

Sherlock barely looked over at I’m but knew your coat was draped over his chair. “Yes, obviously.” He said slightly bluntly, making John roll his eyes.

“Is she still here?” he tried to encourage the conversation.

Sherlock sighed a little “Yes. She arrived while you were out and now she is in the shower.”

This baffled the shorter man and he stood in the same place for a while but soon brushed it off and shrugged, “Well okay, ill order some food in for us.”


When Sherlock kissed you it was short at first, soft, but it was quick to turn into something entirely different; within seconds the small and innocent gesture became harder.

You felt him let go of your hand in order to run that hand up the side of your shirt, you felt the calluses of his hands rub against your side, up your hip and over your waist and then around to your back, finally resting on the small of your back with what you imagined to be a secret intent of grabbing ass but was patient and stayed on your back.

The click of the door opening made you both jump and Sherlock try to step far away from you but it didn’t work, John had already see too much.

He stood before you tapping his foot with his arms crossed over his chest. “So how long has this been going on?”

“We’ve been dating for Around 6 months” you blushed but Sherlock had a large grin.


They are meant to be Sorta the Antagonist/Rival type characters. I wasn’t sure about names and Sun suggested I stick with the letter B’ for first names like Boris and Bendy got. 
I don’t have a lot of idea for how they all are, but I do know that Beth is supposed to be that character who just causes Trouble for the Usually Main character. and F.Bart is supposed to be like the I guess…Elmer Fudd to Bendys Bugs Bunny?? If you get what I mean. S.Beverly is kinda like……Trying to, I guess, get him to be less a little shit????and such but the attempts backfire often I would think. 
I also have this Idea that Joey and Henry (more so Joey) are not that religious. I feel like Joey probably thinks that Christianity is kinda bs? (I mean we are talkin’ about the guy who did some demonic ritual or some shit). I feel like the show would be a VERY bold move in its time seeing as Bendy, the main character and center of attention is a demon. unless it was one of those stories where the Protagonist is the bad guy, I feel like it would be kinda looked at weirdly. I mean if you have a cartoon where the “Good guy” Is someone who is something that a lot of people’s beliefs see as bad, chances are they won’t let their kids watch it. It’s also no surprise that a lot of cartoons have a more serious meaning to them some times, and with the idea I had, it was, maybe, something along the lines of, “Just because you may believe in god and go to church on Sunday doesn't automatically make you a good person. Believing is one thing, but what actually makes you a good person is your actions and how you lead in life” If that…makes sense…I mean. It also could be something that says something like “Don’t spend life worrying about what happens after your dead rather than enjoying what’s going on while you’re alive." 

AAAA I’m typing too much! I don’t even know what I’m saying I'm just making this up as I go! That’s all I really have to say about them so…Uhm…Yeaaah there you go!!

The touch of a hand - Season 5 snippets

The Touch of a Hand

Summary : Snippets based on 5x17, spoilers on 5x19, 5x20 and 5x23.

Rating : General

As soon as she saw him entering the lair, she had to fight the desire to touch him. Her palm itched instantly at the sight of his injuries. She was dying to feel his skin warm under her fingers, to feel his pulse radiating through her palm, to sense the life in him. Blood covered his chest and she wanted nothing but to clean his wounds and assess the extent of the damages.

More than the physicality of this need, she wished she could caress his forehead and make the sadness disappear from his face. Seeing him so tortured, physically and mentally, pushed her restraints, the ones she promised herself not to break. Their physicality was always so intense. Correction. Used to be so intense.

After that dreadful day and incident in the lair a few months ago, they had agreed on putting an end to it. No more physicality. No more intensity. Despite this set limit, she knew it remained both their weakness and their strength.

Oliver talked but her mind barely registered what he was saying. She couldn’t take her eyes away from the burnt skin, from the open wound on his shoulder or the bruised wrists. Her eyes lingered for a moment where his bratva tattoo used to be. Her brain betrayed her and she saw herself tracing the pattern of the tattoo again and again as she laid against him in bed, as he got out of the shower, as he was done working out… She could still draw it out of memory despite all the months they spent apart.

As she took a step towards him, he backed off, her proximity unbearable at this very second. Without a word, he headed towards the medical supplies. He wouldn’t allow her to help him. He would not permit any contact between them. She understood he needed the distance but she needed the contact like she needed air. She knew she wouldn’t get it from him. She had lost this privilege a long time ago.

Reluctantly she headed back to her computers, giving him time and space. As her fingertips were still longing the texture of his skin, she clenched her fists tightly for a second, fighting the tears that prickled her eyes. Tears of sadness. Tears of anger. Tears of frustration. Tears of love.

He wished he could take her hand. Or grab her by the shoulders. Or place his hands on her face and force her to look at the fear in his eyes. Now wasn’t the time though. She was about to make a huge mistake. For him. For all of them. Breaking their unspoken agreement wouldn’t help him reasoning her.

“Don’t do this” he had tried a few seconds earlier. From the way she had looked at him, he had realized he had already lost this battle. He knew her by heart. He had learned the way of her eyes, the language of her body. He couldn’t let her put her life in danger and yet he had to accept the decision wasn’t his. He could only hope that she would recognize the threat she was exposing herself to.

“You’ll have to stop me” she answered, ending the discussion.

Damn it Felicity was the first thing that came into his mind. She was as stubborn as he was.

The frustration of not being able to stop her made him rub his fingers, deeply buried in his pockets. She knew he wouldn’t stop her as much as he knew it himself.

