very beautiful with slicked hair

(Imagine you realizing you have feelings for your good friend Axl.)

Axl never shows up on time, but you don’t really care cause it gives you more time to get ready. You always like looking your best when hanging out with Axl, even though you two are friends. You just always like the reaction he gives you when he first sees you. So you like the attention, nothing wrong with that. It’s not like you have feelings for him or anything, you would never get involved with a guy like Axl. He’s the bad boy type, and yeah he was so incredibly hot but you would never let yourself go down that road because you know how that would end, badly! You much rather keep him as a really good friend.
In the midst of all your thoughts you heard a knock at your front door. He was just in time you were looking good and ready to go, although you didn’t really know what you guys were going to be doing. You two never planned stuff ahead of time you kind of just did things spontaneously, and waited to see what you both were in the mood to do.
You looked through the peep hole of your front door to make sure it was Axl. You saw this man leaning up against the wall with a cool rock and roll embodiment about him. A black leather jacket, red bandana with a black hat over his orangey red straight hair, his dark sunglasses covering his dark green eyes even though it was night time.
You swing the door open, kind of taking him off guard.
“Hey good lookin” you say sassily but playing around.
“Who me, look at you.” Axl says as he smiles his sly smile and looks you up and down, with his eyes peering over his sunglasses. “holy shit that’s a very tight dress”
“I know that’s why I picked it.” You said while smiling.
“Just saying if you don’t find a guy to bring home at the end of the night I don’t mind volunteering myself.” He says while smiling that sly smile that hasn’t left his lips since first laying eyes on you.
“Haha Very funny, let’s get going. Wait meet a guy? Where are we going?”
“Well I figured we’d go to the rainbow to hangout, and drink. If that’s alright with you”
“Yeah that’s fine, but we gotta actually hangout you can’t ditch me to go with some groupie girl that you find.”
“Yeah, yeah I won’t.”


We’ve been at the rainbow for just forty five minutes and Axl has already ditched me to talk to some skanky blonde. So much for not ditching me you thought. While standing there looking at Axl flirting from across the room getting irritated at the sight of him looking at this girl like he looked at you earlier, you started to think why am I so irritated really I shouldn’t be. Of course he’s going to be flirting with girls when he’s at a club, you know how he is, so this shouldn’t surprise you. The thing that bothered you was the fact that you were so irritated by the sight of this, it’s not like you were his girlfriend, in fact it’s not like you even had feelings for him. Wait or did I? You thought.
“Hey there” says a strange manly voice kind of startling you.
“Hi” you say while not even looking to see the strange guy that has approached because you were still staring across the room at Axl with the blonde.
“Let me buy you a drink, least I could do for a girl as gorgeous as you.”
You finely turn your head to look at this man standing next to you for the first time since he walked up. While looking at the guy you realize he’s very handsome with these beautiful blue eyes, and nice dark hair that was slicked back, with one of those infectious smiles. But looking at him you can’t help but feel that something is off about him.
Thats when you again look across the club and in that moment you realize your looking at Axl. You should be looking and paying attention to the very handsome probably good for you guy offering to buy you a drink. But instead you just walk away from him without saying a word and before you actually get what your doing you are walking up to Axl. You budge in between the blonde and him. Facing him you take off his sunglasses so that you can see into those dark green eyes of his, you put your hand behind his head and the other one on his cheek and you pull his soft lips to yours. Not expecting this Axl sat frozen while you kissed him, but then you felt him start to kiss back. Liking what’s going on he then puts his hands on your waist and pulls you in to him. After a minute of kissing, you pull away to whisper in his ear.
“I think I’ve found a guy to go home with.”
He then looks at you with a devilish look and his sly smile. You grab his hand and turn to drag him out of this club and get him back to your place. Thinking to yourself I’ve always had a thing for bad boys.

*First time writing a fan fiction, don’t really know if it’s any good. Tell me what you think. I’m open to writing more but just gunna put this out there to see what you all think. If you like it and want me to write some more send some requests my way. Thanks for reading😜!!*

Bloodlust~ [Got7] Chapter 1

Here we go! I hope you enjoy the official start to my new series I will mostly be posting these on the weekend because of school, so enjoy!

Rating: M (For smut and blood)

Genre: Vampire!Au

Characters: Lilly, Got7

I slowly opened my eyes and looked around, my head was pounding and my body aching. I sat up slowly and tried to remember what had happened to me, and it all flooded back into my head. The auction, the man who bought me and took me to what I thought to be his home. By the looks of the room I was in he seemed very wealthy, the beautiful violet colored walls, the vanity set, the crisp white bedsheets, and the glimmering chandelier above me. All of these details mesmerized me until I finally snapped out of my senses now wondering what this man’s intentions are. I pondered for a while on whether or not I should stay put or explore the house, but of course, curiosity got the best of me and I slowly slipped out of bed and out the door.

