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Could you write a high school reunion drabble or one shot where Katniss was in the popular crowd and Peeta was a nerd and then when they see each other again 10 years later and Peeta is all buff and hot ;))))

Attention to Detail

Like any run-of-the-mill root canal, car accident, or spell of food poisoning, my high school career doesn’t exactly hold the fondest of memories. Maybe if I’d spent it with a crowd of people that didn’t activelymake me want to shove my head into a trash compactor, thinking about it wouldevoke more positive memories.

Instead, all I can remember are aggravatingly hot afternoons in the school parking lot, endless games of spin-the-bottle in Cashmere and Gloss’s basement, and mornings with pounding headaches and nausea that lasted through the afternoon.

Well, at least I turned out alright. Not in perpetual unemployment like Marvel, or tied up in the legal repercussions of bar-related altercations like Cato, or as a twenty-eight-year-old divorcée like Clove and Glimmer. My eternal celibacy is the only annoyance on an otherwise comfortable list of living conditions. As a biological technician who’s settled down close enough to her sister to babysit her own adorable, chubby-cheeked nephew, I can’t exactly complain.

Madge – one of the tiny handful of past classmates that doesn’t make my gag reflexes go wild – nudges me with her shoulder as soon as Cashmere flounces away from us, her bottle-blonde hair a nauseating yellow in the low lights of the ballroom.

“You okay there, Everdeen? You look like you’re about to blow a gasket.”

Well, I am. My eyes are threatening to pop straight out of my skull, and I’m momentarily considering allowing them to do so, because at least hospitalization would excuse me from this ridiculous function.

But I don’t say so much. I swirl my punch cup in my hand and desperately pray it turns into vodka. “You’d think adulthood would make these people more tolerable.”

Madge laughs. “Not even lobotomies would do that, Kat.”

“God, I wish they served alcohol at these things. I can only stomach so much of this sober.”

We scan the crowd in front of us, desperately looking to find someone that doesn’t make our blood curdle. Naturally, we turn up empty-handed.

Why am I even here? At a ten-year reunion? Cheesy gatherings like these have never been my cup of tea. At least in high school, Gale had been my wingman, but he stopped going to these things years ago. It was right before he stopped talking to me, actually.

It’s got to be at least five years since I last saw the guy. Huh.

“Oh my god, Katniss.” Madge’s voice shatters me from my daydream, and I startle a little, looking to her. Her eyes are pinned on something straight ahead, her jaw slack as she gawks.

Frowning, I follow her gaze to the center of the mob, and feel my own jaw dumbly pop open as I see it, too. See him.

Peeta Mellark.

Wait. Peeta Mellark? How the hell is that Peeta Mellark?

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Light-Capturing Antennas Begin Blooming

When it comes to electricity-generating solar panels, flat is so last year. 

Sun harvesters are being installed by homeowners and utilities at breakneck speeds with the cost to generate solar power continuing to decline. Yet the fact that they’re flat is an inherent limitation to efficiently generating electricity throughout the day. And flat is all you get when thin wafers of semiconducting materials like silicon, whose electrons get excited to generate current when struck by photons from the sun, are what is needed to fabricate solar cells. 

But since the sun tracks across the sky daily and changes declination through the seasons, solar panels not moving to face it can’t maximize the amount of energy they harvest. And those that are equipped with sun-tracking sensors and motors must use energy to operate. 

But what if you could make a solar cell that wasn’t flat, whose three-dimensional structure meant more surface area was always optimally positioned to capture photons? Researchers are working on it–some are investigating 3-D printing solar cells, others are developing paint-on material that captures energy. Now, a team from UCLA and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign say they could potentially create tiny light antennas–three-dimensional pole-like solar cells that could absorb light from all directions. Their advance comes after they successfully grew crystals of a semiconducting compound vertically. 

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future - a daisuga fic

It’s hot here and I thought about hot weather at night and how I get all introspective and thinking about the future when the stars are out and I’m sweating my LIFE AWAY UGH. But here you go! I hope you enjoy! 


confession series- #4



The sound of cicadas chirping filled the pause between Suga’s words. It was a hot night, the window thrown open, the stars in view of the window. Daichi was spending the night again, laying on the floor with the light of his phone illuminating his face. Suga had just spent the past ten minutes watching him, the lines of his handsome face emphasized by the light. It was surprising how much he had grown in their years together: his soft face had hardened into something masculine and attractive while his body had not only grown vertically but muscles had sprouted where there had been nothing before. Suga was enamored and glad that the body and face matched his boyfriends personality.

“What are we going to do after high school?”

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Vertical Farming is Transforming the Ways our Food Will be Grown


High Definition images of Vertically Aligned NanoTube Arrays, or Vantablack - The Darkest known material since 2014.

info -

“vantablack is a substance made of carbon nanotubes and is the blackest substance known, absorbing a maximum of 99.965% of radiation in the visible spectrum. It comprises a forest of vertical tubes which are “grown”. When light strikes vantablack, instead of bouncing off, it becomes trapped and is continually deflected between the tubes before eventually becoming heat. Early development was carried out at the National Physical Laboratory, UK.” - wikipedia

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479er gets injured (most likely shot) on an Op and the freelancers take care of her……to the point of uncomfortable frustration

Grown men and women shouldn’t hover like this. Grown men and women don’t have fucking hover engines installed on variable wings to allow them to execute vertical lift-offs. Grown men and women in military service should know that a watched soldier doesn’t heal faster, and that hospital food is designed to give the body what it needs, and there is literally no need for cupcakes for a gunshot wound to the meat of the arm.

Apparently, Niner decides, the agents of Project Freelancer aren’t grown ass men and women.

“Here, I brought you apple juice from the mess,” York announced as he strode boldly into the recovery ward. Niner didn’t even bother to look up from the trashy romance novel she had loaded up on her reader.

“Just throw it on the pile, okay?” she answered dismissively. If she looked at him, he’d decide he had to stay. And it wasn’t like the pile was hard to find.

Last time she ever, in a drug induced daze, reveal to Washington that she really liked apple juice. These Freelancers just didn’t get that you couldn’t buy her off like that. Stupid fucking hover agents.