verse: lightning strikes


1986. Lightning Strikes

is the sixth album by the band Loudness. was released on July 25,  The album was produced by Max Norman.

Loudness was always one of the most underrated of metal bands in the 80s, and LIGHTNING STRIKES was yet another in a string of great albums they released during the decade.

Minoru Niihara    Akira Takasaki    Masayoshi Yamashita   Munetaka Higuchi


My video of R5 performing Lightning Strikes in Reading, PA on March 7, 2016.

[South Park] Lightning Strikes (Chapter 9 - FINAL CHAPTER)

Rating: Teen
Category: Gen
Fandom: South Park
Relationship: Craig Tucker/Tweek Tweak (Creek), Eric Cartman/Butters Stotch (Buttman)
Characters: Craig Tucker (Lightning Bolt), Tweek Tweak, Token Black (Tupperware), Kenny McCormick (Mysterion), Stan Marsh (Toolshed), Kyle Broflovski (The Human Kite), Eric Cartman (The Coon), Clyde Donovan (Mosquito), Butters Stotch (Professor Chaos)
Words: 3,366/25,837 (COMPLETE)

It’s a fight to the finish between Mysterion and Lightning Bolt! Will Lightning Bolt attain his goal of defeating all the vigilantes of South Park, or will Mysterion manage to get the upper hand?

What shall I do with you, hm?” Lightning Bolt mused aloud as he held the vigilante in the air. “Shall I control you like a puppet like I did with the Human Kite? Or shall I bury you beneath rock and metal like I did with The Coon?” The supervillain let out a peal of crazed laughter as he simply threw Mysterion up onto one of the upper catwalks of the plant, and the masked superhero cried out in pain as he hit the metal floor.

Or perhaps…” the supervillain continued as he flew up and grabbed Mysterion by the cape, swinging him around like a toy before throwing him down into a bank of pressure canisters. “… perhaps I shall make an example out of you! When the town sees their so-called symbol of hope crumble, they will see how foolish they were to put their trust in you all!

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