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「天ノ弱」~Heaven’s Weakness (A Pining!Langst Animatic)

Music & Lyrics: 164 (sm14583646)
Cover: Shinshakaijin & Wing (sm18605852)
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(TW: some scenes may be seen as pseudo injury/bleeding. Also, angst.)

It’s my first time to try making an animatic, and behold it ends up being (k)langst. Wing’s piano cover of this song always destroys me whenever I hear it, and to me it’s one of the ultimate heartwrenching songs. I wish I had the time and skill to put the translated lyrics on the video as well because they make me just (つ﹏<)・゚。 (The VLD and Klance angst weeks are still days away but look at what I’m doing…speaking of Klangst week do they accept entries for day 1 this early?)

I will greatly appreciate any constructive comments or feedback! (I’m still a beginner so I know there’s a lot of mistakes and ahskdsd things I’m so sorry I will now go to a corner and mull over my life choices.)

Disclaimer: Nicole Haught is my favorite character on Wynonna Earp so I’m predisposed to be biased in her favor. 

The thing that really hurts me the most about her storyline this season? It’s not her arguably poor reaction to being left out of Black Badge or her very bad decision with the DNA results (and the resulting fallout, including Waverly’s text message and the Rosita kiss). But this notion advanced in at least three episodes now by Wynonna and Waverly that Nicole is controlling.

I just can’t wrap my brain around it.

Maybe I’m blinded by my love for Nicole, or maybe I’m not looking at it from the right angle/lens, because here’s what I have seen onscreen:

Nicole was attracted to Waverly and asked her out, but nevertheless respected Waverly’s relationship with Champ once she knew Waverly wasn’t available. Nicole never overstepped her bounds. She never pushed or expected Waverly to be anyone other than herself, or to be anything more than friends, if that’s what Waverly wanted. She was frustrated, but understanding when Waverly was stressed out and confused after Willa’s return. Hell, she didn’t run for the hills or ask Waverly to join her even after a) she learned about demons and the Earp curse, b) was shot in the chest by Willa, and c) could sense something was off with Waverly/Gooverly. Despite her disappointment about Black Badge or her belief that Waverly doesn’t respect her job as a cop, she still showed up at the Homestead to support Waverly when she was upset about Bobo’s revelation. Moreover, she never tried to shoehorn in on any Black Badge cases, not even when she was worried about Waverly’s undercover mission with Lucado.

Not only that, she’s tried to reach out to Wynonna and be her friend (once notably at Waverly’s request) even when Wynonna pushes back. And, most telling, twice when Waverly was in danger, Nicole deferred to Wynonna both times and trusted that she would save Waverly.

I get that Wynonna and Waverly are most likely projecting their own issues and insecurities on Nicole, who sometimes is the closest and perhaps easiest punching bag. And that’s not meant as a criticism of the Earp sisters, as I love them both and Lord knows neither of them have had an easy life. 

Now, I don’t think Nicole is perfect. She can be a tad judgmental at times. If anything, she’s maybe too understanding (if that can be a thing), to the point where I can kinda see the criticisms of her being a “doormat.” But she’s anything but controlling. And this season just makes my heart ache for Nicole and want to give her a hug. :(

Regarding the PASH Article

I’m not usually the type to make tumblr posts but I see people freaking out over this interview and honestly while I will say that Kubo’s comment WAS REALLY NOT A GOOD THING FOR HER TO SAY it wasn’t nearly as drastic as people are thinking it is in translation. 

To start off, what she originally said in Japanese was as follows:  「結婚的な意味合いよりも、部活の仲間同士で同じものを持とう、みたいなノリに近いです。」How I translated it personally was “More than the marriage-like meaning [of the rings], they have the feeling of partners representing a club.“ 

Note, the  合いよりも or “MORE THAN” aspect of this. This is not saying that it means it wasn’t also with marriage intentions. Simply, that the omamori or good luck purpose was the main intention for Yuuri. However it doesn’t change the fact that 1) he bought literal wedding rings 2) he bought them after closely looking at JJ’s engagement 3) he verbatim followed a traditional Russian style engagement 4) Victor himself referred to them as engaged.

The way I always interpreted the scene was that Yuuri himself did the engagement in a way that was reflective of his anxiety. He never explicitly asked Victor to marry him. He absolutely knew Victor knew what he was getting at, however Yuuri himself used very ambiguous language and painted it as “good luck” as a way out in case Victor rejected him. Later, when Phichit announced that they were married, Victor claimed that they were engaged. This sealed that particular meaning of the rings. I think Victor knew what he was doing, given leaked storyboards. 

Yuuri: For good luck!

Victor: (big eyed) So that’s what he means.

Victor, given his revealed thoughts and expression, always knew that Yuuri was teetering around this issue. People ignore that in the anime, he also looked kind of hurt. This is something Japanese fans picked up on, but not Western fans.

And this following smile always looked a little fake to me

That sort of reminded me of his OTHER obviously fake smile

Which still does not negate this

I actually find it kind of amusing. A lot of people have written about how this was the exact moment they got engaged, yet now the fact that it wasn’t explicitly so before is the worst thing ever.

Also I’d like to point out how so much of this series is Yuuri being indirect as hell about their relationship and giving Victor whiplash. Why must best boy suffer so much ;_;

Regarding everything else and Kubo’s ambiguity she does seem like the type that’s “if it’s not explicitly stated it’s up for interpretation” type of writer. Which is annoying and stupid, but it’s so obvious that they’re a thing. Even everything else Kubo has said such as how they’re “soulmates” in “true love”, how she talks about homophobia not existing in their world, how she positively interacts with tweets talking about how they’re a couple. The most damning thing is that she has the mentality of “let the show speak for itself.” Even though she is making some very bad wording decisions roughly half the time (the other half she pretty much outright talks about how they’re a couple) the show pretty clearly does so.

You also have Otsuka outright saying things such as how “When you show scenes that leave no room for other interpretations there’s a risk of it not sitting well with some people, but Kubo and Yamamoto always plunged forward with no hesitation” (source)   He’s the producer and where the money is, so if anyone would be big on not allowing confirmation, it would be him. But he is. He is very encouraging of Victor/Yuuri. You also have Sayo, who if anything outranks Kubo in terms of story, we just never hear from her due to her private nature. Who knows what she would say. 

TL;DR Kubo said something really dumb but it changes absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things and wasn’t as “no-homo” as people in the western fandom believe

Edit: I answered an ask about Victor’s reactions [here]

mattysandwich  asked:

Oh! What about the inquisition companions reacting to a teenage herald being the victim of a racist slur for the first time in their life, and for the herald being visually upset about it?

Cassandra: Whoever said the slur has made a bad decision. A very bad decision. Cassandra looks between the offender and the upset Herald, and her eyes harden as they slowly turn to the racist. Her fists are clenched, turning white at the knuckles, and they realize they have fucked up. They have fucked up so bad. U kno they ded. After handling the matter, she checks up on the Herald and sees that they’re alright. “I know it’s not fair and it’s not right,” she says, “but hold your head high. You are above them.”

Blackwall: He drops whatever he’s doing and immediately gets in the asshole’s face, intimidating them with little effort. The offender jumps back, obviously thinking that nothing would come of their insult, but Blackwall persists and seems to loom over them. “You need to leave. Now.” he snaps. They take off, and Blackwall turns to reassure the Herald. “Are you alright?” he asks, suddenly softer and worried. “You let me know if anyone ever says that to you again.”

Iron Bull: He stands at full height, towering over whoever said the racist thing, looking down at them with a cold, calculating eye. His shadow looms over them as they look up at the massive, furious qunari. “Do you want to repeat what you just said?” he growls before shoving them down. They scramble to their feet as his hand reaches up towards his ax. The Herald is fairly certain he was just doing it to intimidate them, nothing more, but the look in his eye was enough to make the asshole bolt.

Sera: As soon as she sees the Herald is upset, she reaches for her arrows at holds one at length in her bow. “Say that again.” she dares, glaring. They run off, but that isn’t the end of Sera’s revenge, oh no. The racist in question becomes victim to numerous, merciless pranks, and no one dares to stop her. If the offender is a noble or wealthy, she asks her Friends to help take care of them. Sera has the Herald join her– payback will make them feel better.

Varric: He pulls Bianca out and strokes the wood tenderly, looking up at the asshole calmly. “Do you have a death wish?” he starts coolly. “As soon as I tell the others that you’ve upset the Herald… well, the results won’t be pretty. For you, at least.” The person flees, and Varric scoffs before turning to the Herald, eyes soft. “You alright, kid? Don’t let them get under your skin. They’re not worth it, and you’re better than them.”

