“When I push off a building–especially a big tall one like this–and you know you’re going to go floating in the air for 6-9 seconds of air time, it is a sensation of buoyancy. Of sort of having a different relationship to gravity than you’re accustomed to certainly in everyday life. That sensation to me to this day feels just incredible, so freeing. It’s like you’re enabled to do something that’s deeply against the rules and it feels really, really wonderful,”

–Amelia Rudolph, Bandaloop founder and artistic director

Performed by: Project Bandaloop

Style: Vertical Dance

From: Firstworks Art Festival 2012


This past February, we hosted the registration for the Aeriosa Dance Society’s 4-Day Intro to Vertical Dance Workshop. In the following posting, you’ll learn who they are, The Purple Stapler’s connection to them and why what they’re doing is worth supporting. 

Who Is Aeriosa


Verticale Dance avec chorégraphie antigravité totalement surréaliste !


Helena Lehmann - Vertical Dance