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Here’s all of the progress from this morning’s experimental stream.  I’m very, very excited about this one!

Grace Blackthorn! well, It’s going to be ages before The last hours is released, but I’m really excited??

Btw I took inspiration from the jewelry used in BBC’s adaptation of Great Expectations.

How to mask in Photoshop

In this post I will try to show you (as clearly as possible) how I mask on Photoshop. Remember that it is just how I do it, and how I find it the easiest. However, there might be easier ways to do it… You just have to find the one you prefer!
We will be cutting this screencap of Noora :

and here is the result :

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more manga/anime recs that I forgot to mention before


  • Love Lab: this series is so. absolutely. funny. It’s about a prestigious all-girls middle school, where the showy main character, Riko, gets roped into helping the student council president, Maki, simulate fake dating scenes. Maki, who gives off a very proper, lady-like vibe, is secretly obsessive, boy-crazy, and WEIRD; meanwhile Riko, who gives off a “cool girl” vibe and likes to boast to keep up that image, is actually incredibly naive. While this series does make fun of a lot of tropes in the yuri genre, it doesn’t mock them either. I’d say it’s actually more genre-savvy than anything else. And mild spoilers, but the ending of the anime culminates in the two main characters confessing feelings for each other after mild jealousy and awkwardness over boys. Whether or not it’s romantic or platonic, their relationship and honest feelings for each other are very genuine and has good development despite being a comedy series up until the ending.
    I’ve never read the manga so I don’t know if it’s as good, but I will say the cartoon animates the skits and gags really well and had me rolling on the floor from laughter.
  • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (Eng: Monthly GIrls’ Nozaki-kun): I know this is already really popular, but here’s another amazingly hilarious series. Despite it being a comedy anime, this series might have my favorite straight ships. It’s about a high school girl who falls in love with a handsome but really weird manga artist, learning about his job, and all the odd people who are involved with helping him produce manga. The dynamics between all the characters are so hilarious, and the gags in this are also very relatable to artists. They have a character named Kashima, who’s this thick-headed prince-type girl (potentially non-binary/demigirl?) who doesn’t fall into the shitty typical “I want to be treated as my REAL gender~” trope used in so many anime that invalidates androgynous and gender non-conforming people. Again, there’s a comic too, but I’ve never read it. I hear the anime is a very accurate adaptation though!


  • Paradise Kiss: high fashion and high drama! This is an older series by Ai Yazawa that I’ve always loved, about a girl who gets pulled into the world of fashion modeling and starts a passionate affair with the mysterious designer, George. The main girl, Yukari, is actually my favorite character, as she has some incredible character growth that takes her through inspiration and excitement and also ugly parts of her own personality. The ending is very bittersweet but realistic, and I personally came out of it really enjoying Yukari’s self awareness.
    I really love the relationships Yukari develops with the other female characters too. While yes, there are jealous feelings typical of romance stories, she has a very close and healthy friendship with one of the other main girls. There is a trans girl in this story too, who is wonderful but sadly only gets a chapter (at most) dedicated to her. Warnings for one of the side stories, which has very abusive and manipulative undertones. Even though it has a resolution, it always made me uncomfortable. Some of the issues in this series can be chalked up to being a product of its time, but please tread with caution!
  • Collectors: by Nishi Uko, is about two women in a relationship, but unfortunately have clashing interests. Shinobu, a teacher, is an avid reader with an apartment overflowing with classic and contemporary literature. Takako, a businesswoman, is a stylish fashionista who always has to buy the latest trends. Needless to say, their lifestyles don’t always mix well, and they bicker like an old married couple. The framework of the series is short 4-panel comics with very subtle humor, but despite the bickering, they have a good relationship. I really like this series for the humor, sense of realism in their mundane lives, and also the occasional touching moments between the two of them. There are also a pair of fun side characters that add some good diversity to the humor!
  • I’ll Send Her Home On the Last Train: a collection of short wlw stories by Amagakure Gido. Super cute and a little bittersweet, with very memorable characters. It leads with a two-chapter story that doesn’t chalk up the characters’ romance to “platonic feelings,” they legit have a kiss and confess to each other and just overall have a really cute relationship. There’s another story that is kind of vague, but ends with a general polyamorous vibe that I really loved. This author tends to pack a lot of subtle but layered emotion into her stories, so you might have to read through it multiple times to get everything. but the stories all have a really great feeling around them.
    A lot of these stories revolve around high school girls and their experiences, but the author has done another one-shot yuri story (not found in this collection) called “I’m a Fool” that’s about adults, if that’s more your cup of tea!
  • Clover: another collection of short stories, this time by Otsu Hiyori. This collection revolves around four sisters and their different relationships with other girls. The relationships range from platonic to romantic, one of them even lasting beyond high school and into college/adult life with talks of marriage. In general, Otsu Hiyori’s work has a light and carefree feeling to it, but somehow subdued in delivery. They have a mature air about them despite sometimes the characters being very immature, and always have interesting relationships. Clover is my favorite work from her, but I suggest peeking at her other work too!

