vertical planter


Vertical Magnetic Garden By URBIO

If you don’t have enough room in your home to grow plants horizontally and are forced to retire your green thumb, why not go vertically with a lovely product called URBIO – Vertical Magnetic Garden?! URBIO magnetic garden is both a planter, and a storage facility, composed of eco-plastic pots and big neodymium magnets that can hold just about anything to the wall or any rigid surface for that matter.

Made a vertical planter over the weekend!

We used:
-a recycled palette from a hardware store
-garden fabric
-miracle grow
-potting soil

We stapled the garden fabric to all sides but the front of the palette. Then we stapled the burlap to the inside to keep the soil in place. We also sanded and stained the front of the palette to make it look a little nicer.

We then filled the entire palette full of soil and miracle grow and cut holes in the burlap where the plants would go.

We have strawberries, thyme, a couple succulents and a few other things and we’re going to add more to the top later.