Cole: He spends more time comforting the Herald than intimidating whoever said the racist thing. He does want to kill the person who said it, if only for a moment, before remembering that’s a bad thing and won’t solve the problem. As soon as he’s finished soothing the teenager, he tells Leliana. Leliana will handle it and he’ll heal the hurt.

Solas: He thinks little of it until he sees how upset the Herald is, and he feels bad for them, especially if they’re an elf. He stares icily at the racist. “How ignorant and pathetic you must be to stoop to insulting a young person in a weak attempt to soothe your own self esteem. You will never accomplish as much as this da’len, even if you try.” His words bite and simultaneously make the kid feel better. If they try to fight him in anger, he freezes them with little effort, and a careless yawn.

Dorian: He was angry before he saw how upset the Herald was– now there’s pure rage, and it manifests itself in insults, because violence wasn’t an option. He scoffs derisively. “What a pathetic thing you are. Hurling racist insults at someone you hardly know to satisfy your need to feel bigger than someone else? Sorry to disappoint you, but even a demon of sloth is better than you. Now, run along– the spymaster’s no doubt heard about this incident already. Best sing your prayers while you still can. Ta-ta. Good day.” He checks on the Herald immediately after and reassures them repeatedly. “It’s okay now, Leliana will tear them apart for you. Anyone who stoops to such pathetic insults is even more pathetic than the insults themselves.”

Vivienne: They’ve made a terrible mistake calling the Herald such a thing in front of Madame de Fer. She gently puts a hand on the Herald’s shoulder, reassuring them softly, before sizing up the racist and ripping them to shreds with words, much like she did to the marquis the Herald met at the soiree she met them at. After they leave, thoroughly humiliated, she finds out who they are and ruins their career with an easy grace. 

Josephine: She’s actually shocked at their disgrace and dishonorable actions, and she puts a protective arm around the Herald. “I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” she says stonily. “We do not want you here, not anymore, if you cannot be civilized and respectful.” If they resist, she summons the guards to handle them, and frets over the Herald– she wants to cheer them up.

Cullen: “You need to leave. Now.” he snaps, irritated. “We have no room for a racist in our midst. Get. Out.” If they do not leave immediately, he has a soldier or two forcibly escort them out. He sighs and takes time to reassure the Herald. “Don’t let them disparage you. There is nothing wrong with you. It’s them; if anyone else gives you any trouble, you let me know. I’ll have them escorted out.”

Leliana: They either didn’t notice the spymaster standing there or they were too stupid to consider their words. In either case, they have fucked up. The woman’s eyes turn cold and calculating and she steps forward with a serene grace. “Would you like to apologize to the Herald?” she asks, giving them one last chance. If they refuse– she has her agents learn everything about them and she gets to work. U kno they DEFINITELY ded.

I Know All Your Secrets


When everyone came close to finding out about Annabeth and Percy because of his stupid mistake. 

Annabeth felt like she was in heaven. She was covered in bubbles and the lukewarm water was so soothing that one by one her muscles were relaxing. This must be heaven, Annabeth thought while sipping the cheap champagne and leaning against the cold porcelain bathtub, inhaling the mind-numbing pleasant scent of the bathing salts. Her eyes were closed but they snapped open when she heard her host’s infectious laugh. Oops, completely forgot my company.

Percy seemed like he was enjoying the view. He was covered in bubbles up to his chest and while it would normally amuse Annabeth to watch a man so nervous in normal atmosphere to be so  completely at ease in presence of another stark naked, her mind was just aware of the fact that he was stark naked. Percy noticed her stare and smiling boyishly, held up his glass. Annabeth followed suit and clinked her glass against his before taking a sip and looking around to admire the view- candles lit and a few roses lying beside the small bathtub.

“You have done well Jackson. I must say I am impressed.”

Percy raised his eyebrow and smirked. “The best for the best”

Annabeth blushed slightly at his praise but quickly recovered. “You look cute in bubbles.”

Percy smiled. “Ehh, you’re just liquored up.”

He leans forward and Annabeth follows. They were a few centimeters away from sharing a kiss when a knock interrupted them.

Leo, Annabeth thought begrudgingly I’m going to kill him.

“Hey, it’s me! I’m coming in!” Leo’s voice followed his knocking. Percy’s eyes were widened and she knew what he was thinking. They can’t find out like this.

Annabeth takes a deep breath and dives just as Leo opens the door. She could no longer see them but judging by the silence, she’d say that Leo is stunned.

Leo had always been the most hyperactive person she had ever met. While at times it serveed as a source of entertainment, moments like these when the only thing she wanted was Percy, Leo was nothing but an annoyance.

“I’ve had a very long, hard day.” Percy’s tremulous voice rang out in the silence and as an explanation as to why he had so many candles lit up and he was in the middle of a romantic atmosphere completely alone. Thank god Leo was as naïve as any person can be.

After two beats of pause, Leo drawled out “Ahh, I’m gonna go get some chicken. Want some?”

Chicken.  Sounds tasty, Annabeth thought.

Percy replied “Ahh, no thanks. No chicken, bye-bye then.” She tried to listen to the closing the door but after a few seconds she heard Leo asking genuinely “You sure? Some extra crispy? Dirty rice? Beans?”

She had to stifle her laughter as she heard Percy shout at Leo to leave. Getting the sign that he had departed, Annabeth came up for air.

Percy immediately looked at her apologetically and asked in a voice laced with concern,” Are you okay? I’m so sorry, he wouldn’t leave. He kept asking me about chicken.”

Annabeth’s stomach grumbled at the word chicken. She looked at him “Chicken? I could eat some chicken.”

Percy looked at her for a moment and nodded. He then raised his voice and called out for Leo. Knowing what to do, Annabeth dove underwater for the second time. Leo entered the bathroom and Percy listed” Yeah, can I get a 3-piece, some cole slaw, some beans, and a Coke-“

Before even finishing the sentence, Annabeth grabbed his leg and dug her fingernails in his flesh.

Diet Coke, you Seaweed Brain Annabeth thought.

Percy yelped in pain and called out “-Diet Coke?”

She heard the door closing and came up for air. Taking in deep breaths, she turned towards Percy and glared. “Never forget my orders”.

“Yes, ma’am.”


Annabeth was trying to understand her brother’s antics. Jason, her dear beloved brother, was panicking again. Well of course he should.

Jason had gotten married to his 72 day long girlfriend, Khione out in London, a long way from New York. As if he wasn’t stupid enough, while saying his vows, he accidently called her Piper(his ex and Annabeth’s best friend.) And as if he hadn’t screwed up enough, while waiting for his wife in the airport so that they could travel to Greece, he met with Piper and offered Khione’s ticket to which she agreed. Plot twist: Khione showed up and upon seeing her husband getting on their fight with the girl he mistook her with, she fled. Jason did what he was expected to do. He went after Khione and in doing so, he lost sight of her and found out the flight had taken off with Piper as a passenger. Complicated. Yes.

How could he possibly confuse his wife and his ex-lover-cum-friend was baffling to her. Then again Jason was the extraordinary child.

She glanced across the table to see Percy (in his navy blue suit that always sent a shiver down her spine) questioning his dear old friend about his inability to outrun Khione (“I can’t believe she can outrun you man!” “SHE’S FAST, OKAY?!!”)

Suddenly the door opened and entering with a suitcase and her natural glow was none other than Piper Mclean. Greece had suited her. She was wearing a simple chiton and her lush brown hair was done in multicolored braids. She looked happy and not at all as if she was going to murder Jason for bailing on her and shipping her off to a strange place.

Everyone sans Jason immediately gathered around her because a) it had been days since they last saw each other and b)it was Piper.

Jason, looking dorky and solemn, quickly apologized to her but Piper seemed too cheerful to care. She smiled and reassured Jason that he did what he had to do and so she was not mad at all.

Annabeth raised her eyebrow at that. Piper not blaming Jason was definitely baffling. In fact their relationship had ended because of the constant assignment of blame.

“Terrible? Hell, I was in Greece! That was a nice hotel! Nice beach, met the nice people. Not too shabby for Piper.”

Jason looked as if the world had suddenly lifted off of his shoulders and enthusiastically he quickly hugged Piper before saying that he had to go (something about buying 72 roses for Khione, Annabeth normally tend to block out his stupid ideas).

Percy smirked at him and said” Make sure to write KH-IO-NE”

Jason looked at his best friend since college  and pushing up his glasses on his nose, quickly banged his fists together (otherwise known as telling him off) and went away.

Annabeth turned towards her friend standing at the same place since she had arrived. “Pipes that’s great. It’s so good you had a great time in Greece.”

Like a snake shedding its skin, Piper’s smile slid off her face. She looked vicious and involuntarily Annabeth shifted towards Percy. Not so that he could protect her. More like she could use him as a human shield when Piper goes savage. Percy looked unbothered and continued to enjoy his blue pancakes (which Annabeth had proudly made herself).

