vertigo poster


Laurent Durieux’s posters for these Hitchcock films are striking and evocative without relying on the visual styles of the films themselves. The images are clear and strong, yet, like the films themselves, become richer with each viewing (I just noticed Norman Bates’ lower half for the first time). Looking at these posters for the first time was discovering new favourites. 

-wilsons teddy bear in a doctor’s outfit
-wilsons vertigo poster
-house having one hand in his too-tight jeans and one hand on his cane
-house’s extremely lesbotic blazer-over-outdated-political-t-shirt look
-wilson’s sturgeon face

PREACHER poster by me.

Despite all the weird and messed up stuff in it, Preacher has always been number one in my favorite comic-book series list along with Hellblazer, Tank-Girl, Transmetropolitan, Matt Fraction’s run of Hawkeye and Hellboy. I’m seriously so hyped for this despite all the changes.

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