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Lena Luthor   //   Lutessa Lena Luthor (Tess Mercer)

The White Knight or Knight Errant

A figure of medieval chivalric romance literature. The adjective errant (meaning “wandering, roving”) indicates how the knight-errant would wander the land in search of adventures to prove their chivalric virtues, either in knightly duels or in some other pursuit of courtly love.   //   In chess the knight can move to a square that is two squares away horizontally and one square vertically, or two squares vertically and one square horizontally. The complete move therefore looks like the letter L.

In astrophysics, spaghettification (sometimes referred to as the noodle effect[1]) is the vertical stretching and horizontal compression of objects into long thin shapes (rather like spaghetti) in a very strong non-homogeneous gravitational field; it is caused by extreme tidal forces. In the most extreme cases, near black holes, the stretching is so powerful that no object can withstand it, no matter how strong its components. Within a small region the horizontal compression balances the vertical stretching so that small objects being spaghettified experience no net change in volume.

today, while trying to explain why we weren’t allowed to use vertical or horizontal lines in our gesture drawings, a professor told a room full of art school kids that we “didn’t have single a straight bone in our bodies”

To Remove Bad Luck From All Areas Of Your Life

You will need:

  • A piece of paper
  • A blue pen and a red pen
  • A small plastic recyclable lidded container


Right at the end of the waning moon cycle

The spell:

Write in blue all over both sides of the paper, in all directions, vertically, horizontally, and diagonally so that the words overlap, BAD LUCK BE GONE FOREVER, RETURN TO ME NEVER.

Draw a big red diagonal cross through both sides, saying:  “You are banned from my life, you troubled and strife, forever; return to me never.”

Fold the paper as small as possible and place it in the container, saying all the spell words. Add water and close the lid firmly.

Keep it in the freezer for a month.

After a month, dispose of it well away from your home in a recycling bin.

- “1001 Spells: The Complete Book of Spells For Every Purpose,” by Cassandra Eason

All The Topics to Know for the APUSH Exam (as told by my APUSH teacher)
  • Revolutionary War/Constitution/Articles of Confederation
  • The First Party System: Federalists and Republicans
  • Revolution of 1800
  • Jacksonian Democracy (1824-1840)
    • the Bank War
    • the spoils system
    • Indian Removal Act
  • Antebellum reform movements and the Second Great Awakening
  • Causes of the Civil War and sectional differences
    • political parties (Democrats vs. New Republicans)
    • economics
    • social differences
  • Reconstruction (1863-1877)
    • successes/failures
    • 13th - 15th amendments
      • connections to the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s
  • Industrialization and Big Business/The Gilded Age (1860-1910)
    • vertical and horizontal integration
    • trusts
    • steel, oil, and railroads
    • Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan
    • growth of cities
    • immigration
    • changes in politics and political machines
  • The Populist Movement and agrarian discontent
  • The Progressive Era (1890-1920)
    • an effort to deal with the adverse effects of industrial capitalism
    • the Progressive Presidents
  • The Indian Plains Wars (through 1890)
  • Spanish-American War (1898)
  • IMPERIALISM: Philippines, Hawaii, Panama, Cuba, etc.
  • World War I
    • causes/effects
    • the home front
  • The Red Scare
  • The 1920s
    • sources of conflict (economic, political, and social)
    • effects on women, African Americans, and immigrants
  • The 1930s, the Great Depression, and the New Deal
    • Hoover vs. FDR
    • economic, social, and political reforms
  • World War II
    • results, the home front
    • effects on women, African Americans, Native Americans (Navajo codetalkers, etc), Japanese Americans, and Mexican Americans
  • The Cold War
    • foreign policy
      • where and when
    • 1950s
      • conformity, suburbs, Baby Boom, domestication of women, challenges to conformity, expanding economy, consumer culture
      • similarities to the 1920s
    • 1960s
      • civil rights movement (who, what, when, where, why, successes and failures)
      • Lyndon B. Johnson and the Great Society (1963-1968)
        • domestic and foreign issues
    • 1970s
      • Richard Nixon (1968-1973)
        • foreign and domestic policies
        • detente and Vietnam
        • the Southern Strategy and Watergate
    • 1980s
      • Ronald Reagan (1981-1989)
        • foreign and domestic policies
        • tax cuts
        • military spending
        • shrinking of the government
        • the new right
      • George H.W. Bush and the end of the Cold War
  • Bill Clinton and Barack Obama
BTS as things I said in my Discord group chat in a day
  • Jin: Went to the grocery store getting EXACTLY what I wanted without buying extra unnecessary stuff. I think that's an achievement... I deserve an award...brb going back to the store
  • Yoongi: I could probably sleep for an eternity, doesn't sound so bad being half dead from the world
  • Namjoon: Wait. Do you cut the onions vertically or horizontally first???
  • Hoseok: When I was walking on the street, a bird approached me. I went to the other side of the road... You don't fuck with birds. They are totally snakes in disguise 🐍🐦
  • Jimin: Thick thighs makes my 'dick' rise huehue
  • Taehyung: You can't roast me more than I do myself already
  • Jungkook: I don't have an answer, so here's a meme from my behalf
Elorcan Possessive Billionaire AU part 1

So this happened. At the top of my head. Not quite satisfied with it. I might go back later and completely revise it. But for now, it’s here.

Summary: Elide wants out of Morath CO. Lorcan wants in.

                                                     “She is built


                                                       a Savage”

Elide hummed as she flipped through the stacks of paperwork, filing them into the respective cabinets. With brutal efficiency, she re-organized all of her uncle’s loose papers and re-wrote all of his scribbles of writing for his workers to comprehend.