“What?! I didn’t have a good time in Greece! Jason abandoned me! Okay, I couldn’t get a plane out, so I had to stay in their honeymoon suite with people coming up to me all the time going, “Oh, Mrs. Grace, why are you crying?” I mean, it was sooo humiliating. I felt like such an idiot! I mean, it’s all my fault! And you know why, because I make very bad decisions.” She paced around the room before grabbing a bottle and sitting down on the chair in front of her.

Piper finished ranting about her and Annabeth couldn’t help but feel annoyed at Jason and Piper. I mean, sure Jason was her dear brother and Piper was her best friend, but that didn’t stop her from thinking how both of them were too stubborn to really work things out at the same time too much attached to really let go. It was slowly interfering with everyone’s lives.

For the first time, her secret boyfriend and neighbor decided to take part in the discussion.

Percy, ever the mediator, tried to make Piper feel better. “Oh that’s not true”, he said but Piper was furious and self-depreciating enough to insist “Yes it is! It is true! I went; I went after Jason in stupid London.”

Before anyone could comment, Hazel cried out from her place on the sofa, “London is stupid! Stupid!”

Annabeth stifled her laughter. Hazel was surrogating for her brother Nico and his husband and was currently pregnant with three children. She was so pregnant that she could not attend Jason’s disastrous wedding in London. Since her friends’ return, Hazel has therefore been grumbling about how stupid London is. Annabeth liked to think that out of everyone perhaps she has gotten the best deal.

Piper was still not done with her tirade. “Hazel, you were right. I should’ve never gone to London, and from now on you make all of my decisions for me.”

Hazel-sweet Hazel- immediately protested.”  Oh… No, I did that for someone once and I’m not comfortable having that kind of power and control over someone’s life.”

Before even turning to reprimand Hazel for giving up the opportunity, Annabeth raised her hand and called out, “I’ll do it.” Of course she’d do it. She was done watching Piper make bad decisions one after the other. And if there was Annabeth was amazing at, it was controlling people. That gave her a sort of adrenaline rush.

Piper gave her a tiny smile and uncorked the bottle. “That’s fine. So Annabeth, you are now in control of my love life.”

A sense of happiness blazed through her and she could not help staring and giggling at Percy who was quietly finishing his breakfast. He gave her a quick smile and stood up. Keeping the plates in the dishwasher, he turned around and addressing Annabeth he said “Okay, I gotta go to work.”

Before both of them even understood what they were doing or even cared, Percy had leaned down towards Annabeth and captured her lips in a rather passionate kiss. Her mind went blank and all she could register was that Percy’s eyes looked impossibly green and his jet black windswept hair was tickling her forehead. They broke apart and for a moment it was all quiet and blissful.

Quiet and…blissful?

Annabeth turned towards the sound of silence and silently cursed Percy. Piper was holding an open-mouthed bottle and staring at them in shock and disbelief. Hazel’s eyes were widened and her mouth gaping open like a fish. Had it been anyone else, Annabeth would have started laughing. Now she only felt the dread of her friends finding out.

Annabeth and Percy had been friends since the day he moved in the apartment in front of hers. Before they had been acquaintances as Jason and he were best friends since college. After a few mishaps with him (incidents in which he accidentally cut his toe off), they became friends. And that’s what they were.

Till Jason’s wedding day anyway.

After consuming too much alcohol and being insulted and painfully single, Annabeth needed to have a hot one night stand. And Percy, being sweet and charming, had completely taken her off guard by declaring her to be the most beautiful person in the wedding.

Annabeth had then made an impulsive decision. Sleep with Percy, her brain had screamed and unquestioningly, she had flung herself at him. Percy was resistant at first but he soon succumbed. It was supposed to be a onetime thing. It turned into a ‘what happens in London stays in London’ thing. And now it’s a secret relationship type thing. She should feel guilty but when Percy kisses her senseless, she becomes selfish enough to not share him with anyone.


Percy-bless him- seemed to understand the situation and his blunder .He glanced at his girlfriend and noted that he had a few seconds to do something productive. He strode over to Piper and smilingly said “And uh, Piper, glad to have you back.” He then leant downward and kissed her too.

Annabeth was torn between bursting out laughing at her friend’s gob smacked face and shooting her a glare for kissing Percy. He’s trying to contain the situation Annabeth thought. Yeah, try explaining that to her jealousy.

Percy finished kissing her and turned towards the only occupant in the room who he hasn’t kissed.

“Haze!” He strode over to Hazel and captured her in an awkward kiss. Hazel looked stunned but did not push him away. It looked more amusing than it had done with Piper.

At last he pulled back and bowing to all of them, he said “Always a pleasure ladies” and strutted out of the room with the girls staring after him in wonder.

There were a few moments of silence which was broken by Piper spluttering out “Did that just happen?”

Annabeth nodded at her and looked away from her so that she could not see her smiling like a lovesick idiot.

sirikenobi167  asked:

How would you describe Dean and Castiel's relationship over the course of the seasons? (and how did it evolve?) I've been thinking about this a bit over the last few days (my current headcanon is that Castiel fell in love with Dean somewhere in season 6, and Dean fell in love with Castiel in season 8).

Hi, dear! Wow. This is a very interesting and challenging question. I hope I can do it justice. Buckle up because this is gonna be a hell of a long post! I’ll give you my interpretation in the most canonical way possible.

In season 4, Dean and Castiel were reluctant allies. They weren’t friends, at least not at first. But this was the season Cas started to see for himself that Dean was a good man and that Heaven wasn’t pure anymore. Finding out that some of his brothers and sisters had been corrupted and seeing Dean trying to do the right thing made Cas have even more doubts and questions than he already had on his own. This was the season when Cas’ superiors began to question his sympathies because he was getting too close to Dean and was starting to express emotions (doorways to doubt). I don’t think that means Cas was falling in love with Dean or anything like that. I think Cas started to consider Dean more righteous than Heaven, and therefore, his obedience to Heaven could falter, which actually happened. Dean, on the other hand, had problems to believe in angels and hated the guts of Castiel at the beginning. He couldn’t understand why or how he was rescued by an Angel of the Lord, and he definitely didn’t want to do Heaven’s bidding. It was this season when Dean started to realize that Cas was different, that deep down he cared, that he was not a “hammer” because he questioned his orders and even disobeyed Heaven to help him (in 4x18). This was the season when Cas first rebelled against Heaven even after he was dragged back to “Bible camp” (and we learned four seasons later that brainwashing and resetting an angel was a cruel and painful procedure). This was the season Dean started to see they were really making the story up as they went.

In season 5, Dean and Castiel became friends. Cas rebelled against Heaven for Dean (and Sam). He did his best to keep Dean and Sam away from the other angels who just wanted them to say yes to Michael and Lucifer. This was the season when they went from allies to friends. Dean and Cas helped each other in their missions, reluctantly, but they did. Dean helped Cas in his search for God; Cas helped Dean when trying to kill Lucifer with the Colt. Both missions failed horribly, both of them thought the other’s plan was pointless, but they helped anyway. This was the season when Dean got sent to 2014 and realized that his fucked-up, poisonous self could destroy even an angel like Cas. This was when he realized Cas would follow him anywhere, and he probably didn’t know how to feel about it. For Cas, this was the season when he totally lost faith in God and learned to have faith in Dean. Angels were created to love and have faith in the Lord, and they associated love with faith for default. When he started to have more faith in Dean than in God, he somehow started to love Dean more than he loved his Father. In 5x21, when Cas realized Dean said no to Michael, he apologized to Dean for doubting him, and I think that was the moment Cas’ faith in Dean became unbreakable. And so did his love for the righteous man. At this point, Cas’ love for Dean wasn’t romantic. Dean became his role-model. He put Dean up in the altar where his Father used to be, and he loved him deeply, as one of God’s best creations. When season 5 ended, Cas cared about Dean a lot more than Dean cared about Cas. As friends, brothers-in-arms, they parted ways once the war was over. Cas wanted to see Dean happy, but he still felt he belonged in Heaven and liked the idea that God had brought him back to life (for a second time now) to fix things up there. Dean, on the other hand, saw Cas leave and probably thought he wasn’t gonna see the angel ever again. He had other pressing matters, anyway. Sam in the pit, for example.

