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While all you darn kids are paying attention to your Chorttling Charses and your Forrdy Fork Barbs, I feel that Mr. Bupsy should be given some love. The art in this is done by the amazing Snow on The Radio who’s known for doing really awesome (and gruesome) art. If you’re up for a Rip Snorting Good time filled with gore than check it out.

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If you wanna like the Original Post than I highly recommend doing so, seeing as the artist is REALLY REALLY GOOD and deserves some love.

Also here’s the song I used in this.


Vertebrae is off to the printer!! We hope you’re as excited as we are!
Estimated delivery of the books is in two months.

As mentioned before additional editing and proofs were required. Among these modifications was a new illustration for the cover, as the original printed out too dark, causing a loss in detail. The new cover is just as rad, a little more grotesque, and won’t have the same issues when printed.

For those of you who pledged for incentives for a digital copy of the book there are two versions, both now available for download. Please check the emails you provided in your backer surveys for an email with a set of links for download.

We want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding with previous production delays and look forward to the finished product!

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Best, Ash & Kate.

Hello Everyone. Just a heads up to all our followers that we’ll be making a kickstarter shortly.

A few of our artists needed a short extension for work to take care of personal responsibilities. As of now Kate and I are working on formatting for the book now that the art has been gathered.

- Ash & Kate

Hello all. There’s been an update to the timeline since we reached our cap on artists much more quickly than anticipated. I’ve sent all the contributing artists an email with the update, and lots of additional info on the project to keep everyone up to date. Please check your emails and respond to confirm/update personal information.

Updated Timeline:
25% complete Check-in: September 20th
50% complete Check-in: November 15th
Samples needed for kickstarter: November 15th
75% complete Check-in: December 15th
Finished: January 31st
Printing Date: TBA

Note: The timeline is a suggested pace so no one falls behind.

Hey all! So this past weekend I was attending and tabling at Boston Comicon. While there I handed out fliers advertising Vertebrae Anthology as a project and encouraging people to check out the blog and stay-tuned for upcoming updates.

Anyway, while I was only able to attend one of the the panels, I had a great time. it’s always great to meet and speak to new people. For those of you who attended, I hope you had an equally rad time!

- Ash


Emails are being sent out, so I just wanted to remind and ask you to be on the look out. For those who are accepted to into the anthology, a prompt email response would be appreciated. This way we can add you to the official list of participating artists and queue an announcement post welcoming you to the project. We can’t do either without your response. So please respond.

Enjoy your body horror.

- Ash

End to Printing Hiatus

I’m super excited to share with you all that the missing contribution has been received–ending our hiatus. Again, we would like to extend our gratitude to allow of you for your support in the project and understanding with the printing delay.

Now that we have the book in its entirety we will be doing one last review for formatting edits before submitting it to the printers for a proof. Any edits, if necessary, will be made before the final submission for publication.

Updates will be made during the process as the company informs us of the printing and shipping time frames.

If anyone has moved since backing the project, please update your addresses so the incentives go to the correct address.

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Best, Ash & Kate.

Hey all! We made a lot of progress today. Responded to a lot of e-mails and queued up posts. I’m working on a new banner for the blog, and such. Don’t forget to check out the Artist List in our links as we update and accept people! 

We hope to finish going through applications soon. The response has been amazing and it’s been a pleasure and a privilege for both of us to see your art and hear your ideas! If you haven’t heard back from us yet, expect an e-mail soon!

- Kate


I wasn’t going to post until tomorrow, but decided today might be best. As of now we have nineteen accepted artists out of the 25.

If you want to apply, send your applications in asap so you have a chance. Kate and I will wait for another big chunk of applications before selecting the final six.

We have been queuing accepted artist announcement posts to be once a day. We have yet to receive some responses, but it’s only been a day. But please check your email if you’ve applied! If you applied and didn’t get an email yet, that means we’ve cut you off to be apart of the second batch of applications (so no worries).

We’re also working out a release form for artists under 18, since one or two applied.

- Ash