very androgynous

Appearance Prompts

Make a character that..

..has dark skin blind
..has scars on their wrists
..has stretchmarks
..has naturally red hair
..has albinism
..wears a hijab
..has a crooked nose
..has more than one eye
..only has one eye
..has tattoos chubby
..presents very androgynous
..wears glasses
..has wings
..has dreadlocks
..has got robotic body parts


I’ve been asked to give my opinion on Jungkook’s Ode to Jimin travelogue, so here’s a not-so-quick rundown of my thoughts:

The first thing that is clear is that Jungkook has a good eye. I don’t know exactly how much he knows about filmmaking, but for (presumably) an amateur the video portrays a moderately consistent narrative.

The second thing that is clear is that the video is from Jungkook’s perspective. The first shot is of him and Jimin in a bathroom mirror at the airport. Jungkook leans in to get a better look through the camera and then the shot immediately changes to Jimin’s back as he walks through the airport and we follow along. This already establishes that the video is from Jungkook’s perspective, but just in case you missed it he re-establishes this fact again on the plane by filming his legs in his seat and then immediately cutting to “Golden Closet Film Present”. He is saying “You are seeing this trip through my eyes”.

The only time he breaks this viewpoint is for a second at the hotel when he films himself giving a peace sign in the elevator, at which point for some reason we are seeing him and Jimin through the elevator security camera’s eyes lol

The third thing that is clear is that, contrary to the title, the subject is Jimin, not Tokyo. There are two travel montages in the video, but the rest of it is centered around Jimin. This video is not “Going on a trip to Tokyo”, but “Following Jimin on his trip to Tokyo”. Kook makes sure we always know what the setting is through his generous use of wide and medium shots, but the subject remains firmly as Jimin.

The fourth thing that is clear is that Jungkook seriously looks up to Jimin. Not just Jimin really, but all the members. How do we know? Jungkook has a habit of filming his hyungs from a low angle, which has the psychological effect of making the subject seem powerful, strong, heroic or imposing. Basically Jungkook looks up to all his hyungs so much that he automatically films them from a heroic and powerful angle.

The use of this “heroic” angle coupled with the fact that we spend most of the time following Jimin around from behind gives the video a classic “simulated date” vibe. The vibe is so strong that at any given point you half expect to look down and see the cameraman holding hands with the subject.

The fifth thing that is clear is that Jungkook sees Jimin as 100% MAN. We’ve all come to know and love our androgynous Chim, and although he’s not acting any different from usual in this video, the Jimin in this video is very much not “our androgynous Chim”. He is Jimin as seen through Jungkook’s eyes, and Jungkook has portrayed him as quite masculine, ergo Jungkook sees him as quite masculine. “This video is my perspective, and this is how I see Jimin”. Despite all his teasing about how short and cute Jimin is, he really does see him as a man.

The sixth thing that is clear is that this video is gay as shit. Y'all really think ya boy’s gonna take the painstaking effort to line up every single shot and transition with the music perfectly and apply slow motion effects at just the right times to make it all magical and shit but then not bother to look up the lyrics and realize it’s a gay love song? Nuh-uh, Jeon ain’t the type to get egg on his face like that. The boy done did knew.

TL;DR if you can’t feel Jungkook’s love for Jimin pouring out of the screen when you watch this video then you might want to see a cardiologist because you could very well actually be heartless

Taemin’s stage presence is so incredible, his visuals are out of this world. He has a VERY androgynous vibe and the fact that he’s being totally comfortable and natural with it especially in this comeback makes me so SO happy. The way he shakes his hips, the extra sass, the delicate moves when he touches his face and his gentle moves, he has this maturity and femininity about him which he embraces and puts into his performances and it’s very effective and he isn’t really afraid to release differently among others. The female backup dancers are moving with him in the same way smoothly rather than the male performer being rigid and masculine while the female dancers are fluid around him. He always pushes the boundaries of how much you can cross the invisible line of looking “too something” with his dancing, clothing and singing. The choreography plays up to Taemin’s strength quite well, which are androgyny and sensuality. This is how you make a choreography to elevate the artistry of the song. Taemin has my respect, I’m so proud of my baby he deserves everything :(

Friends Help Friends Fight Dysphoria

Hey friends, this is just a reminder that dysphoria is lessened with transition but for many trans people, no matter their stage in transition, IT NEVER GOES AWAY, so any chance you get to pay one of your trans friends a GENUINE, NON-CREEPY compliment about their transition or their appearance, take it! (Unless you know they prefer you not, always take what your friends say about their preferences over some random person on the internet.) External reinforcement can be super helpful.