They both stayed still for what felt like an eternity, the tension between them stretching every second painfully. Nothing changed. Not their determination, not their conviction, not their decisions.

He could lose her tonight. He’d tried to push the idea to the darkest corner of his mind but the picture of her lifeless body kept coming back to haunt him every second. He dreamt of stopping her, burying his face in her neck, breathing her sweet perfume on her skin and whispering words in her ear to convince her to stay.

He was aware this was a mirage, a fantasy of his desperate mind. He realized that even if he was allowed such closeness with her, the Felicity he knew and loved would never give up that easily. The Felicity he had been engaged to wasn’t any different from the one he was facing right now. Smart, fierce, committed. She would never give up on her ideas because he would beg her to.

She headed towards the door. His eyes didn’t follow her. He couldn’t watch her walk away from him again.

He thought watching her go through that door a few months ago was excruciating.

Listening to her walk away from him now was nothing in comparison.

Felicity was mad. Oh damn, she was so mad. This whole situation was just ridiculous! How can the one who built the bunker got trapped inside the bunker? And it was not even one! It was TWO! The two of them trapped in their own bunker. Seriously?!

Felicity turned violently on her chair, unable to find any solution. The heat was unbearable. She couldn’t even think. She was nothing but sweat and frustration. Her systems were down, the power was down. Nothing was responding. Not even her own brain.

She snorted at the irony of the situation. She was trapped. In the bunker. With Oliver.

For months, they stuck to their rule and didn’t invade each other’s personal space. Now, there was no personal space anymore. It was just the two of them. In one room. And no way out. Well. One possible way out. The only possible way out seemed to be the elevator shaft.

“Hold on to me tight”

“I imagined you saying that under different circumstances. Very platonic circumstances”

Oh no. No, no, no, brain. No way. No way to get there at this very moment. Felicity shook her head, trying to get rid of the reminiscence of his arms around her waist.

His arms around her waist.

Oh god. Her brain was really going there. She swore to herself she would forget that night. That night when everything changed between them. A night both a blessing and a curse.

She leaned against her desk, her elbows digging into the hard surface as her hands covered her face, the memories overwhelming her senses.

His arms around her waist. He managed to catch her as she tried to attempt the salmon ladder. A very bold move. A very bold and silly move. She tried and failed. She got stuck up there, unable to move. When her arms had given up on her, he was there to catch her.

With coincidentally happened to result in her in his arms…

Their faces really close to each other. Very close. Too close.

He only had to whisper “hey” for the two of them to give up. The restraints they put on themselves just disappeared, washed out by the need of touching each other, kissing each other, exploring each other.

One could have thought that their reunion would have been rushed, quick. It wasn’t. The intensity burned within them slowly, passionately. They took their time to please each other, feel each other, reconnecting with the familiarity of one another.

They smiled as they kissed, they moaned as they touched, they laughed as they pleasured each other. At all time, their fingers were intertwined, never breaking the contact. For a stolen moment, they caressed this blessing that was their former life together.

They experienced once again the pleasure of love, the power of connection, the simplicity of joy, the chance of happiness.

Except a moment of true pleasure wasn’t meant to fix any problem. As they were both coming down from their bliss, the scent of each other still warming their skins, they made the decision to never do this again. If a single touch was their weakness, then they had to stop.  They agreed on respecting each other’s space and avoiding contact at all cost. A very painful cost…


Felicity snapped from her reverie at the sound of his voice. He was standing by the elevator, ready to start climbing back to the surface.

“It’s time”

She nodded back at Oliver, uneasy. She stood up, wiped her hands on her jeans and headed towards him.

She could do this. They had to. They were stronger than this.

Stronger than Chase. Stronger than a stupid elevator shaft. A very tight, hot space they would have to share for God knew how long.


She was doomed.

He’d never thought he would find himself on the island again. Especially not with her. Not with them. Chase had tried to bring him to his knees, breaking his spirit, his inner strength. As smart and dangerous as he was, Adrian couldn’t predict that attacking the ones he loved the most wouldn’t make him weaker. It only made Oliver stronger. He had found in his friends – no, his family – a force he didn’t suspect. An unfaltering strength that was still running in him after several days on this island. Three long and strenuous days spent chasing and hiding. Working on a way to survive and a way to kill. Both preys and predators. At least, they were all together now. Together but not safe. With both Chase and Wilson on their tracks, rest was a luxury they couldn’t afford if they wanted to make it out of the island alive.

If John and Thea were physically more inclined to absorb the harshness of their environment, Felicity was showing serious signs of exhaustion on top of the injuries she suffered when held captive by Adrian. She wouldn’t complain, she would keep up. Her acclimation to the island was still surprising him. Her beautiful mind was constantly trying to figure out a way out – or a way in. She stunned him by how quickly her intelligence translated into a more practical way to survive. However, she looked drained from all energy at the end of the day, weakened by her wounds and days of tracking.

The four of them had managed to access one of Oliver’s hideouts, a remote and hardly accessible cavity in the mountain, discovered on his last months on the island. They needed the rest and this was the only place Oliver knew was secure and could provide them with a few hours of rest as well as some water. The place was rudimentary. Only stone and darkness. One access in and out. But sheltered and big enough for John, Thea, Oliver and Felicity to stay together and recover.

Oliver heard Felicity shift on the floor, right next to him. Her face was away from him, her back stiff in the darkness of the night. He glanced quickly at John and Thea who took the first round.

