When you refused to pick dandelions from the ground when spring was first born, I saw, you like the idea of home just as much as I do. And there’s something beautiful about the way you fill the negative, shivering particles that hover in the air. It’s almost like they were waiting for you for all time, and nothing before or since could ever, ever, compare to you.
—  A.P. (6.16)
One day, one rhyme- Day 937

Old Mrs. Smith from New South Wales
Looks like the witch in fairy tales.
She has a long and crooked nose
And yellow nails on all her toes.
She doesn’t wash or comb her hair,
Small children could get lost in there!
The hairy mole that’s on her face
Seems to move all over the place,
And how can I describe her scent?
It’s the opposite of pleasant.
No telling what could hide within
The deep crevices in her skin
And never hope to see her smile,
Her rotten teeth and breath are vile
And manners! She has not a one!
Awful are the deeds she has done,
Visitors leave her house in tears.
I’ve heard mould grows behind her ears.
It’s for all this that people say;
“If you see her, run far away!”

Don’t give up, especially on yourself. You’re going to be lonely, you’re going to be sad, you’re going to be stressed beyond belief. You may become depressed. But push on. Sleep, watch Netflix, read, play loud music and cry. But then move on. You are not weak. You are as strong as the greatest current in the largest ocean. You know this. You’ve seen it. Believe that more than anything else in the world. No matter what happens, know that you will be okay. Forgive yourself for falling apart, and then keep going. It’s the only way.
—  6/7/16
But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.

Jesus, Luke 6:27-28

This helped me out of a place of hurting to a place of freedom and love.