In season 6, Dean and Cas became a dysfunctional family. Before going back to Heaven, Cas rescued Sam from the pit to give Dean the grand prize he was asking for at the end of 5x22. However, he didn’t know he’d left Sam’s soul behind and the whole thing blew up in his face later on. He thought he could set things right in Heaven, but he wasn’t expecting Raphael to have totally different plans. When he realized he wasn’t strong enough to defeat Raphael, he went to Dean to look for help, but once Cas saw him living his apparently happy and peaceful life, he couldn’t pull Dean back in. Crowley took advantage of the moment and managed to convince Cas to work with him. It’s totally true that Cas did a lot of regrettable things in season 6 and that he lied a lot, but everything he did was for Dean and because of Dean; everything was in the name of that profound bond he thought he shared with Dean. On the other hand, Dean, who was raised in an environment of neglect and abuse, and therefore considered that kind of behavior “normal” in a family, started to treat Cas in a very poor way. As I said in another post:

[Dean] only called Cas when he needed something and didn’t really care about anything that was happening to Cas. That’s what Castiel perceived. He loved the Winchesters a lot, especially Dean, but he somehow thought he couldn’t really count on them. “Of course. Your problems always come first,” Cas told Dean in 6x07. “It sounds so simple when you say it like that. Where were you when I needed to hear it?”, Cas asked in 6x20. These two jerks really had communication issues at that time. Cas didn’t ask Dean for help at first because he didn’t want to disturb Dean’s apparently peaceful life, and he didn’t ask for help later because it was already too late (the deal was already made) and because anyway, he kind of thought Dean didn’t give a damn about his civil war. Dean was so worried about Sam and “the job” that he never cared to ask Cas if he needed anything. Probably because he thought an angel was so powerful, he didn’t need help. But also because the Winchesters are not exactly the most helpful people to their closest ones. Remember how Bobby didn’t get any help from Dean and Sam in 6x04 until he finally asked for it (and called them “self-absorbed”)? What was the boys’ reaction? “Bobby, all you gotta do is ask.” The whole speech Bobby gave them in that episode showed how the boys didn’t really give a second thought to other people’s problems. It was not because they didn’t love those people, it was just because that was the Winchester way. Dean didn’t know how to listen to Cas, how to offer help, how to empathize. And Cas didn’t know how to ask for help, how to consider that he might not be in a righteous path, how to doubt himself. I guess the “Next to Sam, you and Bobby are the closest things I have to family” Dean said in 6x20 came too little, too late for Cas at that point.

Cas desperately wanted Dean to have faith in him, but Dean didn’t. In Cas’ notebook, that meant Dean didn’t love him (no matter if he said Cas was family or that he would have died for Cas). Castiel had to finish what he had started. To defeat Raphael, he made very bad decisions. The ends justified the means, so he hurt Sam in the process. Castiel was disappointed. Nobody had faith in him, nobody loved him. That’s why he told Dean “You’re not my family” in 6x22, and that’s probably why the first thing he said as Godstiel was “You will bow down and profess your love unto me.”

In season 7, Dean and Cas had to reconstruct their relationship.  I’ll quote myself from another post:

Season7!Dean had so much going on in that head of his. I don’t think Dean had feelings for Cas at that point. When Dean said that Cas was like a brother to him in 6x20, I believe he really meant it. However, the guilt, anger and frustration Dean felt toward Castiel was drowning him little by little. Guilt because maybe if he had just listened, if he had said something, if he had been less self-centered, he could have saved Cas and prevented the whole Purgatory souls fiasco. Anger because how could Cas betray him? How could Cas break Sam’s wall? How could Cas lie to him? How could Cas die without giving him the chance to say everything he had to say? Frustration because he had to clean up Cas’ mess, because Cas was gone, because he had lost his best friend. It was so much for such a complex person as Dean that he couldn’t move on and dealt with all that the best way he could: drinking. When Dean found Emmanuel, everything that I just mentioned came crushing to his mind. Just add another frustration item: Cas didn’t even remember him. The frustration list just got bigger and bigger: Cas going kinda insane; Cas refusing to fight; Cas behaving like a little child. And the only method to deal with things like these Dean has known all his life is to lash out. That’s how he communicates. He learned it from John Winchester and has used that lots of times with Sam. He needed to take it all out, to yell at Cas in order to move on and start the healing process, the forgiving process (because he really wanted to fix things with Cas, he just didn’t know how to), but Castiel was denying him even that. Poor Dean! At this point, I felt sorry for both, Dean and Cas, because I could really empathize with both.

Cas realized too late that he’d made a huge mistake and before dying all he wanted to do was Dean’s forgiveness and make things right. He was absent most of season 7, and when he reappeared and remembered who he really was, he felt extremely guilty. Taking Sam’s pain was the only thing he could do to make things right. If drinking was Dean’s coping mechanism, staying away from all sorts of violence was Cas’ once he woke up in 7x21. Dean needed Cas to take out Dick Roman, and Cas agreed to help (and even protected Dean when the time came) because he wanted to show Dean gratitude for the faith he was showing him when he told him “I’d rather have you, cursed or not”. Faith equals love. Was that a “note of forgiveness”?

In season 8, Dean and Cas weren’t on the same page regarding their feelings. It was in Purgatory, the place that felt pure, where Dean realized that no matter what Cas had done, no matter what had happened, he loved his angel. He cared about him so much that he wasn’t going to leave Purgatory without him. In season 6, he was a shitty, selfish friend, but he wasn’t going to make the same mistake again. He needed to find Cas and take him home, where they could start over. It was in Purgatory where Dean understood he preferred a life of constant hiding, running for dear life, and killing instead of a life on Earth without Cas. He knew that if everything he suffered during the year Cas was gone was terrifying, the guilt he would feel about leaving his friend without even trying to look for him was definitely going to kill him. When he finally found Cas and realized that Cas had left him alone to try to protect him from the Leviathans, he decided to tell Cas how much he cared. He told him “I need you” and “I’m not leaving here without you”. Dean didn’t need Cas to be able to get out. He just needed Cas to be with him, and he wanted Cas to understand it. Cas, of course, understood, but he felt too much shame and guilt to consider the possibility of leaving Purgatory, so he just made sure he got Dean out.

Leaving Purgatory without Cas was so painful to Dean that he had to change the memory of what happened so he could blame himself. Once Castiel was back, even though Dean was suspicious of how he got out of Purgatory, he wasn’t about to make the same mistakes he’d made before. He was all “talk to me” with Cas. He wanted to make sure Cas was OK. He wanted to prove that he cared. No matter how shady Cas was, Dean still prayed to him. He still poured his heart out to Cas. Even when Cas was about to kill him, he didn’t fight back. He just reminded Cas that he was family, that they needed him, that HE needed him.

On the other hand, Cas was brainwashed into killing thousands of fake Deans so he would be ready to do Heaven’s bidding without interference from the elder Winchester. It took for the real Dean to say “I need you” to break the connection between Cas and Naomi’s mind control, but when Dean asked him what broke the connection, Cas honestly didn’t know what to answer. Unfortunately, there wasn’t time for Cas to analyze what had happened. There were more pressing matters, like the angel tablet. Cas wanted to make things right and got fooled by Metatron in the process.

At this point, I’m fairly sure Dean already understood he loved Cas. All season 7 Dean couldn’t understand why he couldn’t move past what Cas had done. In Purgatory he was free enough to say “I love you” in the Winchester way: “I need you.” He’s told Cas “I need you” a lot of times. Why? Because Dean Winchester is not really with the whole love and… love, so he says the next best thing. The question is what kind of love does Dean feel for Cas? I’m sure that’s something Dean doesn’t want to understand. He’s gotten hints from his family that he should try to understand his feelings for Cas (“he’s dreamy”, Charlie said; “because it’s Cas”, Sammy said), but he didn’t really get it, and even if he did, it didn’t matter anyway because his angel was going home.

In season 9, Dean and Cas weren’t on the same page regarding their feelings AGAIN. But this time it was Cas’ turn to start to understand. Castiel, angel of the Lord, has loved Dean Winchester since he decided to have faith in him. Faith equals love. However, I don’t think Cas understood what kind of love he felt for Dean. That’s why he couldn’t answer the “what broke the connection” question. HE DIDN’T KNOW. He had to be human to be able to understand that he can love his brothers and sisters, humanity, Sam and Dean, but each love is different. His love for humanity is agape. His love for his brothers and sisters is storge. His love for Sam is between storge and philia, but what about his love for Dean? I’m ready to bet it’s eros, but Cas didn’t know that before. (ETA: For more info on the kind of love Cas has for Dean and why I think eros is involved, you can read this). That’s why the PB&J conversation between Cas and Sam in 9x11 was so important. Being an angel, Cas has the physical capacity to eat or even drink liquor, but he can’t enjoy things the same way a human does. That’s why it’s been emphasized that emotions and even simple things like flavors are human things. I think it wasn’t until 9x06 that Cas realized he was in love with Dean. What about Dean? Well, 9x06 was probably the moment he realized he was in love with Cas, too, but this time it was Dean’s turn to let Cas live a normal and peaceful life.