Both of them were sitting on the floor, leaning against the damp stone wall of the cave, still, fully focused on any sign of activity outside the cave.

Felicity shifted again, letting a painful moan out in the process, followed by a short breath. There was no doubt to Oliver’s ear that she was in pain. Something he couldn’t bear the idea of. Now wasn’t the time for physical boundaries or fear of breaking the rules.

He shifted slightly towards her before placing a careful hand on her shoulder.

“Felicity” he whispered, hoping he didn’t wake her up by mistake.

She stiffened at the sound of his voice more than at his proximity. She closed her eyes, another wave of pain hitting her body, numbing her mind. She couldn’t talk, couldn’t think. She just wanted it to stop, them to be all back home safely and the burdening feeling of fear to disappear from her whole self. She heard him calling her name again. She anchored her mind on his voice, the familiar and warm feeling of the sound an unsuspected soothing relief.

Without opening her eyes, she turned to him, seeking the sound of his voice again. The movement sent another shot of pain radiating through her entire body, forcing her to crawl into a ball.

She just wanted him to talk again. To take away the pain.

His hand cupped her face, gently, barely touching her. She let a moan out. It felt so good. The warmth of his hand. She missed it so much. She knew she allowed herself to feel like this only because she didn’t have any strength left in her at this very moment. She couldn’t fight him. She didn’t want to fight him.

His hand travelled from her cheek to her forehead.

“You’re freezing Felicity” He groaned. “Come here”

Gently but firmly, he pulled her towards him, guiding her in the crook of his neck as he layed back on the floor. He wrapped his arms around her, stroking her back with one hand while the other found her hair.

“Breathe Felicity”

He could feel her tension, the pain radiating from her body. She probably had broken ribs but her hypothermia was the first of his concerns. She was so cold against him, so quiet, so rigid.

“It’s gonna be okay Felicity. I promise you. It’s gonna be okay” he whispered against her hair before kissing the top of her head. She started shaking in his arms, the tension of the last days ravaging her muscles like an open dam.

There was nothing to be done, nothing that could be done to help her. Only holding her. Being here for her. Oliver kept whispering words of comfort, caressing her back and her hair for what felt like an eternity. He believed this was helping somehow. If it wasn’t, it did help him. Feeling her alive in his arms was at least a small victory. They made it alive today. Not the biggest of victories but something to hold on to.

“Felicity, open your eyes” he requested.

Felicity didn’t have much left in her but that, at least she could do. She left the cocoon of his neck and lift her head to his. When she opened her eyes, their noses were almost touching, his face so close so him she could feel his breath on her skin. Her eyes stared at his lips, hoping for the sound of his voice to soothe her again. She must be delirious she thought quickly. If she was, she didn’t want to leave this state ever again.

“It’s going to be fine. We… We’re going to be fine” she heard him say.

She glanced up to look at him. Her eyes locked with his. She missed his eyes. She missed truly looking at him. She missed letting her guard down and just being herself around him. She relaxed a bit under his look, her lids now heavy. As she was fighting sleep, she felt him kissing the tip of her nose. A smile appeared on her face as she leaned back against him and let his breathing rock her to sleep.

They were going to be fine. Just fine.

anonymous asked:

Hello audric Do you think Videl or gohan developed feelings first? I saw that they were on your otp list so I hope you don't mind ^~^

It was definitely Videl who developed feelings first, you can see them slowly developing throughout The Great Saiyaman Saga, World Tournament Saga, and the early Majin Buu Saga.

Episode 207:

When Videl arrived at Gohan’s house in order to get him to teach her how to fly, she eventually sat down and had dinner with the family, and when Videl was detailing to Chichi about how she lived her daily life in a mansion with 50 rooms and servants at the ready, Chichi couldn’t help but feel as though a golden opportunity was just beyond the horizon. So, she suggested that Gohan and Videl get married in the not to distant future. And when Goten repeated the question, Gohan was quick to deny the possibility:

However, judging from the way Videl was looking at Gohan afterwards, the thought of marrying him didn’t appear to be all that bad to her:

She looked as though she was giving it some serious contemplation here.

A little while afterwards, as Videl was making her way home after their first day of training, Gohan suggested to her that it may be best if she cut her hair short.

Now, after hearing this, Videl initially assumed that Gohan made the suggestion because he thought shorter hair would look good on her. So she asked him, while blushing, if girls with shorter hair were more his type:

However, Gohan’s explanation of his suggestion was just so that her hair wouldn’t get in the way during her fights, and well… This wasn’t the answer Videl was hoping for, so she got just a little bit upset:

And Gohan was understandably left rather bewildered:

Women eh? Lol.

Episode 209:

Now once the World Tournament had begun, Sharpener used it as an opportunity to flirt with Videl and get closer to her. However, Videl couldn’t have possibly been less interested in his advances if she tried. So while he was talking about the possibility of getting some juice with each other later on, Videl was paying him no attention whatsoever, and was instead scanning the area, and eventually, her face lit up:

And why was she suddenly beaming? It was because she saw Gohan walking by with the others:

Videl would then subsequently leave Sharpener to go and meet up with Gohan so quickly that she was gone by the time he had even finished talking about a possible date between them.

