very VERY crappy ones at that

« Where are you now, what are you doing? 
Are you in this endless sky? 
Will you smile for me like always? 
Right now, it's all I continue to ask for »
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the end result of seunggwan messing with coups during the game

Here’s my take on the octo!Genos au, where Genos is a gargantuan merocto, curious and  fascinated by this tiny human who’s not only not afraid of him, but likes to hang out with him.

I blame this entirely on @sinningrampage, @hexmaniacmareen, @incinerates, and @ramblingcoyote with all their wonderful ideas about octo!Genos.

BEAST Highlight from 2009-now
Five years have gone by so fast and I've enjoyed each one of them with these six guys. I wish for beast to say six for a very, very long time. Happy 5 years with BEAST and I hope we have many more happy times to come with our OT6. 



H A P P Y  H A L L O W E E N !

Bringing back my villain au for the scariest month of the year uwu for some reason my first idea for saitama is a wizard?? so i thought demon could be a good pairing for it 

Hanging The Stars

Title: Hanging The Stars

Pairing: Reader x Cas

Word count: 3,322

Theme song: In My Arms by Plumb


  • Hi!!! I love your blog!!!! Can I request telling Cas you’re pregnant and him being really adorable about it? Thanks Lovely
  • Castiel one shot with pregnant reader. Like in your Dean fic can you make various stages? Like when she has to tell Cas (and she is very nervous), 5/6 month of pregnancy and going into labor (especially after - Cas with his little daughter)? And when they find out that this is a girl they call her Mary after Winchesters mother.

  • If you do a cas one, can u do one where the reader is pregnant with their child and they’re very happy because my friends were pretending I was pregnant (im not) and had 3 baby daddys and I had a crappy day cause of them so can you turn my day good?

  • One shot where Dean and Sam find out reader is pregnant with Cas’s child. They turn into two dorky uncles. They buy baby clothes with suit print on them, something what can only be describe as really small trench coat, blanket with angels, get excited about all little baby things etc. And of course fight about child name.

  • Castielxreader where she’s pregnant and when she feels that baby is kicking she runs to library where boys are sitting and sitting on Cas lap. He’s nervous at first but then she puts his hand on her belly and he smiles. Fluffy fluff!

  • Maybe where Cas and the reader are parents and they’re taking care of their new born baby when they come back to the bunker. And a lot of daddy!Cas (like when he’s talking to their child at night when he thinks reader doesn’t hear and much more)


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“So what happened exactly?” Sam asked, rubbing soothing circles on your back.

“I’m going to kill him,” Dean muttered. He’d been pacing the room in front of you and it was all you or Sam could do to stop him from grabbing his gun from his bedroom.

“Dean,” you started.

“No. I’m going to kill him.”

“I’m sure he’ll be back,” Sam said, half to you and half to his brother.

“I know we didn’t exactly plan on this, but I just didn’t expect him to…” you trailed off, shaking your head. “I’m freaked out, too, but I didn’t run away!”

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