Cas’ weakness was revealed in 9x22: he’s in love… with humanity. But, of course, everybody (Hannah, Metatron, and Dean himself) agreed that Cas sacrificed everything for just one man, to protect Dean Winchester.

In season 10, Dean and Castiel need to figure out what they want. They both don’t know. They both want more but are too afraid to go for it. Dean thinks he’s gonna die soon, but he acknowledges there’s people, feelings that he wants to experience differently or maybe for the first time. He has no doubts that Cas loves him. If he had any, he lost them after Cas gave up an entire army for him. Cas doesn’t know what he is anymore. He doesn’t belong in Heaven, he’s not a human, but there are human things he considers good –art, hope, love, dreams. However, he knows emotions… feelings are dangerous temptations. How does he know? Well, he’s been consistently screwing things up to protect the one thing that has become his priority: Dean Winchester. Everything has been, is, and will always be about saving Dean. It’s pretty much obvious Cas doesn’t have vessel issues anymore in case he decides to stay on Earth (whether angel or human). But his big questions are still the same, “What broke the connection?” “But as what [do you want to live] Castiel, as an angel or a man?” “Who are you? What’s your mission?” And the answers to all those questions are related to Dean. Therefore, Cas has to figure out what he wants.  

Dean, on the other hand, is afraid of losing control and hurting the people he loves: Cas and his brother. Notice who Benny (Dean’s subconscious) mentioned first. At this point in the story, I think Dean knows how he feels about Cas, but Cas doesn’t know. And Cas knows how he feels about Dean, but Dean doesn’t know. They both think they’re family for the other. They both are a couple of emotionally constipated idjits. Dean also has to figure out what he wants, but right now, he doesn’t give much thought to it because he thinks there’s not a good future for him.

I just hope that whatever the consequences of what Sam and Cas are doing to save Dean don’t separate Dean and Cas that much for season 11. However, they both already know how they feel. It’s just a matter of telling the other and we can’t get that yet. That’s why it makes so much sense that TPTB have kept Dean and Cas apart so much during season 10. So, I guess more conflict will be a must for next season.

If you notice, the thing that makes Destiel one of the most popular ships is that it feels real. It doesn’t feel forced. They have gone through a lot and overcome a lot together. This is definitely one of the best love stories ever told!

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Regency AU: So, now that you broke our hearts with the angst of Bucky being injured and Tony having his feelings hurt, how does it get better again? Please!? 🙂

definitely-nope said:Alright now we got angst in the regency au but how do they fix it?! P.S. I love YOU, I love this BLOG, and I LOVE this AU

Anonymous said:Omgggg do they chase after Tony after he runs out?? Do sarah/natasha have to intervene? Does Steve hunt down the person who threw the dagger?

Anonymous said:To the anon who asked for more angst in the Regency au: you, good sir, are a dick (even though someone else would have eventually asked for it anyways) Please, mother owl, tell us how it gets better!

Anonymous said:How are Bucky and Steve going to fix their marriage? Tony would be well justified if he never wanted to see them again, but I know that’s not how he is

Sarah is deeply disappointed in her boys but she can understand. Joseph had been–stubborn–as well when he was injured. Sarah had to throw a bitch fit for Joseph to allow her to hold his hand as he died. She assumes it’s an alpha thing, to not want to look weak in front of your mate when they depend on you. (She thinks it’s incredibly stupid though.) It was just her luck that her son had gotten stubbornness from both she and her husband but tenfold. And it was just her luck that her alpha son-in-law would be just as stubborn. And It was just her luck that her omega son-in-law was turning out to be just as stubborn.

“Tony, I order you to open this door!” she snarls and pounds on the door to his room. The heat is the same but the hope isn’t; she’s tried talking, wheedling, and even outright begged him to open the door. When there’s no answer, she turns and smacks Steve’s chest with the back of her hand and hisses, “Why was I burdened with such bullheaded children. Was it not enough that you were a sickly child? You have to try my patience in good health, too?” Steve grimaces the same even though this is far from the first time she’s scolded him for being stubborn.

“And if James wasn’t injured I would smack him too,” Sarah hisses, and Bucky winces from the door he’s hiding behind. “I’m sure it’s hard enough coming into a relationship where you are the odd one out but then to have it thrown in your face like this? Do you two never think? This boy has offered himself to you and you shut him out because you’re embarrassed to be weak? Who would you deem worthy of your weakness then? If not your omega, who can you be weak in front of? He vowed through sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer. Do you think those vows meant nothing to him? Who are you meant to trust if not your omega?”

Steve and Bucky look down at their feet, ashamed. Sarah nearly jumps out of her skin when the door opens. She sees Tony’s tear-stained face first. Then she sees the hand resting on his stomach. “Tony,” Steve begins, voice dripping with contrition. “GET OUT,” Sarah shouts, flailing, and then shoves her way into the room with Tony and slams the door. She hears a muffled “Ma, what the flaming hell” before she locks it, and spins around to face Tony, horrified. “How long?!”

“I was looking for Steve so I could tell him, and I couldn’t find him, so I was going to sneak in and tell Bucky because I thought if I had good news he wouldn’t be mad at me for seeing him,” Tony whispers, lifting his other hand to rest on his belly, fingers trembling. “I thought–I thought I was wrong.” Sarah’s hands flutter at his stomach before she thinks better of it and settles them on his face, carefully wiping away his tears. “What could you possibly be wrong about, dear?” “I thought that–that I was being selfish, or pushy, for trying to force myself in, trying to see Bu–James. But I wasn’t wrong. I wasn’t. You said I wasn’t.”

“Honey, no, you weren’t wrong,” Sarah assures him. “Of course you weren’t. But maybe–Maybe James wasn’t wrong either. James isn’t just–It’s not just a wound that will leave a scar. He’s missing an arm. He’s not going to be able to do a lot of things he’s always done, and he’s angry and sad about it, and James has always wanted to deal with his problems himself even when he should really be asking for help.” Tony sniffles. “And Steve?” “Steven has always been very good at making very bad decisions,” Sarah points out. “With the arm wrestling thing.” Tony giggles reluctantly. “Yeah, the arm wrestling thing.” “I think Steve was being pulled in two different directions,” Sarah adds quietly. “And he didn’t know which one to turn to.” “James was hurt very badly,” Tony agrees softly. He doesn’t blame Steve. Not really. He was just… very hurt that Bucky hadn’t allowed him to see him, and had blamed Steve for not trying hard enough even though he knew Bucky was just as stubborn.

Tony rubs his hands over his stomach again, face falling. “Do you think they’ll be happy?” “I think nothing would make them happier except the chance to grovel for your forgiveness,” Sarah tells him gently. Tony frowns. “Oh no, James can’t do that, he could get dirt in his wound!” “Honestly, your mother must have pulled strings wherever she is to send you to me, you are just too precious,” Sarah tells him seriously. “And we are lucky to have you.” Tony lifts a hand to wipe his cheek, sniffling quietly. “Really? You mean that?” “Darling, I consider you my son just as I consider James,” Sarah informed him. “Which means you may absolutely have the hug you’re too afraid to ask me for now.” Tony doesn’t bother swallowing down his resulting sob as he wraps his arms around her.

Tony does eventually shuffle out of the room to see his husbands. Steve looks down at his feet, ashamed, then swallows and lifts his head to look Tony in the eye. “I hurt you. I made a bad decision and I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you. I promise.” Tony has always liked that about Steve. Steve is stubborn as a mule but when he’s wrong he admits it with amazing dignity. And Steve always keeps his word. He thinks that more than makes up for the fact that Steve isn’t very good at courting or mediating things. “Okay,” Tony tells him quietly. “…You’re not forgiving me,” Steve said, just to be sure. “No, not yet.” Steve smiled a little. “Good. I don’t deserve it yet.” Tony cups his cheeks, draws him down to press a kiss to his jaw. “But you will.”

Bucky presses his door shut again and leans his forehead against it, then lets out a frustrated growl and jerks it open again. He’s been hiding long enough. Tony should be able to see what’s left of him. He tries to keeps his head up like Steve did but it’s–hard. His chin trembles. He feels ashamed. He wants nothing more than to run and hide and never show his face to his precious omega again. He fights the urge down though, because–he deserves this. He hurt Tony. He deserves this.

Tony stares at him, wide-eyed, because he hadn’t really gotten a chance to look when he’d been so upset. Bucky’s chest is bare, showing off the bandages wrapped around the remains of his arm, cut off in the middle of his bicep. The bandages had probably been a crisp white before, but now they were loose, tinted a rusty red. Bucky didn’t look as muscular as he usually did, either, probably from the stretch of time he’d been on bed rest and unable to do much of anything.

