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The X-Men discover the Savage Land!

First appearance of the Savage Land and the Silver Age version of Ka-Zar. Ka-Zar had first appeared in the pulps and comics during the Golden Age as a contemporary jungle hero, a Tarzan knock-off. When Stan Lee decided to reintroduce to comics at the dawn of the Marvel Age, he obviously felt an upgrade was necessary and took a page off Arthur Conan Doyle and Edgar Rice Burroughs by putting him into a lost land full of prehistoric creatures and lost tribes.

X-Men #10, art by Jack Kirby (pencils) and Chic Stone (inks), March 1965.

Why are the blogs that are anti-shi.nobi system frequently happen to be anti-sakura. When can I find a blog that does agree with the messed up part of the kon/oha system but also likes sak/ura?

I can handle if you’re anti-ss/pro-ka.rin/pro-sns and believe that Sas/uke should’ve stayed with taka. But it’s just the ones who are anti-Sakura…because they always tend to like those fanon versions of Ka/rin and use it against Sak/ura. Or how some of them are pro fanon!Sak:ura and preferred if Sak/ura didn’t end with anyone or hated Sas/uke.


So I was going through my likes and I found this on the way:

It’s from the balbadd arc when he destroys Ithnan’s doll! And what really hit me was that in the japanese version he says “You guys are not needed in the future of ‘THIS WORLD’”. (It’s really spelt out in the japanese version. Ko - no - se - ka - i. Which is a way for mangaka to really put emphasis on a word, and not only that he uses “” which seems to indicate that he knows it’s a sorta construct) I always wondered why he said it like that. Did he already know about Alma Torran? But how could he? Only Kouen and Aladdin seemed to have known about that, and he acted genuinely surprised when Aladdin brought it up.


Realize (ver. 2.0)

(Note: Since I badly wanted to write another story inspired by my all time favorite song and the first ever one shot I posted (two years ago, I think) has the same title, here is a second version. Hehe.)

“Hoy, kanina ka pa ngiti ng ngiti diyan!”

Elmo had been smiling since he came over her house on a Sunday morning to hang out. And even though they were watching these characters who had been trying to kill each other since the movie started, the strange smile never left his lips. She immediately noticed that different vibe radiating from him when he walked in. Well, she noticed everything about Elmo. How could not she? She’s been in love with her besfriend for a long time now.

Elmo gave her a death glare then said, “Shut up.” Then he winked playfully at her and his smile returned instantly.

“In love ka ‘no?!” She teased and ruffled his hair since they were just sitting next to each other.

He froze upon her remark but when he looked over to her, his smile just got wider that his eyes were almost already closed. “Am I that obvious?”

It was just an empty joke but his response genuinely surprised her. She didn’t really want to think that Elmo could be in love but his answer explained all the smile and weirdness with him. She wanted to run to her room and cry herself out but of course, she wouldn’t do that while Elmo was there. So she did what she always do and put on the bestfriend act, all teasing and joking with the boy she loved even though her heart was breaking.

“Eh yang ngiti mo, abot na hanggang tenga! Saka yung mga mata mo oh, hugis puso na!” She said, pulling his hair as she laughed.

He just laughed with her and when he finally caught her hands, he held them together and looked at her. “Di ba bestfriend kita?” He asked with that puppy brown eyes.

She almost forgot about being brokenhearted as he stared at her like that. She could feel her heart beating so fast she thought it might leap out of her chest. Ever since she realized she was in love with him, he had always had that kind of effect on her. She had to look away from his gaze so instead, she just looked at her hands enclosed in his. It took her a moment before answering as their hands also distracted her.

“Why, what do you want?” She said dubiously as she raised an eyebrow on him.

“Will you help me?” He pleaded, pulling her hands closer to his chest. “Yayayain ko kasi siya mag-dinner mamaya, tulungan mo ako mag-prepare?” Then Elmo smiled at her. “Please?”

And she knew she couldn’t say ‘no’ to him no matter how painful it was for her. But she didn’t want to say ‘yes’ either. So Julie just asked the first and only question she could think of. “Sino ba yan?”

“Eh..” He hesitated for a while before he spoke. “Si Maqui,” he answered in a low voice.

“Ha?” And it stunned her even more that she couldn’t breathe. Elmo was in love with her other bestfriend.

She was about to say something when Elmo suddenly let go of her hands and stood up. He headed for the door and before he closed it again he called out, “Sige ah, mamayang 7 PM sa clubhouse!”

And just like that, his bestfriend left her as she started to cry and picked up the pieces of her heart he unknowingly crushed.

Her clock read 6:45 PM and she was still plopped down on her bed, her face buried in the comfort of her pillows. She stopped crying a few hours ago, afraid that Elmo might notice her puffy eyes later if she didn’t stop. After he left, she went straight to her bed and just stared at the ceiling, wondering how could she still hurt when she was feeling numb already. Her phone rang a few times but she didn’t pick up the calls and when she checked it, all of them were from Maqui.

She heaved a sigh and sat up. “Come on, brave heart. Let’s be a good bestfriend to the boy who broke you.”

She stood up and went to her bathroom to prep up. She dressed in a pair of shorts and an oversized shirt then wore her sneakers. Ten minutes later, she arrived at their village’s clubhouse and looked for Elmo. She noticed that the place had already been set up and a candle lit table was placed in the middle. She found Elmo, dressed in casual, in one of the two seats so she walked over and came to him.

“Oh. Okay na pala eh, pinapunta mo pa ako dito,” she said, dead-panned. “Saan na yung date mo?” She asked uninterestedly.

