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Marichat prompt: Baton

“Just hang on Marinette.” Chat Noir called, having a firm grip on her arm. As if she had a choice? 

Chat Noir himself hung precariously from a ledge. Unfortunately the ledge was too narrow for either of them to climb up on, and Chat was running out of time. He was down to 3 pads.

“Chat, I’ll be fine. You’re running out of time. Just leave me on that ledge there.” She pointed to the ledge just below them. It was narrow, but larger than the one they hung off of. And plenty of room for her to transform into Ladybug.

“NO CHANCE!” Chat shouted, almost angrily. “I will not leave you alone, Marinette! What kind of hero would I be?”

His ring gave off another chime, the second to last pad started flashing. They really were running out of time tho. If he reverted, would he be strong enough to hold them both? Chat muttered a curse under his breath, but then got an idea.

“Marinette, can you reach my baton?” 

She reached up with her hand, wondering why he wanted it.

“No, its just out of my reach.”

Chat had to think fast. 

“Here, grab my tail and use it for leverage, I have an idea.”

When she grabbed a hold of his tail, he brought her up higher so she could reach the baton. The ring gave yet another persistant beep.

“Got it!” She called.

“Great, hold it vertically and press the center button on the pawprint”

“OK.” She let go of his tail as he extended his arm again, and she did what he asked. The baton quickly extended down to the ground and as soon as it hit the ground, Chat quickly let go of the ledge, gripping the staff. As soon as he had a grip around Marinette and the staff, he pressed the same button to retract it, bringing them down to the ground.

 Once they were safe on the ground, Chat did not immediately let go, holding her firm against his chest. Marinette blushed at the closeness. His chest was firm and warm. Beneath her fingers, she felt his heart pound. Was he that worried about her?

“Chat, I–” 

“I was scared you would get hurt!” He cut  her off. “I don’t know what i would do if I couldn’t have saved you.

Hearing his voice tremble so, startled her. Why did he care so much about her? To him she should be a normal citizen.

“Sorry.” She muttered. She would be lying if being in his embrace wasn’t nice. 

His ring gave one last beep before his outfit seemed to melt in a cloud of black smoke. The leather fabric under her hands turning into cotton. Marinette quickly closed her eyes.

“Oops,” he chuckled. 

“Don’t worry, my eyes are closed.” She said.

“Thank you princess,” he responded releasing her. Taking her hand he gave it a quick kiss. “I should go. See you around Marinette.” 

She heard him back away.

“Do you have any camembert?” she heard a grumpy voice chirp as he ran off.

“Yes, just wait a minute Plagg.”

Marinette was tempted to peek, and see his identity. Maybe it was someone she knew? But she didn’t. It would be wrong.

Still tho, it was nice, being in his embrace. Too bad she had already given her heart to Adrien.

(hello, yes, im turtle garbage and i like leaving this jerk confused cus i love him and its late)

You’re sitting on a far corner of the couch in the lair, away from the boys who currently are ogling some hot chick on TV. Which wasn’t all that abnormal, but with the funk you currently are in, it’s just grating on your nerves. No one notices really, because, well, you’re always quiet. So, who knew the difference between sulking and just sitting there?

The whole reason you were in this slump to begin with was a simple cut on your cheek from training with master splinter. You were always distracted, never wanted to talk to him about it as he offered, but you always thought about it and over thought on it. Mikey had been the only one to even mention it when the group had gotten back from patrol, and innocently he’d kissed it ‘to make it better’. Which under normal circumstances, would have been a cute gesture. However, you’d had about thirty minutes of self-seclusion to over think on it and the current TV situation was just adding fuel to the flame. And then that was it, you snapped.

Not in a psychotic way, but you’d simply had enough and spoke up in a snotty tone.

“You would like a slutty girl like that.”

All four boys looked over at you with mild surprise. Even Donny who wasn’t even paying attention to the TV.

“What?” Leo asked, clearly confused why you would say something like that at all.

You scrunched your nose and showed some teeth in disgust at the situation,
“I dunno, it just is so typical. You and Raph are the type of guys who would only pay attention to hour glass bodies in too-tight-too-short dresses.” None of them said anything but exchanged confused looks.
In the whole year and a half your homeless ass had crashed with them, never had you sounded so disgusted or annoyed, and that includes the time Mikey knocked you into a pool of sewage while trying to teach you how to navigate down there.

You huffed in annoyance and gripped at the sleeves of your high school hoody. It was a small comfort when you had nothing, it had always been so soft on the inside and warm enough to keep the chill off.
“Guys always look at girls like that, the ones who look like they’d sleep with any one given half a chance.”

“Well aren’t you pissy.” Raph spoke up, he sounded more amused with your irritation than angry, but you could hear the small bit of it that dared you to direct anything at him. So, you did. Of corse. After all, he was why you were pissy any way.