Tony steps up to him, and tries not to feel hurt when Bucky flinches away, trying to tuck his injured side back out of view as possible. He presses in anyway, fingers pressing to Bucky’s collarbone, trailing the tips over and up to his shoulder, hesitating when Bucky shudders. But Bucky just sets his jaw stubbornly, so Tony steps closer, fingers stopping where the bandages start, unwilling to possibly cause him pain when he can’t see where the wound begins. Bucky’s different, but the same warmth is under his hand, the same thump of his pulse under Tony’s hand. Tony leans in and brushes a kiss over the bandages, light as air to try to keep from hurting him, then drops his hand to smooth it down Bucky’s side.

Bucky stares at him for a moment, speechless, before his face crumples and he starts sobbing, dipping his head to press his face into his omega’s neck, wrapping his remaining arm around Tony’s waist and clinging to him. He hadn’t known how much he’d missed this, missed Tony’s soothing, gentle touch. He feels like a wild animal being soothed and he can’t even find it in himself to feel ashamed because he just wanted Tony.

Tony can’t bring himself to tell Steve and Bucky about the baby that night.

Steve doesn’t go after the Red Skull. He doesn’t have a chance. Bucky had been his main focus. The Red Skull escapes and keeps his head down. The Rogers’ people are livid one of their beloved princes is injured and are ready to stone anyone they think might have done it.


In the next episode, when the time comes for Magnus to make his decision and tells it to the Seelie Queen, Alec interrupts them JUST LIKE HOW MAGNUS INTERRUPTED ALEC’S WEDDING.



A push

Prompt: Just a little push for someone to confess their feelings. 

A/N : Grammar… yup.

Pairing : Jason Todd x Reader ft. Superboy

Warnings:  Swearing, fluff. 

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-My name’s Richard Grayson, but all the kids at the orphanage call me Dick.
-Well, children can be cruel

Everyone burst in laughter at that quote. Really, this was the best idea ever, looking at lego Batman with all the family at the Manor, since the movie began everyone has been laughing for minutes, even Jason.

“Bruce, please tell us you thought that!” Tim said as he tried to control his laugh

“Right! Have fun with my nickname, I don’t care… At least I’m cute” Dick said with a chuckle but with a frown as he heard his brother laughing.

“Awh, let it go…Dick” Steph said but when she said his name she lose control on her laughter again.

“Who had this idea?” Dick asked with a scoff.

“Me” you said with a bright smile, as you tried to hold back a chuckle.

“I hate you Y/N, you knew this was going to happen” he said with a smile as he returned his gaze to the big screen.

“That’s not true! It didn’t happen that way” Dick said when he saw the scene where his lego-Dick, had the list with attributes.


“Don’t you dare Bruce” Dick said with wide eyes.

“Ohhh!!! Bruce, Bruce, Bruce” everyone wanted to know if Dick actually made something similiar to his lego being.

“Well, Dick actually did something like that” Bruce said with a smirk as he looked at the first Robin.

“I hate you forever if you continue that story” Dick said with pleading eyes.

But, of course Bruce did, so everyone was laughing hard, really hard. You couldn’t help your eyes but stare at Jason, he had tears of joy, his smile was big, really big, actually a toothy smile.

God, he was beautiful, he looked so handsome when he was all happy, you wish you could saw him everyday like that, he was gorgeous.

“Y/N” You escaped your own world when you felt a hand on your shoulder, you turned your head towards the person, Tim.

“Tell him” he told you in a whisper and your face turned red as a tomato

“Tim! not now!” you whisper-shouted at him and he chuckled.

“Y/N, you literally looked at him when the (I Just) Died in Your Arms played in the movie” Tim said with another chuckled as your cheeks turned more red.

“Shut up” You told him while biting your lower lip.

“Did time really froze when you look at him?” Tim asked you

“Did my fist leave a mark on your eye last time?” you asked him with a raised eyebrow.

“Woah, I get it, I’ll leave you now” he said with another chuckle.

“Thank you very much” you said and you returned your gaze to the movie.

“She looks cute with red cheeks, right?” Dick told Jason as he stared at you and Tim

“Totally-wait what?” Jason turn to see Dick who has a smirk on his face.

“Jay, tell her, you are too obvious” Dick said with a chuckle.

“I’m not” Jason said with a scoff

“If you say so…” Dick said with a smirk as he returned his gaze to see the movie.

The movie ended, it was understandable seeing Damian fast asleep on your lap, everyone called the night and went to their bedrooms. Bruce wanted to take Damian to his bedroom, everyone was shocked when Jason told he wanted to do it, still you couldn’t move, you wanted to wake him up. So everyone leaved the room, leaving you with Jason… great.

We kneel in front of you to look at a peaceful Damian sleeping, he smiled and then he chuckled.

“He will never say it out loud, but he really loves you” Jason told you, his eyes finding yours.

“It’s because we are blood brothers, Jay” you told him with a smile

“Still, you know, he is weird and don’t fight me on that” he told you with a chuckle.

“True” you tell him with another chuckle as you yawn.

“Right… I take Damian” he tells you and you nod with your head.

Jason takes Damian like if it was a Teddy Bear, your heart melt at the sight and you stare at them, until you see Jason’s mouth moving, what he was saying????

“Sorry what?” you tell him as you rub your eyes with the back of your hands.

“You want to come with me? you know to leave Damian” he said and you saw a light shade of pink on his cheeks.

“Yeah sure" you told him as you stand up to walk beside him.

You two walked with a sleepy Damian to his bedroom, you couldn’t speak but you could totally hear your heart hammering inside your chest full speed, you were praying to anyone who could hear you to not say something stupid or that your cheeks turn red in any moment.

“So, did you liked the movie?” Jason asked you.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s Lego after all, and it’s funny to look at our Bruce that way” you said with a chuckle.

“Yeah, it was… I’m grateful that Superboy wasn’t in the movie” he tells you with another chuckle.

“Come on Jay, why you hate him so much?” You asked him with a yawn.

“He is a brat” he tells you with a scoff.

“His not, his nice” you tell him without catching your words, fuck, you didn’t mean like you like him! you liked Jason!

“You like Superboy?” he asked you as he stood in front of Damian’s door.

“What? No, no! I don’t! I like someone else!” you said once more, without catching your words. FUCK

“So, Y/N Wayne likes someone?” he told you, but you couldn’t help to notice something, he had a smirk but it didn’t reach his eyes, he was jealous? sad?-

“I don’t know what I’m saying anymore Jay, I’m more asleep than alive” you tell him with a chuckle, trying to forget the topic.

“If you say so. Well, you should, go to sleep now, I have everything under control” Jason told you with a smile you nod your head.

“Okay, goodnight Jay” you tell him with a tired smile, which he returns and then he gives you his back.

You walk to your room and you wanted to slap your face after that. You go to your bed and in minutes you are fast asleep.

Next morning at 8 am you were already in the kitchen with Damian and Alfred for breakfast. How you managed to be up so early? one name. Damian.

You were sleeping when someone came to your room at evening, like 3:00 am, then you heard someone calling your name, and it was Damian, he will never say it out loud, but you knew him, he had a nightmare and he didn’t want to sleep alone, that had happened a lot of times before, so he fell asleep by your side.

For a reason you still don’t know why, your little brother enjoys mornings so he woke you up, at first you wanted to kick him out of your room but, one day couldn’t hurt anyone, so you tried or managed to get out of bed, looking like a total zombie or after an entire apocalypse, but you were now in the kitchen, falling asleep in front of your breakfast.

Why this situation was a bad idea? well, when you are asleep, you take very bad decisions because you are not thinking at 100%, you are half dead hald alive, so, this was very, very bad idea when Bruce stepped in the kitchen

“Damian, are you going with Tim and Dick today?” you heard Bruce somewhere in the kitchen, you eyes still focused on the fruit Alfred chopped for you.

“Tt, father, Todd it’s coming too, he wanted to know Dick’s friend” Damian said with a scoff, it was obvious that he didn’t enjoy so much Jason’s presence.

“Did you know who carried you to your room last night, Damian?” Alfred said, his back facing everyone as he keep chopping food.

“Father” Damian said.

“Master Jason did” Alfred said with a chuckle

“What?! You let him touch me! I’ll burn myself later!” Damian yelled as he looked at his arms with disgust, when he slammed his hands on the table, your milk somehow flew in the air, making you return to life for few minutes.

“Godamit Damian, be more careful” you told him as you tried to dry the table with a napkin.

“Y/N” Bruce said as he had a new idea.

You looked at thim with a raised eyebrow and you couldn’t decode his face, I mean, have you looked at him? he had no emotions on his face, it’s like a white wall.

“Yeeees, father?” you asked him with a tired voice.