I walked down a flight of stairs that led to another huge room that seemed to be the living room, there was a fireplace a couple of couches and of course, a huge crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. I then felt a cool shiver run through my body and I whipped around only to faceplant into a firm chest. 

“Morning love” The man said in a husky deep voice, I looked up to get a better look at his face and he was indeed very handsome with black hair that slicked back and beautiful brown eyes. My breath hitched and I backed away from him and he took a step forward. “Don’t be scared my name is Jaebum, I’m not like those other pigs I have no intentions of hurting you.” He delivered me a warm smile, and I half smiled back at him.

“My name is Lilly” 

“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Lilly. Go back to your room and run a hot bath there should be some new clothes laid out on your bed for when you come out.” I nodded while still looking down at my feet and quickly walked out of the room leaving him to stand there alone….

I stood there in the middle of the room watching her walk away, she feared me but at the same time, she saw I was compassionate. I went to go sit on my couch to ponder until I heard someone bang on my door, hard. Sighing I walked to my door asking who it was, no response. I gripped the door and swung it open, a cold figure rushed past me, pushing to the ground. I grunted and quickly got up to see who it was.

“Jaebum, it’s so nice to see you again!” I recognized that voice from anywhere, Mark Tuan. “Oh come on don’t look so mad! Look I brought our friends too!” I scanned the room and noticed that they were all here scattered around the room, Jackson, Junior, Youngjae, Bambam, Yugyeom, and Mark, my old friends.

“You’re not welcome here Mark” I growled my eyes piercing into him.

“Jaebum, don’t tell me you’re still holding that grudge.” 

“Last time I checked my brother would still be alive if it weren’t for you!” I hissed back, clenching my fist.

“Look I have said this a million times before I’m sorry and I regret it, but please my friend don’t be so angry. Besides, I miss visiting this house, all the memories we made here.” The rest of the boys smiled remembering the good times we used to spend, I decided to calm down since there seemed to be no real threat as Mark continued to walk around the room. “You know I really like what you-” He stopped and his eyes went wide and his breath hitched, he then closed his eyes and sniffed the air. Lilly…. The other boys decided to smell the air as well and sighed in satisfaction.

“Mark I think it’s time you all leave.” I said my voice shaking as I take in the scent of blood.

“But we just got here besides it seems as if you already have dinner prepared for us.” I lunged at him but Jackson and Junior quickly grabbed my arms and pinned me to the ground, he smirked. “Don’t worry boys I’ll be back.”  He chuckled and made his way upstairs.

I had just gotten out of the bath and put on the pink dress that was left for me on the bed, it was beautiful. I decided to look around the room since I had nothing better to do, I went to the vanity and found a book about herbs and flowers on the table. I sat back down on my bed and starting to flip through the book observing the beautifully drawn illustrations of flowers. I then winced in pain as I felt something slice into my index finger, a paper cut. I looked around the room to find something to clean it with but to no avail, so I decided to just lick the blood off. Just as I was about to put my finger in my mouth a strong hand grabbed my wrist, I yelped when I saw it wasn’t Jaebum.

“Well, well, well, I hope you weren’t going to be selfish and keep all this blood for yourself.” He said as he brought my index finger to his lips sucking on the cut.

“Who are you, where is Jaebum?” He stopped sucking and looked back up at me.

“Oh don’t be afraid kitten, my name is Mark I am a friend of Jaebum”

“Li- Lilly” 

“Well Lilly, have you ever been told ghost stories about monsters and ghouls?” He asked looking at me with lust and want as a growing smirk appears on his plump pink lips.

“Yes, my father would tell me them when I was young”

“What kind of monsters would he tell you about?” He started to lean into me forcing me to lay down on the bed as he climbed on top of my body I couldn’t control my limbs, what was he is doing to me?

“Monsters like spirits, demons, werewolves-”

Vampires?” He asked as he slowly pulled down my dress a bit to expose some of my left breast. I held my breath.

“Y-yes” I shivered and he smiled in satisfaction.

“Well, you should start believing those stories kitten, cause your in one.” He quickly lowered his head and bit into the flesh of my breast and I yelped wincing at the pain. I felt him start to slowly grind his hip onto my hot core as he massages my right breast ripping a moan from my throat. I feel my warm blood trickle down staining the sheets and my dress, he grinds his hard cock down onto my core harder and faster as he moans in ecstasy. I started panting and moaning louder and louder until finally I started to feel light headed and everything goes black.