Julie felt guilty for killing the vibe. She badly wanted to cheer up for him because the night must be really special for his bestfriend but she just couldn’t ignore the persistent ache in her heart.

“Di daw makakapunta,” he said with an obvious disappointment in his voice. It was just then when she noticed that his shoulder was slumped and his face was fallen.

As much as she wanted to rejoice, her heart just broke even more at the look on his face. She just wanted him to be happy even if it was not with her. “What?! Si Maqui talaga, teka tatawagan ko!”

He just shook his head and stood up, stepped toward her. “Hayaan mo na, tara tayo nalang kumain nito,” he said as he reached for her hand and pulled her toward the table.

She didn’t have an appetite to eat but his face was still sad she just wanted to do whatever makes him happy. “Ha. Oh sige,” she said reluctantly then sat.

They ate together, silently at first, but Elmo’s mood seemed to lighten up a bit and he started talking. Then they chatted and laughed together like they always did. She even joked about how much effort Elmo had put into his supposedly date with Maqui. She had fun and everything was perfect. She felt like she was in a real date with Elmo and how she wished the moment would never end.

She was still laughing at Elmo’s stupid pick up line when he suddenly asked, “Nag-enjoy ka ba?”

She stopped giggling when she noticed his genuine look and smile. Then she smiled then answered, “Oo naman. Ang sarap mo talaga magluto, Moe! Eh ikaw?”

He grinned at her and his eyes lit up like she had never seen before. “Syempre, nag-enjoy din ako.”

She couldn’t help but smile back at him but then she remembered something. “Sorry ah, mas masaya ka sana kung si Maqui yung nandito.”

“Sobrang masaya ako kasi nandito ka,” he said abruptly. He reached for her hand across the table and held it right there. “Para sa’yo lahat ‘to, Julie,” he confessed softly.

“Wait, what?” Her eyes went bigger and she felt her heart missed a beat. She was rendered speechless.

“Ikaw naman talaga yung ka-date ko eh,” he said, squeezing her hand tighter.

She threw him a confused expression but not a moment later, it all clicked to her. “So kanina—”

“It’s all part of the act. Alam ko kasing di ka pupunta kung—”

“Pero Moe, bestfriend mo ‘ko..” She didn’t really know what she was saying because she was currently living in a cloud nine by all of his confessions.

She was immediately brought back to reality when Elmo looked her in the eye. “Oo nga. Bestfriend kita, and I want to kick myself for realizing just now that you have always been more than a friend to me,” he said, his voice laced with frustration. She was about to speak but Elmo cut her off. “I love you, Julie. And I know I might ruin our friendship for doing this but I want to take the risk. Because I’m too in love with you to be just your bestfriend.”

Tears started to form in her eyes and this time, she let him see them because they were good kind of tears. “Elmo..”

He stood up again and went to kneel beside her. He took her face in her hands and continued, “And I couldn’t stand it anymore, seeing you with other guys while they make you blush and laugh and smile when I know I should be the one doing that.”

He smiled so softly at her and she could notice that his eyes were a little glassy. She just gazed at him—studying his face, his eyebrows, his nose, his lips—just taking it all in because to her, it just felt so good to be true.

“Wala ka man lang bang sasabihin?” He asked when she still didn’t speak.

She blinked a few times to get rid of the tears so she could really see him. “I just thought you’d never realize,” she whispered. “I’ve been in love with you since forever, you know. I was just waiting for you to meet me halfway.”

His smile got wider like how he smiled at her this morning. And she realized that all the bucket of tears she shed this morning was totally pointless. She wanted to laugh at herself but when she gazed back at the boy in front of her, she knew that he was all worth those tears.

He gently touched his lips to hers and whispered to her, “And I’m already here.”

'SELF-RULES' KO version 1.0
  • Pag totoo ka saken, asahan mong magiging totoo din ako sa’yo. Ganun lang kasimple yun. Alam ko kung kelan tina-tupperware ako o hindi. Yun ang isa sa kapangyarihang taglay ko. 
  • Pag clingy ka masyado, okay lang yan kahit hindi naman ako ganyan. Mas okay na yung clingy kesa yung parang na-polar vortex ka sa coldness. Atleast ramdam kong importante ako sa’yo.
  • Pag pinagkatiwalaan mo ako, hindi ibig sabihin nun kelangan na rin kitang pagkatiwalaan. Ang trust hindi yan pwedeng ipang-exchange gift na lang. Hindi yan basta-basta hinihingi sa harap ng counter ng 7/11 na parang “Koya, walang banana flavor?” Darating din yung araw na maibibigay ko din sa’yo yun ng buo. Dun sa mga oras na hindi mo yun kelangang hingin.
  • Pag nilandi mo ako, aba, case to case basis na yan siyempre. Pag naglandi-back ako ibig sabihin may pagnanasa din ako sa’yo. Kaya please, makikicooperate ka na lang para ayos agad ang usapan.
  • Pag minasama mo yung magandang bagay na ginawa ko sa’yo bilang kaibigan, aba teka, tangina ka. Ayoko sa lahat ay yung graduate ka ng college pero mas maliit pa sa utak ng ostrich kung mag-isip. Isang block sa FB ka lang tanggal ka na agad sa buhay ko.
  • Pag pinahalagahan mo ako bilang kaibigan, higit pa dyan yung kayang iparamdam ko sa’yo. Itatrato kita na parang jowa ko. Kage Bunshin technique pa ibibigay ko, times 2 times 2 times 2.