A/N: This is for @draconismalfoi , the person who shares the same birthday with me. Happy birthday again by the way! I also hope you had a nice day with lots of presents and love. ( It’s me phonni, btw) And I also hope that your birthday isn’t over yet! Mine will be in several minutes lol 

Summary: It’s your birthday and George has picked a nice present for you. But even though it was already really great; Fred manages to top it even more.

Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader

Word Count: 1232

Warnings: none! It’s fluff

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Hoya’s earrings are borrowed from Sungjong ●_●

(English subs not out yet, but I’m impatient so this is translated from the Chinese subs. Likely to not be that accurate.)

Woohyun: (You’re) Specially wearing earrings today.
Hoya: Yeah, I’m wearing earrings today. Sungjong lent them to me.
Woohyun: That’s rare? (Referring to Hoya wearing earrings probably)
Hoya: Sungjong gave me these earrings and asked me to wear them.
Woohyun: They suit you well.
Hoya: Thank you.



LOOK WHAT I GOT IN THE MAIL!!!! THANKS @ribellenm IT MADE IT FROM ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE EARTH SO FAST!!! It’s soooo beautiful, the actual thing’s even prettier than my photos taken with my shaking hands while howling loudly at my ceiling

ebullientmsquinn  asked:

First I want to say I'm a huge fan of your blog and second, I was wondering if you've seen Netflix's Marco Polo and what you thought of Khutulun's portrayal on the show?

Haven’t seen it yet! Had spotty internet for weeks (service at my parents’ house comes courtesy of an iPad with one bar of connection -everything goes out if a cloud goes overhead). From what I hear, it’s not very accurate, though - the actress is kind of a thin gal, and she ends up hooking up with Marco Polo? In his books, he only ever sees her wrestling at a distance and describes her as a stout woman. If he even had a conversation with her, he didn’t mention it specifically.

My impression from reading his work was that he was a excitable, kind of dorky guy, so I didn’t have huge expectations based off of the ads. I didn’t read a ton of it, though, so my impression could have easily been led astray. 

You can read exactly what he said here - she is named Aijaruc in his telling. Fun fact: according to the footnotes in that translation, the story of Khutulun may be a direct predecessor of the tale of the Filipina warrior princess Urduja, who got her own Tagalog-language animated movie a couple years ago.

And if you’re looking for my writeup on Khutulun, you can find that here


uh… I IMPROVED( ̄ー ̄)

especially on the roses

This isn’t very accurate though because that old one was done in MS paint with a mouse.  If I draw one NOW it’d probably still look the same XD!!!