“What are you doing today?” he asked you, but your mind was totally dead, if you had any appointments today, right now you couldn’t remember them.

“Aaah, I don’t know… why?” you asked him confused.

“Tt, you should said ‘yes’ ” Damian told you in a whisper causing Bruce to give him a glare.

“I need you to come with me, be ready, we leave in two hours” he told you and then he leaved the kitchen.

“What the fucked happened?” you asked Damian, Alfred look at you with his famous 'language’ glare and you smiled at him.

“Sister, never tell Bruce you had a free day” he told you with a smirk.

“What does that mean?” you asked to no one in particular.

“It means, Lady Y/N, that your father it’s taking you with him to visit Master Kent” Alfred told you with a smirk

“Oh hell no! There’s no way he is taking me with that family, haven’t he learned about me and Kara?” you said with wide eyes.

“Lady Y/N, Mr. Kent told your father that Kara or Jon wasn’t at home” Alfred said with half smile.

“Hm, so… it’s going to be a boring meeting?” you asked him, it was getting worst.

“You can take a book from Jason” Damian told you.

“Next time I’m going with you to the Teen Titans Tower” you told Damian as you started eating your breakfast.

“Bruce! Y/N!, it’s good to see you two” Clark said as he hugged you like a bear, fuck this man was going to kill your father and you just with a hug.

“Likewise, Clark” Bruce told him as he adjust his suit once more.

“Nice to see you too Clark” you tell him with a smile.

“Come on, he’s waiting for you at the main room” Clark told you as you looked at him confused, Clark saw these as he looked at Bruce.

“You didn’t told her, right?” Clark said with a sigh you looked at your father even more confused.

“I forgot” he said with a shrug.

“Who it’s waiting for me?” you asked Clark.

“Y/N!!” Conner said as he made his way beside Clark at the door.

“Oh my God, Y/N, I haven’t seen you since that day!” Superboy tells you as he hugged as hard as Clark.

“You are choking me” you tell him trying to breath.

“Oh, sorry, sorry, just that I’m happy to see you!” he said with a wide smile.

“Likewise” you tell him with another smile.

Someone kill me please, you thought as you entered the house with Bruce behind you.

Jason was having the most boring day of his life in the Tower, because Dick was a total boss here, so it’s wasn’t so much fun for him. He had already seen all the Tower three times, until he reached the sofa again.

He tooked out his phone, he looked at Tumblr for minutes and then he went to Instagram, the first photo nearly made him threw his phone.

Long time no see this pretty Lady @Y/N !’ said the photo from Superboy in which he was giving you kiss on your cheek, still the only visible from you was your lips and chin.

“This motherfucker” Jason said under his breath feeling his blood boil with every passing second, was he really jealous of Superboy kissing you cheek and spending his time with you?

“Everything alright Jay?” Dick said as he sit beside him on the couch.

“Look at these” Jason show him the photo and he started to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Jason said with a glare as he looked Dick still laughing, soon after Damian and Starfire appared on the room.

“Is Grayson finally dying?” Damian asked with a raised eyebrow

“I hope, i showed him these” Jason gave Damian his phone and Damian just looked at Jason with a 'really’ - glare.

“Listen Todd. I hate you, but I hate more this guy, so fix these, now” Damian said and starfire chuckled.

“Let me see the photo” Damian gave Jason’s phone to her.

“But they’re so cute together, since that day-”

“No they don’t look cute together!” Jason said with wide eyes and Starfire laughed too.

“I still don’t know what’s so funny!” Jason said with a scoff.

“You are jealous because you like her!” Dick and Starfire said in unison.

“No I don’t” Jason said, but his cheeks were red by now.

“Tt, just go and fix these, Todd” Damian told him with a scoff and he returned his phone to him.

21:30 you read at your clock, how many hours does Bruce needs to stop talking with Clark?, you don’t have any fucking idea, you have been here since morning, you had meal here, you are now at dinner and they haven’t finish?!, what the heck.

You have done your best to keep it cool with the superboy, but it wasn’t easy, he wanted to hold your hand every minute which you denied gently, he had hugged you all day, like if you were his favorite teddy bear, he had taken more than a hundred pictures with you or about you, he had talk enough to make a trilogy in books, you just wanted to leave right now.

You were looking at tumblr and instagram and you arrived at Damian’s 24 hrs, story, you took a look, you would kill him when you arrived at the Manor, he took photographs of you asleep and when you were dying at breakfast. That little shit, the story kept moving with cute animal videos and then pranks with Tim, you laugh as you looked at your brothers yelling in the video.

“What are you watching?” Superboy asked you as he tooked your phone from your hands.

“Some videos my brother took this morning” you told him with a tired voice.

“Hm, which brother?” he asked you confused.

“Damian” you told him as you rubbed your eyes.

“Oh, that little guy, Jon and he are really close friends, like you and me” he told you as he keep looking at the videos.

“Yeah, exactly the same” you told him, trying to make clear that you were friends.

“Yeah, or it could totally change” he told without looking at you, but you were totally taken aback. What.the.heck.

“Right, like, super-friends” you told him as you looked at your nails.

“You know what I mean Y/N” he told you and his super cool-attitude changed as the story changed. 

Now it was Jason’s story, you and him the night before.

You looked at his hand, in a swift motion he closed it so hard that your phone broken inside his hand.

“What the fuck is wrong with you!?” you yelled at him as you picked the pieces of your phone

“Heck, sorry Y/N, I just, sorry, please forgive me” he told you as he helped you picking up the pieces.

“Fuck, don’t. don’t worry, maybe Tim can fix these” you told him trying to stay calm, which you clearly wasn’t and he sense it.

“Y/N, really I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to break you phone, it’s just -”

“Y/N, we are leaving, say your goodbyes” Bruce told you and you looked at Conner, he was kind of sad for breaking your phone so you gave him a kiss on his cheek. 

“It’s okay Conner, really, don’t worry, Tim can fix it, but I gotta go, right now, take care“ you told him as you stood up to say Goodbye to Clark. 

You arrived at the Manor, and Bruce went straight to the Batcave, you went to the kitchen for a glass of water when you heard the famous song again. I just died in your arms tonight, you thought that maybe Damian was looking again the movie because he fell asleep last night.

You grabbed your glass as you made your way, when you arrived to looked at Damian, in fact, looking at the movie, but Jason was with him. They heard you and Jason stood up, you looked at him confused as he walked towards you.

“Having fun with Superboy today?” he told you with a raised eyebrow, he hadn’t asked with anger, more like curious.

“His like a puppy you know? How was your Tour in the Tower?” you asked him as you looked at Damian in the distance.

“Go to another room!” Damian said as he get annoyed by your chat, you and Jason chuckled and made your way outside the Manor, to the big back yard.

“Well, you know, it was kind of boring, Dick it’s really a bossy man back there, and it’s like a kindergarten” he told you, and this made you chuckled.

“I promised Damian that next time I will go with him, but Bruce tooked me with him today” you told him with a chuckle.

“But everything…fine? you have some news for us?” he asked you, and for his tone of voice, you were confused, he wanted to know id something happened between you and Conner, and you knew what.

“Yeah, my phone paid the price tonight” you told him as you showed him a piece of your phone.

“What the heck happened?!” he looked at you with wide eyes.

“He got jealous” you told him with a smile.

“About what?” he asked you confused.

“You” you told him with a tender voice, at this point you just really wanted to kiss Jason on the lips, you couldn’t help it anymore, being with Conner for hours really made you realize why you liked Jason so much.

“You’re joking, why he will be jelous of me? a normal guy? he had superpowers and shit, I just know how to fight” he told and it broke your heart a little, he didn’t knew how amazing he truly was.

“He’s jealous because I don’t want a guy with superpowers and shit” you told him with another smile as you touched his hand.

He looked at you with confusion in his eyes, but somehow, curiosity made their way to those sweet blue eyes.

“So, what are you looking for?” he asked you as he leaned a little.

“I had a thing for guys that are totally badass at fightning” you told him as you watched his lips getting closer to you.

“I may know someone that fits in that description, but he has much more things to show” he told you as he looked at your lips too.

“I take that as a bonus” you told him as you lean further.

Jason kissed you as if you were made of glass, it was tender, soft but full of love. His hands rested on your hips and yours went straight to his hair, caressing the soft raven hair. He hummed in the kiss and you felt him smile on in, you didn’t want it to end, you wanted to kiss him every day now on. 

You broke apart after you felt like you were going to black out for lack of oxygen and you looked at his eyes. He was looking at you as if you were the most amazing thing on earth, so you blushed. 

“I wanted to do that long ago” he told you with a smile as he caressed your cheek. 

“Took you long enough, don’t you think?” you said with a chuckle as you smiled at him. 

