vertical expression of a horizontal desire

we blocked the noise with the sound of i need you, part four

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iv. “Dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire.”  

Cosette was, of course, in raptures helping Éponine dress for the fundraiser, and her raptures had nothing to do with the fact the arrangement between Éponine and Enjolras was working out so well. No, really.

“You’re not fooling anyone,” Éponine said, doing her best Monty Python voice.

“I feel happy,” Cosette warbled, carefully maneuvering the curling iron around Éponine’s face. In her normal voice, she resumed, “But it’s working out for both of you, right? No mishaps? You like him?”

“Well enough,” said Éponine, but the words didn’t seem quite so sure now, or true. “For a politician.”

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A New Life (1/2)

This is a super delayed gift for the lovely @o-u-a-timer. Sorry for the delay, but better late than never. I’m not entirely happy with this story, but did not want to put it off much longer. I would like to thank @cat-sophia for her support, and @chrissascorner, for helping me and fix my mistakes.

A/N: This story is a sort of prequel of The Hero’s Journey, and a sequel of Right Here, though it is not necessary to have read them previously.

Summary: After saving Emma from the darkness, all the inhabitants of Storybrooke returned to the Enchanted Forest. Emma and Killian live happily, but three months after their wedding, something will change their lives forever. A new life is about to begin.

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Emma should be resting, everything around invited her to do it. The silence in her chamber was only broken by the trill of the birds flying through the garden close to her bedroom. The balcony door was ajar, allowing her to hear the soft murmur of a nearby fountain. The light breeze that blew through the open door played with the curtains, making them run a hypnotic dance. However, none of this was enough. Emma could not rest. Not when behind the door, the palace continued its normal activity. Everything was full of life outside these four walls and Emma wanted to be part of it.

Instead, she was lying in bed because she had been about to faint a couple of hours ago. It had been a mere dizziness, she had not even lost consciousness, but that had not prevent her husband from worrying excessively. That’s why she was now in her chamber. As she thought about what had happened, she got upset with her husband. In their wedding vows, Killian had promised he would not become a overprotective husband. Today, more than ever, it seemed clear that he had lied.

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