verse: lightning strikes


1986. Lightning Strikes

is the sixth album by the band Loudness. was released on July 25,  The album was produced by Max Norman.

Loudness was always one of the most underrated of metal bands in the 80s, and LIGHTNING STRIKES was yet another in a string of great albums they released during the decade.

Minoru Niihara    Akira Takasaki    Masayoshi Yamashita   Munetaka Higuchi

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Okay, I had to share this video thanks to @jessie-is-tired‘s amazingly accurate description of the guy therein:

he looks like a demon cartoon weatherman and i hate him.

it feels like he just is always enacting this song somewhere on earth there is a television devoted to containing him and he performs that song endlessly. in anticipiation of his eventual escape.



I think Jeffrey Dahmer used to force his victims to watch this while he poured battery acid on their brains.