This obviously didn’t sit too well with Sharpener who tracked the two of them down not too long afterwards, and commented on how friendly they were being towards each other, much to his chagrin. Videl would then very bluntly suggest that Sharpener was jealous:

And Videl, in a very bold and direct move, would subsequently take a firm hold of Gohan’s arm and walk off with him in a very suggestive manner, right in front of Sharpener, just to make it crystal clear to him who it was that had her affections. Gohan on the other hand, appeared to be rather flustered at how forward Videl was behaving, but the latter was perfectly fine with it:

At this point, I’d say that it was clear that Videl had acknowledged her growing romantic feelings for Gohan, and had no qualms with making subtle advances, because she felt comfortable with him.

Episode 220:

Once the Majin Buu Saga had gotten underway, and Videl was accompanying Gohan and Kibito to find the source of the threat, there came a point at which Videl couldn’t go any further because she felt as though she was just slowing them down because she hadn’t yet grown accustomed to the wind blowing in her face, meaning she couldn’t keep her eyes open.

So she decided to turn back. But as she was watching Gohan leave, she began the realise just how deep her feelings actually ran:

It was here that she put any lingering doubts amongst fans to rest, and made it clear that she harboured very deep romantic feelings for Gohan, as she declared that when he would return, she would endeavour to date him:

Episode 241:

However, life could take a cruel twist of fate, as Goku would eventually make his way to Kami’s Lookout, and had the burden of delivering the awful news that Vegeta and Gohan had been killed by Majin Buu:

The news obviously shook Videl terribly, and she would then shed tears and refuse to believe that Gohan had actually passed before they really had the chance to really be with each other:

Episode 250:

As we know though, Gohan wasn’t actually dead, and had been found by Kibito and the Supreme Kai to extract the Z Sword.

After the Elder Kai had been freed from the sword after Gohan snapped it in two, Goku formulated a plan to get him to help them. He saw that the Kai was as big a pervert as Master Roshi, and so Goku suggested they allow the Kai to do things of a sexual nature with Videl:

And Gohan… Didn’t take too kindly to the suggestion, lol:

So I think it’s fairly safe to say that at this point, even though Videl wasn’t his girlfriend at that point, Gohan was beginning to develop some feelings for her which went beyond mere friendship.

And of course, we all know what eventually happened:

The relationship between Gohan and Videl was undoubtedly the one that experienced the most on screen build up and development of any canonical couple in the Z series. They may not be my favourite Dragon Ball couple (that will forever be Vegeta and Bulma), but theirs definitely felt the most natural, and It was really nice to witness how they steadily progressed ^_^

Fun Times

Request: 5. What the fuck does that mean?!? 16. I find your lack of faith disturbing. 17. No one likes your sorry ass anyway.

Everyone was at the club, laughing and relaxing as you and your Old Man, Tig, at the bar with a few of out of state Sons. Although you sat with you man’s arm wrapped around you, one man was flirting heavily with you. You weren’t answering back just smally smiling at him. TIg was getting very angry with the guy and you could tell because the grip on your waist grew tighter and tighter as the night went on.

It was getting close to midnight when the man decided to make a very bold move. He had decided to blatantly ask you to blow him.

You stared at him with your eyes wide before the statement finally registered into you and Tig’s head. You glared at the man for a second before your body reacted before your mind could catch up. Next thing you knew was that he was on the floor and his nose bleeding and your hand hurting like hell.

“TIG!! Come on man. Your girl has already taken care of the douche.” You heard Jax’s voice coming from behind you as you shook your hand, trying but failing to lessen the pain in your fist.

“Yeah-“ then man spoke up from the floor. Hiccupping as he went. “Go back to your…*hiccup*what’s that word again..” the man asked himself as he unsteadily stood up. “I don’t know! But it was a very bad name.”

The boys were holding Tig back as he yelled insults at the man. “What the fuck does that mean?!? You need to be far away from here before you end up being a new body in Charming!”

“No one likes your sorry ass anyway! Get the fuck out!” Chibs yelled at the man as he pushed him towards the door.

You sighed as Tara came over and looked at your hand, that was slowly growing numb. You let the boys slowly calm down as the man finally left.

“It should be okay after you ice it, Y/N. It’s only a little bruising.” Tara told you as she patted your arm that was injured. “Good punch, though.” She laughed.

Tig came back to your side and cradled your body as he questioned you. “You okay, baby? You need anything? I should go get you some ice. Man, that punch. I’m glad I taught you something. I didn’t expect you to hit him.”

You laughed at Tig as he kept changing the subject. You looked up at the man that held you as you spoke to him. “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” Maybe the amount of drinks had you giggly cause you couldn’t stop laughing at your joke.

You heard Juice laughing like a hyena on the side of you as Tig shook his head at you. He smiled at you before telling you, “You and those freaking quotes.”

You laughed harder as you buried your head into his neck.

How “Happily Ever After” Inspires Pro-Activity Through Classic Storytelling

On May 11, 2017, Disney presented its final showing of “Wishes”, a show that has been kissing guests good night for a good thirteen years, enough to solidify it as a favorite among many Disney Parks fan. Right out of the blue, Disney has announced the conclusion of this show in favor of a brand new show that would be on-par with the other state of the art nighttime extravaganzas around the world at both Disney parks and even rival theme parks. This was, obviously, met with a lot of mix reactions as fans both mourned “Wishes” and reminisced about all the memories they created around that show, but were also ecstatic to see what Disney could create with all the new technology and modern stories they had at their disposal.