“Oh Jesus Christ Raph, you have fucking comics and magazines and posted of half-naked chicks like that all over. Of course, I’m pissy!” There it was, the shift from amused to angry. It was plain as day on his face, but buttons must be pushed.
“I mean, hell, I get it. Your strong and built for a chick like that. I know you’ve never been to a high school, just you really are a Jock at heart. You deserve a dumb ass cheerleader. I mean, hell, I’ve seen you watch April, and she’s pretty close. Tiny waist, nice hips. Too bad she doesn’t have the boobs your posters do, or I bet you’d make an enemy out of Donny real quick.”

Clearly agitated, you half pulled your hair, half scratched at your scalp. Yeah, half of this was jealousy, but it really was annoying to constantly be reminded of what you can never look like. You had a shape similar to them, but it came with a whole lot of extra. At least to you it seemed that way. Usually you just hid it under your hoody and cargo pants though. Baggy clothes could hide anything if you tried hard enough. But it wasn’t just that, you were in no way the pretty girl every guy wanted; even a mutated one. You hated the feeling of makeup, couldn’t even afford it if you wanted it, never really did anything with your hair, weren’t exactly stupid, but definitely weren’t smart enough to make up for how you looked either.

Mikey and Donny had eased away from the about-to-be-fight, leaving poor Leo to squish himself into the couch as best he could. They all knew Raph wouldn’t start a fight with you, but it was awkward to be around, especially since 99% of the time you were the compliant one and hardly argued with anything or anyone ever. Leo was clearly dying on the inside and at a loss at what to do or say and it was too late to get up and move away from between the two of you or he’d get stuck in the cross hair somehow.

“And you know me so well do ya?” Raph had his hands clutched but you didn’t notice, you were focused on the stare down between the two of you.

“I know your type.”

“My type!?” His hollering caused the sensitive TV to lose its vertical hold, “I have a type!? Look at me! I’m not a fucking Jock, I’m a god damned turtle!”

“Human, Turtle, Still the same thing. Both are dicks who only care about how someone looks.”

“Are you serious right now!?”

Raph had only meant to move the table out of the way but managed to flip the whole thing over in his hurried anger. Screw it though, everyone was more or less used to that kind of behavior from him anyway. Or he thought so up until it made you hop to your feet and puff out your chest like you had some kind of chance against him. He could see the fear and anger and complete hurt he didn’t understand and any thought that might have slithered through the back of his mind about knocking you around like his brothers was completely gone. True to form, you wouldn’t back down and he had always liked that in people, even when it was stupid to. He respected it, even from someone who was usually so quiet and self-restrained.

“And what if I wasn’t.” The words poured out more like venom than a real question, which it clearly was rhetorical anyhow, and you hesitated.

And Then everything was silent. Accept the static-y TV still playing the cop show. The three silent brothers exchanged very confused, very quick, glances. There was no way they were missing this… Whatever this was.

Raphael moved a step back, which considering the height difference between the two of you, was a reasonable space really. You hadn’t moved, you hadn’t made a sound, your eyes were just as wide as they could be. Slowly, as if your head would fall off if you moved it to quickly, you looked over at the boys and pointed at their brother,
“…Did… Was that in my head?”

Two head shook ‘no’ while Mikey raised his shoulders, also unsure if he was caught in some weird nightmare where he had to watch his brother kiss girls. He hoped he wasn’t in that nightmare.

Raph, in his smugness, watched your expressions change; Shock, to confusion, quickly to happiness before shifting to anger and betrayal. He didn’t get it, he thought that would fix it but instead you were glaring at him with tears in your eyes.

“What!?” Any smugness that was there was wiped clean. He hated that look. He’d never gotten it before, but he sure as hell hated it.

“Why would you do that.” Your voice was shaking in your attempt not to cry.
“You shouldn’t do that to people you don’t like… It’s wrong!”

In a split second, you’d turned around and hopped over the back of the couch and started towards the door as quickly as you could, scooping your bag up and over your shoulder as you did.

“Wait, where are you going!?” Leo spoke up, completely confused where you were going since you lived on their couch. Logically you couldn’t go home or anything.

“Who cares.”

And then you were gone.

Raph stood in a bit of dumbfounded shock for a moment, arms limp at his sides.

“What was that all about?” Donny chimed in quietly.

Raph threw his arms towards the door angrily and had the most stressed face he could give his brothers,

“Uh… Maybe we should go get her.” Leo offered.

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kuroneko360  asked:

How do I use the divide tool and what is it for?

Use Layer menu, Add Panel Material to add a frame around the whole image.

Then use the Divide tool as a knife to cut the frame into comic panels.

The width of the cut will depend on the Kerning (vertical cuts) or Leading (horizontal cuts) values in the settings above the canvas. 

By default, cuts can only be made vertically or horizontally, or hold down Shift to make diagonal cuts.


Getting Started With Magic

This post is based off of my experiences. YMMV.

If I could go back in time and talk to my (more) inexperienced self, this is the letter that I would hand me.

A Warning

No matter how weak think you are, you are powerful enough to destroy your own life. Respect what magic can bring you. Respect what it can take away.

Bits and Bobs

“Magic” means to make stuff happen through nonphysical means.

