vertical pupils


Other than the plated scales, tough leathery skin, frilled head, horned skull anatomy and sinuous tail, mythological and folkloric dragons have very little in common anatomically with actual reptiles. They have MORE in common with the Felidae genus (cat family) and the Aves Phylum Chordata (bird classification).

Like a cat’s eye, a dragon’s eye has a comparatively large iris with a vertical pupil. This arrangement allows the pupil to open extremely wide and receive
more light than that of a human eye.

A dragon’s legs are also decidedly nonreptilian, despite the scaly coverings. A dragon’s legs are positioned more or less directly under its body, in the manner of mammals. (Most reptiles’ legs tend to splay out to the sides, offering
much less support and mobility than a mammal).

Lasly, a dragon’s four feet very closely resemble those of a great bird. Each foot has three or four clawed toes facing forward (the number varies, even among dragons of the same kind), plus an additional toe, also with a claw, set farther back on the foot and facing slightly inward toward the dragon’s body, like a human’s thumb.

A dragon’s resemblance to a reptile is literally only skin deep  So the next time someone you know refers to mythical dragons as giant lizards, you’ll have the know-what to save a life.

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I can't wait to see Crowley's eyes, either! Part of me, though, really hopes we DON'T see them until his glasses are knocked off in the burning bookstore. I think this was when they were revealed for the first time in the book, and it's super dramatic and badass. (I'm sending this as an ask bc the post you mentioned his eyes in was already pretty long)

I agree!! That scene is incredibly important and quite a bit of a reveal. I’ve actually been meaning to talk about this. Here’s a sketch to help visualize:

Poor kiddo.

I wouldn’t say he’s exactly badass here; actually I rather feel the exact opposite, but it’s an incredibly powerful scene. I have a lot of Thoughts on this, so more under the cut.

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re: Oro, mpreg and spite: yeah, that's about how I see it - forty-nine percent spite, forty-nine percent curiosity, two percent 'Do I really want to get pregnant?' (or other form of doubt/misgiving in other situations). That two percent exists for about twenty seconds before curiosity overwhelms it. He takes meticulous photos from conception to birth and beyond because it's Science. Jiraiya and Tsunade very quickly learn to watch their mouths about impossibilities in case Oro sees it as a 1/2

challenge. Doesn’t work because if Orochimaru wasn’t a snake he’d be a *cat* (gold eyes, vertical pupils, obsessive about looking pretty, doesn’t like water, adores the warmth, inhuman morals and plays with its food) and everything makes him curious. They try to interest him in safer/less dangerous things, but he goes in the opposite direction. ‘Practical jutsus for droughts? Did that in a day. Now I’m making a Portable Desert jutsu so I’m never cold.’ *turns Konoha into a desert* 'Oops.’

Oh god, yes to all of this. Oro is the mad scientist who is mad mainly because he’s never met a human limit he didn’t smirk at as he broke it. 

Angara ~Headcanons~

(NSFW under cut)
/I’d love to hear your headcanons, too!

This is all that I have thought up as of right now! I might post a Jaal headcanons thingy later-

* Angara are quite strong, they have dense muscles so it is hard for them to get ~beefed~
* They go to schools when they are older- because of the Kett influence, families need to prioritize survival before proper education.
*When there is a heavy emotion (enraged, bliss, etc.) they can lose control of their bioelectricity 
*It is common for angara to be fluent in multiple areas (Like how Jaal can sew, make perfumes and explosives, and tinker and be a ninja/assassin in battle)
*Blue tongues, flat and a bit rough 
*They find headdresses and body jewelry fashionable
*They have three forms of consuming energy: sun, sleep, and food/water. Because of this, they can last longer without sleep if they have adequate sun and food.
*Mostly herbivores, but because the kett, they are slowly adapting to certain meats, though it is not exactly good for them.
*They can do a low purr
*Thick skin
*The vertical pupils help them to see better at night

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moonlight calling

(a brief gay mermaid love story)

Stars around the lovely moon
hide back their brilliant figure
whenever she, waxing full, shines
[on all] earth
Sappho (Gallavotti 15)

The men are drowning. It is of little consequence to her, but she watches anyway. The remains of their ship list helplessly to the side, hull splintered into fragments, canvas sails bowing under the weight of the lapping waves. Jagged rocks bite sharp through Macedonian pine, planks eviscerated by stone and sandbank, the bow lost in the choking eddy of brine.

The men who escaped the wreckage flounder in the water, heavy clothes and boots dragging them below the surface. Those in armor sink faster, delicately sculpted bronze forcing them under the waves, the weight of their swords dragging them into the murk. She thinks it suits them to die at the hands of their own vanity.

