vertebrae necklace


Giveaway time!!

This is in appreciation to all my lovely followers. I will be giving away 2 packages this time: first place and second place. The photos of the second place package will be added shortly.

First place package includes:
Red and pink wire tree with obsidian, rose quartz, and freshwater pearls
Coyote radius incense burner with carved Celtic knot
Green linen pouch with vintage fox fur
Coyote vertebrae necklace
Black rabbit foot
Pentagram wall hanger made from raccoon ribs and vertebrae with brass hedgehog and feather charms
Powdered elk bone
Powdered rabbit bone
Calendula flowers
Red clover
Arnica flowers
Comfrey leaves
Echinacea root
Whit willow bark

Second package includes:
Blue wire tree with crackled peridot
Wolf and cub statue
Natural Quartz
Black and gold dragon egg
Recycled oyster shells
Antique iron nail necklace
Small stone elephant statue

Each reblog and like counts as an entry. You can reblog as many times as you want. You MUST be a follower to win. Unfortunately, the first place package can only be shipped within the US. The second place prize can be shipped outside the US, but if you are a winner for that package and not in the US I will ask you to pay for the shipping (sorry, it’s kinda expensive). For US winners, shipping will be covered by me.

I will pick winners at 10:00 AM CST on September 1, 2016. Good luck everyone!

It’s obnoxiously hot here so a lot less than I hoped for is getting done this weekend. But here’s a few things I put together today.
From LTR: vertebrae bracelet prototype that needs perfecting, vertebra with quartz crystal necklace, Black Plague necklace (one of many, new and improved darker and fade resistant method of staining on this batch!), eye of Horus necklace (there are two others like this I have to get suede on, one with an Anubis charm and one with a gear and clock hands), and raccoon jaw with pentacle, crystal teeth and coyote teeth necklace. Everything minus the bracelet will be for sale at some point.