“Well, it was worth the waiting, it was even better than I imagined” he told you as he kissed your forehead. 

“Likewise, Jay” you told him as you buried your face on his chest. 

“We should get in, Bruce brought Dick a Lego pajama and I need to kill Damian” you told him with a chuckle, he chuckled too and you made your way inside the Manor, holding hands with Jason.

Block B Mafia Reaction: When their fiancee runs away

||| Anon asked: Can I request “when their fiancee runs away” for Infinite and Block B? |||


Zico/Woo Jiho

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Would try real hard to stay calm but inside he was boiling with anger.

“Aish, that girl keeps making trouble for me.”

Lee Taeil

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He’s scary when he’s angry, so it was a very bad decision on your part.

“First I really need to punch someone and then we can go find her.”

B Bomb/Lee Minhyuk

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He would confront you immediately after he heard about your plan.

“Jagi, are the rumours going around correct? Because if they are…”

Ahn Jaehyo

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He would have trouble understanding what happened when he heard it from his men.

“And instead of going out there to find her you stand here and tell me the same story?”

U-Kwon/Kim Yukwon

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You didn’t enjoy your freedom for long because he found you a few hours later.

“Did you think you can get away just like this? I’m very disappointed in you.”

P.O/Pyo Jihoon

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He couldn’t believe you actually did that.

“Find her. Now. There must be a reason for all this.”

Park Kyung

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He would be annoyed more than anything else.

“Does that girl ever think before she acts?”

12x23: Destiel and s13 set up

So… pretty much everyone is dead or removed into a different dimension other than Sam and Dean…

I’m not going to go into the whole alternate universes discussion as so many good points have already been made. For me its just a plot point to take Lucifer and Mary away at the same time as Cas, to lead to the s13 starting point of winning Mary and Cas back and eventually having Lucifer back on the board too, when Jack has done his ‘bad things’ and has been pointed towards the ‘righteous path’ by a certain couple of someones…

To keep it brief because I’m just very late to the board and I can see there has been so much meta and speculation already, here are my thoughts:


- Cas is dead. 

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

Yeah, this is exactly what I expected  *happy dance*

As you will all know if you have read my ‘break up theory’ meta which is just taking standard romantic story line structure and seeing where they fit, which they PERFECTLY fit into by the way, since season 4 til now now, at this ‘break up’ point which is where for example Ursula looks like she’s about to win Eric away from Ariel or the Beast has to let Belle go back to her father… it’s the last 20 minutes of the movie, basically. 

I had said that 12x19 was going to be an argument and chosen separation, which it was, 12x20-22 was going to focus on Dean’s inner self and self acceptance, which it did, and 12x23 was going to have a forced separation, which it did. What could be better than Cas’s death at this point?! Seriously? For Dean, who has JUST figured out that he doesn’t want to hide behind his facade anymore, to have to now deal with losing Cas RIGHT AT THIS POINT. I nearly want to say ‘you can’t write this shit!’ but…clearly you can, thank you Dabb & Season 13 writers!

I’d even speculated about the fact that Mary would also be taken away at the same time (in order to downplay the Pining!Dean of course), but I hadn’t factored in that they would be taken away in separate ways, which is an interesting way to do it, but essentially still boils down to the same thing character-reaction wise.

There were only 2 things that I didn’t like in the way that this was done:

1. We didn’t get a hugely emotional reaction from Dean after the initial shock, but man, the initial shock stuff was GREAT (the screaming, the parallel with Sam/Jess when he’s pulled away, then the parallel with Cain/Colette when he falls to his knees…) BUT now we know that they filmed what happens next already? Jensen hinted that Dean cries? Also that we will see more reaction about this death in 13x01.

2. That Cas’s death felt like it was very much geared towards being a tool for Dean’s man pain, without telling us one way or another if Cas was being manipulated by Jack, whether Cas was right or wrong in his choices. Not treating this death as something relevant to CAS but only to DEAN. That really annoyed me as a big time Cas fan (but still mainly a Dean girl). BUT again, we have been told at Jibcon that the important thing is how this death AFFECTS / TRANSFORMS Cas so this is again going to be relevant to season 13. 

So I’m totally forgiving them for not putting it in 12x23 if we are going to get it in the next episode and they told us at Jibcon so hellatus isn’t so hellish :)

Basically, it’s all on track for endgame Destiel, *yay*.

- Sam & Jack. Well…

Originally posted by randommagpie

I still do believe until proven otherwise that Jack still has a CHOICE to make about which way he takes his life and what he does.

I’ve said before that this season and now I’m even more convinced that season 12 was so Dean focused (and Cas) that season 13 should be very Sam focused, which it now looks like it definitely will be. I was thinking endgame Mol!Sam anyway but to have that kind of pushed forwards in 22 was… well honestly I found it slightly jarring in it’s speed, but hey. Now with Mol!Sam on track and Jack too, with Sam being the one to find him… yeah, season 13 is going to be VERY Sam focused.

The Nephilim story is a huge part of tieing up Sam’s self-forgiveness arc that centres around being Lucifer’s vessel, the bad choices he made to start with with Ruby, the demon blood, even then in s11 going back to the cage, but also the good choices he has made… the link between him and Jack is going to be key to his endgame arc.

I fully expect and hope to see Jack make some very bad decisions to start with but be led to being good in the long run by the boys, the Righteous Man and the Boy who rejected Lucifers plan for him, and probably eventually the Fallen Angel in love with Humanity, the direct mirror to his blood father … 

For me this is where I see the story going in the long run. 

I may be wrong but honestly I don’t see how it can be any other way, given the narrative over the last 12 years for the core characters: the overriding theme of free will, of choices and heart (love), of family being chosen, not just blood, all this creating who you choose to be as a person. If Jack ends up evil, fine, but it will have to be his CHOICE to be evil, and honestly, I don’t see that this is where they are going with this.

Cas is also linked to Jack in whatever way it is with the yellow grace, the fact that Jack chose Cas and Cas seems to have chosen Jack, whether it be against his will or not is yet to be seen and can only be speculated about, even though I have my own mind made up about this until proven otherwise…

But ALSO their stories are so similar - literally both stuck between Heaven and Earth.

Jack will be key to both SAM and CAS’s arcs next season, which makes total sense after s12 was all about Dean and deconstructing Performing!Dean, it was absolutely beautifully done.

- Other aspects: 

Crowley is Dead, but for me he went out in a really good way and tbh I would be a bit upset at this point if they brought him back after that excellent Death.

The important thing is how this relates to Dean - who just the episode before has basically let down the walls to Performing!Dean, the ‘dark side’ that is sometimes associated with Crowley. 

Then Crowley (who represents this dark side of Dean), dies after SAYING HE IS JUST DONE WITH IT ALL and kills HIMSELF.


Rowena’s death not so much but then again, she was always a villain until recently and, like Crowley, I understand that people like them both, but when you look at the awful things that they have done, to be honest, I’m not so hot on a redemption arc for them. Dying in a good way is what I would have wanted for both of them and Rowena’s death pisses me off as we were robbed of that (if she isn’t going to somehow come back).

AUs don’t excite me and IDGAF unless they give us some good plot points and character arcs that tie in. 

Lucifer & Mary. Will be back for plot reasons, honestly, I hope they keep well out of season 13 until it is time for Jack to help out and if they are literally in 2 episodes I will be happiest but I doubt that, they will drag them and the stupid AU out for much more than its worth but eh, ok, fine. Shrugs and sticks to caring about the character driven storylines that will take place around this.

Overall, this wasn’t the character - driven finale I was hoping for, there was way too much faffing around in the AU, which I really don’t find interesting, way too much Lucifer BUT the themes are carrying forwards into season 13 as I had hoped they would, Cas’s death seems to be going to serve exactly the purpose for both his arc and Destiel that I would hope and this episode coupled with 22 makes me even more confident in my endgame wishlist.

Tink’s Endgame Positive Wishlist :

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- Mol! Sam (and Eileen, Chuck I’m still bitter about that though, I really hoped her death would turn out to be a misdirection). Pretty much CHECK.

- Hunter / Mol collaboration with Sam and Dean as leaders. Pretty much CHECK.

- End of the brodependency, Dean acknowledging he was Sam’s parent and letting him go. CHECK.

- End of Performing!Dean. Pretty much CHECK.

- Destiel. Pretty much CHECK.

- Human!Cas and self worth and belonging for his arc. TBA probably next season, what happened this season makes no sense if not to lead to this.

Prayer Request

My best friend is making a very bad decision in the dating department. I’m not going into details, but the guy seriously belongs in jail and I am super worried about my friend’s safety. I’m going to try to talk to her about it tomorrow. Please pray that she’ll realize what a mess she’s getting herself into.