“Visualization” means imagining. Visions are spontaneous visualizations.

Never let anyone take away your power.

Never, ever, invite a spirit in to your mind or body.

Never let anyone or anything make you believe you do not have the power to do something.

Magic is dangerous. Respect it.

It is okay to want validation that your beliefs are real. It is not really very nice to go around casting spells on people just to prove to yourself that you have power.

Your beliefs will evolve. Don’t marry yourself to one system.

Magic is reflected in Nature. Nature is reflected in magic. If it doesn’t happen in Nature, it doesn’t happen in magic.

Order of Operations

Get started with magic in this order:

Prepare → cleanse → protect → prosperity → spells and divination. During all of this, continue your research and education.


There are a few things you will want before you get started in magic.

  • A journal – keep a regular diary of things that happen to you in your day to day life. Include all divination you do, visions you have, your dreams, interesting things that happen to you, and all spells you cast or magical workings you perform. Remember that a journal can also be on your phone or laptop. As a side note, a Book of Shadows is a Wiccan tool with special significance to that path. If you are not Wiccan you do not need a BOS. A plain journal and spellbook will suffice.
  • A spellbook – if you want something separate from your journal to keep spells in. Record in this notebook, binder, or text document different spells you want to try and have tried, as well as any magical recipes you find interesting. I find that a side Tumblr blog makes an excellent spellbook.
  • Three plant friends – acquire any three of these dried herbs:  rosemary, sage, rue, agrimony, angelica, anise, basil, bay leaf, caraway, castor beans, cinnamon, cloves, eucalyptus, hyssop, lavender, mint, mugwort, mullein, valerian, vervain, or wormwood. Getting them from the kitchen or grocery aisle will be just fine. These herbs are all very powerful protectors and will work with you to your benefit. Get as much as you can of each.
  • Arts and crafts supplies – depending on your inclinations you will want to be able to craft your own poppets, sachets, wish boxes, magical inks, and the like. Any hobby can be adapted to become a magical outlet. If you would like a shopping list, here you go: A good pair of scissors, a box of pins or needles, some good red or black thread (cotton or biodegradable if possible), jars of red and/or black ink, dip pens, a book of cardstock for making paper talismans, neutral colored fabric (cotton or biodegradable), a variety of candles (white unscented tea lights are fine, get a carton of 100; jar candles are excellent in any color; and taper candles in a variety of colors), candle holders, incense in any scent you prefer, incense holders, charcoal self-lighting disks, a live herbal plant (one of the herbs listed above will work great), a fire-safe dish in which to hold the charcoal disks.
  • Storage containers – you will be needing plenty of these! Mason jars or jars of any type are excellent. Get also plastic baggies, and start a collection of boxes of every size. You will thank yourself later.

If you are short on money (hopefully, not for long) or you must necessarily remain “in the woods”, then simply acquire a journal and your three plant friends, and let the rest come as it will.

Begin by choosing for yourself a magical name. This is any name or word that you enjoy. If you are part of a tradition with rules on how to choose a magical name, follow that tradition’s rules. Otherwise, choose any name you like. Record your magical name in your journal and always use it when doing magic or interacting with spirits.


It is time to do your first magic! In magic, cleansing is a vital tool. Just as you clean your home physically, you also need to clean it spiritually. There is no need to agonize over doing your first spell. Cleanse as soon as you are able; do it today if possible.

Take a portion of your three magical plant friends. Put them in a cloth sachet, and tie the top closed with some thread or yarn. Now it is time to do your first spirit work. Over the sachet, repeat these words with the correct names substituted:

“Spirit of [herb], I humbly request you visit me today. Please bring your renowned powers of cleansing and protection to my spell. Infuse with the water and make me pure.”

Repeat this three times, one for each of the plants you have chosen. As you say these words, visualize (imagine) that the spirit of the plant returns to the dried herbs and glows a vivid color. Drop the sachet in a hot bath and soak. Scrub yourself down with the herbal water starting at the crown of your head and going down towards your toes. As you wash, visualize the vivid colors of the plant spirits washing over you and carrying away all gunky energy, all parasites, and every bad and negative feeling you have. Even as you finish your bath and dry off, the colors remain around you in a protective shield. Perhaps when you close your eyes and think about being protected, you will feel safe and see those colors again.

Congratulations – you have performed your first spell! Drain the tub as normal and thank the plants (“thank you [herb] for your help today.”) Then dispose of the plants in the compost if possible; otherwise toss them. Keep your cloth sachet for later use. If you do not have a tub, do this instead: ask the plants for help as usual, but instead of adding them to a sachet, put them in a quart of boiling water as if making tea. Once the tea has cooled, take it to the shower and pour it over yourself, using that water to wash instead. Use the same visualizations and closing.

After you have cleansed yourself, record the process in your journal and how you feel afterwords.

