vertigo hitchcock


A tribute to Alfred Hitchock’s films by Annie Leibovitz (& others), 2008.

James Stewart and Kim Novak taking a break during the filming of Vertigo  (Alfred Hitchcock, 1958)

“The last time she saw Stewart was when they bumped into each other at an airport [he died in 1997]. “I said, ‘Jimmy, I wish we could do a movie together.’ And he said, ‘I can’t be a leading man anymore. I don’t want to make movies anymore.’ He’d been away from movies for a while. He said, ‘You know, I walk out my back yard and I can’t remember sometimes why I walk out there.’ I said, ‘I understand that, it happens.’ He said, ‘Yep. Happens. [Pause.] Sure is good seeing you again.’ And I said, ‘You too, Jimmy.’ And gave him a hug.”   - The Telegraph [UK], 2014


I think the role appealed to me because it was the resistance of Judy, who was in a sense me, trying to become the Hollywood person. Trying to be Madeleine, needing to be loved and willing to be made over. “If I become her, will you love me?” And I remember, when I played it, I felt absolutely stripped naked. I felt so vulnerable. Kim Novak, 2012

Vertigo (1958) dir. Alfred Hitchcock