Just a mere 24 hours after “Wishes” bid us farewell, “Happily Ever After” made its grand debut to near universal acclaim. While there were still many detractors that claimed the show had too much flair too it and lacked the warmth and nostalgic sincerity of “Wishes”, the overall reaction has been beyond positive, with guests quickly embracing the show as one of the best Disney has created in recent years.

As someone who was there to witness its grand debut, I sense that the overwhelmingly positive reaction deals with more than just nostalgia, extraordinary technology, and that trademark Disney showmanship; “Happily Ever After” may just be one of the most inspiring shows yet, presenting us a Disney that celebrates pro-activity in achieving life goals and ambitions through the celebration of classic and modern stories and characters. It’s a show that doesn’t just represent modern Disney as a whole but also the lofty goals and ambitions its guests carry in their hearts and souls each day as they pass through the main gates of the park.

This matters a lot because for decades, Disney has received more than their share of criticisms for indirectly implanting unrealistic expectations about life goals in children; from making ANY sort of dream a reality, despite how impossible they may seem, to obtaining true love with just a dance and a kiss. Critics have stated that setting up high expectations at such a young age may create a frustrated adulthood due to the realization that life-long terms and goals take more than just wishing for them.

Many may balk at the idea of fiction influencing youth, but it has been proven that we are emotionally impacted by the stories and characters we are introduced to, especially at such a young age. We tend to admire fictional heroes more than real world ones. This can become a double edged sword in that while we can gain significant life lessons from these characters, and fiction often draws a lot of inspiration from the real world, we can also take them for granted and only see them at surface level (ie, they are pretty, they gain what they want, therefore it’s what we want, too).

Disney’s modern-day productions, though, have caught onto that, and have slowly evolved to represent that; films like “Frozen” have celebrated love beyond just between a man and a woman, showing us a female lead that becomes queen without being forced into marrying a significant other. “Moana” also showed us a young lead that endures a dangerous journey to save her home. Even Merida from Pixar’s “Brave” represents the universal bond between mother and child, something that has been presented in fiction as the evil queen and beautiful princess trope in fairy tales.

These stories have shown us how far we as a society have come; we draw far more inspiration from characters that brave the worst just to get what they want out of their life, often facing many failures before reaching success. That’s not to say that Disney’s classic staple of characters like Snow White and Cinderella can’t be inspiring. On the contrary, they also teach us that compassion and forgiveness are very important. But their stories are, if you were to ask a modern scholar, are about being a passive participant in what you want out of life. Not necessarily a bad thing, but don’t represent what audiences believe in nowadays or what society as a whole wants out of them.

With all of that being said, what does all of this have to do with Disney’s two nighttime shows? Well, “Wishes” represented the passive Disney that once told us that believing in wishes and faith could be strong enough to make things a reality, all drawing inspiration from Walt Disney’s masterpiece, “Pinocchio”. The show relished itself in its nostalgic and innocent views on life, with beloved characters wishing out loud their biggest desires, the key word being WISHING, not proactively getting out there to make it happen themselves.

As stated earlier, Disney has shown more progress in how its themes and characters are presented to a more discerning audience. With 2009′s “The Princess and the Frog”, Disney finally stated that it takes more than wishing to make dreams and goals a reality; it also takes courage, determination, sacrifice, and most importantly, pro-activity, and that sometimes even that doesn’t guarantee success. So it makes more than enough sense that a new fireworks spectacular would reflect that new, forward thinking Disney, and “Happily Ever After” more than succeeds in that regard thanks to a mix of characters, themes and songs that beautifully reflect that.

The following WILL contain spoilers for the show, so if you are saving your viewing of the show for a future park visit (which I highly recommend witnessing in person as crowd reactions add so much to it), the spoilers will be presented right after the cut.

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If I came in time, can I ask for some Diavolo and/or Doppio on a date with a very kind s/o? Like they want to pay for the date kind of kind. Thank you so so much. You're epic.

asdfghjkl Thank you so much! But I’m not epic, you’re epic XD

Also, I’d like to point out that Diavolo is officially the most requested character on my blog :3

I hope you like it! :D


  • Doppio gets really flustered by his s/o’s kindness. He always knew that they were really kind, that much was obvious already when they met, but sometimes he’s just still surprised. When they met at a café the first time to have a nice little coffee during the afternoon, and it was his s/o that pulled his chair back, he struggled to find the words to tell them how unnecessary that is, and that he should be the one doing this for them.
  • The date itself is filled with lots of smiles, giggling and happy talk. Doppio is a sweetheart and keeps the conversation away from too serious topics. He wants to enjoy himself, and he wants his s/o to have fun as well, so he’ll do whatever it takes to keep his s/o smiling. He appreciates it a lot that his s/o is trying to do the same. They ask him a lot about his day, what he likes to eat, what he likes to do, never demanding an answer, but always smiling happily when Doppio elaborates his answers a bit.
  • Doppio gets really flustered when his s/o reaches for his hand across the table and strokes the skin of the back of his hand. He doesn’t only get flustered because of the gesture, but also that it’s his s/o that initiates it and not him. So, in a very bold move for him, he grips his s/o’s hand and presses a soft kiss to their knuckles, blushing like a mess, but seeing the blush on his s/o’s face makes this move really worth it.
  • His s/o offers Doppio to taste everything of their meals, their antipasto, their primo piatto, secondo piatto and their dolce. Doppio is just overwhelmed, but he also thinks it’s incredibly romantic and cute of them to do that, so he’ll give all of it a try, and offers his s/o to do the same. In the end it is a constant exchange of their food, especially their desserts because Doppio just loves sweet things, and he just can’t decide, whether he likes his own dessert or that of his s/o more.
  • At some point his boss calls, and while his s/o is incredibly important to Doppio, there is no way that he would let his boss down. So in this moment the empty glass of water becomes a phone and Doppio excuses himself for the duration of the call. No matter, whether his s/o is aware of Doppio’s split personality yet or not they shouldn’t comment on it. However, when Doppio comes back he apologizes again and again, because literally nothing other than this would keep him from spending time with his s/o. Doppio is also the happiest person alive should his s/o actually show some sympathy for him in these situations.
  • Doppio’s too polite to even consider accepting his s/o’s offer to pay for their date. He is a very polite (young) man and enough of a gentleman, so he insists that he’ll be the one to pay for it, especially since he was the one who had to interrupt it because his boss called. He appreciates his s/o’s kindness nonetheless, and makes sure to tell them that. Their soft smile when they thank him gets him flustered immediately though.