Now it is time to cleanse your home. Again you will be calling upon your plant allies. The easiest way to do this – and perhaps the most traditional – is to burn some protective herbs as incense and fumigate your home with them. You will again want to invite the plant spirits back in to the dried herb matter. Carrying the burning plants from room to room, repeat a chant of purification and protection (the simplest being, “purify, protect, and bless.” But I encourage you to write your own.) It is okay to think your magical chant as well. When you think magical spells, have a device that signifies you are speaking words of Magical Significance. I do this by imagining my voice turns a certain color and emanates throughout the worlds. Find your own way to focus your thoughts so that it is clear to you when you are and aren’t using magical thinking.

Unfortunately not many of us can hotbox our entire house with rosemary smoke. A good second option is to again brew your herbs as a tea, and strain it out, then pour the tea to a spray bottle and spritz your home with magical water instead. Again repeat your magical chant.

Here is a third option: take a bowl of your enspirited plant allies in to each room. Sit quietly and imagine their vivid spirits filling the room, pushing out any bad or negative energies or spirits. If you cannot fully imagine each room being filled, then it isn’t being totally purified. As the spirits fill the room, again, say or think your magical chant.

Especially if you chose that last option, you may find yourself to be rather drained after two cleansings in a day. This is quite normal. Magical energy is an energy, just like any other, that us humans use in our day to day life. Just as we are tired after expending emotional or physical energy, we are also tired after expending magical energy. Eat plenty of nutritious food and get lots of sleep. Be sure to record your spellwork in your journal.


In general you will want to protect yourself, your home, and whoever lives in your home, from all forms of spiritual attack. No defense is totally foolproof. In Nature, the stronger a defense is, the more burdensome it is on whomever it is protecting. Lock something up in Fort Knox and it is very well protected, but not very flexible or accessible. You do not want to lock yourself up in an ivory tower; you just want to add a few fortifications to your home.

Start by crafting a personal protection for yourself.

Cross Protection

Take two nails or twigs from holy trees. Hold one vertically and imagine that it is an extremely powerful barrier, carrying with it either the virtue of iron or the virtues of the tree it came from. Hold the other twig or nail horizontally and imagine a barrier shooting out from it, so that nothing could possibly pass. Place the two twigs or nails together so they form a cross or X shape. As they touch, imagine a mighty clang ring out as your two protectors seal together to create an impenetrable shield. Bind the twigs or nails with black or red thread. Ensure the sticks never come apart again; if they do, even for a moment, the enchantment is lost. Tie more thread to this amulet or attach it to a necklace to wear it.

SATOR Square

Draw the SATOR Square on good card stock if available; an index card will do – otherwise, plain paper. Use black or red ink – magical ink is awesome, otherwise a Sharpie is fine. As you draw each line, be aware that you are drawing an immensely powerful protective amulet. With each line and letter you draw, imagine the power within building up and up until it is almost exploding. As you make the last mark, watch the power “click” together and become a cohesive unit. Like a wave, the power will spread out and form a complete and powerful shield, perhaps golden or yellow in color. Nothing malicious can cross this barrier. Punch a small hole in the paper (the square itself does not need to be large at all; make it as small as you desire while allowing the lines to remain distinct) and string it on thread to wear.

Jewelry Enchantment

Take any one or three of the protective herbs listed above. Burn them on charcoal disks or make a tea out of them. Hold your chosen article of jewelry over the smoke or place it within the water. Chant three times, “purify, protect, and bless.” Call to the spirit of the plant: “Rosemary, I call on you today to lay a powerful enchantment on this [ring, necklace, etc]. Make it the strongest shield that you know, which no malicious force could dream of crossing.” Take some whiskey, red wine, or raw egg. Put a drop if it on the jewelry as payment to the plant. Perform a sign of sealing (such as saying “so mote it be”).

Practice crafting personal protections for a few days. Have many on hand, with different words and plant spirits used in their creation. Carefully record each enchantment in your journal so you always know which enchantment to use when the time comes for defense.

Now you will need to protect your home. Take a jar or other container. Put in it some dirt from your property and put it in the jar. Draw an accurate picture of your home or apartment and put the picture in the jar. Now choose three of your plant friends. Call their spirits as you have been practicing. “Spirit of [herb], I request your aid in my spell today. Bring ultimate protection against all evil and malicious force to my home.” Use your intuition to determine how much of each herb to add to the jar or container. When the you are done, imagine the vivid colors of the plant spirits growing massive in scale, covering your entire home in a powerful and impenetrable shield. By the power of three no malicious force may cross this barrier. Close the container and light a candle on top of it to charge it and seal it. Store the container in a safe space and recharge it with candles once a month. In times of crisis, recharge the jar either weekly or daily. Also leave it in the sun for a few hours, once a month. If the dried herbs within rot, you are experiencing a major spiritual attack. Immediately redouble your defenses and take care of your business.

As with all your spells, be sure to record these in your journal.

Now you have performed cleansings and protections and already have your first experience in magic and spirit work. Now that the basics are taken care of, let’s roll around to building an altar and taking care of a few basic problems in your life.


