vertical text

Culture/period: 18th Dynasty
Date: ca. 1350 B.C.
Findspot Found/Acquired: Tomb of Nebamun(Africa,Egypt,Upper Egypt,Tomb of Nebamun (Thebes))plaster.

Description: Fragment (one of three) of a polychrome tomb-painting divided into two registers: upper - six women seated at a banquet; lower - five musicians seated on the ground with remains of nine vertical registers of hieroglyphic text above.

Candle of the Soul.

The text of the micrography for the image of the Candle is from Proverbs 20:27, “The Candle is the Soul of Man, Guiding him through the Inner Chambers.“ The text of the Flame is from Talmud (Brach. 60b), "My Lord, the Soul that You have placed within me is Pure."