  • Diavolo himself isn’t the personification of kindness. That doesn’t mean he can’t be kind, but the reason behind it is usually one of possessiveness or a way to ensure his s/o’s loyalty to him. However, even though he has some ulterior moves behind his acts of kindness he does care about his s/o. So when it makes them happy when he buys them the newest designer dress, then he’ll do it (it helps ensure his own motives behind it anyway).
  • So his s/o’s acts of kindness like holding the door open for him or pulling his chair back surprises him. He might not be the kindest man Italy’s, but he’s aware that for a person like him this is a job for subordinates, but not his s/o. Aside from that it’s courtesy. He makes sure that this will be the only time when his partner does that for him.
  • The date itself has a kind of tense atmosphere to it. Not because of their conversations or their behavior, but more because Diavolo is too paranoid to properly enjoy a dinner in a restaurant like this. They already sit as secluded as possible, but he still feels eyes on him, and he takes a look over his shoulder too often to be comfortable, no matter how often his partner tells him it will be okay. He appreciates his s/o’s efforts to make him feel better, but they can’t understand how important it is for Diavolo not be seen and recognized.
  • His s/o does understand him, though, at least to a point, so they offer to call the dinner off early to give him some peace of mind. The last thing they want is for Diavolo to be uncomfortable and tense, he should enjoy their time together. Diavolo might not able to express his gratitude properly, but he is immensely grateful for his s/o’s offer, even if it kind of dents his sense of pride, but him staying hidden is more important than anything else.
  • However, he will deny his s/o’s offer to pay for their dinner (or the meals they had so far). Even if they hadn’t broken it off so early he wouldn’t have let them pay for it. He is the most powerful man Italy’s, and one of the richest people in the world, there is no way that his partner will pay any bills for him. Despite it being courtesy that he pays for their date, he is too proud to let his partner do it, so he picks up the bills for his s/o.
  • His s/o offers instead to take a walk through a more secluded part of town before going to the hotel, in which they will stay this night. While Diavolo isn’t fond of PDA at all, he lets his partner hold onto his arm, although the soothing circles his s/o rubs into his skin with their fingers, doesn’t escape him. It confuses him a bit that even though he was the one who kind of ruined their date, his s/o is still the one trying to comfort him and doesn’t judge him for it at all. It makes him think, whether he shouldn’t be a bit nicer to them as well just for the sake of it instead of focusing so much on keeping them as his loyal subordinate.
Naughty Student

A/n: Hey. It’s skylar here. So was watching a fave blog of mine @breath0ftheglacian when I caught wind of dirty teacher Ardyn. I had to help out. I’m sure it’s not as dirty as most would have wanted. First time writing smut for this muse. Nonetheless I hope you enjoy. It’ll be under the cut since it’s a bit long.

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now it makes sense why they advanced Rakago’s village scene and made it clear that the villagers were the titans
I mean we literally see people getting turned into titans in Ymir’s flashback!

still a very bold move!
but I’m not complaining I thought it was done very well!


The first episode of the show and they already kill off the main characters of a children’s show who are based on real life people who were not dead at the time, a very bold move. 

To emphasise that the Cartoon Beatles are indeed dead, the show zooms in on their smiling corpses (for kids) and on the instruments, which continued playing as the Beatles died, implying that the instruments are being played by their ghosts. 

But why did they die? 

This happened after the monsters explained everything and the Beatles were no longer afraid of them, so it wasn’t fear of monsters that killed them. The monsters had also left the castle by the time they died anyway. 

Exhaustion? After only one song? Not unless their sense of time was heavily distorted. Maybe the castle could have been cursed. Speaking of which… 

Isn’t it suspicious that the monsters left? Every single one of them left, and after they were enjoying it and saying that they hadn’t heard music in 200 years? And why would they be leaving what seems to be their home? Even the vampire, who went back to sleep in his coffin (possibly indicating that it was near sunrise), was carried out of the castle by the other monsters. 

One of the monsters was a witch. It is possible that the monsters enjoyed the music so much that the witch used a spell to murder everyone in the castle and the monsters evacuated the castle so it would only affect the Beatles, who were oblivious to the monsters’ plan. 

The Beatles, who were now ghosts, were either unable to leave because of the spell/curse preventing them from leaving, the spell/curse making them not want to leave, the distorted sense of time preventing them from realising that time had passed, or people freaking out because of them being ghosts. 

All because the monsters wanted to listen to music.

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what concerts did E&D go to?