A prosperity altar is in my opinion the first non-protective magic someone should attempt. If you have a major crisis in your life, take care of that first; otherwise, turn to prosperity. Prosperity does not mean greed or wealth. Think of all the areas in life you can be prosperous: In your hobbies, in your job, in your school work, in your motivation, in your friendships. A prosperity altar brings muchness in to your life. It removes blockages that prevents you from being successful.

Traditionally an altar is a cleared away space such as a table or shelf where things can be arranged and placed with magical intent. Not everyone is able to have such a space, however. Consider creating a Tumblr blog as an altar, or a large jar or box.

First you will want to cleanse your shelf or container. Again bring out your plant allies (I hope you really did buy a large quantity of them) and cleanse in your own personal way. Consider laying down an altar cloth. I use folded up sarongs for my altar cloths. You can use anything you wish. Consider sewing or knitting your own altar cloth for a personal touch.

Begin to collect and add a variety of items to your alter. Here are some suggestions.

  • Candles in the color of money or valuable gemstones. Green, gold, and silver are traditional.
  • Real or fake money, and as much of it as possible.
  • Costume jewelry, glass ‘gemstones’, and rocks painted gold or silver.
  • Rice, grains, almonds, allspice, cinnamon, chamomile, dill, fenugreek, mint, and basil.
  • Images of magpies, dragons, or other entities that collect treasures.
  • Drawings or images of yourself being highly prosperous, receiving everything you want, and having things going your way.
  • Statements of power, such as “I am prosperous” or “I receive every good thing.”

Give each item a purpose. “This candle acts as a beacon to draw prosperity to me. This stone acts as an anchor to hold prosperity in my life. This statement of power directs the energy in my life.” Meditate with your altar once a day or however often it is possible for you to do so. Visualize your altar steadily gaining more power, overflowing with prosperous energies. This altar acts as a center point for prosperous energies to enter your life. Expect to see changes in your prosperity soon.

Spells and Divination

Think of what you would like to change in your life. Most adults have one or two things they would prefer to change. Would you like more hours at work? Or for your co-worker to get out of town for a little while? Or, perhaps you want to heal a relationship with an old friend, or make enough money to go on a trip next spring. Make a list of things you want to change.

Listing each individual spell is outside the scope of this basic guide. However, I can go over some simple spellcrafting.

Each spell should have three components. Your willpower and focus, the power of a spirit ally, and a physical action that supports your magical goals.

Your willpower and focus means directing the energies you raise through words, actions, and visualizations. In the home cleansing, you may have visualized the spirits filling a room while you repeated the phrase “purify, protect, and bless.” This is using your willpower and focus. Another example is meditating before your prosperity altar and imagining good things happening to you. Working with tools and ingredients can focus your willpower. Consider the power of stabbing a poppet with a needle; this is an excellent point of focus. I prefer to specifically use a visualization and a spoken phrase to raise and focus willpower.

A spirit ally may be one of the plants we have been using up to this point. It could also be a crystal, or the flame elemental from a candle. It could be the spirit of the Sun or Moon, or the land you live upon. It could be a feather or a dish of water. When constructing your spirit call, speak directly and honestly. Ask the spirit of whatever it is you are working with to come to you and aid you in your magic. Of course you will want to align the spirit work you are doing with the spell at hand. You would not call on a plant of purity to curse someone, for example.

Lastly, you will need to make physical actions that support the intent of your spell. For a job spell, this means making calls and turning in resumes. For a friendship spell, this means going out to try and meet new people. Imagine that reality is smooth as glass, and magic is floating above it, trying to get in. But the surface of reality is too dense and smooth for magic to get a foothold. When you take physical actions that support your spell, you create grooves in reality that allow your magic to come down and manifest.

To craft a spell, first write down what you want to happen. “I want more hours at work,” for example. Decide what spirits you would like to include in your spell, and what props you would like to use. Simply do your research on spirits – in this spell, let’s use almonds and basil. I think a good prop would be to make a mock time sheet, and fill it out with you receiving exactly how many hours you want. Don’t go overboard or you may be asked to work too often!

Invite the spirits of almond and basil to your spell. “Spirit of Almond, I ask you come to my spell today, to bring me great treasures and wealth. Spirit of Basil, I ask you come to my spell today, to bring me prosperity unbound.” Explain to the plant spirits what you want to happen: “I require more hours at work. I want to work forty hours a week.” Then, employing your willpower and focus, visualize the plant spirits flowing through your life and opening up pathways that will give you more hours at work. Perhaps store your mock time sheet with the herbs and forty pennies (one for each hour you wish to work in a week) to create a jar spell. Or, burn the herbs and time sheet to release their power in to the universe. After this, employ your physical actions by reminding your boss that you are free to work more hours.

Just remember to use your focus, have a spirit ally, and to back your spell up with physical actions. Here are two other ideas for spells:

To make yourself more open and friendly, create a poppet of yourself (remember that poppets can be made out of anything – cloth, wax, clay, flour paste, paper mache, etc.) Call on the spirit of allspice to make yourself more warm and friendly. Mix the allspice in with the poppet you create or coat the poppet with allspice. Explain to the poppet what you want to happen. Store it in a safe place. Then, watch youtube videos or read books on how to open up and be more charismatic.

