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New Jewelry Design Focus: Versatility

Everyday jewelry has long since become the term for pieces that, while precious, can be worn day to night, seven days a week. On the other end of the spectrum, more ornate statement jewels are generally reserved for special occasions.

Lately, designers seem to be blurring the lines with versatile pieces that actually transform from one thing into another. Whether the duality is by design or a happy accident varies, but in the era of added value, jewelry lovers are getting more bang for their buck.

For Los Angeles-based Erica Courtney, a client’s feedback prompted her to design earrings with removable drops and dangles.

“One of my customers once said, ‘I wish this would come off so I can just wear it plain,’ so I went back and redid them all,” Courtney said of her jeweled drop hoops and pendants. “I love showing clients different ways a piece can be worn and how to mix new pieces with those they already have.”  For More

[above: earrings by Erica Courtney]