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Okay but like, WHAT DOES PLO KOON’S FACE LOOK LIKE??? Like under the mask? Does he have a beak? I headcanon him with a huge-ass beak, either a big chunky one like a macaw or a sharp wicked one like an eagle. And his eyes, what do they look like? Does he have vertical pupils? Does he have irises that cover the whole eye? What color are they? Hawk-gold? Bright green? Are they more than one color? Man I wish I could draw better, I’d fucking draw the hell out of that. Maybe I’ll work on that one of these days.


[[Summary: I was given a prompt of Jaal playing with Ryder’s makeup, and then told to make it smutty. Needless to say, this is NSFW. 

Jaal x Ryder

Under a cut halfway through. NSFW.]] 

Makeup was Wren Ryder’s armor, just as much as her chest piece or helmet. Before going planetside, her routine had to be conducted just so, as short as it was. Eyeliner first, and then eyeshadow, spread over her eyes like the character from that old vid she had watched with Alec- Blade Runner, filmed far before first contact, when AI was just a futuristic concept and not a reality. Every time she applied it, she thought of her father with a pang at once painful and sweet; they may not have seen eye to eye, but every day she realized how similar they had actually been.

Jaal had taken to watching Ryder in her pre-landing routine, seemingly fascinated by the precision with which she applied everything. Today he interrupted her for the first time, perched on the edge of her bed and leaning forward. “Ryder, may I try?”

Turning around from her mirror to face him, Ryder shrugged. “Why not? Go wild, Jaal. Not too wild though. I don’t want to have to explain to Lexi why I have an eyeliner pencil lodged in my eye.” With a laugh, she gestured to her tools and scooted her chair back.

Gently, Jaal picked up the brush Ryder used to apply her eyeshadow, holding it between two fingers gingerly. After dipping it in her favorite dark color, he brushed it over her face, touch so light that it was a tickle more than any real feeling. “Jaal, you’re not going to break me. You can do it a little harder than that.”

Granted permission, Jaal applied more pressure, silent for a few minutes, biting the corner of his lip in concentration. It was hard for Ryder not to smile at that, and eventually she gave up, settling on, “I like watching you work.” With an audible snap, the brush chose that moment to break beneath Jaal’s fingers as he let out a frustrated grunt and Ryder leaned back unconsciously, eyes closing and then opening as she realized she was in no danger of getting wood shavings in her eyes.

Time to see the damage. Turning back, Ryder turned her face this way and that in the mirror. Jaal had managed to get the eyeshadow impressively all over her face, his hands simply too large for the precision required to apply just to eyelids, or even near to them. “Well… I look colorful.” It was just about the only polite thing she could say, but as soon as it came out of her mouth, it sounded almost like a condemnation rather than the half-hearted compliment it was meant to be. “I don’t think angara are really built to handle human tools like this. Don’t your people have makeup though?” It seemed like such a universal, a given, but maybe it was yet another thing that was left behind in the Milky Way.

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Lemuria, also known as Mu, is the name of a mythical continent said to have allegedly been located in the Pacific Ocean or the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Accounts of Lemuria differ, but all share a common belief that a continent  existed in ancient times and sank beneath the ocean as a result of a geological, often cataclysmic, change, such as pole shift.

By the late 19th Century occult theories had developed, mostly through the theosophists, that the people of this lost continent of Lemuria were highly advanced beings.


Augustus Le Plongeon (1825-1905) claimed that several ancient civilisations, such as those of Egypt and Mesoamerica, were created by refugees from Mu - which he located in the Atlantic Ocean. Egypt was founded by Queen Moo, a refugee from the land’s demise. Other refugees supposedly fled to Central America and became the Mayans.

After his investigations of the Maya ruins in Yucatán, Le Plongeon claimed that he had translated ancient Mayan writings, which supposedly showed that the Maya of Yucatan were older than the civilisations of Greece and Egypt, and additionally told the story of an even older continent. Le Plongeon actually got the name “Mu” from Charles Etienne Brasseur de Bourbourg who in 1864 mistranslated what was then called the Troano Codex using the de Landa alphabet. That was wrong as recent translations of the Troano Codex have shown it to be treaties on astrology. Brasseur believed that a word that he read as Mu referred to a land submerged by a catastrophe. Le Plongeon then identified this lost land with Atlantis, and turned it into a continent which had supposedly sunk into the Atlantic Ocean:

“In our journey westward across the Atlantic we shall pass in sight of that spot where once existed the pride and life of the ocean, the Land of Mu, which, at the epoch that we have been considering, had not yet been visited by the wrath of Homen, that lord of volcanic fires to whose fury it afterward fell a victim. The description of that land given to Solon by Sonchis, priest at Sais; its destruction by earthquakes, and submergence, recorded by Plato in his Timaeus, have been told and retold so many times that it is useless to encumber these pages with a repetition of it”.

According to James Churchward, at the time of its demise, about 12,000 years ago, Mu had 64,000,000 inhabitants and many large cities, and colonies in the other continents.

