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Selected Moments for @fineillsignup from “Kekkai Sensen Ending / Outro Dance 【NARUTO Version】“ by SC - 2nd Channel! :)

Professor Lupin


Steven isn’t the first victim of Blue Diamond’s grabby hands and he certainly isn’t the most severely wronged


Super Lovers 2 
#5 black and white


Yuri on Ice - (Not So) Subtle Differences Between the TV and BluRay/DVD Versions - Episode 5, Part 3 (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 4)

The TV version is the one in the left column, while the BluRay/DVD version is the right one. (In my screenshots, the TV version has the little toolbar at the bottom.)

Again, I think the changes are considerable (especially the last one):

  1. Minami’s entire body is redrawn (with more glitter on his costume)
  2. Victor’s head is redrawn (with a less shiny forehead)
  3. Yuuri’s jacket is less reflective, there are people on the balcony and the judges in the back are completely different
  4. Yuuri’s face is redrawn, the symbol on his jacket has more detail, Victor’s elbows are fixed
  5. Yuuri’s face is completely redrawn with far more detail

Stay tuned for more subtle (and the less subtle) differences!