It’s fun to draw Sailor Moon again after almost 15 years OvO !! 
(ugh…time flies….Orz)

marshmallowsweetheart  asked:

have u thought about the other amis in the nymph florist au because b o y am i now obsessed

Follow-up of this post. Which may be one of my favorite AUs now

  • Enjolras, Courfeyrac and Bahorel are all Fire nymphs, but each nymph is different :
    • Enjolras is passionate, bold as Fire. That can translate into him being warm to his friends, physically and emotionally, but burning rage is also something he has to deal with. He tries to keep his hands to himself when he’s angry because they could burn whoever happens to stand nearby. He also keeps away from books that may anger him, because he’s burnt more than his fair share of books. Enjolras has a fairly good control of himself until injustice strikes
    • Courfeyrac in the center, the sun, bringing warmth and light to everything he touches. He’s truly radiant a comforting, like a gentle summer sun. Sunflowers often turn towards him if he walks near a field. But that gentleness can quickly transform into a fiery ball of rage if you hurt his loved ones. “That Girl is on Fire” is his favorite private joke
    • Bahorel is a combinaison of the aforementioned. Short tempered but with a bright, sunny laughter. He’s also very good at keeping himself and others warm in winter. The clothes he wears stay hot long affter he’s worn them, so he often gives them to homeless shelters or homeless persons he passes by on the street. He always comes back to get them, heat them up and giving them back

  • Combeferre is a Water nymph. He’s like a calm, collected river flowing gently through life. He’s smooth and his voice is low and soothing. He never takes an umbrella with him when it rains, because he can simply make himself impervious to water. He “completes and correctes Enjolras” in the sense that he calms his fiery fits of rightous anger through philosophy and wisdom. Water and Fire not cancelling each other out but working together. Since the human body is composed of 75% water, Combeferre often finds his magic useful in the medical field. Always knows when you’re dehydrated

  • Joly and Marius are Air nymphs
    • Joly is often called “Zephyr”, because he’s like a soft gentle breeze. If you look closely, his feet sometimes don’t even touch the ground when he walks. Rain never seems to be a problem, even when he’s drenched, he’ll dried himself up with a click of his fingers and a hot gust of wind. He can also smell very well with the scents hanging in the air, which is very useful in medecine. Joly often ends up propelled 5 yeard backwards when he sneezes
    • Marius is always in the clouds, thinking about Cosette or other whimsical things. You know when people say “love is in the air”? Well Marius can detect auras of powerful feelings very quickly and accurately, though he’s a terrible matchmaker. He also has a thing for birds (don’t they say love bords after all?) and feeds them at the park with Jehan. Whistles very very well. Often lazy and will make object fly in his direction

  • Feuilly is an Earth nymph, but in a different way than Grantaire and Jehan. Feuilly works with soil better, with his hands. That makes him quite uncomfortable in big cities, because of the lack of nature and direct contact with it. Wonderful at pottery, especially when he works with clay. His sculptures are so good that he sells them on Etsy. Feuilly is physically hurt by littering. He’s into organic foods a lot, taking take of the earth and making beautiful things grow. Gives almost all of the vegetables he grows himself to charities to feed the hungry and the poor

  • Bossuet is also an Earth nymph, though his talents are more oriented towards animals. Animals are drawn towards him and he is drawn to animals. It’s like a 6th sense of empathy, when an animal is feeling uncomfortable or hurt, he will feel it as well. That has led in to many shenanigans such as “that doe 30 miles away really needs a bandage and a visit to the wildlife vet, brb!”. That has a LOT of inconvenients, because he also attracts spiders, ants, mosquitos and all that good stuff. And though he doesn’t HATE THEM, he’d like to sleep in peace. Fun game idea : take Bossuet to your local zoo and watch all hell break loose

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17. say something bad about someone not realizing your muse is listening

“Heh, no no I’d never go inside that manor for an extended period of time. His father is absolutely terrifying.” The bustling party around them had Yuuya thinking such a comment wouldn’t be heard by anyone but him and the bird he was talking to. “Hate him? Hate is a very strong word…" A very accurate one though.