 Dylan and Eric went to Rammstein’s Sehnsucht Tour December 8, 1997, featuring  KMFDM as their opening act at the Ogden Theatre in Denver. 

Setlists from the December 8, 1997 concert

KMFDM (opening Symbols Tour)   Rammstein

Setlist from the May 1, 1998 concert

Ogden Theatre  [x] [x]   Photos from the day of the tour [x]

I’ll make a Spotify playlist of these setlists in a future post. :) 

Dylan likely attended The Chemical Brother’s Dig Your Own / Hole Setting Sun Tour concert on April 29, 1997 at the Ogden Theatre in Denver. He probably went with Zack. The reason I believe he attended this concert is because the t-shirt is a special promo type that was made specifically for this concert. That was the first time the Chemical Brothers had ever played in Colorado and the next time they would tour in the area was July 17, 1999 at the Rave on the Rocks, Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, CO, USA  with With Fatboy Slim. This was the date that Dylan made plans to see the concert with Devon.- sadly, that one concert in ‘97 was his first and only Chem Bros concert. :-/

It’s possible that they went to a Prodigy or Orbital concert but there is no record of this or of them talking about it.  Dylan only mentions just that one concert and for that reason,  I tend to think that the KMFDM/Rammstein concert was the only concert the two ever attended together.*

There was also a Rammstein concert on October 6, 1998 at the  McNichols Arena in Denver about 1.5 hours away from Littleton.  Since Dylan uses the plural for concertS in his yearbook reference to Eric, there is a possibility that they went to three Rammstein concerts: the one December 8, 1997 with KMFDM as their opening act and also the one May 1, 1998 and very possibly the one held October 6, 1998 at the McNichols Arena in Denver. KMFDM apparently only toured for their Symbols album in ‘97 with Rammstein on December 8th and didn’t tour again until 2000. There was no tour for Adios which debuted April 20, 1999.  Now, take a good guess why that is. ;)

 Rammstein was on tour in Brazil  on April 17, 1999 (the date of the Columbine Senior prom) and then moved on to Guadalajara, Mexico on April 21. 1999, the day after the massacre and did yet another concert in Mexico City on April 24. They took a three month break (probably laying low having been associated as a musical fav of the ‘Columbine Killers’). They returned back to the states in June of ‘99 and interestingly enough, toured yet again in Denver, CO (!)  at the Fillmore Auditorium on July 14, 1999 just a few months after Columbine. A very bold move on their part. 

I find it rather interesting how many times Rammstein visited Denver for concerts: for their Sehnsucht tour,  they visited Denver, CO in Dec ‘97 and then five months later, they revisited the city yet again in May ‘98, then Oct ‘98 and lastly, June of ‘99. They did not do this with any other US city.  Have to wonder if the group has a particular reason as to why they repeated the same tour in this city a total of four times.  Perhaps they have some connections in Denver or maybe just liked the vibe of Denver?   The Sehnsucht Tour ended in 2001. and June ‘99 was there last time in Denver for that particular tour.

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Hey could you continue the soulmate ushijima au where he and s/o meet each other?

hi! i just read your ushijima scenario and it was so sweet the whole idea was really cute! i love the way you write and i was wondering if you could maybe do a continuation where they meet? if not it’s fine and i hope you continue writing!! ♡

Yesssss give me more excuses to write soulmate!AUs (I’m so thirsty for them I suck lmao) But, this got really cheesy towards the end (then again, when are soulmate!AUs not cheesy) so I hope you guys can enjoy it regardless! 

(Also, you’re so sweet anon!! Thank you so much, and I sincerely hope that you will continue to enjoy what I write! <33)

Ushijima felt particularly numb as he sat in the silence of the abandoned locker room. Images of the last match flashed through his head. They had lost. How had they lost? How could they have lost? How had Karasuno, the flightless crows, managed to defeat them, the reigning champions? Nobody knew, and yet it had happened. The match was a huge upset, and Ushijima found himself wondering if this was going to be his legacy. In ten years, would people still talk about how his team should have won, but lost? Would this follow him around, weighing heavy on his back as one of his greatest regrets? And, once he worked up the courage to meet you, would he end up being just another loser in your eyes?

Honestly, he wouldn’t blame you if he was. Ushijima was aware that he had little redeeming qualities. He was blunt, didn’t have a sense of humor, and his personality was off-putting and, at times, straight-up abrasive. Volleyball was one of the few things he was actually excited about, one of the few things he excelled in, and, right in front of you, he had revoked his every right to call himself an expert in the field. Had he felt up to it, he may have forced a hollow laugh. Ushijima had invited you to watch his victory, to see him be a champion. Instead, he had exposed to you how weak he could be, how he failed to match up to everyone’s expectations, how he had probably failed to meet your expectations. He wished you hadn’t come. Knowing that you were miles away would have eased the sting, if even a little.

Had it been up to him, Ushijima would have stayed in the room for a while longer, quietly reflecting on his loss. But, his head jerked up as a few sharp raps rang through the room; someone was knocking on the closed door.

“U-Ushijima?” The voice was foreign and it hesitated as it clumsily spoke his name. Obviously, whoever was at the door hadn’t called out to him before, but recognition sparked in him. Although he had never heard the speaker before, he relaxed as though you were an old friend. He instantly knew, without a doubt, who you were. “Your teammates told me you were in here.”