To increase your psychic awareness, draw a picture of yourself with a large purple third eye. Take some bay leaf, cinnamon, rose, or star anise and call upon their spirits for their renowned powers of psychic awareness. Place these herbs on the third eye of your drawing and meditate, imagining your own third eye opening and shining out a brilliant purple light. Store the herbs with your drawing as a jar spell and meditate with it once a day for three weeks, then after that once or twice a week. Your physical action should be practicing intuitive thinking.

Just as you practice spellwork, you will probably want to practice divination! Acquire some tarot or oracle cards, runes, or three pennies for the I-Ching. Or, simply use a book for bibliomancy. I will leave it up to you to research exactly how to divine, but let me tell you that spirit work and divination go hand in hand. Also consider using your plant or crystal allies to promote your divination skills and guide you to draw the right cards and make the correct interpretations.


I hope this post was helpful to some. If it raises any questions for you, feel free to contact me.

Angel of Death

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Kurt Wagner x Reader

Angel of Death

Author: Morgan

Prompt: Hello! I was wondering if I could request a story where the reader is basically the angel of death/grim reaper. And when she comes to the school to speak with her old friend Charles, everyone is scared to death of her and avoids her…All except for Kurt, who firmly believes that she’s his black winged guardian angel, that he has fallen deeply in love with. (I know there’s been some angel ones before, but I never quite saw one like this, so I thought I’d ask.) Thank you! I love your work!

Note: Awwwwwww that’s a hella cute request!


The sky was very cloudy the day you came to the Mansion. A storm was brewing, and thunder could be heard nearby. The front doors swung open without you having to touch them. You walked in, most of your head and face covered in your long, silky black hooded cape.

Your large black wings were mostly hidden, save for the tips of them. In your hand, you carried a tall scythe. It was carved with cryptic runes and designs from long ago, passed down from generation to generation.

Charles Xavier had known your family, a long line of mutants, for ages. But your mutant family tree differed from others. Your family carried the title and responsibility of the Watcher of the Gate. You guarded the line between life and death, making sure only those who were meant to cross, did.

People often mistook you for a soul stealer, or, a grim reaper. Though you looked very much like one, you weren’t. While you did meet the dead, it wasn’t in the way everyone thought. You didn’t take lives, you saved them. And you were here to return one that shouldn’t have been lost.

That, and, you wanted to enroll in high school.

Thunder boomed loudly outside, and lightning crackled across the sky. The other mutants in the school watched you with dazed expressions and wide eyes as you seemed to float across the ground, bare feet barely touching the wooden surface.

You glided down the hall and into Charles’ office.

“Ah, (Y/N), I thought you’d arrive about now. Your mother called ahead. How is she doing, by the way?”

“My mother’s fine.” you answered. “Where’s the place he died?”

“Downstairs. Come with me.” Charles rolled out of his office, and you followed him. There were hushed whispers. Students looked to one another and then to you. You still hadn’t removed your hood, and your face was cast in shadow. Only the tips of your hair stuck out of the inky black cape.

“Who’s the new girl?” Peter asked. Scott shrugged.

“I dunno, but she’s scary. Wouldn’t wanna get on her bad side.” Scott shuddered. But Kurt…Kurt was caught in a daze, his amber eyes glued to you like Peter’s were to Twinkies. You…you were something else.

“Mein engel,” Kurt whispered, his eyes wide.

“She’s no angel,” Warren shook his head. “I should know.”

“Awwww, does Kurt have a crush?” Jubilee teased him, poking his shoulder. The teleporter’s cheeks flushed a dark purple.

“N-no, she’s just…very…interesting…” Kurt stumbled.

“Yeah. Real interesting. I wonder what she’s doing here.” Scott raised an eyebrow when he caught Jean’s expression. She had caught wind of your thoughts. She knew exactly what you had come to do.


You knelt down at the end of the metal hallway. Hank and Charles were behind you. You felt for the energy signature. It was faint, but it was still there, even after all of this time. This might be easier than you thought it would be.

“Can you do it?” Hank asked, pushing his glasses up his nose. To be honest, he was excited to see how it worked. He had never seen a mutation quite like this.

“Definitely. He was stronger than most. It helps that he was using his powers when he died. Leaves a stronger mark.” You stated, standing.

“Do you need us to leave, or-?”

“No, you’re fine where you are.” You told them. Charles nodded, watching intently.

You took your scythe in both hands, holding it vertically. Raising it above your head caused the tip of it to glow with swirling, misty purple energy. You spun it a few times as the power built, and when it reached its peak, you slammed the bottom end to the ground. There was a loud crack, like thunder. Your eyes rolled back into your head as you split the breach between life and death.

Then, suddenly, he was standing there, dressed in white. He was confused, dazed, his hair was a mess, and red energy pulsed around him.