“Elide! My coffee!” Her Uncle Vernon rasped into the intercom.

Slamming the last cabinet shut, she locked up, and headed towards the kitchen. Not only was she the secretary, but the kitchen staff as well.

Because she was Vernon’s only damned employee, as everyone knew his ruthless practices. Low wages, long business hours, and little respite, Morath Company frequented as the one of the business that practiced brutal techniques, not only through the use of vertical and horizontal integration, but filled corruption of scandals and feuds. No one dared to work for him save herself, ruined and crippled and chained to her Uncle.

Until she turned 18 years old, she could not legally walk away from her guardian. And she knew Vernon was searching for ways to keep her permanently until after then.

She hummed softly to herself, swaying on her feet as best as she could. By the time she had delicately carried the cup of steaming coffee into Vernon’s office, he had moved on into requesting an apple fritter, demanding that he slash half of her pay for being too slow.

Elide had merely bit her lip, and wobbled out of the office. Maybe if he had hired more employees, Vernon Company would ruin more smoothly. Maybe if he had increased her pay, she would have more motivation to work harder. Maybe if he hadn’t chained her into his office when she first worked there, she wouldn’t move so slow.

Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Vernon had slapped a new assignment on her desk by the time she returned her little work room. Elide inhaled sharply through her nose as Vernon instructed her to organize his latest dealing with the EPA in convincing them to grant them permission to build an oil well near Oakwold’s numerous rivers. She wanted to say no and protest the outright disgust that the risk of the oil spill and build up of a harmful infrastructure for the environment was not a potential investment.

But she had learned the hard way to keep her mouth shut. It was the only way to not feel pain.

Because her every freedom here was restricted. What she could eat. What she could wear. What she could say.

Her fingers traced the outline of her calender, nails tapping the date of her 18th birthday.


Smoothing down her business skirt, she scheduled a phone conference with the EPA and placed that vapid smile onto her face.

She was Elide Lochan, and she would find a way out of this prison.

Until then, she would play with Vernon.

“Dammit!” Rowan cursed. “How did we lose this rutting business deal with the renowned EPA?”

Fenrhys threw his hands up in the air. “Why the fuck are we losing our connections to the fucking Morath Company?”

“Stop bloody cussing!” Gavriel shouted, pulling the roots of his hair. “We need this to work. So stick your nose back in the desk.”

Vaughun pinched the bridge of his nose and swallowed his full cup of herb tea in one gulp. The others either paced around the room in hopes of releasing their anger while the others stormed out.

“Does it look like I give a flying fuck?” Lorcan snarled. “Maeve is blackmailing us again. If we don’t get this deal, she’ll rip apart our company for sure.”

Fenrhys slammed his head against the desk rather violently. Again and again. Gavriel grabbed his shirt’s collar and tossed him against the wall. “Stop acting like a child.”

“Obviously they have a mastermind in there,” Rowan said, ignoring his companions. “Someone with the brains and words. The persuasion and the manipulation.”

“Someone with more hold than Maeve,” Lorcan mused.

“Impossible,” Gavriel snapped. “Maeve has been controlling us for the past damned 10 years. You can’t get more powerful than that.”

Vaughun rolled his eyes. “You’re acting like we’re at the top of the hierarchy.”

Fenrhys narrowed his eyes at him. “Who’s side are you on?”

“It doesn’t matter. We need to start searching through Morath’s database and narrow down the selection of employees and see who we’re going to kidnap. Then use him to our advances. Bribe him to stay quiet once we release him.” Lorcan stalked towards the computers and flipped on all the switches.

“Kidnap?” Gavriel demanded.

Lorcan slowly turned towards his cadre. “Did I stutter?”

The moment Elide walked down the alley, she knew something was wrong. Yes, the night was a calm tranquility harboring deeper secrets than the sun’s horizon, but never did it fade into utter silence.

Something was off.

She wormed through her bag until she palmed her pepper spray, and slowly inched up her skirt where her laid strapped against her thigh. No one, not even Vernon, knew that she carried weapons with her.

Except Manon. The cunning mafia leader had taught her how to survive on the streets when she’d save Elide from near assault after she was caught in the after-effects of a crossfire.

Stone from the slanted roof clattered to the floor on her left, and Elide froze.

“Shit,” a male’s voice said.

“Shut up, Fen—”

The entire roof collapsed, and Elide let out a shriek as the stones hit the floor along with bodies.

Beautiful, male bodies. The most beautiful creatures she’d ever seen. They didn’t seem to be at all scarred as they rose from the grounding, shoving the larger rocks out of their way. The closest, she assumed was Fen, held up his hands in protest.

“We come in peace,” he said, his voice a low melody.

The shape of another male appeared from behind him, this one formed with broader shoulders and arms corded with sheer muscle. His fall had ripped apart his black-pressed shirt, a thin line of blood trickling across his chest. He snorted at his companion’s statement, rubbing his jaw with his large hands.

Never had injuries looked so magnificent.

Elide mentally slapped herself. Gripped the pepper spray tighter.

“What do you want?” She managed.

The male raised an eyebrow, his midnight black hair rippling with the night. “What I want to know, Elide, is why you’re the only person working for CEO Vernon.”

Elide trembled. No one knew that—no one. Vernon had even coded millions of nonexistent names with false identities into his computer to seem as if he had millions under his command. No one could re-route that direction and clear the coding.


A mocking bow. “Expert hacker, Lorcan Salvaterre. And CEO of the Cadre Companies.”