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Minimalist Vertical Garden for Succulents and Air Plants

A vertical garden is easier to grow than you think. Kim Fisher has created a circular planter for air plants and succulents that will hang on your wall, indoors or out. Contained within a 22-inch round aluminum frame, each has a plastic insert covering the bottom half of the piece which it perfect for rocks, moss, and dirt. Get yours on Etsy.


Vases can sit on more than just a table or shelf—they make a great addition to your wall! Ukraine-based Eco Deer creates vertical planters that have two glass tubes that’ll hold your favorite flowers or branches. Minimalist by design, they showcase the beauty of nature with their neutral colors and simple gold hardware. The plaques come in natural wood as well as lacquered black, white, and gold to complement the decor of any room. Check out the Eco Deer Etsy shop for more. 


Plastic bottles have the joint honour of being both an environmental disaster, and a very useful material for DIY freecycling projects in the garden: whether they be used for sub-irrigated planters, vertical gardens, simple cloches, underground water reservoirs, makeshift hydroponics components, or in these cases, an entire greenhouse.

Photos: Sustainable Community Initiatives Scotland, Columbia Centre for Science and Environmental Awareness, SKPPRA UK, Essex Community Rehabilitation Centre

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Vertical Magnetic Garden By URBIO

If you don’t have enough room in your home to grow plants horizontally and are forced to retire your green thumb, why not go vertically with a lovely product called URBIO – Vertical Magnetic Garden?! URBIO magnetic garden is both a planter, and a storage facility, composed of eco-plastic pots and big neodymium magnets that can hold just about anything to the wall or any rigid surface for that matter.