I tried and bad things happened and I wasn’t able to get all the photos required for the Cav contest. :< Don’t ask, but at least I got a couple good photos of my Kazoolander, Talia. Between camera issues and bad weather, I was forced to take pictures in my scenic garage! :)

“Contrary to popular belief, not all harpies are ugly people-snatchers. Talia is a quite flower delivery girl in Dandyton who is well known for her quick deliveries and insatiable craving for hot chocolate.”


Russian robot reference
This unnamed bot sports a black, calf-length dress with sleeves that come down just beyond her elbows. In cosplay I wear gold gloves because I’ve been to lazy to detail the robot details onto them :< Not pictured are the plain, black knee-high boots that this bot wears as well.

I hope this general reference of my Russian bot will suffice!