verse; child!kouha

Closed rp with Unmei-no-kaze

The last few weeks have played a major role in his life. Sometimes it was still very hard to follow and know what exactly happened for the smaller child. It hadn’t been very long ago that he was living besides his father or more besides his half brothers and sisters. Though some of them made him feel uncomfortable around and in the house. The servants were scary as well. Just the way they look at him… The offspring of a mad concubine. Obviously it was expected that he had inherited her madness. Yet he seemed to got accepted early by his older half brothers Kouen and Koumei. In a short time the smaller one grew close to them. Preferring to stay around him as he considered it safe. Alone he was just scared.

Today also seemed special. It was the day he was told that he has cousins. It’s nothing that special at first, until he hears that they are the imperial princes and the imperial princess of their Empire. And… He would meet them today. It would be the very first time for the small five year old boy and he just felt scared. They seemed to be very high ranked people. And he was already less than his half-brothers. The whole idea just seemed scared and hopeless to him. He just wished it wouldn’t happen.

However not much later they were on their way towards the imperial palace. The closer they got the more huge the palace appeared to be. And it was just so scary… So very scary… At least when they got there and were on the move Koumei was holding his hand. It brought some ease to him at least. Some ladies seemed to lead them around though. It didn’t take long before he was told to wait at the exact same spot as his brothers seemed to had some kind of business here.

He wanted to listen… He really wanted to. But as he was left alone in the spacious and expensive looking palace it only brought more fear to him. What if he would accidentally destroy something? Or… What if someone here would see him? As some footsteps started to come closer the little one started to panic. Eventually just walking away from the spot. Trying to search for a place to hide so no one would find him.

Eventually he found a place. It was a small space behind a cupboard he could hide behind. He waited until the other people passed by. It was scary. They had been exactly following where he was going to. So as they passed he was feeling really happy that it was all over now. A little bit later he got out himself. But as he thought he was going back to where he should be standing… He figured out that he had lost his way. And this was such a big place…! It wouldn’t take long now before he would start to cry…