Churchward attributed all megalithic art in Polynesia to the people of Mu. He claimed that symbols of the sun are found depicted on stones of Polynesian ruins, such as the stone hats (pukao) on top of the giant moai statues of Easter Island.


The original Lemurians were thought to be projections and not physical beings. It made them higher in frequency and closer to the Creator’s energy vibration level. Their souls came to Earth to experience the physical vibration.

  • They were about nine feet tall.
  • They had scaly skin with an aqua cast, which changed from blue to green in conjunction with two seasonal cycles each year.
  • They breathed through their skin, not lungs.
  • Their faces were elongated and oval.
  • Their eyes were large with vertical pupils.

The Lemurian experience began with the projection of 144 soul groups - representing the projection of 33 million souls. They came from Mars, the Pleiades and Sirius projecting into physical form on Earth.

Some groups chose water, some the plant kingdom, the mineral kingdom, or the animal kingdom. The greater experiments were with the animal kingdom as this realm allowed for longer life spans and greater mobility. The Earth had interesting species at that time which included giants and elves. When Lemuria fell the souls went on to become the Atlanteans.

Translation by envy-and-pride for my lovely @phantomhiveraven & @silverserpent. Scans by alexlarave

♦ Snake’s snakes (lol)  ♦

Emily : 

  • She speaks like an older sister
  • Her head is round and there isn’t much of a difference with her neck
  • Her head is black (the grey area is black) and so are her eyes and mouth. (In retrospect, she’s cute even without eyes.)

Oscar : 

  • A young man of harsh temper
  • He’s a snake of a glowing variety
  • (Blue tongue)
  • His tale is a of dull color (demarcation)
  • (The green line is not his belly but a color demarcation)

Goethe :

  • Straightforward, childish and friendly character
  • His pupils are round

Wordsworth : 

  • He speaks like an older man (HE’S AN OSSAN), he knows a lot of things. 
  • His belly is of a dull color. It’s proportionally not very large (when snakes are coiled up around something, it’s practically non existent.)

Wild : 

  • A straight forward young man
  • (vertical pupils)
  • It’s a python and is the biggest among the five. 
  • He has a small head compared to its body. (The size of a small fist.)
  • The largest part of his body is about 12 or 13 cm. 

VERGENNES, Vt. — A man in Addison County says he captured a video of an “unusual” creature. The owner of the video, a 33-year-old Navy veteran and IT student, said that the sighting took place back in late July. ” I had placed a motion activated camera trap at the water’s edge. At 4:00 a.m., in the darkness, it recorded video of an unusual animal,” he said. The 31-second-long video file, which he titled Champ 2016, shows footage taken by two different cameras in a split screen containing something floating or swimming through the dark water.

“The head, similar in morphology to an alligator head, can be seen moving through the water. Only the top half appears visible, also similar to how an alligator moves it on the water’s surface with only eyes and nostrils exposed,” he told. “Deep eye ridges, vertical pupil, very similar to an alligator except for a protrusion on the snout between the eyes. A snout crest possibly? The nostrils seem more to point more forward than an alligators.”

The Vermont resident claims he has had another sighting of this creature before, but that he did not report it because he lacked the evidence to support it. And, he says, even though this could be something as unusual as a reptile with a snout crest or simply a beaver moving branches, he wants others to express their serious opinion about the video.

Champ is the name of an unproven giant water reptile reputed to live in Lake Champlain, between New York, Vermont, and part of Quebec, Canada.

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for the fic request: magnus taking care of alec or vice versa?

i went with alec taking care of magnus!!

There’s a sharp, bruising chill to the air and it does nothing to ease the frayed edges of Alec’s nerves. He should have applied a thermos rune before he left; the weather is starting to turn and Alec owns approximately one jacket that he hates to wear. It’s worn and ill-fitting and slashed open at one sleeve, so wrecked that just thinking about standing beside Magnus in it makes Alec hot in the face. Magnus always looks immaculately put together with sharp clean edges and soft silk curves and if he’s being honest, Alec can’t understand why Magnus would be into a Shadowhunter who owns four pairs of the same jeans and a handful of fraying jumpers.

Magnus is the reason Alec is powering through the cold right now.

The two of them have been taking things slow and tentative ever since the wedding, which Alec appreciates. He hasn’t been in the right space to even think about managing a relationship what with Jace still missing and the entire Clave being in up in arms about it. They did go for dinner a few weeks back, a quiet affair with gentle smiles and tentative touches that gave Alec a few hours to escape the constant headache of his lost parabatai, but they haven’t had time for an awful lot else. Magnus is being predictably wonderful about the whole thing; many a night has Alec found himself on Magnus’ sofa, Magnus’ hand a soothing presence in his own as he rambles on about his deepest fears and how sorely he wishes Jace was here. It’s like a breather, seeing Magnus, a few hours where he doesn’t have to be the strong leader that everyone needs him to be.

The problem is, Magnus hasn’t answered anyone’s calls for the past two days and Alec is a little worried.

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