You came to me speaking of instability, a world I know too well. Since I was fine, you told me I’m the only stable person in your life. What I didn’t realize was in this surrounding mess of unstable people, you were the worst of all. I was alright, I was stable at the time, and I allowed for you, a single person, to depend as heavily on me as each individual depended on you. Without anyone to turn to, it was then that I realized why you were hurt. We live in a world of give and take, but you bend so much to help others, it should be no surprise when you break.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #49 (book-scented-candles)

Dios de Majestad

Job 37:21-23

Mas ahora ya no se puede mirar la luz esplendente en los cielos, Luego que pasa el viento y los limpia, Viniendo de la parte del norte la dorada claridad. En Dios hay una majestad terrible. El es Todopoderoso, al cual no alcanzamos, grande en poder; Y en juicio y en multitud de justicia no afligirá.


Serie de imágenes: Atributos de Dios (#wtseimágenes #AtributosdeDios)

Publicado por: Susana // Personal // Walk The Same Español

Crescent Wolf

The silhouettes howl their
melancholic echoes
resonate in moonscapes,
Leaves shake with the heartache
of the lost feral souls
and torment of darkness.

Cosmic holograms
shine in the velvet
backdrop, ebony
skies and mountain tops.
Dreams chill in cold air.

Sorrow succumbs
to solitude
as crescent moons
sing lullabies.

The wolf sighs
Heavens pray
for repose.

Peace comes,
pain numbed.


©Jacqui Slade

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