Take my hand!” you shouted, holding the scythe in your left hand, and reaching forward with your right. A great gust of wind blew, throwing off your hood. Your hair whipped your face lightly.

Who are you?” he asked.

(Y/N) (L/N). I’m the Watcher of the Gate. You weren’t supposed to die. Take my hand! We don’t have much time!

He reached forward and tightly grabbed your hand. You pulled, feeling a great surge of energy, and then you fell backwards, pulling him with you through the breach. You got up off of the ground, dusting yourself off. He looked up in awe as you hid your face under your hood once again. Mysterious purple eyes seemed to glow in the shadow.

“Charles?” he asked, getting up. “Hank.”

“Oh my God…” Hank murmured. “You actually did it!”

“Hank, go get Scott. I have a feeling he’ll want to see this.” Charles said. Hank nodded before running off.

“You…you saved my life, (Y/N). Thank you.” he said, offering his hand. “I’m Alex. Alex Summers.”

“Nice to meet you.” you gave a small smile. “Professor, are there any enrollment papers I have to fill out or anything?”

“There are a few on my desk, yes.” Charles nodded. “Wait. You’re enrolling?”

You shrugged. “I need a place to stay for a while. A long time. I’ve been flitting from place to place these past few years. People get so scared…I just need a place where none of that matters. Where I can be myself.”

“Well then, welcome to the Mansion.”


You sat at the fountain about an hour later, your pen sliding across the paperwork. There was another group of mutants about a hundred feet away. Even from that distance, you could tell they were talking about you.

You sighed. Maybe one day you would be used to even your own kind being terrified of you. Today was not that day.

“Guys! Guys!” Scott ran across the courtyard, dragging Alex behind him. “Alex is alive!”

“What the hell?” Peter looked over the once-deceased mutant. Once they were over by the group, you couldn’t hear them anymore.

“Yeah, apparently the new girl brings back the dead! She’s like the Grim Reaper or something!”

“The Watcher of the Gate,” corrected Alex. “And she only brought me back because I wasn’t supposed to die. That was a one-time deal because Apocalypse interfered.”

“Whatever. I got my brother back!” Scott shouted. Kurt’s eyes were still locked on you. He leaned against his hand and sighed dreamily. Your wings were sticking even farther out of your cape. They were as big, if not even bigger than Warren’s. Your scythe laid on the edge of the fountain. You bounced the pen against your mouth, thinking of the answers to the questions on the fourth page of the form. Who knew filling out an enrollment form for a mutant school would take so long.

“If you like her so much, you should just go ask her out.” Jean said to Kurt softly. He shook his head, eyes widening in fear.

“I-I couldn’t. Have you seen me?”

“Dude,” Alex sat with the other mutants. “I don’t think she’s going to judge you. I’ve met her. She’s pretty nice. And believe me. She has plenty of problems with people judging her.”

“You zhink I should go talk to her?”

“Yes! Go over there!” Jubilee clapped her hands, smiling. Kurt nodded. He closed his eyes and made a cross over his body with a three-fingered blue hand, and then gulped before teleporting to the fountain.


“Aah!” You yelled in surprise. Papers dropped to the ground, and you held your heart. Kurt felt horrible. “Oh my God, I’m sorry. I wasn’t expecting that.” You laughed softly.

“I’m sorry!” he apologized sheepishly. His cheeks were already tinted purple. “I, um, I’ll go-”

“Don’t,” you grabbed his wrist. He swallowed thickly, amber eyes meeting yours. “I’d just…I don’t have very many friends, and I wouldn’t mind some company…”

“Okay,” Kurt nodded. He gathered your papers and handed them to you, catching a glimpse of the words across the top. “You’re enrolling?”

“Yeah,” you nodded. Your fingers drifted up to the edge of your hood, and you pulled it down. Kurt almost melted into a puddle at the sight of your face. “I’m (Y/N).”

“Kurt. Kurt Vagner. But in zhe circus, I vas called zhe Incredible Nightcrawler,” he smiled, showing off his pointed fangs. His tail waved contently behind him, almost as if it had a mind of its own.

“Well, you truly are incredible,” you stated, taking him in. He was astounding. You thought for a second. “Wait. Were you in the Munich Circus? In Germany?” Kurt nodded. “I think I’ve seen you before. They called me there to bring back an acrobat once. She fell and the net broke.”

“I remember,” Kurt nodded, recalling having seen you only a few years earlier. He had only seen you briefly, and only from the back. He had seen your wings.

“You can touch them if you want,” you smirked when you trailed his gaze to your magnificent wings. You reached up to your neck, undid the button that held your cape on, and pulled it off, folding it neatly beside you.

“R-really?” he asked. You nodded, stretching one towards him. You took one of his hands and guided it there. He gently, slowly stroked your soft feathers. They were softer than anything he had ever felt. No fabric could compare to them. It was indescribable. “Zhey’re so soft.”

