veruca crews


To the Keen2 community and Tom Keen fans on Tumblr, I promised to pass this along for a few friends on various social media outlets (including the fantastic Veruca Crews, whose lovely art work is seen above) to get as many people actively engaged in it as possible. Apparently some of the people that are less than thrilled with the spinoff and Tom Keen have been very vocal to the writers and to Ryan recently, so several people have put together a Twitter campaign to show our support for Ryan and his wonderful portrayal of Tom Keen. Again, this will be focused in on Twitter and I’m just passing the word along over here on Tumblr (though we will be working to put together something here on Tumblr shortly). 

Veruca Crews has provided these awesome icons and is generous enough to let people use them for this day if you’d like to. She has also set up guidelines to follow to make sure that everyone is on the same page. If you have a Twitter account and you’re interested in participating, please read through them very carefully. We’re trying to get the hashtag trending.


1) Don’t use 

#SupportTomKeen before the designated time
The event will take place on Thursday May, 26th, at 6am est. and will run for 24 hours, so that those in other timelines also have the chance to be a part of it. Gently remind others that use the tag before the event to wait until the right time, and tell them that using the tag too much beforehand will lessen trending impact. Trending happens with terms that are relatively new, and many people tweet about them at the same time. Terms break out onto the scene, but trending becomes more difficult the more they are used. Be nice! We want everyone to feel welcome.

2) One # term per Tweet. Use only #SupportTomKeen

3) Lots of people tweeting matters more than the number of tweets.
Tell everyone TeamTom about the event. There is strength in numbers – remember that the more unique tweeters we have, the more likely we are to trend, and for a longer duration of time. Send your tweets out fast – but remember to pace yourself. You want to avoid “Twitter Jail.” We know we can hit worldwide trending, so sustained tweeting matters. Trending can be a distraction, but we need you to keep those wonderful tweets coming.

4) Those with lots of followers help out a lot!
Alternate accounts with few followers do not have as much “influence” towards trending. But tweets from accounts like @Ryan_Eggold, @NBCBlacklist and @NBCRedemption make a big impact.
Let’s try to build our Tom Keen fan follower networks. One easy way is to follow people on fan Twitter lists.

5) We also want to pique the interest of non-Tom Keen fans.
This is the key to our trending duration success. It gives a chance to get our message about Tom Keen out to another audience.
Try to construct a list of thoughtful and informative tweets before the event. These can be copied and pasted for easy tweets. Use some witty Tom Keen sayings – link some of the official promo videos  –  share pics, screenshots or gifs of your favorite Tom Keen moments - speculate about the plans of the Spin Off. Cool tweets are more likely to earn re-tweets, and this immensely helps trending.

6) We can discuss aspects of  Tom Keen in our tweets.
TRY to include the words Blacklist or Blacklist Redemption (with no #) in your tweet if possible. Talk about the new show. Maybe we can also trend Blacklist Redemption.

7) Private accounts must have their locked status removed, as the tweets from locked accounts do not count toward the trend tally.

8) Retweets are the easiest way to help out the trending effort.
Just search for the hashtag, and retweet the ones that are interesting to you. If you know how to use a Twitter application suite like TweetDeck or HootSuite, this is made even easier.

As a side note, @krism23 pointed out in a discussion that when you retweet, make sure to use the quote tweet option and add the hashtag again or it will not count towards trending.

We’d love to get as many people involved in this as possible. Please pass this around the Tumblr community so that everyone who has a Twitter account and that would like to participate has a chance! 

As always, please no hijacking of this event. It is a positivity campaign.