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ranking fruit names (german)

selected fruits (bc they have the more german-german names, u know, not a… basically generic name like kiwi etc):
Apfel, Birne, Pfirsich, Banane, Erdbeere, Johannisbeere, Pflaume, Dattel, Himbeere, Ananas, Trauben, Limette, Zitrone, Orange/Apfelsine

i rank the name not the taste! 

Apfel (apple): very basic name, not at all fancy but the “pf” is a nice touch. i give it…. a 3.8/10

Birne (pear): a good name! used in various phrases as well, eg: “sich die Birne anschlagen” (to hit ya head), “Glühbirne” (lightbulb), i give it 5.9/10, a good name for a pear shaped fruit

Pfirsich (peach): Pfirsich, or as the southern would call it: Pfirschig. quite tricky with the “s” and the “ch”, gives the whole name an air of fanciness. 7.5/10

Banane (banana): BORING! 1/10

Erdbeere (strawberry): an earth berry? no thankx, eat ya own dirt, 1.2/10

Johannisbeere (currant): whomst is this Johannis and how do i meet him? 6/10

Pflaume (plum): the most wholesome name!!!!! tbh!!!! Pflaume sound so round. so juicy. 10/10. famous namebearers: Kai Pflaume

Dattel (date): i do not like the name of this fruit :/ Dattel…. not a good name. not a good name. at most a 2/10

Himbeere (raspberry): who is HE, who is HIM? anti feminist icon Himbeere 0/10

Ananas (pineapple): a nice name. has produced this 1 iconic joke: 
Was wird aus Anna im Regen? (What becometh of Anna in the Raineth?)
–> Ananas aka Anna nass (Anna wet)
iconic, 10/10

Trauben (grapes): 1 grape is not 1 Traube. 1 grape is 1 Weinbeere. 1 Traube is 1 whole buncha grapes. but the word Trauben? i like it, 7.7/10

Limette (lime): a good fucking name! fancy! i give Limette a wholesome 10/10 and on the fancy scala a 6/10

Zitrone (lemon): those yellow fuckers. theyre like bananas but evil. the name is nice tho, i really enjoy the “Z” because it makes it fancy. a wholesome 8/10

Orange/Apfelsine (orange): technically, a basic name. Orange. but Apfelsine? which basically (is dutch i think????? dont quote) means Apfel aus China (apple from china) and that gives the thing a whole other dimension tbh, 7.9/10


the raven cycle + “youth” by daughter


Apple’s New Campus: An Exclusive Look Inside the Mothership

It’s probably more accurate to say that Apple Park is the architectural avatar of the man who envisioned it, the same man who pushed employees to produce those signature products. In the absence of his rigor and clarity, he left behind a headquarters that embodies both his autobiography and his values. The phrase that keeps coming up in talks with key Apple figures is “Steve’s gift.” Behind that concept is the idea that in the last months of his life, Jobs expended significant energy to create a workplace that would benefit Apple’s workers for perhaps the next century. “This was a hundred-year decision,” Cook says. “And Steve spent the last couple of years of his life pouring himself in here at times when he clearly felt very poorly.


Happy π Day, Tumblr!

This year, I got my very own apple pi to celebrate!  (Get it? 😁)

Pro tip:  Just like π is not a whole number, apple pi cannot be eaten whole.  Sitting on it does not help, either.  I recommend demanding your human cut your apple pi into more manageable slices.

One time Spot picked up an apple from the bowl on Jack’s coffee table and before Jack could tell him it was styrofoam he bit it and then made direct eye contact with Jack and kept eating because he didn’t want to admit it was fake.


I often complain about expensive fruit in Tokyo, but if you buy carefully and stick to the usual suspects, it’s less painful. That collection on the left was ¥1000. (¥1026, to be precise.) That’s about 8-ish pounds, euros, dollars. It was cheap because I bought it at my local mom-and-pop store, and the bananas (the cheapest fruit in Japan to start off with) were ripe and offered at a discount. That little watermelon is the cutest – small enough to fit on a side plate, perfect for solitary souls. PS: If you add grapes or peaches or any fruit NOT in that photo to your list, best visit your bank for a loan first.

Cute Grantaire things
  • often has cats with him. Either on his shoulders or in his arms or on his head!
  • sticks his tongue out when he’s concetrating!
  • puffs out his cheeks when he’s frustrated
  • extravagant gestures, like cartoony comics but in real life.
  • sweeping hugs! Including twirls and excited dancing, escpecially if the person has helped him with something he was stuck on.
  • has a baby face when he shaves.
  • not a small sneeze but unexpectedly soft.
  • pulls his beanies over his ears when embarassed
  • sings when he’s painting
  • bouncy walk when he’s happy.
  • his hair is pretty expressive for some reason and moves along with his mood (flat curls when tired, bouncy curls when happy and so on)
  • once drew blushies on the back of his hands and hid his face in them when Combeferre analyzed and complimented a painting he was insecure about.
  • draws little comic strips of moments in his life that make him smile
  • baby talks apples and generally gets really excited about apples.
  • very passionate about Greek and Roman mythology, as in “four hours analysis and personal interpretation of this one specific story that no one actually knows about”

It’s time for a video game rec post! I’ve spent the last few nights playing a very nice indie game, Severed. I fell in love with the game the second I saw the trailer for Nintendo’s release of the game last year and I downloaded it the second it came out, but I didn’t get around to playing it until now. And I was NOT disappointed. 

If I had to describe the in just two words, I would say that it is “gorgeously gruesome.” In the game you play as a young girl named Sasha, fighting to get your family back from a mysterious realm of nightmares. I really don’t want to say much more than that, for the sake of allowing the game to unfold for itself. The gameplay revolves around fighting monsters, swiping on the screen to attack, solving puzzles, and navigating mazes. 

The strongest selling point of the game is its art style, which I adore 

The game is a lonely one. Lonely and creepy and full of uncertainty. And I loved it. I loved exploring while haunting music drifted through ruined, decrepit halls soaked in despair and death. I love stuff like this, and I loved Sasha and pretty much everything about the whole game. There was also a strange bird that turned out to be surprisingly lovable… 

The mechanics of the battles (particularly successfully “severing” enemies) can be difficult to get the hang of, and the battles get more complicated as time goes on. However, I can offer potential players a little reassurance. First, there aren’t any repercussions for being killed, so feel free to repeatedly die without worrying that it will be held against you. Second, even if you have a hard time collecting parts for upgrades in battle, the game makes sure you can gather all that you need before the end. And lastly, there is a casual gameplay option for those who want it. 

So! If I’ve piqued your interest, you can play the game on: 

  • Nintendo Wii U and 3DS for $14.99 
  • PS Vita for $14.99
  • iOS for $6.99 (and FYI, it was named the 2016 iPad Game of the Year! But it can also be played on an iPhone or iPod touch) 

If you love ugly monsters, one armed girls with living swords, exploring realms of horrors, and suffering, Severed is a fantastic and memorable game. I hope you’ll give it a try!