“Yeah. They kind of are,” you shrugged. “Um, Kurt, could you uh…what does this question mean?” you pointed to the sheet. He gladly explained, helping you fill out the form in its entirety. You had a feeling you were going to like it here.


It was a few months later. You were very close to Kurt, Scott, and Alex especially. People were timid to meet you, but as you came out of your shell, slowly shedding your cape and your mysterious need to be alone, they did too. More people approached you, asking you to play games with them or help them with homework.

You were sitting beneath your favorite tree on campus with Jean, Jubilee, and Ororo.

“Wait, he thinks what?” You asked Jean. You were talking about Kurt.

“He legitimately believes that you his black-winged guardian angel.” Jean repeated.

“Awwwwww,” you, Jubilee, and Ororo cooed.

“That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard,” Jubilee smiled, glancing over at the guys on the other side of the campus. They were getting ready for something, you could tell. It looked like Peter was giving Kurt a back massage, and Alex was giving a pep talk. Warren and Scott seemed to be there for moral support. Kurt was dressed in his clothes from the circus, the only dressy clothes he owned with a tail hole in the back, and he was holding a small bouquet of wild flowers.

“Oh my God. They’re giving him a pep talk.” Jean said, tuning into their thoughts. “He’s gonna come over here and ask you out.”

“Oh my God,” you smiled. “He all dressed up. That’s the cutest thing ever.”

“He’s in love with you.” Ororo stated. The others nodded. “Here he comes. Let’s get out of here!” The other girls left, leaving you under the tree alone.


“Guten tag, mein engel.” Kurt smiled. You stood up to face him. “I vas vondering…I vas vondering if you vould like to…to go out vizh me?”

Instead of replying, you grabbed him by the collar of his circus jacket and pulled him in for a kiss. In shock, he dropped the flowers. His lips were soft and sweet. He was so gentle, kissing you back carefully. Your hands rose to his cheeks, thumbs sliding across his scarred blue skin.

You felt timid hands on your hips and a tail around your waist. You smiled. He was stiff, nervous, shaking, but he was getting used to it. You pulled your lips away from his and pressed a kiss to his cheek before hugging him tightly. His arms gripped you, and you could hear his racing heart.

“Yes, Kurt.” you whispered into his ear. “I would love to go out with you.”

Handy Dandy Blender Cheat Sheet

I’m still pretty new to Blender, so sometimes I forget how to do certain things. I made myself a little cheat sheet for the things I most commonly do in Blender and I thought I would share. It’s very basic, but helpful if you are just starting out :)

Handy Dandy Blender Cheat sheet!

G (grab)  allows you to pick up and move selected objects.

               Press x, y, or z afterwards to constrain the movement to that plane

               Type a number afterwards x, y, or z and move the object by that amount

S (scale) allows you to increase or decrease all of your object’s dimensions relative to the little yellow reference point.

               Type a number to scale by a fixed amount

R (rotate) allows you to rotate your object

               Press x, y, or z afterwards to constrain the rotation to be only around that axis

               Type a number afterwards x, y, or z and rotate the object by that amount

B (boarder select) Select any vertices within the square

               Hold shift as well and you can deselect

Right mouse button select points

               Hold shift to select multiple

Tab enter and exit edit mode

Shift+middle mouse button pan the field of view

Middle mouse button rotate field of view

W brings up menu with remove doubles and subdivides in edit mode

Shift+D duplicates a selection or whole mesh for edit mode and object mode respectively.

Ctrl+E brings up menu to split edges in edit mode

Ctrl+J join meshes

Alt+C turn curve into a mesh

A select all points and deselect all points

P bring up menu to separate objects in edit mode

F make face in edit mode

L select a connect section of a mesh

E extrude selection in one direction

Ctrl+R Loop subdivide

N brings up right hand menu with show weights options

Delete/Decimal key on numpad zooms to selected verticies

Hey everyone! ^^ Here’s my design of an SMG issued to Jack soldiers of Tasmanwick’s military. It is manufactured by Sofala (one of Tasmanwick’s firearms manufacturers), and I decided to call it ‘Clydesdale’ after Big Red’s (who’s a horse I ride every time I go on trail rides) breed.

Here’s a few facts about it:
- It has a side mounted magazine, which is usually of the small drum type (similar to the MP 18). That way, a Jack can hold the vertical grip comfortably.
- It’s a really compact multistage coilgun. The ammo it fires is designed to be deadly on an enemy, but it’s also intended to minimise collateral damage by metal pollution (I just like being environmentally friendly - less collateral damage is an ethic of mine).
- Where the previous guard should be, I’ll add a compact pistol ( the idea was @luminescentphoenix ‘s), but I’m gonna design that separately.
- These guns come with a bayonet lug (not pictured).
- A small screen displays the amount of ammunition in the magazine. It is situated under the telescopic sight.

So, what do you think? ^^ Feel free to criticise it all you like, cause I know it will have disadvantages on the battlefield xD then again, so does every weapon, but still.

Special thanks to:
for helping me design this by giving some really good suggestions. ^^

Designed and drawn by me, @eclecticcoyote