Kamijo in Vienna

My thoughts on Kamijo vs. Jupiter... (And the supposed drama)

To everyone in the fandoms that are causing drama: you are all idiots. A band is so much more than just its frontman. I love Versailles. The password on my phone is the first syllable of each band member. The lock screen wallpaper is the Chateau de Versailles 2012 Tour emblem. I listen to “Episode” and “Love Will Be Born Again” to help me sleep at night. My room, coincidentally, was painted purple the summer just before Jasmine You died. Their music saved me multiple times in ways I do not wish to discuss now. Take note that I didn’t say “he” in all of this, or “his” music. Versailles is so much bigger than just Kamijo.

I will admit, that he has kind of been a selfish dick about all this. He was the one who was so uppity about proposing a “hiatus” (I doubt they will reunite, as much as I hope they will). When all of his bandmates went and created a new project, what did he expect, other than people assuming that he was “replaced” when he is the only one not involved in Jupiter? Yeah, Jupiter is an entirely different project from Versailles. Kamijo announced going solo almost immediately after the last Final of Versailles, I move I actualy started sensing when he came up with his own label and such. What he essentially did was leave the others (Yuki, Teru, Hizaki, and Masashi) in the dust to pick up the pieces. It was a selfish move, but I do not entirely fault him for it, especially since the fanbase had almost no time to develop a reaction and recover from the Final and was in utter chaos after it.

But as I said, Versailles is so much more than Kamijo. I always thought he was arrogant and pompous, but I do love how his voice has developed and grown over the years. But will I buy his new album? I doubt it. Why? Because I fucking love Versailles, not Kamijo. All of Kamijo’s music from this point on will lack the other four musicians whose work I love so much: Teru, whose lightheartedness and love for life is shown in his music; Hizaki, who is the epitome of balance in physical and audio elegance; Masashi, who is so down-to-earth; Yuki is essentially the glue holding everyone together. Did you all forget that they existed?

So, let Kamijo go his own way. So be it. I will wait patiently for the prodigal son to return to his family, who is waiting with open arms. But I am not holding my breath. Meanwhile, I will listen to the remaining brothers, the remaining Descendants, whose music has changed my world for the better.

And if you consider yourself a Versailles fan solely because you love Kamijo so much, you are not a fan of Versailles. You are a fan of Kamijo. Go follow him and stop bitching to the rest of us, many of whom are still wounded by the events of the past twelve months.

TL;DR: There is more to Versailles than just Kamijo. Shut the fuck up and get over it.