While all you darn kids are paying attention to your Chorttling Charses and your Forrdy Fork Barbs, I feel that Mr. Bupsy should be given some love. The art in this is done by the amazing Snow on The Radio who’s known for doing really awesome (and gruesome) art. If you’re up for a Rip Snorting Good time filled with gore than check it out.

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If you wanna like the Original Post than I highly recommend doing so, seeing as the artist is REALLY REALLY GOOD and deserves some love.

Also here’s the song I used in this.

Hello Everyone. Just a heads up to all our followers that we’ll be making a kickstarter shortly.

A few of our artists needed a short extension for work to take care of personal responsibilities. As of now Kate and I are working on formatting for the book now that the art has been gathered.

- Ash & Kate

Hi everyone!

So, adjustments have been made. After speaking to a few professionals who’ve worked on/with anthologies Kate and I have come to a final decision for payment, and changed the kickstarter date. For payment info, this is a reminder to check your emails, artists.

The kickstarter will now be moved on February 5th. All other progress guideline dates remain the same. This change was made as to avoid running into issues with taxs mid project, which other anthologies have run into problems with in the past.

- Ash