Your words were followed by a taxing silence. It was evident that you were waiting for a reply, an invitation into the room that Ushijima had selected as his temporary sanctuary. And, while he yearned to see you, needed to hold you like a starving man needed food, he was reluctant to respond. If he allowed you in now, he was introducing you to his weakness firsthand, to all of the faults his broken armor failed to hide away. His pride, the sword by his side, was broken; it could be mended in time, but it was of no help to him now. His determination, the shield he used to fend off the malicious, had been dented; it was still wearable, but he couldn’t muster up the strength to wield the damaged emotion now. His two greatest assets were both tarnished, and Ushijima knew that they provided him no protection now, and he had never felt so defenseless.

But, a deeper calling within whispered in his ears. Its words caressed his soul, and relaxed his tense muscles with promises of peace. “It’s alright,” it reassured him. “This is your soulmate. You do not need weapons to fight them. You do not need armor to protect against them. They would never harm you.” Ushijima didn’t need to think very hard on it. He felt a stab of guilt for his earlier bout of foolishness. The voice was right. He allowed you in.

Gently, the door creaked open, and you shut it gingerly behind you. For a moment, Ushijima glanced at you and swore he felt his heart skip a beat despite the wildly inappropriate timing. You were beautiful, just like he always knew you would be, and, even before you said a word, he already felt the pressure lifting away from his shoulders as if banished by your very presence.

“Ushijima,” you spoke his name again. This time, it rolled off your tongue fluidly, and he sat up a little straighter, eyes intense as he stared at you and you alone. His observant gaze picked up the way you swallowed nervously, how your fingers tangled in the hem of your shirt. “I…”

You weren’t sure how to proceed. He wasn’t either. There was a mess of things the two of you had to take care of. Neither of you had formally introduced yourself yet. The game and all of his insecurities were still lingering in the forefront of his mind. And you had no idea how to comfort a man you had just met, soulmate or otherwise. There was no book for this, no tutorial teaching you about meeting your soulmate for the first time. All life had left you was an unexplainable ability to communicate with one another. It had brought you together, and then left without so much as a clue on where to go afterwards, no map, no hint, nothing. Both of your minds raced as the two of you tried to find a solution.

That was when you suddenly realized that you didn’t need one. Stepping forward, you reached your hand out to him and, after a heartbeat, he took it. Slotting your fingers together in a bold, very unlike you move, your lips curled up in a smile as his eyes softened. Your hands fit together perfectly, and it helped remind you of the truth. The two of you, in your entireties, were soulmates. That meant that, even at your worst, you were meant for each other. There was no expecting only the best, no standards the two of you had to meet in order to qualify for the position. Fate had planned it all from the start, and it hadn’t been wrong yet. The popular theory was that soulmates existed to support one another, to make up for each other’s shortcomings, and, as you led him out of the locker room hand-in-hand, he knew it to be true. You did too.

As long as the two of you had each other, come paved roads or stormy waters, you would brave it all and triumph together.

“You played well,” you said suddenly and, even though the words dug at fresh wounds, Ushijima felt no offense. Instead, there was an illusionary weight on his hip as your acknowledgement took the first step to fixing what had been broken.

“I’m glad you came.” His response was short, to the point. But you smiled at him nevertheless, laying all his anxieties to rest.

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Hailey Baldwin went to the VSFS casting! Kendall, Bella, Gigi & Hailey 🙄 please not 😝

That’s a very bold move for VS to make. I like Hailey as a person but there is no way that she has enough runway experience to be walking in the VSFS. The 2017 holiday campaign/commercial was really innovative and edgy so I hope that VS continues to make steps in the right direction. I try to have high hopes for the VSFS every year.

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So what you're saying is, in a shounen context, that hug makes Eremin canon? I saw a post where it explained that hugs signify a something more intimate in japanese culture.

Um… Can I say that? I want to say that.

Instead of saying that. I’m going to throw up some thoughts here.

I constantly have conflicts with the manga (internally of course) because the works are written by a Japanese man but the characters (for the most part) don’t share/are not influenced by Japanese culture at all. So, while I want to say that to the Japanese hugging is significant and is intimate, commonly considered PDA - this may not apply to the characters because the characters themselves are NOT Japanese.

They are presumably in an area of Europe, most likely Germany. So that’s more influential to their character, more so, if Isayama does not interject his own culture into the story. I tend to argue with myself about how much is from European traditions/culture and how much is Isayama pushing the envelope.

Now, the optics, from outside the story, to us the readers, especially those of Asian, typically Japanese decent, is extremely forward. Eren was feeling emotional so he hugged Armin. Armin didn’t rebuke the hug or freak out. He quietly blushed and hugged Eren back. So I want to say that for a shounen, this is very bold move but at the same time, given Eren and Armin’s relationship and their culture, hugging in public, etc is not as frowned upon as it is compared to other cultures.

But I also feel that there has been a consistent build up between these two that makes this moment so special. They share a dream. Holding hands when they were younger. Eren rubbing Armin’s back when he’s out of breath. Armin threading his fingers through Eren’s, and Eren unconsciously squeezing back. Armin holding Eren in his lap and coddling him. Eren being quick to respond to Armin in danger. THEN there’s IT. The hug. And it’s like a slamdunk, like a touchdown, like a goal? Like the confirmation that they love each other and the truth that they can’t live without each other.

I would say you would really just need a few words out of either Eren or Armin’s mouth… Or the always solid word of Isayama… And we’re officially canon.

For now, I’ll settle comfortably on the fence for semi-canon.