Good examples:

  • “That dress looks so cute on you, it’s super femme, it really suits you.”
  • “Your new haircut frames your face, wow.”
  • “Those glasses really make your jaw look square, very boss.”
  • “Totally androgynous look today, it’s very you.”

Not-so-good examples:

  • “Your makeup really makes you look like a girl.” (Trans women are women!)
  • “I almost forgot you weren’t always a man, you look really butch today.” (Trans men were always men.)
  • Anything about hormones or how they’re affecting a person, UNLESS THEY BRING IT UP or you have already discussed that it’s okay for you to bring up HRT.
  • Do I even need to say that it’s never okay to talk about what’s in someone’s pants, ever?

Thank you, be awesome to each other!

The Gemini twins were known to be very handsome and androgynous. You can go back into the history of astrology and see the Gemini twins portrayed as a man and a woman on many occasions
Mercury itself is known to be androgynous, with Gemini exhibiting the masculine/light/day energy and Virgo representing the feminine/shadowy/night force.

And further, Hermes is often portrayed as a Hermaphrodite by the Romans, suggesting the fusion of two polarities. Hermaphroditus was the son of Hermes and Aphrodite. This is the basis of the word ‘Hermaphrodite’.

Favorite Food: Roasted Potatoes
Favorite Drink: Lemon Green Tea
Favorite Flower: Cherry Blossoms
He’s a lil’ in love with both Julian and Asra, and very intrigued by the mysterious Muriel. He loves jewelry and making Julian blush. He’s actually albino, hence the red eyes, but he dyes his white hair with indigo henna. He too is part anime.

To be honest, I got the game originally for the art and I do not regret it. The games official tumblr is @thearcanagame You will not regret downloading it!

anonymous asked:

Your men's fashion post earlier today tickled and inspired me. I am horrible at social networking, but I love men's wear and made a blog (gentlemanlythreads) I hope (fingers crossed) to keep up. My question now is, for my first week of posting, what style(s) for men's fantasy fashion do you like most?

i have been too exhausted to even comprehend this question for the past 2 days, but uhhhhhhhhh

i guess?? tbh i just crave interesting, pretty, masculine outfits that have the same variation and vivacity as a lot of feminine fashion. ethereal is good, elegant is always very good, a more androgynous look is 👌. i just want interesting outfits that aren’t the same fucken suits over and over again

had a helpful revelation just now which is: my gender doesn’t Have to make sense

now, I find it frustrating when it doesn’t bc I’m the kind of person who likes to be able to neatly categorise things

but like, setting that personality factor aside, my experiences as a nonbinary person don’t have to be justified using the language of the gender binary? that’s the whole point? they’re sometimes useful but when they’re not I’m not obligated to use them

I don’t /have/ to be able to explain my gender in terms that are easy to understand by the standards of a society that doesn’t recognize more than two genders

I don’t /have/ to have an identity that makes me easy to categorise as “basically like a boy, but not one” or “basically like a girl, but not one”

it’s allowed to be complicated! it is complicated! the language we are speaking hasn’t settled on good terms for what I’m experiencing yet! mainstream feminist discourse hasn’t decided how to treat people like me yet! society hasn’t decided what nonbinary people “should” look like!

I don’t have to fit myself into those things as they exist, I’m allowed to say “actually none of how you’re talking about this fits my experience so I’m not going to allow myself to be incorrectly categorised.”

It doesn’t have to fit pre-existing models. I don’t owe anyone that. And I don’t owe anyone an explanation that makes sense to them. It’s nice if I can give one, but I don’t have to for it to be real.


Rainy days make for some pretty crap lighting

(They/Them or He/Him)