versatile necklace

Hello, everyone, I am here to give you all a review and over all talk about my chewies! I have had them for almost a week now and have tested them out so I think it’s a good time to start telling you guys about them.

Why I chose chewies

Simply I noticed I was getting a nervous habit of chewing. One day I went to see if there were little baby teethers and they were expensive and the ones filled with water which I didn’t want. So I looked at the paci they had at the store and took some home. However, either big me or Lilberry was satisfied with the paci. They weren’t good for chewing and LilBerry is too old for paci. TonberryDaddy did some research cause it distressed me that I kept chewing on things I shouldn’t. He found a bunch of chewing stim toys. Mostly necklaces and pencil toppers (psst these are good for you pen and pencil chewers out there) After a bit more searching I found a store on Etsy called ChewsMe and they had such a big variety that I decided that it was my store.

Review of owner and store..

Alright, so I wanted to make a custom order. While she has many necklaces on her chew store and her general chunky jewelry store I wanted things to be special. Chews Me not only has necklaces but has the supplies to make them yourself for sale. They have a wide variety of bead shapes, pendants, claps colors, and string colors. Reading some descriptions will also help you pick the right items for you as people chew on things differently and can be rated by Light, Medium, or Heavy chewers.

Now I guess she doesn’t work on the weekends (which is when I placed my order and this is fine) She said she would work on my order Monday and send pictures Tuesday when they could be shipped if I answered by the end of the day. Now, this isn’t really a bad thing but you should be aware of it is that she puts regular orders first and custom second. This is because custom orders take more time. So I instead got my pictures a day late but still got my package at a reasonable time.

Ratings out of five 🌟

Friendliness: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (Doesn’t ask questions when you ask for adult sized necklaces)

Versatility: 🌟🌟🌟🌟 (I can’t give a  full 5 because my orders weren’t completely 100% custom)

Price: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (I thought custom was going to cost me more but it was right as I budgeted it)

Packaging and Shipping: 🌟🌟🌟🌟 (Wish it had shipped a day sooner because of custom order delay but came in cute packaging!)

The Chewy Review…

Time to review the chews individually starting at random with my blue tear drop one

Blue Tear Drop:

Simple and I wear it when I go out. Really good for those out there who have social anxiety who want to chew or suck on something for comfort and doesn’t want to be seen with a paci. Depending on where you bite is where you get the give way. Around the main bulk of it, I would say is a medium resistance and it gets lower around the eye. String seems to be nice enough as that it doesn’t rub my neck raw.

Blue Star with Rainbow…

Alright, so this one is slightly custom. The design she had was all round beads but I wanted to add heart beads to it so I picked to have half round and half heart still in the rainbow pattern. I also picked the star color which is my favorite color. The stars points have a little give way and the center has a medium give way. I like to use this one to suck and nibble at while I am trying to go to sleep. The points are excellent for the sucking. The beads I will roll around with my tongue a lot too…this is really good for if you are actively having like a “Nervous twitch”

Black Cat theme:

This one is completely custom. I knew looking at the pendants that I wanted a cat one. I debated on blue but decided on black because I have 5 black cats and because I love Halloween and wanted some pumpkin beads. She didn’t assume the color of the pumpkin beads either she asked and I told her orange. The cat pendant is very hard and has a bumpy texture on the back..which I think will have to take some getting used too. The beads themselves are medium chewiness and again I like to spin the pumpkin ones around with my tongue. 

Some things to look for…

Doesn’t come with cleaning instructions I think a mild dish soap and let the necklace string dry thoroughly before wearing.

They attract hair like nobodies business so clean often. 

Thin pendants are hard so they can hold shape.

For questions, comments, and link please either send an ask or message me!